100 Cool White Lie Party Ideas For Complete Fun [Essential Tips]

100 Cool White Lie Party Ideas For Complete Fun [Essential Tips]

There is been a tremendous trend around in the town about the white lie party ideas. And especially the young generation is making over it.

This idea is one the best interactive way to build up a humorous and fun relations with your friends and colleague and even family members.

So without any further ado let’s dive in

What is White Lie Party?

white lie party ideas

White lie party idea is basically a fun and unique concept where a group of people gather at a place wearing a white t-shirt in which a short and simple 2 liner lie is written over it.

White lie usually shows a statement which we as a normal person pass on to each other just to avoid the situation or deal with without having any intention to hurt somebody.

For example:

Your Friend at call: Bro where are you, I’m waiting for you last 10 min?

You: I’m ready coming in 10 sec

But you know the reality that you aren’t ready to go out.

This way it’s a fun and interesting bunch of lie statement game or party that refreshes and improves your mood for the day.

One quick head-up question that might be popping inside you is

What are some good white lies?

white lie sayings

It can be anything which your friend or colleague might have told you a thousand times to avoid the situation or argument

Like, Some of your friend just to be smarter in-front of girls might have said something like –

“Aleena you sing really very well, I like your voice”

Trust me, your friend had not even listen to single song sang by Aleena (Imaginary girl)

Another quick and all time used statement which many of us have used is-

Bro, I’m waiting down, where are you?

In reality, you know it very well your friend is still at home.

You got the point right!

Now, there are many ways that you can organize this White Lie Party and below are the few ideas which you can select as liked by you :

Best White Lie Party IdeasThemes

1. Hidden Board

This is one the best way to organize this concept. So, what you all need is having a group of friends whom you know them very well.

Or each member knows about either one of your friends in your group.

Take a white board, stick all the white lie collected from all your friends in the group.

Now, the fun begins!

Now randomly as a host select any of your friend and reveal one white lie sticker on the board and ask the friend who wrote this and for whom?

Look, this might sound a kinda old school way, but when you play in real life

You will get to know the real fun involved in this.

A whole different kind of conversation will start with each white lie ideas that you gonna reveal for each member.

And, let me tell you each conversation over the topic will make you laugh and will make your day

2. T-shirt & Sharpie

This is the most used and common way to held a white lie party.

Wherein all your friends and colleagues are requested to wear white t-shirt and the host is asked to bring the sharpie.

Make a circle arrangement for the group members.

Give the sharpie to one person and ask him/her to write it over to either one of the group member the best lie they have been heard from them.

Remember, one member only one lie is allowed to be written.

3. Pillow Gifting

White lie party theme ideas

This is one of the standout way to conduct such party.

And one the favourite way to slap straight out to the face to your friends (Jokingly!)

In this method, all the members are being informed well in advance about the event and each member is been told to printout a white pillow wherein you put your favourite white lie over it.

Example you can see below in the image to get more clear thoughts on this.

By this way you are gifting somebody with something and a best statement to remember every single time they tend to sleep.

Now, let us check out some the best white lie t-shirt ideas

100 Good White Lie Party Ideas (T-Shirt)

It’s never too late

I saw you with a girl yesterday

I don’t have enough money saved in my bank account

One day you will become a successful person

You deserve it much better

I tried to call you last night 100 times

Come over to my room nobody is there

I like coffee much more over tea

I don’t have a habit to sleep early at night

Much more interested to join a party than you

You don’t have to worry your brother is here to handle the situation 

I don’t talk to talk girls much

People say I don’t get angry very often

College will give you a better job and secure your future

I need to seriously talk to you, got a work for you

Promise! I will finish your work by today

We will meet soon

This is not something new. I know one day you gonna make it

You are looking much more beautiful than yesterday

Bro I cannot make it today, I’m so tired

Eating outside street food is such a bad option

I like my boss so much, He is so kind

No doubt, I will make it to summer holidays with you guys this time

Sorry, I was sleeping and therefore I didn’t saw your messages

You don’t have to call me to wake me up

I’m so punctual

Not always but I love to be alone

You drive the car this time, I will do it next time

I was out with my friends

Window shopping is so boring

I love to take flight for travel very often

Experiencing nature is the utmost joy

Not preferring to carry money in cash, I only keep card

Sunday morning, football match fixed!

My goal is to stay fit this year

Without the gym partner I don’t find it worth to workout

This car doesn’t suits you

I only wash my hair once in a week

Not very big fan of makeup products

Always prefer to work from home rather than going to office

Really not very delighted when my friends comes to my house without notice

Don’t like to celebrate birthday

I don’t like rainy season

Not a big fan of wearing formals at office

I get up early in the morning

Don’t like to have too many friends

You are so smart

The girls always talks about you

Don’t worry you can share your secrets with me

I don’t like kids, they are just too annoying

Your bro got so many connections, I will take you out of this

I didn’t had any food from morning

You just say my name, they know me very well

I have already been to this place so many times

Enjoying life with no stress

Love to go cinema hall of every new movie that got released

I don’t have enough time for this thing

You look so slim then before

Sorry, I don’t have internet could you please share the hotspot

I forgot my wallet

I’m a good chef, you must try my food

Not bragging but I always do cleaning by myself

I will call you tomorrow

I’m driving right now, let me get to home and then I’ll get back to you

I didn’t study at all for the exam

All I need is you

Can you be my friend, I’m new to this town

I don’t have any plans for the future

White lie party ideas

Nothing bro I’m not doing anything for today

Dear! Come to shopping there is so huge discount on everything

I don’t believe in modern science

There is no issue, I’m always free for you

I like to do one thing at a time

Really scared of my increasing weight day by day

Sugar is not good, that’s why I stopped eating chocolates

Your photography skills are so good

Damn, you look so good today!

You can’t even imagine how much active person I was at your age

I don’t think much about the past

No matter what happens I will stand with you

Just a waste of money to invest in properties

I can handle as low as Air Con temperature

It’s just my natural skin

You know actually it is genetics

I was the most obedient student of my time at my school

For your information I don’t trust people easily

Personally I don’t like when people give me so much attention

I love to keep long hairs

It is very easy for me to manage the daily work routine

Super fast in typing with my single hand

I know everything about the share market

You can be best love guru one day

Your memory power is so brilliant

You are the only guy whom I talk with

Nobody likes me

I don’t take things personally

I’m not ignoring you

Planning to go for a walk every morning from tomorrow

Love the spicy food

I don’t care much

That’s it from the white lie party ideas and I hope you have got a whole bunch of different types and fun lies which you might have heard from your friends and family members.

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