15 Fun Girls Night Games Ideas

Planning to spend your time in your friend’s home? Want to enjoy the party to the fullest? Want to have fun by playing some fun games? 

Well below I have shared a list of fun girls’ night games you might like and I hope you find something interesting and try it out at your next party. 

Spending time with your besties at their house or your house is the most lovely and wonderful memory.

Fun Girls Night Games

Who Am I?

girls night games

A pretty popular and easy game that will make your party more exciting. 

To play the game you will need paper and a pen. Every person at the party writes a famous person’s name on their slip of paper, then you take all the slips of paper from everyone and put them in a bowl.

Let the lucky person come forward and draw the paper from the bowl and have to act as a person written on the paper and all the people at the party have to guess who it is. 

You can add variety instead of putting it in the bowl, let everyone stick the paper to their forehead without looking at what’s written on the paper, then you can ask people yes or no questions to guess what’s written on the paper. 

Singing Games

girls night games

There are a lot of various singing games that will make your party more fun but the one I played the most and like I will share that with you. 

It’s a singing game where you can form a team or play individually. 

The first person starts singing a song they like and when the song ends the next person has to start singing a song from the last letter of the first song. 

Like when you sing “baby I love you” then the next person has to start singing the song from the last word of the first song “U”. You have to sing a song that starts with the word “U”.

You have to continue like this until one of you can’t sing a song. 

I’ve Never Game

You can also call this never have I ever game.

It is a fun game where your friends sit together and the first person starts with a statement they have never done in their life and anyone who has done that has to drink.

Like when you say “I’ve never done driving in my life” and the person who has done driving has to drink. 

You can also add variations like the person who has never done things has to do simple hop in a place where they are sitting. 

Truth Or Dare Game

truth or dare game

A pretty popular game that will make you laugh and make your party most enjoyable.

Your friends can sit together and ask each other truth or dare questions. 

You can choose between truth or dare if you choose the truth you have to answer truthfully to the questions. If you choose, dare, you have to do things that other people tell you. 

Then after your turn is finished you can ask the question to the next person. 

This is the most amazing game to play if you’re with your besties. 

Ask Would You Rather Questions 

Make your night party with friends more fun with this amazing “would you rather question game”. 

All you have to do is ask the person “would you rather question” and have him answer the questions. 

For example, you can ask would you rather eat sweets or delicious food? After their response, it’s their turn to ask questions. 

Give two challenging situations where they have a hard time selecting. This makes games more fun. So I hope you will ask difficult questions to your friends. 

Bottle Blow Game

If you have a bottle and cards at your home that’s all you need to play this game. 

Take a deck of cards and shuffle them and place them carefully on top of an empty bottle. 

Then have players take turns to blow just a card or two from the deck. 

The person who blows the entire deck off loses and the person who blows the last card off can get to drink. 

Enjoy this simple and nice game at your next gathering and see which one loses the game and which one wins the game. 

Likes And Dislikes

It’s easy to understand and more fun to play at the party. 

All you have to do is ask people to write down some likes and dislikes on a paper and collect their paper and have one person read out the paper that you have collected. 

Everyone has to guess who wrote what.

It’s a simple game but fun to know what everyone likes and dislikes. So I hope you make some great memories with your friends with this game. 

Paranoia Game

Well, it’s a pretty popular game that you will love if you play it. This game is best when you have more than 3 people.

Sit around with your friends then the first player whispers a “who” question into the ear of the person sitting next to her and you have to be careful that nobody hears your questions. 

Then the person who heard the question has to give an answer or point the finger at the person who is the answer to the question. 

If you want to know why your name is being called out you have to do some challenging tasks to know the questions and if you don’t want to know the question games continue. 

Questions can be like ” who here loves to dance”. 

Enjoy this amazing game with your friends and see who wants to know the questions. 

Straight Face Game

All you have to do is keep a straight face while playing this game. If you can do that you will win the game. 

Give every person a slip of paper and have them write the funny phrase or ridiculous phrase that will make everyone laugh. 

Collect slips of paper from everyone and have one person draw the paper out and read the sentence written on paper aloud. 

Who laughs after hearing the sentence will be out. Who keeps a straight face till the end wins the game. 

Lift your spirits with this game and laugh loud with your friends. 

Mr. Freeze

It is a unique game that you don’t want to miss out on. 

You can select one person to be “Mr freeze” and when that person says freeze all of you have to freeze and don’t move and those who move will lose. 

Then in the next turn, you can select who will be “Mr Freeze”. 

You can say freeze whenever you want, now or after some time and people have to freeze when you say freeze. 

Like if someone is talking on the phone and you say freeze they have to stop talking if they talk they will be out. 

Make your friends freeze with this game. 

Games To Play At Girl’s Night

Name The Singer or Song

A simple game where you have to guess which song it is or who is the singer of the song.

If you have guessed correctly you will win the game. All you need to do is play a random song and let everyone guess which song it is.

Most Likely

games to play at girls' night

The game rule is simple: all of you have to sit in a circle and one person can ask a “most likely question”.

The question can be like “who is most likely a big fan of sports” and the one who gets the most fingers pointed at in the group has to drink. 

You can also add variations like everyone can write down “most likely question” on a slip of paper and then you can collect all slips of paper. 

Then draw out the paper and read the question aloud and when everyone hears the question they can say the name of the person who will do that. 

Rapid Fire Questions 

Everyone sits together and the first player asks a random question to the next person sitting near her. If the person hesitates to answer they have to drink. 

You can use a time limit for instance they have to answer questions in 20 or 30 seconds. You can decide the time limit which is good for you. 

You can ask some funny or ridiculous questions that they can’t answer easily that will make the game more fun. 

Same Letter 

It is a fun word game which is easy to play. Everyone has to sit in a circle and you have to select a category in which you want to play, for example, you select food or worldwide countries and cities.

The first player starts naming something in a given category for instance Australia 

then player two has to respond with a different place that must begin with the final letter of the previous answer like Argentina. 

This goes on until one can’t answer. Hope you will win this game when you are playing with your friends. 

Guess the movie (Headphone Version)

games to play at girls' night

As the name says you have to guess the movie. 

You must select one person who will act and all of you have to wear headphones and turn on the music so you can’t hear what that person says. 

That person has to act and give you hints about the movies and based on those hints you have to guess the answer, who guesses the right answer wins the game.

For instance, you can use hand signs to say the first letter of the movie or you can act as the person who played the role in the movie. 

Final Thoughts

Hope you find the games on the list interesting. you can try out these simple games at your next party.

Make some good memories and enjoy your time with your friends, share stories and play games.

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