17 Best Gifts For Tesla Owners [They Gonna Love It]

17 Best Gifts For Tesla Owners [They Gonna Love It]

Tesla is amazing and it’s a beautiful car and but sometime the maintenance and the overall charges to make it look good from inside and from outside might cost a bit.

Therefore sending something useful and related to the overall aesthetic theme, I will be sharing with you some amazing gifts for Tesla owners that will help them a lot.

It is going to be everything related to cars accessories, covers, chargers and many more that can be helpful for every owner and to ease out there process for the day.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in:

Gifts For Tesla Owners

Sandure Car Coat Hanger

Now this particular item is not specific but in general & the reason behind suggesting this item is because of its look that slightly resemblance to the tesla logo.

Again Tesla owners are kinda business professionals that goes in a office & for a meeting purpose usually carries their blazer or coat along with them.

Therefore this coat hanger will do much more job then just simply putting your blazer at the backseat.


  • Easily fits into any car
  • Quality material used
  • Save up enough space


  • Available only in black

Guangchi Never Fade Door Lights

One of the best gifts you can give to any Tesla owner and for the one who really likes some attractive and decorative stuff to integrate with the car, then this item is perfect for them.

This never fade door lights will perfectly be installed at the doors of the Tesla car and when someone’s open the door, it gives them up bright and a very appealing visual of Tesla logo that just simply look amazing and beautiful in itself.

Guangchi never fade door lights perfectly integrates with model X model Y and Tesla model 3.

This items comes along with crazy technical and quality assurance support which makes it more interesting to buy on.

Going at the nights and handing around with friends and inorder to make your string presence and show your cars interest and liking, this one door lights can become one of the coolest gift you can ever gift to someone.


  • Good tech & quality support
  • Easy installation process
  • 5 year warranty promise


  • Supports only front door of Model X

Tesla Coffee Mug

This one is very sweet and kind gesture gift you can probably think off to give.

As a owner of a particular brand, people do love to have that branded stuff in all sense, may it be a coffee mug, diary, notepad, pen and you just name it.

Coffee mug would be a decent one to try out and it perfectly matches with the car overall theme.

This coffee mug comes in a black matte and red color combination theme, which makes the entire presence to be more attractive and vibrant.

It is a 11oz mug and a standard one, that has Red color interior and classy finishing touch when it comes at logo and the print.

Desktop Supercharger Replica Station

If your friend or any close person who owns a Tesla car then probably one thing is very common that they would be finding in & that is the charging station.

It is completely a different, unique unit and heavy loaded machine.

But similarly if you want to give something very unique and make it more memorable in the eyes of them then, this Desktop Super Charger Replica Station is worth giving it.

This Super Charger model built in according to the Tesla charging station and therefore it makes this item more recognising and a catch one.

It perfectly charge any iphone and android devices with an ease.


  • Lightweight & produced with PLA material
  • Fits with Type C, Mini, micro cables


  • Available only in Red

LED Cup Holder

One of the best and cool item for those who tends to keep their car much more unique and a bit stylish form.

Same goes along with this unique stuff, this cup holder brings in more excitement and different atmosphere inside of the car and especially at night it looks just amazing.

This cup holder comes with different LED lights and almost suitable and easily fits with every model.

It has a USB charge, just to make it fully charge and use it at night time to get the most and best feeling out of it.

Funny Gifts For Tesla Car Owners

Below are the interesting and yet helpful gift items that are slightly surrounded towards a quite fun theme, which mostly give the owner a strong feeling of that brand owner.

The idea here is to help and make their day out with such item.

Let’s quickly check out some of these:

Tesla Model Y Cover

Best and underrated item that you can probably give, it kinda basic but very helpful and that is the cover sheet of the car.

At the end no one and specially the luxury loaded Tesla car owner doesn’t want to have any scratches or unnecessary damage to the car.

Fo such place the protection sheet cover is the best solution for this.

This protection sheet cover comes along in a silver colour and it perfectly covers the entire body part of the Model Y that is been manufactured in the year from 2020 to 2022.

Also it also take care of the user to keep it back in a safe and convenient place and their food it offers a storage bag that can be put back when the car is in used.

Back Seat Leather Protection

Now, at first it doesn’t appears to be funny but if you convey with the message and act it in such manner then might out to be.

We all know, Tesla cars are bit expensive and no owner wants to have any damage or any scratch at any of it’s body part, including it’s interior or exterior part.

Thus, this leather seat protection will be very helpful for such purposes.

Try to convey the owner – ‘That your toy is expensive, you always need to take care of it’

Apart from this, the leather seat cover is made with super comfort and has extra layer that becomes a shield to its original surface.

The overall look and feel of the car will be really amazing. And it is super easy to install.

Comes up with a strong feature like – waterproof, stain resistant and has an inside storage which be easily be used for holding some documents or papers.

Reserved Parking Board

I can’t just tell and agree on this, how much do tesla owner take care of their car and wants some specific thing on priority.

And sometimes, and especially on busy days finding some good parking zones can be difficult.

And this funny parking board sign is a perfect item to give to them.

Now, remember the purpose is not break any laws or regulation but it is just for fun.

It can also be added and installed inside the house, where someone has multiple cars,

It would be funny but yet good enough sign for them to leave out particular space for the Tesla.

Cyber Truck Meme Socks

For all those funny aspects and memories to go in with a person, then probably associating thing and attached with a daily use item, it can probably leave a small smile on their face.

I know this might not be directly related, but any how the invention was made by the same company.

This cybertruck socks will give a person a strong sense of attachment towards the brand.

And it might cool and funnier at the same time.

This is a perfect item when it comes to sorting in an unusual gifts for your best buddies. Made with 60% cotton, super comfy and can go under machine wash easily.

Comes under the size of 8-12 for men and that makes a perfect pick at any time.

Trash Bin Storage Box

What a perfect gift it would be if you have to put this one into theme of funny but yet helpful.

Now, the idea is to keep every stuff under the theme of Tesla itself and we just can’t miss trash bin.

We all know, at times how much messy and dirty a car can go if it is not maintained properly.

Thus, for instance Tesla themed Trash bin storage is a good to go gift item.

It does comes along with 8 garbage rolls and totally easy to use.

Easy to install and comfortably fits at the door section, front or back seat.

The material used for this super strong and of ABS kind.

Batewosi Center Console Organizer Tray

One of the most important and very necessary items that is required in every car is the tray. Just to keep everything organized, one needs to have proper arrangement setting for the same.

And for Tesla, it becomes more important.

This tray perfectly fits with structure and has two big enough spaces front and at back to keep additional stuff while leaving a separate space for two cup holders.

It has 1 console tray, 1 is designed for arm rest and 1 is kept hidden for another storage purpose.

Essential Gift Items

Autel Maxi Charger

It is important and very necessary of any Tesla owners to carry their charging station along with them, unless you can find such points very easily and convenient at everytime.

But for safer side, it is good to carry your own station.

This Autel Maxi Charger is a great fit in this situation.

It is a 240 V charging station that promises to charged up the car 9x faster as compare to any other regular outlet.

Comes up with advance mobile built in app features, that allows the user to easily manage, track and optimize the charging period.

Also, this charging station takes care of everything regards to extra security that comes up with RFID card access that would probably helps in denying any unauthorized use.

The wire cable of this charging unit is 25 foot long and has manufactured with utmost premium touch quality that can sustain in any weather.

The best replacement and one of the mighty choice of gifts you can probably to think, when it comes for daily and helpful item for such car owners.

Floor Mats

Now, we all know and recognize the need and importance of having a floor mats for the cars.

Just to avoid those dirty shoes mark or other extra trash that can come like the plastic bags, food wrappers and etc.,

And nobody wants to get their expensive car dirty again and again.

Thus, giving floor mats can save their tons of time and would probably ease out their life.

This, mats are designed with 3D technology and that ensures no disturbance in the overall driving or seating experience.

It contains 3 sets for both at front and rear seat setting.

This mat was specially designed in a way that it has anti-skid mechanism, which will avoid any further movement of the mat after installation.

Car Laptop Desk Model Y

For any business professional, maintaining the right accessories is very important and sometimes they have attend a meeting in a very unusual places.

But the point is, this laptop desk will solve out their problem like a butter and will help them to carry out their business work with super comfort.

It was designed in such a way that it completely matches the overall interior theme of the Tesla Car.

It is a foldable desk and therefore, it allows the car owner to avoid any such heavy space usage.

Screen Rotating Holder

One of the best and essential Gift item that you can probably give is just by simply identifying the basic and necessary equipment within the car that they have in a daily use.

And in any Tesla car, they had a screen which they  use for map and other functional whenever they are driving but to make this super smooth and very handy throughout the driving journey, this screen rotating holder serves at the optimum level.

With the help of this holder, the owner can easily rotate the screen as per his or her convenient without stressing about the screen getting damaged.

The installation process is simple and comes up with a detailed guide, step by step. And it perfectly fits for Model 3 (2017- 2022) & Model Y (2020 – 2022).

Door Sill Protector With LED

No one likes to have rust or any disturbance on the paint side of their car. Now it is not something to quote on the quality of the paint used in car.

But is is always good to take extra precaution.

The Door sill protector comes up with magnetic controls, that makes it super strong and easy to stick with the fixed position.

At night, this unique door sill just adds on an appealing view to the overall car and becomes the attention grabbing piece for any one who loves such tech equipments.

For the installation process, it will not cause any extra work load or there is no need to remove the existing pad. It can be easily fit over it as instructed in the guide.

Inch Empire Seat Cover

Now, every Tesla Car seat is stain resistant but to take this further more and level up inorder to protect the seat and at the same time, just have that royal feel,

This Synthetic Car Seat covers does exactly the same job.

The car seats are super customly designed and measured and ensures it matches car owner satisfaction everytime. Also, it gives away 30 days money back guarantee (if the owner is not satisfied with the product).

It includes covers of front seats, back seats, back bench & 2 back side covers.

Final Words

That’s it from the collection of the gift that you can probably think and consider in your list to give any Tesla owner.

And based on your budget and on the understanding what the other person requires, sorting out with the above the stated list can help you in giving desirable direction and will ease out your process.

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