17 Best Trampoline Sleepover Ideas To Try Out [Guide]

17 Best Trampoline Sleepover Ideas To Try Out [Guide]

Trampoline is the only place where small and young kids do really like and prefer to have the most fun along with their siblings and even sometimes with their friends.

But, the level of excitement and total fun experience will the kids and even adults can probably get from Trampoline sleepover will be on different levels.

Anything when it is new and very first time experience and especially if it is for the kids, they really do adore and enjoys the most from it.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in on the essential things require to make this idea successful

Hosting Plan For Trampoline Sleepover

There are tons of different things which you need to be very well-aware and should take the responsibility for conducting this idea, so that none of the guest or kids will get annoyed by small disturbing factors.

But more or less in this section I’ll be covering the essential things that you need to bring or you need to have to make this idea a very convenient and look much more reliable in every sense.


The first thing that is very essential to bring on this sleep over Idea a very imaginatory to be real sense is the requirement of the tent.

This is not the normal tent that you bring up for camping or for hiking out there for a night but this is going to be a different one from its normal conduct.

But this tent is usually require just to give an extra sense of feeling where the attendees can feel that their a small tiny but yet very decent house like structure where they can think off to spend their night.

Either you can invest to buy a new tent that would be perfectly fit sized of the trampoline but first you need to measure the upper part of your trampoline.

Or if you don’t want to buy from the stores all you can do is to make yourself with a help of big cloth or probably curtains.

With DIY approach you can easily make your design and can craft out the need based on your comfort zone.


Lights will be very important in this theme night because the idea behind conducting these sleepover is usually done at night so adding lightings and decorative stuffs will bring more delightful and attractive look over all to this concept.

One good to takeaway tip, in this criteria if this idea solely being organized for the kids then try to keep lights to the level so that they won’t play along with it.

Just to remain safe and not adding an extra headache for you as a elder, it will be good for you to arrange for the lights where the kids don’t touch it or they do not reach upto that heights easily.


You cannot rely without you just miss this small no blanket is not very much more supplies in aluminium on anything party or any gathering but sleepover something that blanket becomes and essential and without this you cannot expect anyone to feel very comfy and cosy in and out.

Blankets will totally change the game when it comes to make a person very relax and just go beyond stress-free mode.

A comfy and light-weight blankets depending upon the attendees, the choice of preference can be altered out.

Ear caps

This has to do with sometime from a weather perspective and onto a normal scale for night insects and flies.

Remember, if you are organizing the Trampoline sleepover fun night then it should be your responsibility to take care of guest overall and of the surrounding as well.

Most probably this idea will be hosting at night time to get more fun and therefore to avoid all insects, flies and other natural disturbance factors, all you can do is make a proper arrangement of ear caps on every trampoline.

This will leave each and everyone at night to be free and get most out of it with stressing about any such element.

Laptops & Speakers

Now to take every essential part of entertainment to the atmost level of consideration you need to make such arrangement of laptop or screening where every guest or attendees in days in this idea can be left out with some source of entertainment or joy which they need to experience up to their personal experience and be references.

Now if this idea is been hosting just for the family members and especially for the kids then making an arrangement for such devices would be much more easier as compared to when it is hosted for a general public (Guests or friends).

To make this idea a very fun in total, then relying on one big screen along with a decent speaker is the best setup you can probably do where all the members in this in sleepover idea can enjoy the things as a different experience.


Night time and experiencing dark is what will be normal in a very obvious manner.

After all lights been off, where the actual and real part of this trampoline sleepover idea begin, where everybody goes to sleep,

Who knows which all things are available and exactly where?

Turning on the main light switches and creating a brighter space all of a sudden will definitely disturbs everyone’s sleep out there.

Therefore, in case of emergencies and such needy moment having a flashlight is very much genuine way to deal with it.

Snacks & Drinks

Who can really forget about this thing when it comes to conduct a party which might be of any theme or of any requirement, snacks are very important when it comes to make the party more stuffed and more enjoyable.

Different guests and different members do have their own liking and preferences to enjoy different elements in the party or fun gathering like this idea therefore keeping a proper arrangement of snacks and drinks is very authentic away to host this party.

Now defending upon the guest and who ever are going to attend this party it is very approachable as a host to decide which all snacks and drinks to place.

That covers majority and almost everyone’s need and preferences when it comes to feed their hunger.

Themes Ideas For Trampoline Sleepover

Trampoline sleepover theme

Glow In The Dark

The very first Idea and very first thing that can come and should be very easy theme to throw up in this sleepeover Idea is glow in the dark.

The reason behind is very simple and very guessable is because it is the night time and glow in the dark theme will be perfect match to get in surrounding with the guests and be the fun element around this party.

You can probably ask the guest to get up in accordingly with the theme decided, so that it will co-relate with all others in this fun night idea.

To light up the space and other surrounding that gives totally unreal look which probably no-one evered experienced is by attaching radium or glow up stickers to the items/elements where it can grab much wider audience attentions.

Glowing up the Trampoline all around and if there are more than one trampoline in the open space and all are matched up with this glowing stickers, then this will surely emerge out to be worthy-night to experience.

Romantic Styled

This one is more specifically for couples and mostly for the adults.

There should be be different and other than love a good and fun thing to experience which can bring a new sort of happiness and a good time all in general.

For the couples, to enjoy such ideas trying out a very late-night but romantic sleepover will truly enhance love and bonding between each other.

Making an arrangements for candles, balloons and heart shaped figures will overall present to be a very loved and will do justice for the romantic theme.

In earlier section in the hosting plan, I have covered about the blankets, now talking about blankets and what it can do between a couple to bring much more love, togetherness and etc.,

If you are truly planning and damn serious about giving a surprise to your partner with this night idea,

Beautiful arrangement of overall trampoline and placing a white blanket along with rose petals will probably puts you back in early stages of your love journey.


Halloween trampoline sleepover

This idea will not be much more common in other day if you are planning to host up this sleepover idea but generally and majority of the kids and adults do like to hangout and throw a theme party around such event then trying up with Halloween based arrangements.

Then trying out with Halloween Sleepover more specifically if it a time for Halloween then it will be much more reliable and a unique way to celebrate.

Hanging out a yellow bulb lights and attaching some hello when makeup games around the trip holding and up to the 10th that is been made on a temple in will add much more decidedable and adjustable look.


One of the most popular and most-played games amongst every kid bow in every possible sense.

If this sleepover idea is been organized for the kids, then preparing such events based on their interest and likings will be actually a good hosting/event planner to be considered.

But this can cost an extra penny, if you are really open to spend.

Planning out for the big posture or model based characters that are most and popular in the game of Roblox and placing them into this night idea,

Can hype up the excitement level among the kids.

Space (NASA) Theme

Very convenient and common sense to consider this theme idea for this fun night party event is because of two reason simply –

• Trampoline
• Night time

Space do posses unbalanced jump walks due to no gravity (if you have noticed any space science videos) and usually in space everything is dark.

Thus, experiencing a small jumps over a trampoline can give you not very but kinda imaginatory feelings.

Thus, everything grayed and dark out for this sleepover and crafting out some space related items spaceships, planets, astronauts costume will be more rejoicing part in this.

Activities For Trampoline Sleepover Night

Jump Shots

Very interesting and obviously the only idea that can pop over a mind when we listen upto Trampoline is jumps.

This activity idea would be perfectly well fit especially for the kids, no matter how much you make an effort to stop them but they will still do it.

So, why not to include in the list.

It’s a fun and good timepass activity the kids can probably do over this Trampoline sleepover night.

If some of the attendees are having a free typed body or gymnast, then for them to enjoy this part will be very familiar thing to do.

But for the general guests out there, crazy and hilarious jump shots can totally create a different fun part to experience.

Flashlight & Music Game

The next and very unique game and kinda activity stuff that all guest can do and will be much more entertaining part that no-one would actually wants to miss out.

What needs to be done?

A host will be decided among all the guest or attendees in this fun gathering event and he/she will responsible to let momentum of this game activity to carry in a ease manner.

Now, host will play up a music track on a speaker and by arranging every others guest Trampoline in a very sequential manner.

Once the music track is played, one by one every Trampoline will light up their flashlight in a turn on and turn off manner and it goes in a same sequence as onto others in the row.

Now, whosoever flashlight remains on when the music track was off, that trampoline member will come out and will draws up a random number for the task to do.

This numbers draw list can be anything. And few of the draw list ideas are:

1. Sing a song
2. Dance like animal
3. Eat Hot Chips
4. Take the Bum Slap
5. Face pie shot

So, any member chooses any random number and need to follow up with the corresponding activity.

Initial Set Up

If anything needs to perform different from it usual conduct and actually enjoy in practical sense,

Then trying out setting up for this sleepover idea will be completely fine.

And this idea will be more reliable for the family members (if it is hosted for the in-house members).

Making your own likeable tent and decorating your own trampoline to as crazy as possible will be a hardworking effort but will truly pay offs later.

Watch Movies

One thing which almost everyone who are going to attend and going to be part of this event wants is to be free and relaxed in every mode.

Keeping a self to be totally cut off from the rest of the world and enjoy thoroughly from full heart will what make this idea more memorable and joyable.

At such watching movies along with your close friends and buddies is what you can prefer to do.

Good Movie List To Watch At Sleepover:

• Mean Girls
• Jaw Breakers
• Pursuit Of Happiness
• Zathura: A Space Adventure
• Back To The Future
• The Goonies
• Pitch Perfect

Story Telling

Very common thing which can be more found at such fun gathering.

When you are with your closed and favorite people then there will be tons of talks and open topics to discuss about.

Bit rather than just simply going out on a random and just keeping a casual talks between the friends.

You can change a slight, to address more fun and engagement.

Different guest and members can come up with different and exciting stories which can be of their personal experience or write ups.

Gathering and sitting around one place and listening upto a long and engaging story is the best way to get the time out from this idea.

Final Words

All the important and essential items and preparation stuffs are fulfilled with this. But all I’m together will actually make a significant impact if you truly understands the basic needs of the guests and overall theme idea.

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