21 Fun Hobbies For Women In Their 20s

21 Fun Hobbies For Women In Their 20s

There are more than thousands of hobbies which a particular person can find their interest and adopt it as a priority to do things on a daily basis.

In these we will be covering best hobbies for women in their 20s which they can easily learn and find the keen interest into that activity.

It is very important for any individual to have some sorts of hobbies and their favourite things to do in the daily normal life so that they can be well engage throughout the day and they will be not left out as a lazy bored person.

20 is the age where a person tends to grow in various dimension of their characteristics and in general adapt many behavioural aspect in their personality.

Therefore it is very important for a woman to be well aware of various hobbies and things which they can follow or adapt in order to shape their life in a significant way so that as they grew up they have that slight potential edge to bring difference and lead a prospective life.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Hobbies For Women In Their 20s



The very first hobbies for women in the 20 that they can try is hiking.

Now hiking is very sportious activity that a person can follow along on a time to time bases in their life.

The main reason to adopt hiking as a hobby is that hacking requires a lot of stamina and internal strong will to get into someone shoes for a long term.

The reason why women should start hiking is very simple and straightforward because it will help them to keep their fitness level up to the marks and they will get to know much more about nature and later can get fond of it.

Reading Books

Reading books hobbies for women in their 20s

The next very interesting hobby which up woman can start in the early age is reading books.

Now, there are potentially numerous benefits of keeping yourself busy and

engaged in reading books.

Of this very quiet understanding is that you can make yourself aware and knowledgeable in various topics, industries and categories.

One of the slight competitive edge you can get from reading books is you are making yourself intelligent and a mature person.

There are many people that you might know from your current knowledge that people do recommend to go through books, read books whether it is a novel, story, case study or a book from poet.

There are literally thousands of people who find their passion and interest while they read such kinds of books.

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This very particular to females only. There should be no debate on this on dender bias.

But quite often, gardening is dedicatedly followed and done by woman at most of the times.

Gardening is very rejoicing and calm hobby one can definitely try and it is one of the best way to practice having a clear focused and peaceful mind.

Planting and taking care of them will actually let you learn about small things and by this you can instantly take a note and lesson from it that every small things matter and so it belongs and applied it in the same way in your life.

Lake Sighting

Lake sighting

As in the age of 20s there will be many events where you might be driven away from your studies, goals and prime activities and therefore you will be left out with no direction.

Lake sighting will be a best and side hobby option you definitely can think off.

Literally there are many people who loves and enjoys the nature and the still moment in it.

The way lake, seas have a flow and momentum in them can really bring you in that internal force for being concentrated in one flow or direction.

If you are other side person, like having an anger issue or going through bad days then this hobby idea can be best alternative option for you.

This activity can substantially relax your mind, can you give enough your personal space and time that you can live with.

Sometimes, giving time and understanding yourself is very necessary.

Watching Biopics

Watching Television Concept. Hand holding TV’s Remote to Control or Changing Channel. Relaxation in Modern Living Room. Focus on Remote

Why to waste time if you can invest it in the same way but in different zones.

If you are a girl who loves entertainment and likes to watch web series, movies or tv shows

Shift your slight interest and invest your time in watching biopics.

Watching biopics can be consider as a hobby and it can result to be very beneficial for you in long run.

Same mode of channels but different stories, inspiration, journey and a lot more. Brilliant way to be very informative on different people at this age.

Example: If you are into Business and like such related stories. You can and should watch movie called ‘The Founder’.

It is based on famous brand around the globe – McDonalds. Complete journey from failure to success to global outreach.


Hobbies for women in their 20s

One of the most stylist way to bring out your inner interest is to try out calligraphy. It is the unique way by which you can literally can architect your handwriting up to the next level.

By practicing calligraphy day by day you can figure out that the art of changing letters into design form and bringing out a different angle of creativity.

In your past time you can really make this as your hobby and it is more common to be seen in women to practice or to follow such designing hobby.

From day when you can have a different book of learning calligraphy and as time

passes and you learn it differently everyday you can see your progress and the potential perfectionist in this art.

Home Improvement

Home improvement

As I said earlier in this post that girl love to have things organize and keep everything at its place. As in the early ages and in the early times of 20 women can literally have this in the daily routine to give a new or some what fresh look to their room or entire house.

Women at the age of 20s loves to practice decorating things whether it is a small level crafts or it is up to making things from decorative stuffs or from normal households into making it a source of home decor.

Some of you have might notice in your friends circle that many of your buddies does the same thing.

Home improvement can be very systematic and creative hobby to follow along that doesn’t need to be done at extreme level just like it is done by professionals as a job.

Stamp Collection

Stamp collection as hobbies for women in their 20s

This might sound too old but this hobby idea is obviously a good fit to add on in your side list especially in the early age.

Stamp collection can be from different ages and different periods and one thing which you need to remember that old thing do have a lot of value in future.

You can go on collecting different stamps, also remember the harder it is to collect a stamp the more fun and valuable it will

remain in your life.

Don’t use shortcuts and just buy it from any stationery stores.

But rather try to find it from your relations, friends, colleagues and from organic sources.

Learn a new language

When you are in the age of your 20s then this the perfect time where your brain is in full power and in complete memorable mode, i.e., you can easily remember things quickly and for longer period.

There is no waste of time in learning a new language and start your interest in learning about different countries culture, their tradition and different forms to actually find your real base in start learning a new language.

People do love to learn language like

Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, French and many more.

Learning new language can turn out to be very good decision in longer run which will potentially will help you to communicate with other people and you can be more open and aware about the situation in multilingual viability.

What Hobbies Should I Pick Up In My 20s?

Ice Skating

To remain very athletic and have that art of grace in your moves, one should definitely look to go for ice skating.

If you are already into skating and have a good balance over this form activity then ice skating would be very quick adjustments to this for you.

Though the surface or ground might be

different for you in this situation but once you find yourself in this then definitely there is no one who can’t find themselves very engaged.

In this you can learn different aspects like art of balancing self in different conditions, you will be learning different moves and overall, the coordination of your body parts will be upto the fittest level.

Writing Short Stories

This is found to be more common and many women do find this very interesting activity to do along side with other stuffs.

One of the key way to follow or adapt a hobby in you is by looking whether this particular work/thing is helping you to be more intellect, gives you a space to enjoy and relax for a bit.

Short stories can be a good option for

women and from this it can also them to evolve their creativity and writing skills in overall.

If we can take one step further, this hobby can turn out to be a money making source in future. As there are many influencers, brand  or organization who does love to have short stories that brings up some kind of inspiration, relatable and fun in it.


Not very common amongst the girls but there is no such hard rule that they can try on this. Camping can really be a fun thing to do especially if you have a good bunch of friends or colleague around you.

Having that thin sheet like shed above your head, lighting up the woods, cooking at night and the list goes on and on.

Camping can be one of such hobby that

gives you too many memories and enjoyable time all in together at a same time.

For introverts, don’t worry!

Finding yourself a space and making a camp in a place like in between mountains or in the forest side area can bring you up old tradition lived people vibe.

Mastering Rubix Cube

Out of the public mind and to have that unique personality in you practicing cube game can be very fun and interesting thing to take it as a hobby.

For many of the women in their 20s it might sound to be very lazy and boring stuff to do in their normal routine but if you think with an open mind this one thing can bring and can make your mind more analytical.

Some of you might have that particular interest inorder  remain different from the crowd. Many girls do have in their motivation statement – “When they go left, we go right” – Logan Paul.

Creative Hobbies For Women In Their 20s


One of the most in demand and has a very high potential as a profession also but talking about in a hobby young girls can definitely try this in their free time.

Videography does not need to be done for a particular brand or for particular person it can be done for self. Like you can definitely go out and take some extreme good shots of nature, of people, of restaurant and all in together you can

combine them with the different story and with different lineups to shape it up as aesthetic short video.

As of now in 2022, there is already huge growth and rise of short video formats and therefore capturing this field as early as possible can turn out to be a best decision for your life.

You can surely try to if you are not that pro videographer but trying will never cause you any loss.


The next in the list of creative hobbies for women in their 20s is Embroidery.

Perfectly well suited for women in common. When you know you have good

touch in sewing and stitching then this will thing or activity is just a add on process to it.

Embroidery can be really fun hobby to be in your life by which you can go on designing your own clothes, curtains, can make cover cloth for household items.

In tradition era this was seen as most common practicing job for many women through which they used to make their living out of it.


This might sound like a childish stuff to do but it can be ignored. Origami was originated from Japan and later on it took immense global reach by schools having classes on it and people doing it for fun.

This hobby can give out some simple but might look very interesting results.

The reason women in their 20s can have this in their to do things because this activity requires some time to be engaged within it.

Once you have learned the art of making such pieces, no doubt you can use this hobby to make beautiful interiors for your house, rooms or for open spaces.

No one is master of everything at once and everything can be learnt from very beginning. For this Origami you can literally make figures like polygonal balls, birds, rotational cube and many more.

All this stuff can be learned from online

sources or you have it a special core specific book on origami.

Floral Designing

This can be seen in almost every house and to be real there is no age bound to have this hobby on your side.

But especially girls in their young age do love flowers and their unique representation which can be arranged in different design and styles that can potentially become a centre piece.

Arranging flowers and keeping it organized in well shaped pots, in a hanging manner or in whatever style it takes to bring in general beautiful and nature vibe could one of the early calm hobby a girl should try on to.

Money Making Hobbies For Women In Their 20s


Huge and massive potential for any individual to grow self in this field and make it as career later on.

But if you are a beginner and you just wan to kickstart then blogging could be best online source to make money and at initial days you can take it as a hobby.

For a blogging all you need is select a niche (topic like health, lifestyle, fashion, DIY and etc.,)

Once you have picked up a niche, all you need is domain and hosting to get things


In your free time, you can just write 2 or 3 articles per month for learning process and later on you can increase the number as your interest grows in it.

Once you have publish your post, then your job is done for a bit and wait for Search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and other to index your post and get it ranked to attract visits.

When you see your website is getting traffic whether it is from organic, social or referrals mode you can apply for ads network to monetize your blog.

Blogging has a huge potential to give you a passive income later on.

I would highly recommend to invest your time in learning and then start implementing on it and take it as full-time hobby.

Youtube/ Vlogging

The next in the list of money making hobbies for women in their 20s is Vlogging.

Now, as we have discussed about blogging in the first point, vlogging is just opposite of it.

Vlogging is all about video content and it can also be in various niche like your personal life, travel, product reviews, fashion and etc.,

Vlogging can be a good hobby to follow by side. The potential of this industry is wide

and far from that.

You make videos, a kind of interesting that audience might like and engaged with and then you put it on your YouTube channel.

After passing minimum requirements set by YouTube you can monetize your videos and can make money out of it.

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Now many of you might go in discussion over this as Teaching is a profession.


But as women in the age of 20s not all can go with this profession but to make some extra side income in your early age,

You can definitely try out teaching to lower grades students whether it is in Coaching centres, Online, One on One Personal coaching.

This is the age where many of you are pursuing their graduation or studying in colleges, universities.

But you can surely can make some time from your busy schedule and think of this source and as a hobby point of view.

Social Media Designer

Very creative and well fitted for girls especially who loves visual, designing and drawing.

If you have some or little interest into these related fields then no doubt Social

media designer as hobby will make your life.

Big companies and Influencers throughout their busy schedule and business meeting they themselves don’t have time to handle such platforms.

Some of these companies or brand do hire internal employees to do this task.

But there are tons of SME and Influencer who are in search of these talents.

Practicing different design and making your own template in platforms like Canva, Pixellab can make you good at it.

You can take inspiration from other designers from Pinterest, Instagram, Envato and Behance.

The idea is not to copy but as a beginners to learn about different elements, shapes, fonts, color selection and then adding your own creativity to it.

If you don’t want to work it as a part time for others you can definitely try it for self and build your own brand around one specific niche.

Design your templates and you can get it paid hourly or on a monthly contract depending upon on how you close a deal.

Final Words

That’s  cover pretty much most of the good to go and trying hobbies for women in their 20s. Also, remember the numbers are not

limited and if you do have interest around different areas you can surely explore that field.

Hobbies should bring inner happiness and should make you calm overall.

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