Is Reading a Hobby? [And Why It Is Awesome]

Is Reading a Hobby? [And Why It Is Awesome]

Is reading a hobby? I’m sure you have thought about this question in your life.

I also thought about this question while reading the book and thought, is it a habit or hobby? And I searched for an answer and found some answers.  

Hope you have cleared your doubt when you finish reading this post.

For some reading is a hobby and for some, it is a habit. If you are doing it regularly in your leisure time for pleasure. Then you can consider it a hobby and if you are doing it regularly like reading before sleeping then it is a habit and for some reading can be passion.

Different people have different answers and for some, it may be a habit, it may be a hobby or for some, it may be a passion.

So it all depends on which category you fall into.

I’m going to describe it in detail below so check out the post to clear your remaining doubts. 

Is reading a hobby or habit?

Girl Holding Book

Is reading a hobby or habit? I know you ask this question yourself many times.

That’s why we are going into detail to give you answers to your questions.

Let’s first talk about what is a hobby. activity is done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. 

If you are reading in your leisure time or in your free time then reading might be a hobby for you.

Let’s talk about what is a habit. According to the Cambridge Dictionary- something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it. 

If you have made reading into a habit or you do it regularly then it might be a habit for you. For instance, when you wake up in the morning you start your day with 20-minute reading. It became a habit for you.

I hope this doubt has cleared for you.

You can also look at it this way when you start reading as a hobby then you do it for relaxation or just want to spend time.

But after some time it becomes Into habit then you do it regularly then if you like it more it becomes a passion.

You will search for books, and want to read more amazing stories. Now you love it.

So you can say that it can start as a simple hobby and if you love it, it develops into a passion. 

Why is reading a good hobby?

Girl Reading

Now that we know if reading is a hobby or habit. If you still are confused just read the above paragraph and you will understand it.

Or you can continue reading to clear more doubts.

So now you know reading is a hobby but now you want to know if it’s a good hobby or not.

Because you want to try it but don’t want to waste your time.

So let me give you some good reasons and tell you why reading is good. 

Reasons reading is a good hobby

1. Reading Is Inexpensive 

You don’t need tons of money to start reading. 

Thanks to technology that makes it easier to read and you can access thousands of books from your mobile.

What makes it more amazing is that you can gain information, and learn something valuable at a reasonable price. 

Nowadays you can also read books for free. So it is more inexpensive now.

I was interested in books so I started reading online. I first read some fiction novels and then I got to see a different world.

I learned the power of words and how words can inspire you. I also got to read some amazing non-fiction books. 

If you are interested just start your reading journey and enjoy it.

Try it because it is inexpensive and if you like it then continue.

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2. Gain Knowledge 

You know knowledge can give you an advantage in life. 

Reading can give you knowledge. Some people share their experiences of life in books and you get to learn how they live.

It will help you immensely. You get to learn what mistakes to avoid and can also apply some lessons in your life.

So if you want to learn and want to gain knowledge then you can try reading.

3 Reading Can Improve Your Imagination

Well if you read fiction books then your imagination will improve.

You try to imagine some things in your way like how magic is.

The Harry Potter novel is the best. We all have imagined how Hogwarts would be. 

Just start reading some famous and interesting stories and you will understand what I want to convey to you. 

4. Learn Valuable Lessons 

Some have written books about their life and you can read that.

You will get to learn so many lessons and you can apply that in your life. 

You get to see how they make their choice in life.

What is more amazing is you get to see and learn what mistakes they made and you can avoid those mistakes.

Just getting valuable lessons is a big boost in my opinion.

5. Reading Can Change Your Perspective 

Girl Enjoying Reading Book

When you read a book you get to see what the author wants to express.

Sometimes we read something and some lessons can change our perspective.

And sometimes it is for the best that we get to see a new perspective and it changes our lives.

6. Reading Can Inspire you 

Reading biographies can inspire you.

Just reading some stories or seeing how a normal person achieves something so great that you only imagined. 

And it is possible to achieve, you will get information from reading, sometimes it can be a push that makes you take a step forward.

Just remember words are powerful. I hope you read some awesome books.

7. Reading Can Help You Better Understand the world

Reading books about politics and history will help you understand the situation in your country and world.

You will get to learn how politics work and you can also read books about economics.

And also you can read books about investment and learn how to invest.

There is so much you can learn from books and they will help you understand the world.

Getting to learn from different people that’s the most amazing thing.

8. Reading Can Improve Your English 

You know reading can help you to improve your English.

The author writes books in English and you can see how sentences are performed, and how the words are used.

Ask yourself what makes this book engaging. You will find new words in books that you can use.

Just reading aloud a book in your room will also help you to familiarise yourself with words. 

Try yourself and see the results yourself and I’m sure you will be surprised.

9. Reading Can Open New World To You

It is true reading can open a new world to you.

Every author shares their stories and you get to experience these awesome stories.

Every time you read a book there is a world inside and it takes you on a journey and you also learn many things along the way.

And let me tell you it is an amazing experience.

One book can give you such an awesome experience just imagine there are thousands of books out there waiting for you.

Just don’t miss out on this opportunity and try reading yourself and see for yourself.

Should You Add Reading As A Hobby To Your Resume?

Well if you are making your resume and thinking if you should add reading as a hobby to your resume then read below to clear your doubts.

Ask yourself if this is adding value to your resume and if it is then add it. 

If you are applying for a content writer position or librarian it gives you a little boost. 

You can mention that you like to read fiction and non-fiction books.

Make sure that you have read it because if an employer asks you a question you should have an answer.

Just remember that before adding, ask yourself if I add this will it add value?


Why is reading the best?

Well think about it for a moment if you can gain knowledge and valuable lessons from just reading books then I think it is one of the best things. there are some benefits to reading-
1. Improve your imagination
2. Helps you better understand people and the world
3. Help you to become smart by gaining knowledge

Why is reading a hobby?

a hobby is a thing you enjoy doing. then if you enjoy reading then reading is a hobby for you. for some it is different and it is also one of the easiest things to do you can do it from anywhere and anyone can easily start reading.

Is reading a waste of time?

I don’t think so if you are getting knowledge then it is not a waste of time. it all depends on what you are reading.
non-fiction books help you to improve your imagination, reading also helps you to improve your vocabulary so yeah I don’t think it is waste of time. try yourself.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy this blog post. I hope you have cleared your doubt.

Reading can be a hobby or habit it all depends on you. if you love it more then it can also be your passion.

or simply you enjoy reading and spending time reading is one of your best thing to do.

So what is reading to you is it a hobby, habit or it has become a passion? I hope you have reached the answer with the help of this post.

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