15 Best Retirement Party Games For Final Goodbyes

It’s the final time you are spending time with your favorite colleague, friends or whatever you like to call them. But the final meeting should be good and worth to be remembered.

Specially at the office, the co-workers can definitely arrange some good to have retirement party games. This will initiate some final fun and probably last bonding you can have with them (considering as only work perspective).

It really doesn’t matter where you are hosting this fun game idea but the concept should be and solely for the retiring person.

Whatever that takes to make your favourite person who is retiring happy and to vastly reconnect all that sweet memories, is the whole purpose behind conducting such games.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Retirement Party Games

Who Knows The Retiree Best

It’s a fun and recollection memories of the retiree which is normally played on printables format. It generally includes all common questions about the retiree like – the year they born in, which holidays do they really like? And so on.

The person who gets the highest score knows exactly the every details of the retiree and by this you can leave on good impression for your retiring colleague.

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Pass the parcel

It’s fun and usually played among the co-workers in other way to get some more coordination between them. But in this we are twisting some rules and as this is for retiree person,

All the co-workers will be seated in a line and there will be parcel that they had to pass among the next player (co-worker) seated with them and as the track stops and the person has the parcel, they need to share some memory of the retiree person.

Try to be nasty and be open as this is the last day of the retiree person, so share up with inside secrets to get more fun.

Retirement Would They Prefer To

One more game related to things and likings of the retiree person, this is basically printable questions game for other co-workers who are closely attached with the retiree person.

Questions like, go on a cruise or go on a camping and so on.

Match with the retiree person score and the winner gets some reward.

Ever Or Never

Some interesting and some fun questions game for the retiree person. Now, don’t get sad as all of them are related to questions but there will be few others in the list ahead.

But, anyhow the concept should be for retiree person and the more you make that person feel that you know everything and you are very attached to him or her,

Surely that would be best good bye and call off kinda game you can probably play with the retiree person.

Questions like, broken a bone while playing a sport or something like gone for a trek without the shoes and so on.

Rea Lies

Apart from the daily work routine, the co-workers do like to do gossiping and have a fun conversation with each other in their free time or break.

Why not to do same with retiree person for one last time but with a game concept!

The game is simple, there are white dry cards and a marker where the players will write down extreme lies that they can think off.

Out of which there will be one true statement or fact. One by one the host will read out loud all the cards & the players need to guess the truth.

Remember, more the number of co-workers (players) in this game, the more fun it will be.

Retirement Bingo

Who had never played bingo with their friends? I guess there would be no one,


In this bingo card, there 18 different cards, 18 marker sheets and caller chips which the players can arrange differently as they want.

Now, the host will call out each cards and the players will tick or circle against as we normally do in a bingo game and whoever completes the first row in any order whether horizontally, vertical or diagonally wins the game.

Big Dot Of Happiness

Very simple and would be very engaging when it comes to playing along with your colleagues or co-workers.

This one is simple pull out cards and remember each pull out will create different fun and interests among players.

Each cards has 3 option which is Ask, Answer & Advice

To create more fun, Example: Whenever each player will go to pull out the cards, make some twist here.

Make the player to pull out the things out 3 options i.e., Ask, Answer & Advice.

Retirement Party Games For Teachers

Retirement party games for teachers

For students specially they found themselves very much attach with their teachers and especially if they are with them from childhood.

This games idea can be hosted by both students and as well as the co-workers.

So, let’s quickly check out some of the retirement party games for your special teacher

Rapid Fire Round

Normally, teachers host this game for their students but you know it’s the final day of your teacher in the school or college, so it will be worth playing game that they thought you initially.

Get a group of 3 or 4 students and make your teacher a centerpiece (seated on hot seat).

Ask anything, questions related to their subject, their likings and literally anything that would lead out to laugh and some happy memories.

Guess That Topic

Totally knowledge centric but could be fun depending upon how you end up in bringing creativity.

You know the subject of your retiring teacher whether it is Maths, History, Biology, Accounting, Science or let be just anything.

Grab that book and take out any page randomly and on a big screen with a projector on, place out some figure that will correlate to certain topics.

But, don’t show the exact figure, hide it half-through, add a cover. Just do anything that it won’t remain the actual original figure or diagram.

Let your teacher guess and watch out for some crazy fun.

Who Is That Student

One thing which every teachers do like and they can literally just do it everything and anything that would be good for their students and thus they do know about every small things about their students.

List out some characteristics and mischievous things or activities that student had did and in a list pattern ask such things to your teacher.

Let your retiring teacher guess about their students and with the game let you teacher to get some nostalgic feelings.

Whisper & Pass It On

Should be included in games list when it is done for your teacher.

Let your teacher take the lead in this game.

The rules are simple, there will one statement which your teacher will whisper to one player and that player has to pass on the same statement to next player seated.

Remember, the statement will be whispered only once.

Check out how much do you love your teacher and listen to him or her carefully and seriously.

Guess That Object

Final goodbyes are really difficult and no one really want this to end but what something could get better if it brings in personal attachment and past memories.

And this retirement party game is solely would be for your teacher only but student can participate too.

In, student will bring different objects which the teacher use to bring during the lecture time to demonstrate something

Object like, Biology specimen, globe, prism,  physical instrument and literally anything that would relate to the subject of your retiring teacher.

Get a box and put your things inside the box and over the top of the box make one big hole from where your teacher will try to hold or grab the stuff without actually looking into it.

Just by touch, your teacher need to guess what is it.

This will surely create some fun atmosphere and time being.

Online Retirement Party Games

Online retirement party games

There might be chance where all the guest (co-workers) won’t be able to travel and attend that final party for the retiree.

But inorder to avoid such situation, you can come op with an idea of hosting retirement party games via zoom meeting or google meeting through online.

Get your all co-workers & other guest be informed in advance and send them the meeting link.

Let’s quickly cover some of the game ideas

Make Retiree Laugh

It’s very simple but interesting game to play along with everyone. It will be one on one game between the players (guest) and retiree person.

All you have to do  and for everyone it remains the same, everyone will be saying one pun or one statement which will they believe it will burst out laugh of the front person.

By this and with one liner, you have to make the retiree person laugh. It will be good game and good way to bring some smile on retiree face.

Word Scramble

Very popular game among the kids but to get some old memories back no games are bound with any age limits.

For this, host of the meeting can prepare some different word scramble that all the guest and specially retiree person can relate to, like it can be anything related to their achievement, targets, client name or brand deals that they brought in.

Anything that the retiree person had contributed to company or to group (talking about friends), just list it down in unarranged manner.

Now all such things which will be listed, you should know that other guests do know and they are well aware about the these things (so the participation will remain equal).

Check out, who will be first in getting all words correctly.

Emoji Mood Game

Well this sound very simple but lastly would be worth including in the final meet up game and especially hosted for the retiree person. This game will be perfect for office workers.

In this game, the host will be sharing some different Emoji on the screen and whoever’s name is called out they need to guess the co-worker.

Depending the mood ( 🥰 , 🤣 ) like these emoji, the player need to guess to whose character it resemblance to in the office space.

Final Thoughts

Retirement is not easy and it does comes along with a different and emotional feeling to sign off with everyone and just literally with everyone. So, one thing which you can take care is that all these retirement party games should be hosted in such a manner that it will create a nice & good memory for the retiree.

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