15 Best Nerdy Hobbies To Try

If you are bored and looking for some hobbies to make your life more fun or are you here to see some unique nerdy hobbies. Then you are in the right place.

Below I have shared a list of nerdy hobbies that might interest you. So I hope you find something interesting.

There are some hobbies on the list which you can do alone at home and it is easy to start. 

Or if you are a college student and looking for some fun hobbies then you might find something here. 

So let’s start without wasting any time. Hope you enjoy the list. 

Puzzle Solving 

nerdy hobbies

If you like challenges then solving some difficult and fun puzzles is for you. 

There are many puzzle games out there. The most popular puzzle game I played is sudoku. 

If you are interested in something, you can solve a puzzle on that subject that interests you. For instance, if you like history then you can play and solve puzzles related to history. 

There are many puzzles out there related to history online. You can simply answer questions and test your knowledge. 

There are also Riddles, you can try solving them, just enjoy your time when solving puzzles. It is a unique experience that you will love. 

Video Games 

There are so many games nowadays that you will find something that interests you.

All you need is a gaming PC or laptop to play games. There are many types of games out there like story-playing games, PvP games, strategy-based games and many more. 

Playing with your friends will make it more fun or you can play online with other players. Just choose the game that you like and start playing.

Reading Books 

nerdy hobbies

It is the most simple hobby you can do at home. You only need one good book to make your day good. 

You can read fiction books or non-fiction books, I like to read both of them. 

You can see what the author wants to convey to you or sometimes you find a story so good that you want to keep reading. There are some great non-fiction books which might inspire you or change the way you think.

It is amazing how one book can change your way of thinking and how simply reading books, you can gain some valuable knowledge that will help you in life. 

So yeah if you have time read some books.

Searching Online 

Sometimes I browse the internet if I’m bored. It greatly helps in expanding knowledge. You can search the news online to see what’s going on in the world. 

Keeping up to date will help you greatly, or you can go to quora and look for some interesting questions and see what answers people are giving. 

You can go to a popular forum online and find questions that might interest you and see what answers are there. So yeah it is fun to browse the internet and expand knowledge. 


Learning about technology is a great hobby. 

Nowadays people keep inventing new things so learning about this new technology will keep you updated and if you are using them knowing about them will help you.

You can also learn how to make this technology and make your own if you have some idea in mind. 



If you have free time, start learning to code. It will help you in life. 

If you look around you will find out most of the things are built on codes so learning will only benefit you.  

How these famous apps are built, and how the website is made you will find answers to these questions. 

You can also learn how to automate most things. There are many languages out there so choose what interests you. 

If you are interested in web development you can go with that or if you are interested in app development you can choose that.

Board Games

Most board games require strategy so if you are interested in strategy-type games you can try the board games. 

If you have friends you can play with them, you can try chess. You only need 2 players for this game. You can also play online where more talented players gather and you can challenge them and try to win. 

Making strategy and beating your opponents in a game is more fun so try out board games if you have time. 

Fixing Pc Or Laptop 

Well, it is a great way to learn more about the machines you are using. 

There are different types of PC or laptops out there, for instance, gaming PC, and laptops for casual use. You can easily upgrade your pc or laptop at home by yourself. 

You can also offer your service to others and charge some price for your service because nowadays everyone has a PC or laptop and if you can solve their problem then you can earn money. 

Watching Movies 

Watching movies can improve your imagination because sometimes movies show things that we have never imagined.

So yeah it can change the way we are thinking. It is also entertaining. Some great biographies will show you how some people achieve great things. 

Watching movies will help you in your creative journey so watch some great shows and learn some great stuff.

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If you eat food daily then you know how important cooking is. Just by learning it, you can make some tasty dishes that you like. 

All you need is tools and ingredients to make food. If you have free time then start learning to cook, it is one of the best experiences that you will never forget. 

You can also learn how to cook healthy food and more about ingredients and what ingredients are beneficial to you, it will help you in life. 

If you are interested, go to the kitchen and start cooking today. Just one thing you should remember: patience is the key. 

Collecting Things 

Collecting things is another interesting hobby. I also collect stuff I like and store them. 

Just recently I started collecting old original movie posters that you don’t see nowadays. It is a fun way to keep things that you like. 

So if you have things you like then you should start collecting. In the future when you look at your collection you will feel great. 

Learning DIY

Learning DIY

It is another amazing hobby. If you like to make stuff or repair stuff then DIY is for you.

To start learning you can go to YouTube and search for beginner videos to start your journey. You can also buy the course if you have money. 

Join the DIY community for inspiration and learning. In the community, there will be many experienced members that can help you. You can also make new friends. 

It is not easy to make stuff but it is not impossible. It all depends on you if you want to learn it no one can stop you. 

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Learning Magic Tricks

Well, magic tricks did leave an amazing impression on people. 

It is great to study magic tricks and you will learn how to create magic. 

If you like human psychology then you can start learning magic tricks because you have to observe humans if you have to fool them with your magic tricks.

So yeah show some amazing tricks when you perform your magic show. 

Model Building 

You can buy parts of the model that you want to build and try building that model at home. 

There are tons of models out there, for instance, robot models or you can choose a model from movies like transformers.

Just attaching parts of the model is satisfying and after it completes you will feel awesome. You can collect these models and show them to your friends. 


Well if you want to share something with the world without showing your face then writing is for you. 

You can write a novel or you can start a simple blog. Both are great in my opinion. 

You can talk about things you like in a blog, for instance, if you like watching anime then you can make a blog about that and tell people what you think of anime and which show you like. 

If you have a story in mind then you can write a novel and publish it online if people like it you can also earn money. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy the list that I have shared. Learning something new is always fun and exciting.

If you free have time then you should do some hobbies because in these hobbies you might find something that you like.

if you have more nerdy hobbies to share we will love to hear from you. Share your nerdy hobbies in the comment section.

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