18 Good Excuse To Not Go To School [List To Avoid Going]

18 Good Excuse To Not Go To School [List To Avoid Going]

Want to not go to school? Feeling tired and need some great excuse to skip school?

Here I have shared a list of great “excuses to not go to school” that you might be interested in.

Everyone loves to have a day off and I also love to take a break when I feel tired. 

Well if you want to explain to someone why you skip school then you need to prepare some good and reasonable explanation.

Sometimes telling the truth to your parents about why you don’t want to go to school also works.

So let’s start the article without wasting any time because I know you are in a hurry to look for some good excuse.

Really Good Excuse To Not Go To School

Well, sometimes we don’t have the mood to go to school and sometimes we want to rest.

so we need some really good excuses that will help you to stay at home and skip school.

Below I have shared some good excuses hope you like them.

Not Feeling Good

Sad Man

Well, it is a simple excuse you can use. You can tell honestly that you’re not feeling well.

If you want to skip then just say you’re tired and not feeling good. 

No one will force you because health is more important and take some rest and relax.

Wake Up Late

Well, I know very few will believe you but if you want to give a simple reason why have you not come to school.

Then this might interest you because you can say that you are not feeling well at night and wake up late in the morning.

And because of that, you skip school. 

Miss the Bus

If you go to school by bus then this excuse is for you.

Just say you reach late and miss the bus and you got late for school that’s why you didn’t go to school.

We all have missed the bus in life so if you are another lucky person who missed then you can use this excuse.

Hope you don’t miss the second time.

Want To Study

Sometimes this excuse works well. You can say that you want to focus on some subjects.

Sometimes we want to improve ourselves in a particular subject and want more time then you can take a day off for that.

Simple excuse you can give and rest at home.

Hope you study hard.

Bad Weather 

Bad weather can help you to skip school.

If you take the bus or leave far from school. Then you might be interested in this excuse.

Just check the weather and if it’s bad then you can take a day off because no one wants to risk going into bad weather.

Just remember to take the letter from your parents and show it to your teachers.

Tired From Work

This excuse is great for students who are working part-time. 

If you come late from work at night and feel tired then you can say how tired you were after work.

Or you can say that something unexpected happened at your workplace and because of that you have to work late.

Just remember don’t use this excuse every day because it will not work every time.

Feeling Little Dizzy

If you are feeling a little dizzy how can you go to school?

Well, this excuse is great, you might like it.

Sometimes we do get a little dizzy so yeah it is believable but remembers it will not work every time.

Just Want To Rest

You know sometimes being honest works.

So just tell your parents you want to rest and want a day off.

It is a simple truth, if you don’t want to go to school because you want to relax then you can be honest about it.

You can tell them how tired you are and want some relaxation.

They are parents they will understand.

Hope it works for you.

Forget Project

Well if you have forgotten some important project at home then you can’t go to school without that.

If you forget something important then you have a believable excuse that you can use to skip school.

Just remember do not forget things every time.

Pet Checkup

Well if you have a pet you might like this excuse.

Pet needs a check-up from the vet. You can say you have an appointment with the vet.

You can explain to your school or teacher why you have to go to the vet with your pet.

Good Excuses to Miss School

It’s okay if sometimes you don’t feel like going to school, be honest with your parents about why you don’t want to go it will help you.

Hope you find something interesting here.

Light Headache 

Well, you can’t focus if you have a headache and it might get worse. 

So you need rest to get back in shape. So yeah health is more important.

Hope you don’t use this excuse every day to skip because it will not work every time.

Taking Care Of Family

Your parents are busy with work and you have to take care of your sibling because she/he is ill.

It is a situation where you have no control, explain to your teacher or school why you skip school.

Hope you take good care of your siblings.

Family vacation 

Family enjoying together

Your family made a vacation plan and you don’t have a day off. You can give this excuse to spend more time with family.

Well, it all depends on if this situation happens.

Just make sure it is the truth that you are going on vacation or your teacher might call your parents for confirmation.

Unexpected Accident 

This situation is out of your control because you don’t know when this unexpected accident will happen.

For instance, it can be little things like you got a little injury or something happening in your family.

You can use this excuse if you are facing this problem.

Traffic Jam

This situation is also not in your control because many things can happen on the road.

Sometimes there is an accident that causes a traffic jam.

Or you can simply say you couldn’t get in time because of that you decided to skip school.

Car Broke Down

Well if you have a car then you might find this excuse interesting.

Well you were going to school in your car but unfortunately, it broke down because of that you have to skip it.

You can’t do anything in a situation like this. 

So take care of your car because it will not work the second time.

Helping animals

Woman with dog

Well you are going to school and you see a cat or dog which needs help and you help them by taking them to the vet.

You got late because of this so you can say you were helping animals. Take a photo from the vet that you were there.

Show it to your teacher. Make sure you have some evidence if you want to use this excuse.

Family Problems

If you recently had some problems then you can use this excuse.

It can be anything like someone is sick or something happening to your relatives.

So you can skip school and you can tell them what happened.

Don’t makeup stuff because it’s easy to find out what happens if your teacher calls your parents.


What is the best excuse to stay home from school?

There are some good excuses that you can use it all depends on the situation

1. Faking sickness
2. Bad Weather
3. Want To Rest
4. Headache
but it all depend on situation so see what your situation is then use suitable excuse.

What to say when you don’t want to go to school?

In my opinion, if you don’t want to go to school then be honest with your parents because no one understands you better than your parents.
tell them why you don’t want to go.

How do I get my mom to let me stay home from school?

Talk with your mom about why you want to stay home. you can even say you want to just stay one day and you will do good in your studies. promise something and in return ask for a day off.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoy the article. Sometimes excuses help us,

So yeah if you like some excuses from the list then I’m glad and I hope you get to enjoy your day off.

Just make sure you have a good excuse if you’re making one.

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