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UnwrappingSmiles is all about discovering the wonderful surprises of the world through gifting, adventures, and holidays.

We’re committed to creating a world where there are no sad faces and happy moments around.

To do that, we offer gift and shopping guides to inspire you to buy the best gift.

Adventure and holiday guide to share your knowledge and passion for traveling and holidays.

We hope you enjoy exploring the world through gifting, discovering amazing places and experiences, and creating wonderful memories that bring happiness into the lives of those around you.

This is a site created with only good thoughts and happy feelings in mind. Here you’ll find inspiration, ideas, and gifts.


UnwrappingSmiles.com was founded by three friends at the start of 2022, and since then we’ve been delivering reading that’s different and unique.

We started as a gifting service, but it soon became clear that people were using it for other purposes as well, such as a diary of their thoughts, adventures, and feelings.

So we planned to expand to be more than just a place to share and express ourselves.

Today, UnwrappingSmiles is a site dedicated to sharing ideas of adventures, fun, parties, gifting, and many more.


We believe in the power of smiles and have made it our mission to unwrap smiles from every face who reads our blog.

Our team are some of the best friends in the world and we’re always up for a good adventure or something different.

So we’ve teamed up with amazing ideas to make UnwrappingSmiles a brand one day.

Also, we will make sure you can find what you need to read.


Abhijit Pawar

Abhijit Pawar-Author - UnwrappingSmiles

A 23-year-old guy who loves to do things that he likes.

Started writing in my college and now have 3 years of experience in it. Words are powerful and I want to use them to make an impact. 

I like to explore new things or hobbies, love travel, cook, and like plan parties for family and friends. 

I enjoy seeing smiles on the faces of my loved ones. That’s why I love to choose unique gifts that they wanted or surprise them with something unique.

Here on unwrapping I shared my experience and hoped to help people through this blog. I hope you find them valuable.

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Multazim Shaikh

Multazim Shaikh - Author - UnwrappingSmiles

Born 05 September 98, 23-year-old content writer enthusiast who mainly tries to occupy reader’s interest by understanding their utmost needs.

In my Educational background, I had done Masters’s In Business Administration, General Management. 

Through my course of study, I discovered my growing interest in writing content, and with over 4 years of experience in writing, I specifically niche down my interest in covering ideas related to Theme parties and Fun Games Ideas for all age groups.

I truly take complete responsibility for covering similar topics to the above-mentioned niche topics at UnwrappingSmiles.

Which is entitled to in-depth value and features post angle that none of the marketers or other content writers had covered before.

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Kailash Kumar

Kailash Kumar - Author - UnwrappingSmiles

A 22-year-old guy from India.

I am a person who loves to give gifts and I also love to help people with their daily work.

My passion for writing started while I was in college when I started blogging for a company.

I wanted to keep a tab on their progress and share it with my readers, so I started writing content for them.

UnwrappingSmiles is a blog where I write about my experiences and adventure. I share information about traveling, hobbies, and giving gifts.

I am currently living in India but, I also have a dream to move to Italy and become a full-time travel blogger/writer.

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