15 Amazing Hobbies For Extroverts

Extroverts are socially good, outgoing and love to talk. Their vibrant nature draws people to them. 

They also need some amazing and interesting hobbies to do to make life more fun to live.

Sometimes even extroverts have to spend time alone and they can’t talk to anyone and they might feel lonely so here I have shared a list of hobbies for extroverts.

If you are an extrovert and looking for some fun hobbies you can take a look at the list I have shared. I hope you find something interesting. 

Stand Up Comedy

hobbies for extroverts

Stand-up comedy is popular nowadays. If you are interested in making people laugh or want to socialize more this is a great way to start.

Everybody loves to hear some joke that makes them laugh so that they can forget their worries. There are many ways you can start with this.

First, your jokes must be good. 

Second, you can contact the cafe or restaurant that does stand-up comedy at their place and you can perform there.

You can also get to know more people and make new friends. 


It is an amazing hobby that you will love. All you have to do is volunteer your services, for instance, you can teach poor kids for free. There are many services you can do.

Your services can help many people and you will get to know many people who are doing the same volunteering work.

This is a great hobby because you can meet new people every day and also help somebody which helps them in future. 

I hope you find this hobby interesting.


If you have time try out this amazing hobby. You can play alone but there are multiplayer games. 

If you play multiplayer games then you will be able to meet more people who are playing the same games or can play with your friends. 

You can compete with others and sometimes you can make new friends while playing games. 

You have to just pick the multiplayer game you love and start playing. 

Learning Languages

Spend some time learning languages, it is a great way to increase your knowledge about different cultures. 

You can also join classes by doing these you can also find people who are interested in learning and make some new friends. 

If you are interested in going to different countries understanding their languages and culture will help you in a great way. 

If you are interested start today and learn some new languages. 


hobbies for extroverts

You can start a podcast with your friends it is easy to set up and start. 

If you have a topic you are interested in or have knowledge about you can talk about those things. 

You can also share your life experience which might help people who are listening. 

The podcast is a great way to reach people all over the world and share your experience or knowledge with them. 

You can also meet new people and talk with them about the things you are interested in. 

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If you want to do some creative work you can start with making videos and editing. 

You can make a video about the topic you’re interested in and share knowledge about the topic.

You can provide value to people through video format. There are so many things you can learn by starting your youtube channel. 

It is an amazing hobby to do. Share your knowledge and help people with your videos. 

Playing Sports 

This hobby will provide you with amazing experiences. Just select the sports you are interested in, for instance, football, cricket etc and start playing this sport. 

Sports can teach you many things which will help you in life, you will never forget this amazing experience. 

You can also join a sports club in your local area and meet new people and enjoy sports together. 

Martial Arts

Martial arts

Martial arts will teach you about discipline. 

You can also learn how to move your body, how to self-defence and grow as a person when you practice martial arts. 

Join the martial arts club and learn properly. You can also meet people who are learning martial arts. 

Join the competition that way you can test your skills and meet more people and learn more things from them that will help you grow as a person. 


Travelling can teach you so many things and it can also increase your communication skills. 

Just go to the next town and travel to places you have never been and you will find out the amazing scenery and great food of that town. It is an experience that will be worth the effort. 

You will learn about yourself and the world. Hope you have a great time travelling. 

You can travel alone or with friends if your friends are ready to travel then your travelling will be more fun. 

You can also capture moments or write down a travelling journal this way you can record your travels. This way it helps you to look back on things that you miss. 

Solo Hobbies For Extroverts


solo hobbies for extroverts

If you want to spend time doing something fun then cycling is an amazing thing to try.

If you have a cycle at home just grab it, wear headphones(your personal choice) and start riding. 

The wind you feel when you are cycling is amazing. After you have done cycling you will feel refreshed. 

You can also join a cycling club and go long-distance cycling. It will be more fun with more people. 

Do Yoga

Well if you are at home and have some free time then doing yoga will be amazing for you. 

It’s simple and easy to start, you can do it at home or can join yoga classes. It will make your body more flexible and give you a refreshing feeling. 

Easy to learn but you have to do it every day to get better at it. Just enjoy and you will feel much better after doing yoga.

Visit A Museum

If you are interested in history or amazing and unique things you should visit a museum to understand better and increase your knowledge. 

You will learn many things just by visiting museums, for instance, what are the famous things or antique things in your town or country. 

You can learn about the history and also seeing the antique things for yourself is amazing to experience. 


solo hobbies for extroverts

Want to have fun while doing a hobby then dancing is for you. If you are bored and have free time then you can learn to dance. 

Just play the music and start dancing. It will be more fun that way. It will make you feel happy.

Just learning how to move your body is an amazing thing. You will understand it when you try dancing. 

Learn To Draw And Painting 

If you want to make your imagination come alive, drawing is for you. You can draw whatever you see or imagine.

Just grab the paper and pen/pencil and start drawing. If you want to learn how to draw, you can start by looking online. There are tons of videos that teach how to draw. 

You can also join a drawing club where people gather to learn and draw. Learn from them and start drawing some amazing stuff.

Just remember practice makes you perfect. 


If you love to spend time in nature then you can try gardening. It just feels amazing to grow plants. 

If you have a backyard then start gardening in your backyard, if you don’t have a backyard you can just buy a pot and start planting plants in the pot or if you have someplace on your terrace you can do it there.

You can learn many things about plants like their effects and many more things if you do gardening.

Final Thoughts

I hope you loved something from above the list. Hobbies are great to invest your time in.

You get to learn so much and grow as a human being. try it out hobbies that you are interested in.

We love to hear from you if you find something here or if you have some fun hobbies to share. just share your thoughts in the comment section.

Life is too short so try out hobbies you are interested in and have fun.

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