45 Good Punishments For Bets With Your Crush (2024)

My friend asked me ‘I won a bet with my crush. What should I make her do?’

Well, I was thinking of some good punishments for bets with your crush

At the same time, I was thinking how about a punishment that helps you and your crush come closer? Isn’t it a great idea?

In this article, I have come up with a list of 45 cute and good punishments for losing a bet.

I prepared this list while keeping in mind that you both can have a good time without feeling you lost the bet.

Also, later in the article, we will know what to keep in mind before punishing your crush with any kind of bet.

Good Punishments For Bets With Your Crush

Punishing your crush is the cutest thing you can do. It’s also a way to show your love to your crush.

If you feel like you’re not getting the right attention from your crush, then punish them by giving them something special.

So let’s see these good punishments for bets with your crush.

You can use these punishments to make your crush laugh or cry.

Either way, they’ll surely remember this punishment for the rest of their lives.

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1. You Should Make Him/Her Dance With You

You Should Make Him or Her Dance With You

It’s a dream of many girls.

To dance with the one they like is something that can make their day.

That is why it is a good idea to make him/her dance with you.

You have to ask permission first, but once you get their permission, you should do this.

The best part about this punishment is that your crush will be sure to remember it.

They will always remember this and want to be with you forever.

2. Ask Him/Her To Share a Spicy Photo With You

The same as before, it’s another thing that anyone wants to experience.

If you’re lucky enough, you can ask him/her to take a picture with you.

It doesn’t matter if he/she has no phone or camera. He/She will most likely share it with you. Of course, there are some conditions.

You can’t force him/her to share these pictures.

You have to ask him/her nicely. This way, he/she will feel honored and it will also make him/her remember you forever.

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3. Ask Him/Her To Spend a Day With You

If you’ve been dating for a while, you might already know that he/she is one of the important people in your life.

If you ask them to spend the day with you, you’ll be showing him/her that you trust him/her enough to do something that he/she couldn’t easily get out of.

You will also show him/her how much you care about him/her by doing this.

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4. Ask Him/Her To Give You a Chance To Kiss

Ask Him or Her To Give You a Chance To Kiss

If you’re still getting used to kissing each other, now is the time to do it!

Just try to kiss him/her when he/she isn’t expecting you to.

This will give you a chance to practice and you might even want to do it again later on.

It’s better to get in the habit before than to be surprised by him/her once he/she gets mad.

5. Ask Him/Her If He/She Wants To Go For A Walk

This is another great way to see if your relationship can go further.

Take him/her for a walk. Try to spend a little time outside and see if you get along well.

Don’t push yourself, but it would be good to see what you think of each other while you’re doing this.

If you get along, you’ll feel more comfortable with each other.

What To Ask For Winning A Bet?

Now this answer depends upon your bonding with your crush or the partner with whom are playing this bet stuff.

But commonly the punishments can be divided into purposes like challenges, entertainment, personal liking, etc.,

The complete thing and some quick possible ideas that you can probably ask for to win a bet are listed below:

Ask Him/Her To Have Dinner With You

This punishment will get both of you close together.

It will also strengthen your relationship if you don’t know how he/she feels about you.

It will make him/her realize that you are willing to go through all of this just to try and improve the situation.

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Ask Him/Her To Tell You His/Her Secrets

Knowing the secret of your crush will make you feel even closer.

He/she might not tell you because they want to protect you.

You can also use this to help you figure out if he/she is telling you the truth or lying to you.

Ask Him/Her To Have a Temporary Tattoo Of Your Name

Ask Him or Her To Have a Temporary Tattoo Of Your Name

This will be a great way to keep in touch with him/her.

You won’t have to worry about him/her taking it off or forgetting who you are.

This will also make you remember his/her name every time you look at his/her arm.

Tell Him/Her That You Wanna Be More Than Just Friends

He/she may say no now but he/she may change his/her mind later.

If you ask nicely, then you have a chance of getting your crush to say yes.

You might want to say something like “I like you and I think we should get to know each other better. I think we could be good friends.”

Get Him/Her A New Phone Number And Call Him/Her As Much As You Want

This is somewhat annoying, but you might get your crush to talk to you more.

But if they get mad about it, just give them the phone number back.

After a few weeks, you’ll have his/her phone number memorized and you can talk to him/her whenever you want.

Ask Him/Her How He/She Feels About Being Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

If your crush says no, then that’s cool.

But if you’re lucky, you might get some sweet words for you from him/her.

So make sure to ask him/her what they feel about being your girlfriend/boyfriend.

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Tell Him/Her To Say YES For Anything You Ask For One Day

Tell Him or Her To Say YES For Anything You Ask For One Day

Do this in a non-annoying way. For example, tell him/her to say yes to something you ask for.

If you ask him/her to go out with you one day, ask him/her to say yes to anything else you ask him/her for in the future.

This will help you get to know your crush more.

Ask Him/Her To Give You a Hint On How To Make Him/Her Happy

Seeing someone you love happy is the best feeling in the world.

So ask him/her to give you a hint on how to make him/her happy.

For example, ask him/her if he/she wants you to cook for him/her.

Ask Him/Her To Stay Over at Your House For The Night

It’s a fact that guys always want to stay over at a girl’s house after going out on a date.

Ask him/her to stay over at your place for the night.

That will give you an idea of how well you’re doing as a couple.

Tell Him/Her To Write You A Love Letter

If you’ve got feelings for your crush, don’t be shy.

Ask him/her to write you a love letter and deliver it personally.

If you are worried that your crush may reject you because you’re too forward, then ask him/her to deliver it secretly.

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List Of Good Punishments For Bets With Your Crush (Girl/For Her)

Good Punishments For Bets With Your Crush (For Her)

A girl’s psychology is quite important before you rush into doing something and then find yourself regretting it later on.

These punishments for crushes will surely be able to let the girl know how much you love her, and how serious you are about the relationship.

These will also teach you that if you want something you can go all the way and get it, even if you have to pay a price for it.

1. Ask Her For a Coffee Date With You

Girls usually never deny a coffee date with a guy, especially if he has asked nicely enough.

And if he’s really sweet and cute, she might even take him out for a movie date and even lunch!

This punishment is cool as it shows you that you’re not only interested in her but also in the relationship itself.

2. Ask Her To Play A Game With You

Games are always fun and can be a great way to get to know each other better. You can play any kind of game you want.

Go to the arcade, a bowling alley, or even a pool hall. The possibilities are endless.

Ask her to play a game with you, or just play a video game by yourself.

It will be fun for you both.

3. Ask Her To Cook Something For You

Ask Her To Cook Something For You

It’s a funny punishment you can give to your crush.

But when she has made something especially good for you, you’ll know that she’s been thinking about you.

This punishment can work well if you cook a specific dish for her and even offer to share it with her.

If you like Italian food, ask her to make some lasagna for you.

You can also cook Indian food for her, Chinese food, or Japanese food.

The idea is that you can have an unforgettable experience together.

4. Ask Her About Her Family and Friends (Don’t Go Too Much Personal)

If you want to get close to her and learn more about her life, you can do this. If you go too personal, though, you won’t be able to do it.

It’s best to stick to family and friends when asking questions about her personal life.

Don’t be afraid to talk about what you are interested in.

If you’re curious about the person she was talking to on the phone the other day, ask.

If you’re excited about a hobby of hers, ask what you can do to help her practice that hobby.

5. Tell Her To Change Her Relationship Status For 1 Week

Well, this one is crazy, but it’s also pretty fun.

One way to get to know someone better is to see how well they handle their relationships.

So for a week, put her on a different relationship status.

That could be single’, ‘in a relationship, or even ‘in a long-term relationship’.

This way, you can see if she enjoys being with people and if she has a preference, and you’ll also get a better idea of how she treats others.

6. Ask Her For a Good Massage

A massage from your crush is enough to feel like you’re in heaven.

But if you want to make it a little more special, ask her for a good massage.

If she says yes, you can tell her where to go and what to do.

And you’ll be able to relax while getting pampered by someone who cares about you.

7. Ask Her To Be Your Partner in Any Activity She Likes

 Ask Her To Be Your Partner in Any Activity She Likes

Being a partner of someone you like is very satisfying.

You can try this with her if you think she likes doing things together with you.

You can do whatever activity you like, like playing sports or going on a walk.

If she likes to play sports, you could try to join her team or take part in a game. But if she likes walks, why not try doing them together

It’s a great way to spend time with her and have fun.

8. Tell Her To Accept All Your Gifts This Valentine’s Week

If you give her a punishment to accept all your gifts then this is your chance to win her heart.

This Valentine’s week, you can make it a little more special if you give her something that she will appreciate.

You can give her a gift certificate from any shop or a coupon for anything you like.

Make sure she’s aware of the gift, so she knows what you’re trying to express.

9. Ask Her a Secret She Never Shared With Anyone

Ask Her a Secret She Never Shared With Anyone

Ask her a question that she would never answer.

For example, if you’ve been seeing each other for a long time, ask her what her first love was or if she ever had a boyfriend before.

Then, once she gets ready to tell you the truth, you can also ask her to keep it a secret forever.

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10. Buy Her Some Spicy Clothes and Make Her Wear

If you want to make her happy, you can buy her some spicy clothes like leggings and a skirt.

You can even take her out for dinner and then have her wear them in front of you.

You can try a different outfit on her and see how she reacts.

This can be a good bet consequences for couples to try.

11. Tell Her To Change The Haircut Of Your Choice

She is your crush and you want them always to look perfect so if you want to give her a special haircut, go ahead.

But make sure that you know what kind of hairstyle they have on their mind.

You should ask them about their preferences as well.

If they don’t let you do this, then you should find another way to do it.

You can choose the color and shape that you like.

12. Have Her Sing Your Favorite Song

It’s a dream to listen to your favorite song from your loved one. And this will also make her feel happy and more memorable.

You can sing along with her or even dance to it. You can even have a karaoke session with her.

Also, to never forget this moment you can just record the song sung by her.

13. Let You Do Her Makeup For a Day

Let You Do Her Makeup For a Day

Well, this is considered one of the best punishments for losing a bet with your boyfriend. But this applies to your crush too.

If you are very good at doing makeup, why not do it for her?

You can buy her a beautiful make-up kit and ask her to show you what you did.

This will give her confidence in you and if you do a good job, she will be surprised at your talent.

14. Make Her Sit on Your Lap While You Eat Ice Cream

This is something that most women love doing.

She loves sitting on your lap while you eat ice cream.

Don’t forget to tell her how good she smells!

15. Ask Her To Share Her Friend’s Phone Number With You

A girl usually doesn’t share their friend’s number but you can take advantage of this punishment. 

You can ask her to give you her friend’s phone number. If you are lucky enough then she might even do it.

This will be a good conversation starter.

This can be the funny punishment for losing games with your crush.

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List Of Funny Punishments For Losing A Bets With Your Crush (Boy/For Him)

Good Punishments For Bets With Your Crush (For Him)

Enough of thinking ‘What should I make my crush do for losing a bet?‘ because till now I had shared the above cute punishments.

Now, let’s discuss some punishments for a guy crush.

1. Tell Him To Do Your Laundry For One Day

Another cute punishment is to make him do your laundry for one day.

If you know that he is lazy and hates doing things then this punishment will get his attention.

He will surely do your laundry just to spend more time with you and your friends.

2. Make Him Eat a Bowl Of Ice Cream For 10 Minutes (Including Salt)

I am sure he has a sweet tooth like me. He will enjoy this punishment.

Make him eat ice cream for 10 minutes.

You will see his face turns red and the salt makes his tongue tingle.

He will love it.

3. Have Him Dance In Front Of You

Have Him Dance In Front Of You

Seeing your crush dance in front of you is fun.

It is always great fun to watch your crush’s body move and dance.

He will certainly enjoy this. Let him dance in front of you.

4. Let You Do His Makeup and Hairs For a Day

It can be fun doing the makeup of your crush.

It is not only a pleasure for you but also a chance to learn how to do makeup.

You may even get inspired by it. Make him happy.

5. Tell Him To Watch Movies And Not Touch The Phone

When you are with your crush, you will surely want to watch movies together.

That is why you should never allow yourself to have a phone call or text message.

6. Have Him Help You Do Housework for a Day

If you are a homebody and are afraid of doing housework, then it’s time for you to ask your crush to help you do housework for a day.

Your chores won’t feel as heavy if he does them for you.

7. Ask Him To Drop School/Office For The Whole 1 Week

Ask Him To Drop School or Office For The Whole 1 Week

This can be the cutest punishment you can give someone.

Ask him to drop your school or office for a whole week so that you can spend time together all alone.

You will be surprised to see how much he will enjoy doing this.

8. Ask Him To Send His Funny Pictures

Crush’s funny pictures can make you laugh for hours.

If you want to torture him, send him a bunch of his funny pictures and make him choose only one to keep.

9. Tell Him To Call His Ex and Insult Her

Who doesn’t hate the ex of a crush?

This is a fun way to show your love for someone.

Make him call her and tell her everything about him.

He will surely enjoy this, and you get to feel very good inside!

10. Ask Him To Make Coffee For You

Ask Him To Make Coffee For You

Who doesn’t like a cup of hot coffee in the morning?

Get your crush to make you coffee, and then sit back and watch as he prepares the coffee.

Enjoy every single second of it!

11. Ask Him To Buy You a Dress (Of His Choice Obviously)

This is a great way to show him that you care about his feelings.

If he is the type of guy who likes you and wants to impress you, he will agree to buy you a dress.

And when he does, you can be all dressed up and feel like a princess!

12. Ask Him To Send You A Text Every Day For a Week

If you think that he is the perfect guy, and you think that you would be happy with him if you dated him.

You should ask him to send you a text message every day for a week.

This is a nice thing to do, because he will feel special, and it shows you are thinking about him.

13. Ask Him To Sleep In Your Bedroom, Wake You Up Every Day

This is a very romantic thing to do.

The next morning, after your first date, he will wake up and go into your bedroom and kiss your hand.

This is a way for him to tell you that he loves you.

14. Ask Him To Write Love Letters For You

Ask Him To Write Love Letters For You

It’s important to know what exactly your crush thinks about you.

Ask him to write love letters to you. This is something very sweet that will make you feel more special.

He will write to you, and you can keep these letters for the rest of your life.

15. Ask Him To Hug You For 10 Minutes Every Day

A 10-minute hug from your crush will give you butterflies in your stomach.

You will feel very special!

This is a very simple way for you to show your crush how much you love him.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Punishing Your Crush

There’s no doubt that we care about our crush. We love him/her, we feel happy when he/she says hi to us or smiles at us. 

Punishing your crush is wrong, it doesn’t make sense and even hurts him/her.

If you are doing this because of the things you said or did to him/her, then you should apologize.

But if you do this to be a mean person, then you should stop right there.

We must respect our crush and their feelings too.

Certain things should be kept in mind before punishing them or making them feel guilty for being attracted to you.

1. Make Sure The Punishment Is For Fun

You win or lose, no matter what but make sure that punishments are for fun.

You should not punish someone just to make him/her upset and make them sad.

Punishments should be for fun and to make someone laugh or smile.

This will make sure that you are being fair and not hurting anyone.

2. A Punishment Where You Both Can Join and Have Fun

Punishments like making him/her wear a silly dress or a mask should not be used in a way where both of you have fun.

Try some kind of physical activity that both of you can join in.

It will help you get over the punishment and bond better with each other.

3. Don’t Make Them Embarrassed

Punishments should be done in a way that does not embarrass them or make them feel uncomfortable.

You should know that it is very difficult to do this so make sure that you use your best judgment when doing this.

Think about how to make a punishment that does not make them embarrassed at all.

4. The Main Target Is To Get Close To Him/Her

Don’t forget the main target for you is to get closer to him/her. 

Whether you lose or win. Don’t just make it feel like another game.

But a game that she always looks forward to playing with you again and again.

5. Stop It When Things Are Getting Awkward

At some times it happens the punishment can get awkward. 

So, it’s your responsibility to stop it right away and think of others.

6. Stop Sweating, Have The Courage To Deal With Him/Her

Lastly, have the courage to bet with your crush. 

Here are some amazing bet ideas you can play with your crush.

Just play. Win. And then you know what to do next 😉

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What Does It Mean To Lose A Bet?

It signifies that you need to do some follow-up tasks or challenges as set by your friends, crush, or partner before playing this betting game. The task or punishment can be anything and it can surprise elements or be well communicated before starting the bet.

What Is A Good Thing To Bet On?

Depending upon the situation and the player with whom you are doing this bet challenge. A good thing to bet on can be simple – To Dance On The Streets and it can be as hard as – Sky Diving.


45 Good Punishments For Bets With Your Crush - Conclusion

These were some of my lists of cute and good punishments for bets with your crush. 

So, next time you win a bet with your crush don’t forget to read this article to know what you can do to make your crush happy.

Also, if you don’t want them to feel sad, then you better make sure that the punishment you give them is for fun, not to embarrass them.

Thank you so much for reading this article and if you have any suggestions for the lists, I would love to hear from you.

You can leave a comment down below.

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