How To Say Hope You Will Like The Gift [21 Beautiful Ways]

There are lots of chances where finding a gift might be an easy option for someone but the way of giving the gift is something that tricks many minds.

It is important that you give with manner, discipline, and prominently in a way that others will not find it awkward to receive the gifts from you.

If you want to express hope that the recipient of a gift will like it, you can say something like “I hope you like the gift” or “I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll enjoy the gift.”

Today, you will be getting some more ideas on how to say hope you like the gift.

So, without any further ado let’s discover some of the ways.

How to say hope you like the gift (Informal Driven)

How to say hope you like the gift

1. Beautiful gift for the beautiful person

This message is so personal and it is very meant for perfect use for those people who are very close to you like your family, friends, or close colleagues.

By saying this you are straight away addressing the individual appearance or character

This might act as an attractive and sweet way to give a gift to someone.

2. I’m not good at selecting but hope you like the gift

This is a brilliant way to be on the safe line. Though nobody will reject the gift upfront in your face.

There are more common chances when you likely gift somebody something which they find that it is not worth or it doesn’t make them happy, then they probably get upset or they tryna behave in a different way.

Remember, the gift is just a way of expressing your sense of attention and love to someone.

By saying ‘I’m not good at selecting’ it gives other’s a very good picture of your choice of selection.

The other people will not expect anything to go wrong with the gift.

Don’t worry! This is not something offending.

But the best way how to say hope you like the gift informally.

This phrase can be used within your group circle, friends, and someone whom you know very personally and in close relation with them.

3. This is something you have to like

Well, this sound very ordering but a good-to-go phrase to use when you are confident about the gift.

This can be used when you are so sure that the person will definitely like it.

To serve this purpose you need to know about the likes, dislikes, needs or even sometimes wishes of the person whom you are giving the gift.

Many times when you have a nice conversation with someone and in between the talk the person might give you the details about his/her requirement

For example – Your friend might tell you that he likes ‘sneakers’ more often.

Now, the game is on you!

You need to pay attention to the words which your friend is constantly trying to give focus to.

By this, it might be an easy job for you to select the gift and be confident that he will like it.

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4. This gift will surely put you in old times

Now this is something interesting. One of the best ways to give a gift to someone is that you force them to connect to it.

What can be better than when someone looks at your gift and falls back to the old memories and because of you they had a smile on their face?

All the phrases above which are used are mainly informal centric

Remember, while gifting don’t make the wrong choice.

The gift had to be something that will justify the phrase you are using.

5. I was in a hurry but I only manage this, hope you will like it

This will depend on your situation.

And this kind of phrase will be absolutely suitable when there is an urgency and lack of time.

Probably, you might be busy all day working at your office or for your business schedule

This is a perfect short pitch to convince someone that you still managed to get something.

One key takeaway from here is that gifts should not be bounded by luxury, money, and status.

Gift is something that needs to be relateable, and should have a sense of attachment and good intentions.

6. I will not let you down with this, hope you will like the gift

Look at the beginning the promising message you are assuring to someone.

This brings additional faith and excitement to accept the gift.

One straight reminder!!!

Don’t use this phrase if you can’t really abide by the statement.

Make sure the gift is worthy and the other person will surely like this.

This phrase is expectation matching condition.

When you are saying – ‘I will not let you down.

By this, the other person knows that there is something you are tending to meet the expectations.

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7. A special gift that will completely adore you deeply

What a wonderful and beautiful thought you can probably pass on to someone.

No doubt, you can make someone’s day by simply saying this sweet wording.

There is a lot in this small phrase that you first surely need to understand

When you are saying – ‘A special gift….’

There is no probable chance that your gift something will not stand up to the marks or to the standards.

This phrase will definitely gonna improve your relationship or it will make you nicer in front of the person whom you are gifting.

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8. You will not believe I can bring this for you

One of the purposes of giving gifts is to raise the excitement level

By saying this phrase there is a much higher chance that you are increasing the curiosity and excitement levels of the next person.

With this phrase, the front person will be more willing to accept and receive your gift.

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How to say hope you like the gift (Formal Driven)

how to say hope you will like the gift

1. Excellence performance should match the excellent gift, hope you will like it

These phrases are mainly formally driven in their purpose and meaning.

One can surely such a phrase if it is in regard to office work, project work, or any other related work that is been performed by the individuals.

The main reason for saying this phrase is to realize the hard work and efficiency some individuals had put on.

2. The boss gift for the honest and friendly boss

By the message you can probably be able to get the idea that this is something for your boss.


I know managing relations with the workspace boss is quite a difficult job but not everyone is the same.

But anyways, this phrase can be perfectly fit when you are trying to gift something to your boss.

Also, remember this phrase is characteristics driven.

For this case, I have used honesty and friendliness.

If you believe that your Boss possesses some other characteristics then please go ahead and feel free to include those terms in the phrase.

By saying this you are trying to assure that the gift is the boss type which clearly represents to be something valuable and responsible.

3. For the best supportive model, here is your gift & hope you will like it

During your employment period, there will be a lot of occasions where you will be making a connection or some good sense of bonding with some people.

They will always be your hook anchors.

And you personally know all they want is that you grow progressively by managing the things which they had experienced already.

For you beyond gifting, it is important that you value them and recognize them as the true person of your life.

No doubt, it will be a match-worthy phrase to say this who always be your supportive role models throughout your professional career cycle?

4. If I ever am an annoying character, Sorry! Please accept this gift

There are many to many situations where you have been with someone and you had annoyed them to the next level.

You are known as an annoying character or a disturbing one.

Wait! Don’t get offended.

The annoying character is not in a serious manner but in a fun way.

The fun which happens between the friends during their free time or in casual time.

Let me clear this up for you

For example – You might be the worst comedian in your co-work space where everyone just gets bored.

You have that silly habit of passing that PJs

Using phrases like – ‘ If I ever am annoying character……’

The phrase itself sounds again in a fun way when the person knows you already.

5. Dear Sir/Ma’am, I hope you will not reject this kind gesture

Now, be mindful when you such a phrase because it is purely meant for those who are in higher positions.

In office words those who are your superiors.

Also, some people have that attitude to be in a character always for which they are known for.

When you are in an office space, there are a bunch of people who like to remain in the profession all the time.

It is tough to be in that condition, but it is what it is.

Attributing them with respect, and honorable recognition will surely grab the attention in it.

How to say hope you like the gift – (Gift card messages)

how to say hope you like the gift

Below are a few of the ways in which you can still be able to convey your message and all such phrases are completely matchable when you are not giving the gift in person.

1. Not all day will bring you good for you, but small events can do it for you. Please accept this gift from me.

2. You are the closest to my heart and a kind-hearted gift for a lovable person like you.

3. You will not forget me easily, hope you will like the gift.

4. Tough days will too go far away, I’ll be always for you.

5. Look what I have, Surely it will make your day.

6. One short and sweet memory of us. Relive the moment, Be happy!

7. Thanks! To be a part of my journey. I would have despaired but you took care like a small baby. Love from your baby.

8. Beyond our friendship. We will still be together forever. Hope you will like the gift.

I hope you definitely got some ideas on ways when giving someone a gift.

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