15 Easy Cocomelon Party Ideas For Kids

15 Easy Cocomelon Party Ideas For Kids

If you are looking for throwing up am amazing kids party then probably you should consider for choosing one of the theme because anything which is related to the characters or shows is what attracts the kids the most and they feel more joyable.

In this we are choosing cocomelon party ideas which will be perfect for any kids of age 1 to 5. This party will be you much more reliable and will make much more sense if you are integrating this concept to your kids birthday.

To make this theme party successful in terms of planning I’ll be discussing the major parts and the supplies that you need to organise this theme party.

Cocomelon Party Ideas

Cocomelon party ideas

Cocomelon Invitation Cards For Kids

The first thing that you need for any party to get started at first place is invite the guest or the attendees.

For this you need a special invitation card to actually make a sense out of it and make a look for this party that it is actually happening and within the invitation card much more fun elements and basic theme of an party can be recognised.

Now this party is specially for the kids, for the kids nothing fancy invitation card will add value to them and will look attractive to them but a basic thing which is cocomelon.

So, the invitation card related to the

cocomelon theme concept will be much more considerable option to go with and  as kids like the show most so the excitement level can be ignited within them.

Themed Birthday Banner

Now this will add more sense if your planning the party for your kids for any birthday the one thing which is very common and which everyone can notice is the birthday banners and for the specific theme with no doubt we will be using the birthday banner of cocomelon and its favourite character remember such small element may not had any interest to you but if you know about your kids very well then such small things and specially if it is related to their favourite shows then they can really enjoy every part of it and be very happy.

Cocomelon Character Latex Balloons

No doubts whenever the kids go, the first thing that they would really hunt for something they could play with.

Organising such party and keeping such character themes balloon, which the kids like the most and which the kids usually watches over the TV and once they witness such of them in real let it be in a form of balloon but for kids they would go beyond playing and the engagement and the fun activities will be completely different if we think about for the kids.

Now, in this package there are different sets of balloons which can draw major attentions of the kids in this party. It

includes 2 Baby foil balloons, 2 Star foil balloons, 2 hearts, 2 melons, 2 round shaped one’s and 20 latex balloons along with ribbons.

Some of these balloons are double sided and the kids will totally be fond of such decorations at this event.

Cartoon Face Mask

Whether it is a birthday party or any theme party, if you add this one small thing to the event, then kids will really go crazy.

Having face mask of different characters of the shows which normally a certain age group of kids do usually watches most of the time, will be an ideal choice to select for the same.

Cocomelon is considerably a youtube channel started by American company bit currently acquired by British management.

Therefore, considering majority of the kids in US, UK do watches cocomelon at wide numbers.

When all of the kids wear this certain cartoon characters face masks, then do entertain themselves in a different manner. Some of them may create their own story line-ups or drama and all such kids related doing.

Background Photo Backdrop Banner

One thing which is very sure and you cannot miss out to this specific element on any kids party is to have a backdrop banner.

When it comes to make crazy and hilarious faces and just to entertain other audience/guests at the party then, 100% sure kids are very best at this particular task.

Idhar to of the thing will happen at any Gate 7 and usually much more not disable within the kids that they want to play with the toys or either they want to have something that they be attached or sticked to a particular spot of the majority party time.

Trust on this, having such theme backdrop banner arranged in a perfect manner can potentially attracts major interests of all the kids who are in this party.

Combo Set

This will solve your tons of problems at once and will get the things for this theme party be arranged very quickly.

This combo set supplies box contains different decorating and other essential party requirement items which are probably intended for the use of the guests and considerably for the kids.

This package includes birthday hanging banners, cocomelon foil balloons, table cloth which is abide by the same theme and are available in different sizes which you can think off to consider depending upon your table size and measurement.

Also, this combo set do comes along with food plates and cups which can be used at the time of serving the snacks or drinks for all the kids.

Pillow Plush

Now such things are most likeable by the girls compared to the boys but if we are  talking in general related to the kids then any item which are resembling to their favourite characters then they would love to have them.

Cocomelon pillow plush would be good idea to consider in this theme party and especially for the girls as I mentioned earlier, the main reason behind it is that girls do love to carry such soft & sofy items and many of the kids do love to hug such items.

If you a person who notice a lot than probably you have notice that kids do have something along with them when they are asleep,therefore this Cocomelon pillow plush would do exactly the same thing.

It is one of the best way to called off the party and after such if you are specially organizing this party for your own kid, then after party they can still carry and take some of these items and take them on bed.

Apart, from the girls if I talk about boys, then majorily they are very mischievous and very powered up at such events.

Just for the fun sake, they can have it for pillow fights. As they are kids normally age of between 1 – 4 years old, then there won’t be any serious issue for this activity.

But it can create an adorable moment to watch out for.

Cocomelon Party Games Ideas For Kids

Deluxe Interactive Doll

One thing which majority of the kids and especially the toddlers will like in any party or especially the birthday events is to have a set and categories of different sets of toys so that they can have their fun time along with their friends or commonly with siblings.

As they are accommodated with toys you can literally have a good control over them at such party event because there are different things that you need to manage over all but considering the other fact that the kids will really enjoy by playing with this toy.

Any cartoon show or any famous Kids TV

show and specially the main character and if you present them in a toy then they do mesmerize and initially be lost with them at playing.

This interactive Doll do comes along with t-shirt, pair of shoes, spoon and a bowl of peas.

So, from taking care of his appearance and the eating periods, the kids can truly create their own visual and made up stories to play with.

Also some important thing that you need to considered is that, if you are hosting this cocomelon party for your own kid maybe it is because of the birthday or any other reason then considering this interactive Doll toy can be a good gift idea for your kid.

Nursery Rhyme Book

Any game or any activity which involves parents and kids interaction than such time being the kids do like the most and they totally get most out of it.

Now considering the normal alphabets and what we call in our normal understanding ABCD…. can easily be learned by the kids depending upon their age group and their ability to catch up the things.

But in general if we talk to read a sentence or go through a book very fluently then expecting this moment to happen at such an early stage is nearly impossible.

Therefore the only option that they have is to sit along by their parents and watch out the things.

Anything which is been explained in very polite manner and in a very adorable approach the kids do enjoy and they do like that time to spend.

This rhyme book contains different images, different characters of the show along with the rhyming words all this together when put in a book can be a fun activity which you can held for your kids.

JJ’s Learning Smart Watch

This isn’t the normal watch which usually shows the time and the day throughout the week but this watch is a different type which your kid can wear and have a very fun and engaging time throughout the day and week.

Any item that is wearable and which a looks fancy is what attract the kids the most and they get very excited and will be in that zone of happiness for a longer period of time.

This smart learning kids watch do have some unique feature which makes it more enjoyable part for the kids overall and to have it on their wrist throughout the day.

The smart watch do have for 4 different type of games, 12 watch time faces and two normal function which is the alarm clock and stop watch.

Musical Guitar

Make your kid a young and little rockstar and let them be the start of their own birthday party.

Commonly very basic nature and noticeable characteristics found in kids that they do love to play along with the stuff which makes a sound, speaks out or generate pop up tunes.

This is what exactly, cocomelon musical guitar will do as it plays amazing music and some tones which attracts the kids attention and leaves them on a place where they can be enjoying alone with that vibe.

Pin The Mouth On Coco

The next very exciting and very engaging  game for the kiss which you can potential organise as considering the theme and the whole concept behind this party in your mind.

It is overall a fun activity which can create a tons of laughs and will bring in more joys to the kids which they can have a fun time along with their friends.

To play this game, take the board sticker and place it over a clean surface or attached to a handlebars.

Blind fold a kid and hand him pr her over with a smily face which they need to guess where the actual face is and place over it.

The very close similar position player will win the game and accordingly you can arrange for the prizes.

Places To Host Cocomelon Party

Now there are different places where you can probably can say to organise this theme party for your kids but before taking any decision you need to be mindful of your budget and you need to ask this questions which are mentioned below:

1. How many kids/guests are coming to this party?

2. Is it gonna be hosted at day or night?

3. Do I have proper arrangements to facilitate theme decorations?


As it is like and prefer to kids interest and their daily routine activity you can probably

consider in hosting up this theme party probably inside your house and more specifically to those area where the kids used to Hangouts and play the most.

So that they can get enough space and room enjoy at this party along with their friends and the other guest.

One thing which you need to take care while deciding to conduct this party inside the house is to check up the arrangement wether you can hang up the birthday banners, as you can stick the posters to the walls or you can make a nice arrangement to the tables and have a proper setups for snacks and other eatery items where it will be very convenient for the kids and the other guest to have it freely.

If the party is been conducted within the family members then it would be very easy YES  and a very go to good step for  conducting this theme party inside your kids bedroom where they can feel more attached and connected to every element.

One added advantage you can probably get for conducting this event inside your house his arrangement or the ease of lights you can have a better control on it without having an external setup to lighten up the room or party space.

Backyard Area (Outdoor)

The next very place you can probably consider for hosting up this theme party is none other than but your backyard area.

If you know that you have a big enough

space where you can make a proper arrangement with wide area open that allows kids to play along freely without disturbing any other guest in the party should be a very convenient place.

Any party or a fun gathering specially if it is set up for the kids then their mentally and approach towards a certain place is quite of fluctuating and therefore the similar outlooks or the area within your house is a very good place where they can have their own memories of their specific age.

Also besides this reason, one of the good reason to consider the backyard area of your house is onto depending on the number of guests that are going to attend this party.

If you know in very well advanced that the number of guests are more that they cannot be accompanied inside your house and it will create much more crowdiness which absolutely none of the people would enjoy at such place.

Then shifting all the audience or the guests to a wide open area is very ideal option.

Parks Or Garden

This totally depend upon your budget and to the excitement level that you are planning to bring in this party.

To make this event a special one and much more memorable to your kid and to the family as well, then organizing cocomelon theme party at such can be considered.

Again for this to make it happen you need to do a little bit of research to the places, the parks or garden where the authorities do grant such permission for a family to organise such events.

Now if you find such places, then there would be probably two condition where the parks management handle every task related to such a events or you will just get permission and then from outside you need to hire one event planner and guide them your requirements and let the fun party to take place at such big scale.

Tips For Hosting This Idea

Guests Priority:

It is very important for you to manage every guests basic demands and party requirement to be fulfilled at the right place.  Like proper food, drinks, restrooms arrangements be made well in advance and in well mannered where none of the guests would feel uncomfortable to approach for any either of them.

Theme Concept:

As a parent, you are not setting up anything for self or for adults but it is for your kids. Do place the same mentality and closely and smartly integrate the characters of cocomelon show which your kids likes the most. Highlight such element to very noticable part, which at the end of the day would leave a good impression onto your kids.

3. Birthday Cakes:

As the whole party is circulating around the cocomelon show, then one thing which is very common in this popular show is about major focus on colors. Therefore, making a birthday cake of multiple or probably rainbow color would add more attached and joy part in this event overall.

4. Return Gifts:

If the party is been held for your own kids, then probably and very predictable your kid will gonna receive many gifts from their friends and from other guests. But as an elder and being a sole responsible for taking place this fun party, then giving some bunch of good return gift will showcase a good etiquette and will definitely leave behind a good call off memory for other kids who are attending this party.

Final Words

Pretty much deeply covered on all the necessary items and different concept you can integrate to make this cocomelon theme party idea a successful and more of more memorable for the kids overall.

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