15 Fun Games To Play On Facetime With Friends [2024]

15 Fun Games To Play On Facetime With Friends [2024]

Very bored and usually calling your friends just to have a good enough time? But what if I showed you interesting games to play on facetime with your best buddies.

And these games will not require any much money but are more of kinda mood changer stuffs.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Games To Play On Facetime

People in a facetime meeting

Complete That Song

For this you will require two phones or if you have a separate music player than it will also do the job.

Nothing new, but just simply go over to facetime along with friend and one by one

each of you will play a song and wherever the person likes will stop the music.

The other person will simply had to complete the song otherwise he or she will loses the point.

To play it more in a enjoyable and challenging way, you can probably set a reward prize as mutually decided between you and your friend.


Very popular game amongst kids and now even adults can play this game in any party or friends gathering event.

So much of fun, laughs and overall a best guessing game you can probably play with your friends.

How To Play Pictionary On Facetime?

You can definitely start with the normal and old way, if you and your friend has the pictionary card at you and follow the normal use on it.

But if you don’t have the boards or cards of it. You can use the same concept behind it and innovate your own pictionary game that will be very unique to both of you and will sound much more interesting.

Take a paper and a sharpie and imagine of any character, object or place or anything that you can think you draw some of its characteristics.

Then, on a piece of paper with the help of sharpie, draw that object and let your

friend with whom you are on facetime to guess that thing.

Believe it or not, the more worse you are at drawing things the more hilarious answer and fun this game will create in between you.


One of the very oldest game I can say where we all used to play this during our college or at family gathering.

But no such game is boring and when played along with your best buddies then for sure, the atmosphere is completely different.

Games to play on facetime

How To Play Charades On Facetime?

First thing which you need to consider, into get your best gang and probably more than 3 because the more number of notorious your friends will be on facetime, the more interesting this game will be.

Now, you probably consider in acting over anything like for a personality or taking it to a movie zone.

There is no such hard rule into which category you need to follow but the best would be just having an idea of your groups internally at which will be the best acting session for them.

If you choose to finalize movie category and then select a player and and other one player will give the movie name and simply he will act for it and the rest member will guess the name.

Funny actings will be good source of having enjoyable time along with your friends.

Truth & Dare

Very recognizable and popular game among the teens. But playing such games in a different platform would definitely create happiest moment in a while.

How To Play Truth & Dare Game On Facetime?

Get your favorite members, friends over facetime. Now one by one each player will give their chance.

The rules are simple, you ask them to choose between the two either truth or


And as someone chooses from the option. With a collective decision and to add more interests in this game, all player can decide what to ask on truth section or which dare needs to be given.

Note for the dare section, as it is going be online game then consider giving some dares which remains to be done at online platform like commenting rude on your girlfriend instagram profile.

You Laugh You Lose

Very interesting and one of the most cringy lines that olyou had never heard off can enter into your ear in this game.

The rules are very simple,

Firstly invite all your close friends and colleagues over facetime and everyone one of the member will comment or say any line or statement.

With that statement, whether it is funny or not, cringy, bad PJ and etc., anything sentence spoken by them and if you laugh over it then you lose and will be out the round.

And the round continues.

Remember, each member will be given only one chance to pass on the nice joke or a sentence unless every members had completed their rounds.

What can be more hilarious and intensely best moments over such platform with your close friends.


We all have played atleast once in lifetime and if not

Are you good bro?

Anyways, Bingo is definitely a kinda cool and very engaging games to play when it comes to play with large audience.

If you have good couple of friends who will be ready to play with you online, then call them over facetime and let’s the fun begin.

Bingo game

How To Play Bingo On Facetime?

You can either host this game in two options,

Option 1: Ask every member to make their

own bingo matrix of 5 x 5 in any numbers order as they want on a piece of paper.

Decide one host, who will just call out the numbers and let’s find out by your own who wins and take the first place.

Option 2: We are lazy and we do not want to do much work for this and therefore you can play Bingo online here along with your friends by creating your own separate table. So those who have the links, only they can be get into your game room.

Who’s Most Likely To

One more very interesting and fun game to play along with your friends and specially even when you are playing such kind of game over internet or specifically over FaceTime then the reactions will be much

more of natural and all together will create and engaging environment.

Grab all your friends over to the FaceTime and let them know about the game instructions and remember as many times I have mention earlier the more than number of players the more the interesting the game will be.

But to add on one more interesting and fun element to this game would be a sort of punishment.

One recommendation which I’m suggesting is a bowl of water and whoever get the most answer to it has to dip their face into the bowl of water.

Trust me the reactions of looking your friends dipping the face over into the bowl

of water will be very hilarious and when it’s done in a group, then the other member can take much more fun at it.

The game usually goes in a normal way as it would be just by asking who is most likely to and you add the question related to it and whoever has the answer with the most has to dip their face.


World map

It’s kind of very Schoolish game which we used to play in our school and college times with our friends.

Normally face to face but as we are doing this over FaceTime then it will be good enough to experience such a game with your close buddies who are and who aren’t  that much good enough about the


The game is very simple and it is more closely related to how many places you are well aware.

So the game starts in such a way that starting from the alphabet A you had to say one location it could be anything like Alaska then Alaska ends with ‘A’ then again the other member has to say a place  with ‘A’ let’s say if that members says Auckland, then other member should say a place starting from ‘D’ and so on and so forth.

But to include a very engaging element in this you can probably think of a certain time limit to think of a place and it could be about 5 second or 3 second depending upon the internet connection this slight little element can again probably become

one of the reason to eliminate member from the game.

From this game check out to nose about the location the best time check out who is the topper in this game.

Put A Finger Down

This game is very popular among the youngster and it is driving a crazy interest among the teens and even nowadays among the adults.

The game is very simple and it usually goes in such a way that you probably grab around 5 to 6 people over facetime and you ask every member to show their fingers which is up to 10 and being a host you can add up to different sets of questions.

Now the questions would be anything like Have you ever smoked?

Have you ever cheated on someone?

have you ever hooked up with someone?

And so on.

The one thing which you need to be considering while playing this game is about the questions, the more interesting the question will be the more interesting the game will be.

Now whoever had said YES  to the questions needs to put the finger down and it goes until a member had finished in vanishing his or her fingers completely  and that will that member will be eliminated.

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Games To Play On Facetime With Girlfriend

Girl using facetime

Now playing games with your girlfriend will be very cool and a lot more interesting because anything which comes to do with your love is just wonderful experience.

But the below games are more of communicable and getting out deep things from both the sides.

So, without any further ado let’s quickly check out some interesting one’s

I Love You But

A very unique game that probably you had never heard off. But will be very humours, sometime mean, and if you are having a bad luck then it will turn out to be very

serious one.

Get your girlfriend over face time and let’s just talk about the rules of this,

You can start with this game as first and all you have to do is say – I Love You and that’s it.

……….. (crickets)

No! There’s a catch in it here. All you have to now is add a phrase to this and the other one will begin with the same line and mix up with one love phrase

Example: If you say – I love you but you are too irritating.

Now your girlfriend had to start from – ‘You are too irritating’ and add one love phrase

Like she could say – ‘You are too irritating but I miss you’

Now you have to from ‘I miss you’ and so on.

Very simple but trust me, as easy it sound to you it will be much more fun and sometime the phrase you add up will be very difficult for you to handle it.

Be wise and smart enough on what you choose to say.

What’s On My Phone?

As I said earlier before starting this section, these game will reveal deep inside talks or secrets of both.

So does the game will do in this moment.

As far as you are in a relationship and considering if you are with your girlfriend for a long period of time with all loyalty, then definitely each of you will better be knowing each other very well at this point.

In this game, all you have to do is guess what’s on their phone, whether it can be an application, songs, wallpaper, voice note, images and etc.,

Let say if you go first, then ask your girlfriend different questions and it could be anything related to her phone, something like –

How many photos do you have of yours with other guys?

And Boom!

What a brilliant way to get deep dark things out via a simple and fun game.

Remember there is no point and intension of the game to hurt anybody’s feelings or emotions.

Every game can be played with good spirit and motto.

20 Question Game

Guessing game is seen to be popular amongst the couple.

As it is closely related to asking questions and questions, then no doubts girls are better at this game. (Commenting just as a fun, don’t take it otherwise).

The rules are simple. All you have to do is think of any object, person place or literally anything that you can think.

For example: You decided to choose Biceps.

Now, your girlfriend will start asking questions and questions could be just anything and random like –

1. Is it living?

2. Is that a place?

3. Have I seen it before?

4. Is it adorable?

5. Is that a eating stuff?

6. Is that a body part?

And literally in any form of question is acceptable.

And for every questions you just had answer in Yes Or No.

If you say Yes, then obviously and in common sense the next question will come in a linkable to previous one.

But please make an attention to number of questions because only 20 questions are allowed.

Talk, Flirt And Dare

Very simple but adding it’s own unique angel in it to make more engaging and a bit romantic conversation games for couples.

This card game is available online and you have to do is make an arrangement for one.

In this you will different cards of three categories which is Talk, Flirt & Dare and below every card the category is mentioned.

So let say if you are on a facetime with your girlfriend, you will be shuffling the cards very well.

And will show the cards backwards to your girlfriend and she will randomly ask you to pick any one of these.

Pull out the card and start the conversation as it says and set a time for 3 minutes for next round to begin.

Let say, you pull out the card and it says –

‘You are shooting for Underwear company and you need to pose for their campaign

and your friend needs to a picture of you posing in it’ (Category – Dare).

So much of fun, sometimes flirty and dares.

Be prepared onto which things comes for you.

Two Lies And One Truth

The game is quite interesting and at some point can be very confusing for any player.

This again totally depends upon your creativity and humour on how you bring on the table.

Playing it with your girlfriend can be very fun and by this each partner will get to know how brilliant they are in lying over


By this time, the name had given you a bit hint of how this game will be played.

Very simple!

All you have to do is form any two lies and it could be just of anything but it should be a lie and with this you need to put one true statement.

Now, if you really wants this to go superbly interesting, use your brain and tryna fit all these 3 statements very closely related and linked, so that finding out the truth will be very difficult.

Do You Know My Family?

As simple as that and the name suggests

it all. Now there is a bit limitation for this game, which is time-being with each other for long.

If you are in a relationship for several years and each of you had visited to family function or gave a visit to each house then, this game would be much more sensible and realistic.

The game is simple and at the end it will actually reveal how well do you care for others and how well do you know about them.

So, it is just a question round within a certain time frame.

Normal questions and anything like –

How many siblings do I have?

What is my father’s profession?

And things goes in this way.

Check out who knows about the family the most and correctly.

Final Words

Too many of interesting games to play on face has been listed through this post and by this list you probably had got a much more clear picture on how to play, how to organize and which fun elements you can consider in this gaming part.

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