13 Gifts For Trivia Lovers [Best For Quiz Game Lovers]

There is nothing to hide or to express less than knowing a little information. But as said gaining is always the best option.

Each group or friend circle has one person who has a very good background in studies or who loves to gain knowledge.

Today, exactly in this post I’ll be sharing with you some amazing bunch of gifts for trivia lovers that will meet their standards and be a meaningful source for them.

There is a good characteristic of trivia lovers person is that they have solid information about specific or in general a wide range.

To make their day, gifting is never a bad option and this collection list will make them think about making a buy.

Best Gifts for Trivia Lovers

Engineer Nutrition Fact Coffee Mug

Quick Features

  1. Coffee lovers will totally love this mug especially when we talk about trivia-loaded people.
  2. Made of glass with clear and solid finishing (both material & printing).
  3. Holding capacity 369 grams.

I mean who doesn’t love coffee? The person who loves to study, who loves to have more intellectual they do tend to drink coffee a lot.

Coffee is not just restricted to people who just love to study.

But, in general, the one appears to be more studious they have a great connection with coffee.

What could be more than good by gifting them a coffee mug with deep insights?

Just take a look over the product and you will notice it is carved with the utmost nutrition information about the coffee serving in that specific cup.

This Engineer Nutrition Coffee Mug can hold up to 13oz of coffee or tea or whatever your favorite drink is (just neglecting if you are not a coffee lover).

The printing for the nutrition facts and other information is so solid in the sense of printing that no amount of water or heat temperature can turn it off.

LOGO Flash Card Game

Quick Features

  1. Helps in increasing knowledge about the different companies
  2. 100 packed cards that can be played alone or with friends
  3. So easy to carry and can be a perfect fit size into your pocket

If you have friends who love to play quiz-like games then these gifts for trivia lovers i.e., Logo Cards game will make their time of worth.

This is really fun and interesting way to know whether you know about a particular brand or not.

I know it may sound childish but as you play it won’t be easy for you to recognize even if you are so business-minded person.

In this, you will get 100 pieces of LOGO flash card and you can see the picture Kr logo of the company by seeing it you need to match the correct spelling.

It is a quick way to open your mind and make your brain work a little in terms of identifying companies around the world.

I Should Have Known That Before

Quick Features

  1. A good set of general knowledge questions card game
  2. Comes with the size of 1 EA green color covering 400 questions
  3. Anyone above the age of 14 can go with this trivia card game

If you have any friend or colleague whom you know seems to be very knowledgeable and always praises about himself/herself.

This is it! A time for the test.

Don’t worry, this won’t break your relationship with them. It is a fun and friendly way to connect with your group members.

In this pack, there are almost 110 cards with not less than 400 questions in it which will make you grab your head to answer them.

Trust me, this isn’t an easy one.

It comes with standard packaging and is truly an addictive game set for the whole team.

7 x 7 Rubix Cube

Quick Features

  1. Error-proof layer and had long tail end extension.
  2. Faster speed in movement due to magnetism.
  3. Rubix cube widening design layout improves the overall controllability.

To gift your trivia insider person is always a demanding thinking process.

So it is better to gift something which will make them work a little.

This 7 x 7 cube is a solid Rubix cube puzzle game. Such a puzzle-bound game really helps in more concentration & improving brain power.

7 x 7 Rubix cube comes with a magnetic function that has the capacity to improve its movement firmly.

This Rubix cube resembles to defined contrast color aiming for clear observation and faster twisting movement that overall coordinates in solving it much quicker.

Good Gifts For Trivia Lovers

What Do You Meme?

Quick Features

  1. 300 caption cards with 75 image cards.
  2. A complete office expansion fun game card set.
  3. Stress reliever in an interesting way.

Amazing collection to give to your office trivia person.

This is a bunch of card meme games in which almost everyone can create a unique set of memes depending upon the individual.

In this, a person is given a statement like – “Your boss says you are a family”.

Now based on this statement, there are lots of different fun images that you can combine and make a meme template.

Depending upon the person’s knowledge and understanding of between two individuals or certain things it will be a good option to have a real office fun time together.

Japanese Diamond Puzzle

Quick Key Takeaways

wooden diamond puzzle
  • Japanese designed interlocking puzzle model
  • 4 Levels of difficulty with 12 pieces
  • Time range 6 hours

The next gift for trivia lovers is this solid wooden diamond puzzle

If you know somebody who loves to make things and is very good at connecting the dots, then this gift would be perfect for that person.

This is a Japanese Wooden Diamond Puzzle that comes with defined edge finishing and all you have to do is make a diamond (can be in reverse order i.e., from finished diamond shaped to an unorderly manner object, and make it again).

The wooden parts are cut into different shapes which makes your job much more difficult because one wrong segment can make you work again.

The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge

Quick Features

  1. A deep sense of information with 256 pages
  2. Covering areas such as illustrations, maps, charts, etc.,

When somebody is keen to have depth knowledge and information of general facts, this book option would be a good fit for them.

Onion’s Book of Known Knowledge covers a variety of topics that arouse your interest and make you curious to know the further details of it.

This book was published by Little Brown, and Company on October 23, 2012.

Digital Daily Planner

Quick Key Takeaways

gift ideas for trivia lovers
  • Monthly Bonus Pages
  • Proper section for annual tracker
  • Good Goal planner for achievable task

I know every book warm and a smart learner person has an irresistible habit of making a daily plan throughout the day.

For some time they miss out on having a properly structured designed daily planner to plot their daily activities.

As the world is going digital, this remarkable digital daily planner will make things go smoothly without taking any extra stress.

You may call it a daily planner, or goal planner as you like. It has everything with different sections of days, weeks, and monthly thus enhancing easy user navigation.

Popular Gift Ideas For Trivia Lovers

Pub Quiz Top Trump

Quick Features

  1. 500 Questions about Education, Sports, Fun, Science, and many others
  2. Loaded with exciting facts
  3. Highly preferable for children’s

Who doesn’t love to gain insights on interesting topics and their related information?

In this Pub Quiz Top Trump game you will find yourself stumbled upon a bunch of good quiz questions.

It is possible that you might not know about everything that is been covered in this game.

This quiz game almost covers 500 puzzling and thinkable questions.

It is easy to carry and can be played indoors and outdoors with your family, friends, and sometimes all alone to make yourself more informative.

Newton’s Cradle Pro

Quick Key Takeaways

  • Unique way to teach science concepts to elementary and middle school students
  • Can be used as a decorative material who love the science industry and are more interested in education
  • Available in 4 Colors ( Evanescent, White, Black & Aluminum)

This one is specifically for those who are fond of Science, especially in the field of Physics.

Newton gave a new principle to follow to the world.

These Cradle Balls are 17 centimeters in height and made of plexiglass.

The good part about this is that every time you play you can make your brain think about the relation between momentum conservation and mechanical energy.

Unique way to make it as a gift and represent it in a useful way for trivia lovers.

Another best part about this product is that it takes minimal space and can be occupied in any office area

One-Day University Course

Quick Key Takeaways

  • 200 Professors covering different lectures on tons of interests
  • A quick video to learn something new & completely interesting topics
  • 14 days free trial period

The name itself suggests that it is a short-period course where you can gain a wide range of resourceful knowledge based on your interests.

One day university is breaking the defined line set by the traditional educational background industries.

They have got 200 Professors who share their experience and knowledge which probably you might even didn’t know about.

One of the cool things about One Day University is that they provide a 14-day free trial period.

This can be one of the outstanding gifts for trivia lovers that you cannot miss.

Symbol Of Science Engraved Pen

The next gift idea for trivia lovers is this amazing science engraved pen.

It would be a perfect gift for people who are literally science nerds and more interestingly have a strong connection with chemistry.

This pen comes up with a multipurpose function along with sided engraved science symbols and every time you notice reminds you about a certain topic.

It comes with an LED pen which can be used by teachers or professors for teaching purposes in dark rooms over the whiteboard.

Magnetic Levitating Globe LED Lamp

The last one I have got you in gifts for trivia lovers is Globe Led Lamp.

What could be better than making someone relax and be stress-free and at the same time just recall about the maps in a general sense?

This Globe Led Lamp is designed in such a way that it floats in midair by the phenomenal laws of magnetic force.

It comes in 3 light colors Pink, Purple, and cyan combination.

What Do You Mean By Trivia Lovers?

Trivia lovers are those who have a habit of consuming a lot of information that is resourceful and helpful. These people have various interests.

When covering the different interest areas the amount of information is concise to the huge box.

In simple terms, a person who loves to gain general knowledge can be called a trivia lover.


What are some budget-friendly gift options for trivia lovers?

If you’re looking for budget-friendly gift ideas for trivia lovers, consider items like trivia card games, puzzle books, or even a digital daily planner. These options provide both entertainment and utility without breaking the bank.

Are there any gifts suitable for trivia lovers who enjoy science and education?

Absolutely! Trivia lovers with a passion for science and education would appreciate gifts like science-themed pens, educational courses from One Day University, or even a Newton’s Cradle as these items align with their interests.

Can you recommend a unique and eye-catching gift for trivia lovers?

For a unique and visually appealing gift, consider a Magnetic Levitating Globe LED Lamp. This mesmerizing lamp not only serves as a decorative piece but also sparks curiosity about geography and the world.

Where can I find more gifts for trivia lovers online?

You can explore a wide variety of gifts for trivia lovers on popular online retailers like Amazon. Additionally, specialty gift stores or educational websites may offer unique options tailored to trivia enthusiasts.

What is the best way to present a gift to a trivia lover to make it more special?

To make the gift presentation special, consider including a personalized note or card expressing your appreciation for their passion for knowledge. You can also create a trivia-themed gift wrap or presentation to add an extra touch of thoughtfulness.


In conclusion, finding the perfect gifts for trivia lovers can be a rewarding endeavor, as these individuals have a deep appreciation for knowledge and information.

Whether it’s a thoughtful coffee mug with nutrition facts, engaging card games to challenge their intellect, or intriguing puzzle gifts.

In this article, there are plenty of options to consider when selecting a gift for the trivia enthusiast in your life.

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