15 Games To Play In The Car With Friends To Make Your Ride Fun

15 Games To Play In The Car With Friends To Make Your Ride Fun

You have packed your stuff and are ready to start your adventure.

Checked everything that needed to be checked and was ready for your trip.

But you forget something important and that is having a list of games.

You are going on a long journey with your friends in a car and you will be bored if you don’t have games to keep you and your friends entertained.

Having fun with your friends and doing something funny was the best part of the journey so don’t waste all your time on the phone.

So we prepared this list of games to play in the car with friends.

We researched games and found some funny and entertaining ones and compiled them in the list below.

Hope you enjoy your time with your friends and make this one of the best trips.

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Awesome Games To Play In The Car With Friends

Girl Riding car with friends

Below is the list of games that you might like. 

Guess The Song

What a simple name right? Because its name represents the game. 

You just have to guess the song, simple right?

How To Play

Just play the songs on your car radio and tell your friends that all of you have to guess the song’s name.

You can make it harder by adding another rule like guessing the singer’s name.

Take turns to play and whoever fails to guess the right answer loses.

You can also spice things up by adding punishment for losers or making them do something.

Hope you become the winner of the game.

Tell A Funny Life Story

This will make your ride more amazing. Just share your life’s funny story with your friends and make them laugh.

If they laughed you would win. You can also make up jokes or tell made-up stories.

You just have to make others laugh. 

Take turns and see whose story makes all of you laugh the most.

See who fails to make others laugh and think of a good punishment for losers.

Music Party 

Well if you are with your friends and you are not singing to your heart’s content that will be a boring road trip.

The music party is a great game. Just sing a song that you like with your awesome voice. 

Whoever sings the most amazing wins and you will discover who is horrible at singing. 

You can also play tunes on your car radio and try to sing according to that. Make it more difficult and enjoy this game.


Ready to reveal how talented you are in acting? This game will help you to show your acting talent.

How To Play

You can tell your friend to act like the celebrity that you choose. 

Take turns to act like a celebrity and whoever does awesome acting wins the game. 

To make it more fun you can choose any character or give a scenario to perform.

For instance, you can tell your friend to perform like a knight or play a scene after a breakup.

You can decide on something funnier. It’s up to you or you can discuss it with your friends. 

Hope you will be victorious.

Keep A Straight Face

How hard it is to keep a straight face? You will find out when you play this game.

How To Play

Your friends will take a turn and tell you the funniest joke they can remember and make you laugh. 

If you can’t keep your straight face then you will lose. 

The journey is long let’s see how long you and your friends keep straight face.

You can also add that if you change your expression then you lose.

Say Hi

You just have to say hi but to who? It is one of the fun games that you might find interesting.

How To Play

You have to say hi to people that are travelling on road. They can be anyone from people walking along the road to police officers.

You just have to get a reply from them for instance you say hi and you have to get a reply from them like hello or something.

It’s simple right? But you have to get a reply from 5 people if you failed to get a reply then you lose.

Take turns and see who wins the game.

Some people don’t like it when somebody says hi to them out of nowhere so be careful.

Truth And Dare 

Woman And Man Laughing

Simple And Popular Game. You will get to know your friends better with this game.

How To Play

Just take turns asking each other questions.

You just have to ask questions and your friends have to select the truth or dare.

If your friends select the truth then they have to answer truthfully and if they choose, dare, they have to do what you will tell.

Just prepare a list of spicy questions to make it more amazing. 

There will be some shocking discoveries in your journey, hope you enjoy your time.

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Food Competition 

Want to see who finishes their food fast then this game is for you.

Just select the food you want to eat, then tell your friends.

Whoever finishes the food first wins the game.

You and your friends can take a turns and select the food. You can select a light meal or snacks. 

You can also select the food that your friends don’t like to make it more fun.

See who eats their food fast.

What’s Next

What’s next on the road? You and your friends have to guess what’s next on the road.

Just take a turn and guess what will come next on the road for instance you can guess that you will see fast food center on the road in the next 20 min.

If you see fast food restaurant then you win. 

It can be anything from fast food to gas stations. You just have to guess. 

Guess What’s In The Bag

You have packed your stuff but you don’t know what you are friends are bringing.

This game will help you to find that. Take turns and guess what is in the bag of your friend. 

If you guessed right then you win. Let’s see how much you know your friends.

Would You Rather Questions

This awesome question game will make your trip even more awesome. 

How To Play

Just ask your friends “would you rather have questions”.

For instance, you can ask your friends “would you rather have ice or chocolate”

You can make your creative list of questions. Make sure you ask some hard questions.

Make it difficult for your friends. Have fun with your friends. 

Guess The Person In Podcast 

You and your friends have to guess who the person is in podcasts from their voice.

Select a podcast and play it let your friends hear it and let them guess whose voice it is. 

If they guessed correctly then your friends win. 

Take turns and play the guessing game. select the category before and then start playing.

Guess The Movie 

Here we add a little twist to make it more interesting.

How To Play

You will play a little movie clip on the car radio or your mobile phone( only audio format).

And when your friends hear it they have to tell you which movie it is.

Add a timer to make it more awesome. Whoever replies first wins the game.

Let’s see who has the best knowledge about movies.

Rapid Fire Question Game

You ask one question after another without giving time to another person. 

To make them think fast to tell the answer quickly.

How To Play

Ask your friend rapid questions, and they have to answer within 1-5 seconds. 

You can ask up to 10 questions fast. Add some spicy questions with normal questions.

Take 10-15 min to prepare the questions and then start the game. 

Take turns to play the game.

Tell A Story 

This game might interest you. If you are going on a long journey.

How To Play

Just select a category: thriller, horror or romantic, etc. 

After you select the category everyone has to come up with a story on the spot and tell it to others. 

And whoever shares the best story wins the game. 

Or you can give a scenario and around that scenario, everyone has to form a story.

Final Thoughts

Women With Friends In Car

Hope you enjoy the blog post. Tried my best to compile an awesome and entertaining list of games.

Sitting in the car for so long with your friends. This moment will never come back so make sure to play some awesome games.

You can check out the list again if you miss anything and share this with your friends or family members who are planning on going road trip.

This post might help them. Have a great journey with your friends.

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