50 Fun Games For Graduation Party That Everyone Will Enjoy

50 Fun Games For Graduation Party That Everyone Will Enjoy

Graduation is the most special day of your life when you will receive your graduation degree.

So, this is the day when you will be recognized for all your hard work.

It is the day when you will be feeling happy and proud of your hard work.

As graduation day is nearing, you will be busy thinking about how to celebrate this day.

And the best way to celebrate this day is by inviting your friends and relatives and you will enjoy the party.

Graduation parties are the best way to celebrate this special day. But before you celebrate this moment, you will need to organize the party first.

So, here are some best games for graduation party.

50 Fun Games For Graduation Party

Graduation parties are the most important part of any graduation. You will be the centre of attraction and you will be the centre of attention.

The best part is that you will be given a chance to enjoy your time with the people you love most.

Graduation parties are the best way to spend your time with your friends and family.

You can have fun and enjoy the party without worrying about anything else.

Here are the best 50 games that you can play at your graduation party.

1. Carnival Games

Carnival Games

You can play carnival games with your friends.

There are many different kinds of carnival games which you can choose from.

You can play different types of games like balloon pop, bubble gum blast, finger pop, finger tag and so on.

You can also play other kinds of party games like limbo, ring toss, water balloon toss, and others.

If you like playing carnival games, you can also check out my other post on how to make a balloon-popping game for kids.

You will get a chance to try various carnival games at your graduation party.

2. Who In The Room?

Who is in the room? is another exciting party game that is played at a graduation party.

This is a game where the participants have to guess who is sitting in a room by just looking at his or her photo.

Each participant has his or her own photo which is randomly picked from a box.

The first player to guess correctly will be the winner. 

3. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is one of the best party games for friends and family.

This is an educational game where you have to guess what the people in a photo meme are.

You can also check out some amazing wedding photo memes on the Internet.

4. Dictionary Game

Dictionary Game

This fun and easy game is an entertaining way to test your vocabulary skills.

The objective of this game is to guess the definition for each of the words that you don’t know the meaning of.

If you’re stuck on a word, you can look it up in a dictionary.

This game will surely help you increase your knowledge of the English language.

5. Have a Theme

The next time you have a party, pick a theme.

Decorate your school/college in a way that goes with the theme.

For example, if the theme is sports, then set up the whole party around sports.

Provide free food and drinks for everyone who comes over, and do all the chores and work.

Then once the party is done, take pictures of everything that you did.

Put them online and share them.

6. Ballon Fight

Take all of your balloons and put them together, then tie them together to make one big balloon.

Put a bucket of water nearby, and ask people to throw water at it.

If they succeed, it will pop, and everyone will have a balloon fight!

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Outdoor Games For Graduation Party

Outdoor Games For Graduation Party

Outdoor games are always fun, but these games are even more interesting when played during the graduation party.

Whether you are organizing a house party or a garden party, there are a lot of outdoor games that you can play.

Here are some of the outdoor games that you can play at a graduation party.

7. Dip-low-ma

The dip-low-ma game is also known as the balloon game.

This game is similar to tug of war.

You need a large piece of cloth or a large sheet of paper.

Tie the balloons to the bottom of the sheet of paper and put some balloons in the air.

Let your guests get ready to play the game. The players who will get the balloons must catch them before they hit the ground.

8. The Game Of Things

In this game, there are things that are hidden in the party area.

There have to be things such as hats, sunglasses, cell phones, wallets, bracelets, etc.

You can use anything you want.

The guests will have to look everywhere for these things and once they find them, they will have to return them to their owners.

The first person to return all of their items will be the winner.

9. Graduation Cap Tic-Tac-Toe

Graduation Cap Tic-Tac-Toe

This is a fun graduation party game.

It is played on a tic-tac-toe grid. One player starts by rolling a graduation cap across the game board.

The first person to roll the graduation cap into a row, column, or diagonal line wins.

10. Ball In The Hole

The objective of this game is to get the most balls into the hole in the shortest amount of time.

Players will need to toss a ball through the ring on their heads.

The players that get the ball in the ring will receive 1 point.

If the ball falls down, it is considered lost and no points are awarded.

If a player gets the ball in the hole, they receive 1 point. The first person to get 5 balls in the hole is the winner.

11. Cornhole

This is similar to horseshoes, except instead of trying to get the “ball” on the ground, you’re trying to hit the bag.

Players stand behind a box that has a pair of cornholes attached to it. Each pair of cornholes has a number assigned to it.

The box can be adjusted so that the players can see the numbers.

The players must try to throw the cornhole sticks at the bag as many times as possible before time runs out.

12. Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss

A ladder toss is a classic game.

You take turns throwing a rope over a ladder, and the last person to make it back up the ladder loses.

In this game, 2 teams face off and the goal is to be the team who manages to score all of their members up the ladder and over the top of it

13. Tug Of War

The Tug Of War game is for two teams to try to pull one of the other team members down to the ground.

Once the tugger is on the ground, his team wins.

If the other team members manage to get their teammate back up, then they win.

14. Jump Rope

You can use the jump rope to play this game or you can use it as a rope.

The goal is to pass the rope from player to player while maintaining control.

This game is very popular and you will find that most kids enjoy jumping rope.

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Creative Activities To Do at Graduation Ceremony

Creative Activities To Do at Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is the moment that you have been waiting for. You have studied for years and now you can finally move on to the next step.

But if you want to make the graduation party fun-filled then you need to plan everything beforehand.

There is no point in throwing a party if you don’t enjoy it.

Here are some activities that you can do to make the graduation party more fun.

15. Guess Who Game

You can play this guessing game with your guests and family members.

First of all, start by telling them who is the oldest member of your family and then ask them to give you the names of your siblings.

Continue asking questions like age, gender and occupation and so on.

16. Grads Through The Year

Create a list of people who graduated this year and make a collage out of them.

Take photos of the graduation day and put them in different frames to create an interesting picture.

This is an interesting party game for you and your friends.

You can start the game by picking out one of your family members.

Then ask your friend to guess which year the person is graduating from college.

Repeat this game for each member of your family.

17. Charades


In this game, you will be acting out different movies or scenes while guessing what’s going on.

There are many versions of charade games that you can play.

For example, you can use your favourite movies and characters.

You can act out parts of the movie, making it look like you are watching the movie with another person.

When they see the movie, your partner will act out a part of the movie too.

18. Guess The Teacher

Play this game in your classroom to know what kind of teacher someone is.

This game requires the participants to guess which teacher the person is based on their clothing or behaviour.

For example, if a participant dressed up as a teacher and acted silly, he/she is most likely the teacher of the class.

19. Show Your Talent

This game is perfect for those who love to show off their talent.

You can be a great singer or you can sing well.

Choose something that you can sing well. You can even make a video recording of yourself singing.

If you don’t have any talent, pretend to have one! It is better to show your talent than to not share at all.

20. Cakewalk


This game is a good way to pass time and get along with your friends.

The cakewalk can also be played with multiple people.

Each person has his/her own piece of cake. Then, it is played like a game of cake.

When it is your turn to take a piece, you must first jump over the other pieces on the floor.

Run and collect as many cakes as you want. Make sure you don’t fall any.

21. Pictionary

Pictionary is a game that consists of drawing something on paper and guessing what word it is.

You and your friend can play this together or even individually.

It is fun because you have to guess quickly.

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Indoor Graduation Party Games

Indoor Graduation Party Games

You must be thinking about what you will do at this event. How will you decorate your place? And what kind of games you will play for the party?

The party is going to be fun and interesting if you play some indoor games like balloon games, water gun games, paintball games, etc.

These indoor games will make your place look more exciting and awesome.

Here are some of the best ideas for indoor graduation party games.

22. Don’t Drop The Tassel

This game is played between two players or two teams.

They have to hold a tassel in their hands and pass it to each other.

But they can’t drop it on the floor and when the tassel touches the ground, they lose the game.

It is an easy, funny, and fast game that you can play indoors or outdoors.

23. Musical Chair

The musical chair is one of the most famous indoor games.

In this game, there are several people sitting in chairs.

One by one, a DJ starts playing songs.

Every time, he/she will stop the music and the last person left will be the winner.

24. Jenga


Jenga is another classic indoor game.

The first person who is standing should pull out some blocks from the pile.

If they are stable, the player puts them back in the pile.

But if they are not, then the next person has to take them out. So keep playing and pull the blocks out.

25. Twister

Twister is another classic game that you can play at a party or while you hang out with friends.

There are four players, but only three players will be on the ground at one time.

Players have to make sure that the other players are not on top of them.

If any part of the body touches the ground, the player gets the point.

26. Duck Duck Game

This game is simple to play. One person stands up, and another stands in front of him/her.

The first person ducks and throws his/her arm up in the air.

When he/she lets it go, he/she must duck again before they or get hit by the arm.

This goes on until someone gets hit.

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College Graduation Party Activities That Make a Memory

College Graduation Party Activities That Make a Memory

These parties are the best time for students to show their friendship and bond by throwing a fun-filled party for their friends.

It is also the best time to express gratitude to the friends who have been with them throughout the years.

To make your college graduation party memorable, here is a list of college graduation party activities that you can do to make your party memorable.

27. Ring Toss

To play this game, you need to throw a ring into a bucket.

The player at the end of the line is the one who has to toss the ring into the bucket.

The goal is to toss as many rings as possible.

However, if the player throws the ring to the wrong place then he/she gets penalized.

This is a fun game to play at any party, especially for graduation.

28. Mad Libs

You should try playing this game at your party because it is a good way to pass the time and make your guests feel entertained.

Basically, you write the words in the blank of the Mad Libs and let the guests fill in the blanks.

For instance, the first guest writes in the blank “My father” and they get the word that is written on the board.

Then the next guest fills in the blank that was already filled by the previous guest. This game is very entertaining for everyone.

29. Trivia Game

Trivia Game

This is one of the best games that you can play during a party.

You need three trivia questions, the first question is worth ten points, the second question is worth five points and the third question is worth one point.

When a person answers the question correctly, he/she gets to move on to the next question.

If someone answers incorrectly then the number of moves go down by one until the person gets the question right.

30. Quiz Games

Everyone loves to be quizzed! These are some of the most popular quiz games, especially at parties.

These quizzes range from general knowledge questions to more specific trivia games.

These quizzes will definitely test your memory and make the party more interesting.

Free Printable Graduation Party Games

Free Printable Graduation Party Games

Graduation is the most awaited occasion for every student.

When you will celebrate your graduation you will feel a rush of happiness and that is the reason everyone loves to celebrate the moment.

The celebration begins with the decoration of the house where the celebration will take place.

It is important to decorate the house in a way that students will feel comfortable.

So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing the house for your graduation party games.

Also, here are some printable graduation party games (easy download) and enjoy.

31. A to Z Schools

Play this game while at your graduation party with friends. You’ll be more relaxed once you see how fun this game is.

Create a school challenge game, print out the A to Z School Challenge sheet for each guest and have them write down the name of a college or university next to each letter of the alphabet.

Instead of just circling one answer on the multiple choice test, you could check off every box that you got right.

The person who’s had the most circled is the winner.

32. Candy Dice Game

Candy Dice is a party game where everyone in the group has a number of candy pieces, but it’s unclear where all the pieces will go when

One player rolls the die and follows the directions on the sheet. Afterwards, the other player takes the sheet and does the same thing.

When a player reaches the end of their rope they are out of the game.

33. What’s On Your Phone

What’s On Your Phone

This game encourages kids to socialize and be creative!

Everyone grabs their phones and checks off what they have on the list.

Add up all the points and whoever has the most points wins the game!

34. YES Or NO

Print out a Yes or No sheet for each player and hand it to them.

If you ask them to circle whether the graduate will answer yes or no to the questions provided, and then have them circle which question they

Each question should have the student pick one answer and then justify why that was their first option. Yes or no.

The person to get the most correct wins! We are proud to introduce two brand new courses to our curriculum.

35. Never Have I Ever

In this quiz, you will be asked 10 questions about things that you have never done before.

You will be quizzed on your memory and ability to recall things.

This will test your knowledge and Quizzes are a great way to help with test prep.

This is a very simple quiz where you can pick from four options for each question.

Pick an answer and mark it. Then, come back later and see how well you did.

This is a great way to test yourself or as a fun game at home.

36. Finish The Phrase

In this interactive printable English quiz, you will have to complete phrases by selecting the correct word or phrase.

All you need to do is click on the phrase you don’t know and then choose the best answer to complete it.

There are many different words and phrases in this game and once you have completed one, you can move on to the next one.

This is a very good way to improve your English vocabulary and grammar and makes it easier to remember new words and phrases.

Drinking Games For Graduation Party

Drinking Games For Graduation Party

Graduation is the most special day for every student because they have achieved something great.

So, when you have the time to celebrate, why not play some drinking games? It will be fun and your friends will enjoy it too.

So, here are the drinking games for the graduation party.

37. Who Drinks More

In this game, you need to see who drinks more in a bottle.

When the person finishes his/her drink, the next person needs to start the process.

Then, when someone finishes his/her drink, the person who drank earlier can fill it up with water or any other liquid.

But, he/she must finish his/her drink first.

The one who drinks more will be rewarded.

38. Who Drinks Fast

In this game, two people are seated on chairs.

A bottle is placed in between them.

Then, the participants are asked to take as many sips of water as they can before the bottle runs out.

Whoever takes the last sip of water first loses the game.

39. Name The Drink

Name The Drink

Two people are seated on a chair and a large jug is placed between them.

They are asked to try and guess the name of the drink in the jug.

The player who guesses correctly gets an extra point.

40. Guess Hot Or Cold Game

Two players are seated facing each other. One of them has a jug with ice cubes in it.

The player is asked to place one of his or her hands in the jug so that the ice cubes touch his or her hand.

The player must guess whether the ice cubes are cold or hot.

If the guess is correct, he or she wins the round.

41. Chug a Beer

One player is blindfolded and is given a beer.

The other player is told to drink the entire beer without taking any breaks.

Whoever finishes first is the winner.

Graduation Party Games To Play With Teachers

Graduation Party Games To Play With Teachers

Teachers play a very important role in the student’s life, but they don’t know how to make their students feel comfortable and happy.

They always try to do something new but it doesn’t work in their favour as the students aren’t interested.

They need to play some exciting games with them so that they can make their day a memorable one.

Teachers are a big responsibility for the kids and if they play the wrong game, then it may spoil the entire party.

So, I have mentioned here some games to play with teachers at your graduation party.

42. Repeat The Teacher Scolding Moment

Teacher scolding is a popular game where you must repeat everything that teacher has said or asked you.

You should say the same thing every time, and the person who repeats the teacher’s scolding moment the most will be the winner.

This will teach the student a lesson about respect and how he or she should behave with their teacher.

43. Give Them Sums/Task To Complete

Sums and tasks are also very important in your life.

You may be good at doing them, but you can’t do anything without your teacher.

So, it is a great idea to give them sums and tasks to complete during a graduation party.

It will help the teachers to know that you are not just an ordinary kid.

They will feel special and important in your life.

44. Word Scramble

Word Scramble

You can play a word scramble game at the graduation party.

You should first write down the words that you think they would like to know in the word scramble game.

You should then mix up the word scramble cards and place the word scramble cards on the table.

Let the students guess what each word means. It will help them to get to know each other.

45. Guess The Topic

Choose one of the topics in this book and make it into a guessing game.

The teacher should stand by the door and keep it open.

Each student must state their topic and try to guess the topic.

When all the students have guessed, let the teacher tell the students what the topic is.

The right student will be rewarded by the teacher.

46. Arts and Crafts

It will be great when both teachers and students can create some arts and crafts.

They can decorate the classroom with colourful paints or balloons.

They can also make some funny artworks.

They can make artworks on paper, and draw or paint their favourite cartoon characters.

The kids can even make something out of clay. This activity helps kids to express their creativity.

Activities For Parents To Have Fun At a Graduation Party

Activities For Parents To Have Fun At a Graduation Party

Parents of the graduates feel so happy because they are now free from the duty of teaching their children.

They are now free from the pressure of exams and studies.

They will be finally enjoying the moments of their life with their friends and family.

However, you can share the happiness of the graduates and their parents by making a fun activity at a graduation party.

So, here are the fun activities for parents at a graduation party.

47. Guess The Baby Grad

If you’re planning a big graduation party, then a baby photo will make it memorable for everyone!

Put together a display of the baby photos of your graduates and their families.

Ask guests to match the baby photo to the grad’s name for a fun way to remember the occasion.

This should be hard to do. Add in a photo of a different person or guest, and age their face so it looks old.

48. Singing Games

Singing Games

If you want to have a great time at a graduation party, then singing games will provide some fun.

For example, make a list of popular graduation songs and ask guests to sing along with the music.

You can also make a list of funny graduation jokes and have guests guess which joke is on the list.

Then, play the music that has all the correct lyrics to the songs on the list.

49. Identify Your Child’s Tiffin

Give parents a task to identify their son/daughter’s tiffin. You can create a puzzle of the grad’s tiffin.

Guests should be asked to try and guess the type of food that the grad is eating based on their tiffin.

50. Make Your Parents Dance

Dance with your parents!

If you are having a graduation party at home, then have the parents dance in front of the family.

It will be an unforgettable moment for everyone.

How To Make Your Graduation Day Unique?

How To Make Your Graduation Day Unique

Graduation is the day when a student gets his/her graduation from an educational institution.

This is the time when he/she has completed his/her study and it is the time when the student becomes a professional.

The moment of graduation is the most important and memorable moment of a student’s life.

After completing the studies, he/she will have to work hard and complete his/her profession.

To make this day special for you, you can organize a graduation party in your college.

You can make this day unique by arranging a few fun activities.

Some of the activities that you can plan for your graduation party are as follows:

Make a Cake

For your party, you need to prepare a cake which will include your favourite sweets and flavours.

The cake is the first step to the success of the party. So, you need to plan it properly.

Arrange a Photo Booth

A photo booth is one of the best ideas for making your party unique.

If you don’t have a photo booth then you can hire a photo booth to capture memories of your party.

Set a table for food

Food is the second step to making your party special.

You can arrange a table where you can serve your guests delicious food.

Make a speech

You can make a speech and thank your family, friends and teachers.

Make sure that you are not too emotional and you can say things like: “Thank you for helping me to get a degree”, “Thanks for being the best teacher ever” and so on.

Lastly, Plan a Gift

The final step is to choose a gift for your guests.

You need to give something to your friends and family.

By organizing a graduation party, you will make your day special. You will not only have a memorable party but you will also enjoy a fun-filled day.


Games For Graduation Party - Conclusion

In conclusion, graduation parties are meant to celebrate someone’s achievement in school or college.

Therefore, a graduation party needs to be unique and memorable.

You can add this list of games to your graduation party. This way, your friends will enjoy their time together and will have fun.

However, you don’t need to organize a large event because it is your day.

You can plan small and simple events such as a party with your family and friends.

Also, let us know do you have any other game that has not been listed on this site. We will include them in the next article.

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