15 Most Fun BBQ Party Game Ideas For Adults

Planning to throw a bbq party in your backyard? Well if you are then you need to entertain your guest well and make sure that everyone enjoys it.

There are tons of options out there to decide how to entertain your guest but here we are talking about games that will excite your guest and yourself. 

Below we have shared the best and most fun bbq party game ideas for adults, check out the list and hope you find something fun.


Bbq Party Game Ideas For Adults: Badminton

This game is more popular in Asian countries but you will find it more fun when you play it. 

There is no age limit, kids and adults can play together or separately. You can play one-on-one or can form a team of up to 2 players in each team.

What you need is only a set of badminton and a net that you can put in your backyard. 

Here I have shared some basic rules of badminton that you can follow when you are playing in the backyard.

Players must serve diagonally across the net to their opponent. 

If your opponent wins the point he will get the chance to serve and if you win the points you get the chance to serve. The game can go up to 15 or 21 points and you can decide which point you want to play. 

Tug Of War

Tug Of War

It is the most simple and fun game I came across. All you need is a rope to enjoy this game. Simple and fun in my opinion these two words best describe this game. 

How do you play this game? Well, it is simple, form two teams and pull at opposite ends of the rope until one drags the other team over a central line. 

This game will bring out your competitive spirit and that makes it more fun to play with more people. It strengthens the bond between families and friends. 



Well, I’m sure you have heard of this game before. It is a popular and interesting game.

All you need is a chess set, a table and two chairs where you and your opponent are going to sit. There are always some guests that I invite over for a bbq party like to play chess. 

This game is all about strategy, you have to use good strategy to beat your opponent and that makes it more fun.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful chess game. 



Well, what can I say about cards? It is the most popular game among all age groups. 

It is the best way to spend time Until your food becomes ready. 

There are different card games you can play, and all come with a set of rules, so if you have cards at home then you can use them to entertain your guests. It is an easy and fun game. 

These games make the atmosphere relax and all guests can get to know each other with the help of this game. 

Water Balloons Games

Bbq party game idea for adults: Water ballon game

If you are throwing a BBQ party in the summer, then this game will be the most enjoyable. All you need is some water balloons and that’s it. 

There are tons of water balloons games you can play like throwing your water balloons at each other and seeing who hits more with water balloons. 

There is another one you might enjoy and it is called “fill the bucket” all you have to do is fill the bucket. You have to tear apart your water balloons and fill the bucket. Who fills the buckets first wins the game. 



If there is a large number of friends and family invited to a party then this game is perfect for you. 

If your backyard is large enough then this will be the most fun game you can play. Don’t worry you don’t need a space like a stadium. Just a small space.

All you need is a bat and ball to play this game. If you have a small space in the backyard you can follow these rules that will make the game more interesting. 

If someone hits the ball over the boundary then that person should be out. 

If someone hits the ball to the boundary along the ground then It is 4 runs. 

If you catch the ball directly when the batsman hits the ball then the batsman is out. 

If all batsmen in the opposite team are out then it is your turn to bat. You just have to score more than the opposing team to win the game. 

You can play this game in teams that will make this game more enjoyable. The maximum number of players that can play in each team is 11. 

Ring Toss

Ring Toss

It is a simple game that will make others want to try their luck playing this game. It is at its name suggests tossing the ring around a peg or stake.

You can easily make this in your backyard and to further improve the game you can give the winner the gifts. It will make them enjoy the game more. 

If you want to play a simple game in your backyard while your food is getting ready then you should try this game. 


Limbo Game

This game will become more fun when you play with your friends and family. So what is this game about? 

Well, you can get yourself a limbo set or you can use a stick and have 2 people hold each end. 

Then you can ask people to lean backwards and have them move under the limbo stick without touching the ground and stick. And then which player completes this you can lower the stick in the next round.

This continues until the last one remains and wins the game. You can make this more fun by adding some unique rules.

Like having each player answer a trivia question before their turn and if answered correctly the stick won’t be lowered and if they answered wrong the stick will be lowered. 

Potato Sack Race 

Potato Sack Race

Sack races are the funniest races I have ever seen because I have seen most people fall in these races.

All you need is a potato sack to race and that’s all. You can make adults race against kids to see which one wins. All age groups can enjoy this game.  

If you have enough space in the backyard then try this game and make your bbq party even more fun. 

Egg And Spoon Race Games

Well, what is the best way to live a childhood again? The answer is to play the game that you played when you were a child. Egg and spoon races we all played when we were children. 

Just grab a spoon and egg(hard-boiled or plastic). Carry the egg on your spoon to the finish line and whoever finishes first wins the race. 

Just simple and enjoyable and if you like it then try out this game. 

Fun Bbq Party Games Ideas For Adults

Who Am I?

Fun Bbq Party games ideas for adults: Who Am I?

What is this game about?  It is a guessing game. Where you act like a famous person on the slip of paper that you drew and your teammates have to guess who you are pretending to be? 

If you form teams and then play it will make this more interesting and funny because the person who has to act will have to do everything possible to act like a person whose name is on the slip of paper that he/she drew. 

You can choose any category that your guests like and write down that on a slip of paper and then collect slips of paper from everyone and shuffle them in the bowl and ask the person to draw them. 

Four-Legged Team Races

This game will attract not only children but adults also. 

You just have to form a team of four people and tie their legs with each other with a band and race with your opponents till the finish line. 

There are also different variations of these races like two-legged races or three-legged races. You can also try that.

The Cherry Pie Game

Bbq Party Game Ideas

This game is best to play with your friends because you can make fun of them after this game is over. 

You have a simple objective to achieve in this game and that is to eat “cherries”. Yes, you heard it right you have to eat cherries, simple right? 

But there are some rules that you have to follow, first, you can’t use your hands and your hands must be behind your backs. 

To make it more fun you have to cover the plate of cherries with whipped cream after doing all this you can start to eat. 

I’m sure no one will forget this game after this game is over. 

Bottle Bash 

All you need is a frisbee and plastic bottles to play the game. You have to knock other people’s bottles off the top of a pole using a frisbee.

If you knock the bottle down you get 2 points and you have to defend your bottle from getting knocked down to win the game. 

If you have enough space then try this game and hope you enjoy it. 

Keep It Up Balloon 

Keep It Up Ballon

Easy game but can be enjoyed by whoever plays it. Kids and adults can play together to compete against each other. 

If you have balloons to spare at home then that’s all you need to try this game. 

There is simply one thing you have to do to win the game and that is to keep the balloon in the air and whoever has the balloon In the air until the end wins the game. 

You can make it more interesting by adding some rules, you can only use one hand or have them juggle more than 1 balloon.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy these BBQ party game ideas for adults and I wish you will enjoy the games that I have shared.

Make your guests entertained with these games and if you tried the game that I have listed above let me know what you like the most about games.

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