15 Flirty Response To Can I Have Your Number (Respond With Style)

15 Flirty Response To Can I Have Your Number (Respond With Style)

Whenever you are talking to a girl or someone whom you really like and want to take the next step further with them and all you want is to get the number, this can be a prevalent situation for many.

But if you already know that someone is going to ask for your number and they have been waiting for this moment for a long, then giving a flirty response to Can I have your number, can actually make the other person go beyond happy at an instant and this can be something interesting to take on from after that.

I’ll try to cover some of the best responses to such questions and depending upon the situation, you can decide on your own which one to choose and go on with further.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in,

Flirty Response To Can I Have Your Number

Flirty Response To Can I Have Your Number

Sure Honey I’ll Be Waiting

Saying honey to the other person at first point and indicating that you will be waiting for their message or call can spark a good emotion between the two. And there will be very divergent joy that you can feel around that person. Remember, the idea here is not to hurt anyone’s feelings or say something which holds no value in itself.

If You Can Talk To Me Everyday

This is something where you feel that normally people do take the number but initially, they do seem to be interested in making a good friend out of you but later they simply ignore it for no reason. This can be a true question to ask but at the same point, it does have a slight flirty angle.

I Talk Only Romantic

Demands and specifications can be different for every individual and if you need someone to talk to you in a very polite, loved manner then this response can be a great fit. By this, a good relationship can be built with the other person and when you mention certain things like this then the other person knows in advance what exactly you need and how to win your heart every time.

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Why Did You Asked This Too Late 

This can simply show a true need from your side too. When twining between the thoughts, it would definitely lead to a good understanding and naturally create a pathway for the best time being and future for both of you.

Just The Number Or You Need Something Else

Great way to put things out in a straight manner. This can give a direct hint to the other person, that things can go beyond. This can be a good reply when you believe you need to continue or want a similar thing in a potential friend. The main aim here is to continue the conversation and probably a smart way to understand the person in a deeper sense.

Good Flirty Response To Can I Have Your Number

Flirty Response To Can I Have Your Number

I Hope You Can Share Your Secrets

This is for something when you already have a good understanding between that person and you are the one who seems to talk openly and trust with full confidence. But at times as a person, you do feel to hear someone else story or secrets and this is not for entertainment but in a very natural sense.

But You Need To Click A Good Pictures

When you are interested in talking to the person beyond just normal talk but when you believe that you both often meet every single time and spend most of the time together then this can be something worth having such a person by you and simply by a small request you can make the situation to a win-win side.

You Already Know I’m Yours

There are moments and some special bonding between the person where you don’t have to express certain things but the same can be felt and experienced by the other person too. If you share a similar connection, then this can be a very good flirty response to Can I have your number where you actually confess that you already belong to him or her.

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Your Happiness Is Mine Too

When you actually care for the other person secretly and when there is a good time to express then you probably don’t want to miss out especially when keeping a soft flirty zone in it.  Sharing numbers where you can talk more and spend more time with each other is an amazing way to experience similar happiness that you both like.

I Would Love To Because You Are Funny

One of the most comfortable ways to say and feel very easy is to pass on the number to the person asking for it and by this, you are praising that person too which can make a good clarity for you as individual choice what are your preferences and most common likings.

How Do You Respond To Someone Asking Your Number? (Flirty Response) 

How to response to can I have your number in a flirty manner

I already Like Your DP BTW

In this way, it can be a clear sign for the other person to catch up on things at a very fast pace and a direct sign that you actually confronting the person you were already stalking earlier. Definitely giving a flirty response is the objective but with that, if you can give small hints about where your relationship or your friendship bond can be polished extremely well, then for this you always need to take a step further.

Sure But You Have To Guess The Last Number

That’s the little extra thing and a bit of work you are placing for the other person to do initially just to get your number correct. Indeed it won’t take much of the time as the person has just to hit the trial number just for 9 times. This response can really be a good fit for the girls and well suited for them if they tend to show some kinda attitude (Not the arrogant one but the cheezy kind).

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First Express Love In 3 Emojis

Having a conversation these days involves too much usage of emojis and GIFs – this alone feature is most commonly used by the young audience. And therefore just to test the other person’s intelligence and common sense over expressing love just by using Emojis can be fun and through this, a lot more about the person can be revealed whether he or she is interesting or not.

My Will Is Strong But Your Looks Are Amazing

Another way is where you are directly praising the person and this can be used when you too are interested in getting the number of that person. There are some instances where you simply can’t or you just hesitate to express something but suddenly that thing comes in front of you and you just have to accept it and for such a moment you can make sure to use the chance wisely.

I Have Set My Expectations High & Not Sure You Can Manage It

There is no direct Yes Or No in this situation but rather a potential question to put up for the person asking for your number. This would probably lead to a good ongoing conversation for a bit where within a few moments you can get to know the person and from there you can decide whether in real to share your number or not.


By using all these flirty responses to Can I have your number, indeed you can spice up the conversation in a bit loved fashion. Remember to use the response as the situation gets you in and when you are confident at it for sure you can modify the above responses to your comfort level.

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