15 Fun, Useful, And Creative Hobbies You Can Do On A Laptop

15 Fun, Useful, And Creative Hobbies You Can Do On A Laptop

I’m sure you are here because you are searching for hobbies that you can do on a laptop or pc? 

Well, I have listed down the hobbies you can do on a laptop or pc, some are fun and some are useful that might help you to make some money or help you in productivity.

All you need is a laptop or PC and an Internet connection to start doing these hobbies.

If you have those then you can start today doing one of the interesting hobbies listed down below. 

Fun Hobbies You Can Do On A Laptop Or Pc When You Are Bored


Fun hobbies you can do on a laptop

Gaming is one of the hobbies that are very popular nowadays and it will remain popular in future. 

I have played many games in my life from stories-oriented games to PVP. It is a fun ride. You can try playing on your laptop or pc and see if you like gaming. 

You can play games with your friends to complete games. That’s one of the things I like about games. 

There are many platforms where you can download games and play them right away. You just need to check your laptop or PC requirements if it can play games. 


hobbies you can do on a laptop

YouTube is another platform where you can share your thoughts with people in video format. 

If you like being on camera or you want to overcome your fear of the camera or like to speak in public, well this is the best platform for you. 

But you have to choose the topic you want to make videos on. If you like making people laugh you can make comedy videos. 

Just pick the topic that you are interested in and make videos. It will also help you to become more creative. 

Learning Different Languages 

Learning Different Languages

Well if you are interested in traveling to other countries or interested in other countries’ cultures then you might want to learn the languages of different countries.

It is also fun exploring the languages of other countries and you might also want to know how much it is different from your country. 

So it is one of the fun things you can do on a laptop or pc. 

You can find courses on how to learn languages or you can just directly go on YouTube or Google and search how to learn languages of other countries. 

There is tons of knowledge out there waiting for you to explore. 

Watching A Biopic

Watching a biopic is great for entertainment and will also increase your knowledge of certain things. 

If you have a person that you admire then you want to know how this person’s life was and how he achieved so many things. What obstacles did he face?

This will also motivate you and will also help you in your journey in life. So it’s great to learn about the things you don’t know through watching a biopic. 

It is fun and along the way, you can increase your knowledge and expand your horizons. 

Reading Books

hobbies you can do on a laptop

With how the world is changing now, everything is available online, books are one of them. You can read the book through your laptop or pc. 

You have your likes and dislikes so you can choose fiction or nonfiction or you can choose both. 

I have read both so I like both of them. There is a simple rule that I follow if you like the book you’re reading then continue reading if you don’t then switch to another book.

You can read through Amazon kindle. There are tons of books there. Increase your knowledge with the help of books. 

If you are interested in a certain topic there will be a book on a certain topic there so you might find answers in that book. 

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There is tons of information out there on the Internet and you can simply access this information by browsing the internet. 

You can select the topic you want to browse or are interested in learning and browse the information you want. 

You can also learn more about what’s going on in the world or what the latest technology is we are using. Keeping updated about what’s going on will keep you updated. 

Learn Cool Computer Or Laptop Tricks And Learn More About Computer Or Laptop 

Fun hobbies you can do on a laptop

Well if you have a laptop or computer you might want to know more about your laptop or pc and how it operates.

It is a good thing to know how it operates and it might help you in the future in many ways if there is a problem with your pc or laptop.

While you are learning that you can also learn some cool shortcuts that will help you to finish your task efficiently. 

Keeping information about your laptop or pc might help you to solve the problem easily that may arise in future. 

You can also offer this service to others and make some money because nowadays everyone has a laptop or pc so there are problems that need someone to solve.

Learn Coding


Well, coding is great if you want to try it out. There are tons of guides out there if you search on google. 

You can make anything with code from the app, software, and games to websites and many more things. 

Some people find it fun because you have to explore these coding languages to understand and you come to enjoy coding. 

Select the coding language that interests you and start learning that you might build something interesting. 

Photo Editing 

Photo Editing

Well if you want to make your photo stand out this hobby might solve your problem.

There are lots of good software out there that will help you greatly. The two that I use are Adobe Photoshop and Canva. 

You can do lots of things with your photos like add some graphics or replace the background with beautiful ones. You can even replace the things you don’t want in your photo.

You can also merge different photos and make something amazing. There are tons of possibilities you only need to start learning and enjoy the process.

Useful And Creative Hobbies You Can Do On A Laptop Or Pc


Useful hobbies you can do on a laptop

If you are interested in writing then you can try blogging. It is all about talking about the things you like or things you want to share with others.

You can reach millions of people with your blog. All you have to do is share the experience that you have with others through blogging. 

All you need is a domain name and a hosting place to host your website. You can start with WordPress which will make a lot of your work easy. 

Just show your work through writing and that’s the most important thing you need in blogging. 

Check the below article mentioned:

Video Editing 

Creative hobbies you can do on a laptop

Well, nowadays everywhere you see you will find videos. So to make videos stand out you need video editors. 

If you are interested in videos or VFX you can start learning video editing. It will help you greatly in understanding how great videos are made. 

There are lots of software out there you can choose from to start your video editing journey. I will recommend two software that I used personally. Adobe Premiere Pro And Davinci Resolve.

One is paid and one is free. You can start with free software. All you need to edit a video is there you just have to learn. 

Well, you can also make good money by editing videos by doing freelance editing. 

Master Excel 

Useful hobbies you can do on a laptop

Well, this hobby will greatly increase your efficiency. If you enjoy learning about numbers then you might find this hobby interesting. 

You can sort your data neatly in excel. It will greatly help in sorting the data. There are tons of things you can do with excel. 

It greatly helps you to get comfortable with numbers. You can create your household expense sheets to know where your money is going. 

Hope you neatly sort the data with the help of this hobby. 

Check the below video mentioned:

Digital Painting And Drawing

creative hobbies you can do on a laptop

It is a great hobby to learn because it is amazing to make your imagination come alive. 

With the proper software, you can draw on your laptop or pc and make your art shine. 

Drawing helps you to learn more about colours and also increases your creativity. 

Draw and start combing colours to make something beautiful that you will love. 

Create Logos 

If you’re interested in designs you might find making a logo interesting.

Nowadays every brand needs its logo to stand out from others and you have to understand what makes them unique and design a logo that represents them. 

If you find you’re interested in making a logo then you can use Adobe illustrator to make your logo. 

You have to start learning fundamentals if you want to create beautiful logos. So start learning. 


Useful and creative hobbies you can do on a laptop

Now you can teach others through video. You don’t need to go to a specific location to teach others.

Now you’re wondering what I should teach others? Well, the answer is simple: you should teach others what you know. 

You have your experiences so you can share that with others like you know how to make a better resume because you have done that so you can simply teach how to make a better resume. 

You can make your courses and sell that to others by doing this you can also earn money. 

You might change someone’s life with the help of your knowledge so share that knowledge. 

Final Thoughts

Hope you like the hobbies that I shared. Start learning a hobby that you find interesting some hobbies may cost money but there are some in the list that required no money to learn.

If you are learning some interesting or fun hobby let me know in the comment section below.

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