17 Best Barber Gift Ideas That Matches Their Passion

17 Best Barber Gift Ideas That Matches Their Passion

If you have a friend or someone whom you know they are into hair cutting and salon business, then probably giving back to them a special item can make their day.

Exactly, in this, I’ll be sharing with you good barber gift ideas that you can consider giving and which the other person can also relate to.

So, with any further ado let’s dive in,

Barber Gift Ideas

Get Faded Tumbler

The very first in the list that is super relatable to any barber is quoted tumbler.

The majority of the youngsters when they prefer to have a haircut, then they do like the certain style to wear on.

And at this, barbers are very specialists in making the wish into reality.

Of such style is Faded. Thus, Get Faded Tumbler will exactly suit their job routine and will be perfect for their surrounding theme overall.

Adding stuff, which is following the common theme and presenting it in a gift form, is the best way to surprise anyone.


  • Laser engraved text
  • 1.3 pounds capacity
  • Double coated stainless steel


  • Big in size
  • Can sound like a heavy steel

Empty Water Spray Bottles

The next very common thing that you can probably see in any barber or any Salon shop is the bottle sprayer through which they used to spray water or Essential oil to the hair.

It is always good and much more recommendable to gift something that a person can use or it can turn out a very helpful gift for them.

A bottle sprayer is a very basic and very needy item that almost every hair specialist or barber needs.


  • 650 ml water capacity
  • Non-leaking feature
  • 360 spraying quality feature


  • The square shape can take time to adjust for handling

Vinyl Wall Clock

Small and essential items do add value and become an important part when it comes to decorating open spaces, rooms, or walls.

This wall clock, which perfectly designed according to the theme and co-relate symbols of the barber shops.

Having a white and bright wall, and hanging this dark but visible a wall clock can become a centerpiece of the shop overall.

Remember, if you know that your friend or particular barber shop does have such a similar setting that mentioned above, then considering this wall clock will be the perfect option.


  • Designed with matched & relatable emotions
  • Good fit for interior decoration
  • Silent clock mechanism


  • Too many designs, and characters in one place
  • Numbers might appear small (from certain distant places)

Professional Salon Scissors Rack

Any barber does have a lot of types of equipment which they carry, and use for their daily job purpose.

And sometimes managing all such items at one and in an organizable place can turn out to be a headache and difficult task for a person.

These scissors and professional racks are the one-time and all-in-one solution for this problem.

Comes along with different hanging/storing units where all such pieces of equipment can be kept perfectly.

This storage unit avoids messy looking around.


  • Gives professional look
  • Beautifully constructed
  • Black and classy finish


  • Keeping pieces of equipment at first might become a new experience for a barber (might decrease their speed initially)

Barber Bookbag

Now you don’t need to tend to give gifts specifically related to the shop or which they have to use for business purposes.

But sometimes it is always the best option to give such a gift to their individuality and therefore this Barber book bag is the perfect option.

In this book bag, there are different section that can be used to place different items such as trimmers, hair calipers, scissors, and other items that your Barber friend usually carry along with him or her most of the time.

Also, this specific bag is a good available option for traveling purposes, when it comes to carrying grooming stuff without any headache.


  • Different compartments
  • Oxford fiber quality
  • Waterproof


  • Bulky look (when filled/packed completely)

King Midas Barber Apron

Another useful sort of gift which can be on the consideration list is Unisex Barber Apron.

Well-trained and professional barbers do require and are obsessed with dressing according to the code of ethical work conduct.

An apron is the basic needy item, which almost every barber use throughout their job routine.

But, this apron does get old and rough along with the daily use.

Therefore, gifting a new and branded

Unisex Apron will be the best and can turn up the freshness.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Lightweight
  • Zip pockets section


  • None

WAHLSA Professional Hair Trimmer

One of the best and cool gifts to give barbers is a fully modern and elegant styled trimmer.

The golden color trimmer adds to a very classy presentation.

This trimmer comes along with a very special and unique design which is

completely built with a quality metal material.

The LED display becomes an attention-grabbing piece.

Making this trimmer the best item to give that has a running time of a maximum of 180 minutes straight.


  • Classy look
  • Metal design
  • USB Charging options


  • 2 hours charging time to full capacity

Funny Barber Gift Ideas List

To associate your friends (hair stylist or barbers) who tends to be the funniest person in the shop and always remains cool just to create a good vibe for the customers whenever they visit the shop,

Then sorting out gifts according to their nature and daily habits will be a very suitable option.

Let’s quickly check out such gifts options

Unisex Novelty Crew Socks

To have that dashing and cool look overall as a barber or a hair stylist, there is a need of wearing unique and trendy items.

Therefore, just being just all alone with this theme of socks, can add a more attractive look to any barber.

It will be perfectly well-fit for Men and women and comes in different sizes.

Also, putting these crew socks along with plane slippers will be a good option to showcase the different small designs and elements that is been printed.


  • Highly Fashionable
  • The design will not fade
  • Vivid colors with good designs


  • Wearing along with shoes will hide some of the design

Hairdresser Makeup Bag

This gift is perfect for any hairstylist and it can be used for personal or can be kept at for business use.

The best part about the bag is it comes with a funny quote that more or less matches their passion and profile background.

Now mainly it will be more convenient for female hairdressers to have such makeup bags.

This bag comes along with waterproof printing just to maintain the overall text to the highest standards and long-lasting.

The white background color and black deep color text make it more super visible and give an edging touch.


  • Spacious bag
  • Double-sided print
  • Easy to carry and top-quality material


  • The white color background can turn dull if placed with stuffed items

Bearded For Her Pleasure

Now, this specific gift is not directly related to any barber or hair stylist but it can be considered.

And more likely only for men.

If you know, your barber friend used to look like a hot chicky boy, with clean shaved

And suddenly all of a sudden he is trying to impress her girl with a more manly look,

Then giving this funny quoted t-shirt will be one of the best gift ideas.

Even though, considering for a different situation, just for a fun and teasing purpose

You can surely consider gifting this quoted t-shirt to your barber.

I Give The Best Job

What a double-meaning and funny gift to any barber that you are in with regular contact and touch.

A very well designed and great humor inside which can surely put a good smile on the one who receives it.

It can be widely used as a normal tumbler for indoor or outdoor purposes and any

drink of choice could be best to serve in.

This tumbler is super convenient to clean by hand and made up of highly resistant material which won’t get rust easily.


  • Premium material used
  • BPA Free
  • Double coated vacuum insulated


  • Deep humor

Barber Shop Sign Wall Decor

One thing you might have noticed is that any barber or salon shop does have something that certainly becomes a moment for any customer to have a look or be stuck for a while.

This can be anything like painting, haircut styles, quotes, designs, etc.,

As such, if you are planning to give a similar kinda gift then this wall decor item will be good enough to solve your problem.

‘What happens in the barbershop, stays in the barber shop’

What a good line and best stuff to add at the barber store just for fun.

Anything can happen in a barbershop like a hairstyle is not done according to your wish or your way (messed up one)

So, just a relatable wall decor quote is worth handing around the shop.

I Will Cut You Bracelet

One more very fun and very unique design style bracelet that a guy can probably put on is this quoted – ‘I will cut you’ bracelet is one of the best items that you can opt to the barber.

This bracelet promises to be made of high-quality stainless steel which will not rust, change its color or tarnish.

The side-ended parts are completely adjustable and can be fit on anyone’s wrist.

Vintage Barber Gifts

Now, if you know that you have a barber friend who likes certainly old but kinda vintage vibe around him or her, then choosing such gifts will be the desirable one.

Vintage boards, with loaded fashion, texts, and creatives can add up to their interest and likings.

Let’s quickly check out some of the gifts items that fit into that criteria

Retro Vintage Sign

The important thing to consider for a business store is to place some sign board which grabs the attention of their potential customers.

Thus, selecting such gifts of vintage theme which tells up ‘If I’m here I’m open, I’m not I’m closed’

What a clear and short way to describe any

business store operation hours details to the public.

This metal sign board perfectly fits into vintage criteria and you can no doubt can give it to any barbershop owner whom you know very well.

Modern Canvas Painting

As mentioned earlier in this post that giving a gift to the barber shop or dor any barber shop owner, the one very common thing is that the enter the store is filled up with some decorative item.

Therefore giving such an item which can add value to the overall space or the wall and can become a great reason to attach with the barber theme then automatically turns out to be a perfect gift idea.

This modern canvas painting is designed so cleverly and has a professional touch that highly showcases overall items associated with barbershops.

Best painting to hang over the wall and a good fit consider for the barbershop.

Barbershop Time Soul Vintage Sign

A very predictable and common thing that you can surely find at any barbershop is different haircut styles.

This Vintage hairstyle signboard will be a good option to give in as a gift if someone opening a new shop or the owner is planning for renovation.

This vintage board particularly shows famous haircuts and different styles which people used to keep in the past. (more often when that style was highly popular a few years back)

There are times when people do love to have old fashion and live with the vibe around the past.

If the entire shop is stuck around the vintage theme, then giving this gift to your barber friends is the optimal decision you can take while figuring out the gift items.

Vintage Wooden Hanging Sign

To attract or bring customers just by a simple statement or two, then placing a hanging board or sign can do a good job in such a situation.

This wooden hanging sign – ‘Good hair isn’t by accident, it’s by appointment’

Perfect and cool way to present any barber shop to highlight their shop friendliness and open mindset.

Giving such a gift can definitely, leaves a significant place in your barber friend’s heart.

It will give them a very special reason to remember you, whenever they are hanging such sign board in front of their shop.

Final Words

Different sorts of gifts and decor items that one can consider giving to their favorite barber or salon shop owner.

When choosing a gift, knowing about their need, and nature can help you in getting the most correct and desired item which will be more useful to the other person.

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