45 Things To Leave at Boyfriends House [Checklist for Girls]

When you start spending more time at your boyfriend’s house, it’s smart to leave some essentials there.

This way, you won’t have to pack a bag every time you visit.

These stay essentials at your partner’s place will make your stay more comfortable.

Keep reading to find out the things to leave at boyfriends house for a more relaxed and convenient stay.

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Things To Leave at Boyfriends House [Complete Checklist]

Things To Leave at Boyfriends House

Here is a complete checklist of items to leave at your boyfriend’s house.

This list includes all the handy items to make your visits smoother and more enjoyable.

Use this guide to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Toothbrush – Essential for overnight stays.

A toothbrush is very important for staying over at someone’s house.

If you leave a toothbrush at your boyfriend’s house, you won’t have to worry about forgetting it.

It’s small and easy to store.

You can keep it in his bathroom so it’s always there when you need it.

This way, you can stay over without worrying about dental hygiene.

Hairbrush or Comb – To keep your hair tidy.

A hairbrush or comb is great for keeping your hair looking nice.

Sometimes, your hair can get messy when you sleep or after a shower.

Having your own brush at your boyfriend’s house means you can fix your hair anytime.

It’s a simple tool that helps you look your best.

Plus, using your own brush is better for your hair because you’re used to it.

You’ll feel more comfortable and confident.

Deodorant – A must-have for freshness.

When you stay at your boyfriend’s house, you want to smell nice.

Deodorant helps you stay clean and prevents bad odors. It’s a small item but very useful.

Leaving deodorant at his place means you won’t forget it.

You can use it after a shower or whenever you need it.

This keeps you feeling comfortable and fresh all day.

Shampoo/Conditioner – Especially if you have specific hair care needs.

Shampoo and conditioner are important for washing your hair.

Everyone has different hair types and needs.

Having your own shampoo and conditioner at your boyfriend’s house ensures you can care for your hair properly.

Sometimes, you might not like the products he has.

By leaving yours there, you can always wash your hair the way you like.

Body Wash – Your preferred brand.

If you have a favorite brand, you should leave a bottle at your boyfriend’s house.

This way, you can always use the soap you like.

It makes showers more enjoyable because you know the scent and feel of the body wash.

Plus, using your own body wash can help prevent skin problems. It’s a small item that makes a big difference in your stay.

Face Cleanser – For your daily skincare routine.

A face cleanser is important for your daily skincare routine.

Keeping a face cleanser at your boyfriend’s house means you can always wash your face properly.

It’s good to clean your face in the morning and before bed.

Using your own cleanser can prevent skin problems and keep your face feeling fresh and healthy.

Moisturizer – To keep your skin hydrated.

After washing your face, applying moisturizer helps to lock in moisture and keep your skin soft.

Leaving a bottle of your favorite moisturizer at your boyfriend’s house means you can always take care of your skin.

It’s especially helpful if you have dry skin or if the weather is cold.

Using your own moisturizer ensures your skin stays healthy and smooth.

Makeup Basics – Such as foundation, mascara, and lipstick.

Having some makeup basics at your boyfriend’s house is very handy.

Basics like foundation, mascara, and lipstick can help you get ready quickly.

Whether you’re going out or just want to freshen up, having your own makeup makes it easy.

You can look your best without carrying your makeup bag every time.

Makeup Remover – To gently remove makeup at the end of the day.

Makeup remover is important to take off makeup at the end of the day gently.

By keeping makeup remover at your boyfriend’s house, you can easily clean your face before bed.

It’s quick and keeps your skin healthy. Using your own makeup remover ensures you’re comfortable and prevents any skin irritation.

Feminine Hygiene Products – To be prepared.

Feminine hygiene products are a must-have to be prepared.

Keeping some at your boyfriend’s place means you’ll never be caught off guard.

Whether it’s pads, tampons, or panty liners, having them on hand is very important.

Being prepared with your own products makes your stay stress-free and more enjoyable.

Contact Lens Solution and Case – If you wear contacts.

If you wear contact lenses, it’s important to have your contact lens solution and case at your boyfriend’s home.

This helps you take care of your lenses and keep them clean. If you need to take your contacts out, you have a safe place to store them.

It ensures that your lenses stay fresh and your eyes stay healthy.

You won’t have to worry about your contacts when you stay over.

Spare Glasses – Just in case you need them.

Having a pair of spare glasses at your boyfriend’s house is a good idea.

If you wear contacts, sometimes you might need to take them out.

Having glasses means you can still see clearly without your contacts.

It’s also helpful in case you lose or damage your contacts.

It’s a smart and convenient thing to have.

Pajamas – Comfortable sleepwear.

Comfortable pajamas are great for a good night’s sleep.

Leaving a pair at your boyfriend’s apartment means you’ll always have something cozy to wear at bedtime.

Pajamas help you feel relaxed and ready for sleep.

It’s nice to have your own sleepwear instead of borrowing clothes.

Change of Clothes – Including underwear and socks.

Having a change of clothes at your boyfriend’s house is very handy.

This includes underwear and socks. You never know when you might need a fresh outfit.

It’s good to be prepared in case you stay longer than planned.

Clean clothes help you feel fresh and ready for the day.

It’s practical and makes overnight stays easier.

Slippers – For extra comfort around the house.

Slippers are great for extra comfort around the house.

Having a pair at your boyfriend’s place keeps your feet warm and cozy.

They are perfect for walking around the house, especially if the floors are cold.

Slippers make you feel more at home and comfortable.

Bathrobe – Convenient for lounging.

After a shower, you can slip into a cozy bathrobe and feel comfortable.

It’s perfect for those lazy mornings or evenings when you just want to relax.

Keeping a bathrobe at your boyfriend’s house means you always have something comfy to wear.

It adds a touch of home and makes your stay more pleasant.

Hair Ties and Clips – For quick hair fixes.

Whether you need to put your hair up or keep it out of your face, having these handy makes it easy.

Leaving some at your boyfriend’s place ensures you’re always prepared.

It’s a simple way to make sure you can style your hair whenever you need to.

Nail File and Clippers – For basic grooming.

A nail file and clippers are essential for basic grooming.

Sometimes, you might need to trim a nail or smooth out a rough edge.

Keeping these ensures you can take care of your nails anytime.

It’s important for maintaining clean and neat nails. This small grooming kit helps you stay polished and well-groomed.

Perfume – Your signature scent.

Your favorite perfume is great to have for adding your signature scent.

A spritz of perfume can make you feel fresh and confident.

Leaving a bottle there means you can always smell nice.

Your scent is part of your personal style, and having it on hand is very convenient.

Charger for Phone/Laptop – Essential for electronic devices.

A charger for your phone or laptop is essential for keeping your electronic devices powered.

You don’t want to be caught with a dead battery.

Leaving a charger ensures you can always charge your devices.

It’s very important for staying connected and getting things done.

This way, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery during your stay.

Headphones – For private listening.

Whether you want to listen to music, watch videos, or play games without disturbing anyone, they are very useful.

Keeping a pair at your boyfriend’s house means you can enjoy your favorite sounds anytime.

Headphones help you relax and enjoy your own space, even when you’re not alone.

Books or Magazines – For leisure reading.

If you like to read before bed or during quiet moments, having some at your boyfriend’s house is a good idea.

You can enjoy your favorite stories or catch up on interesting articles.

It’s a simple way to relax and spend your free time.

Reading is a wonderful habit, and having your own materials makes it easy to keep up.

Snacks – Some of your favorite treats.

Having some of your favorite snacks is always a good idea.

Sometimes you might get hungry between meals or crave a little treat.

Keeping snacks on hand ensures you have something you like to munch on.

It’s a fun and easy way to feel at home and enjoy your favorite flavors.

Tea or Coffee – Your preferred morning brew.

Your preferred morning brew is a great addition.

Whether you love tea or coffee, having your favorite type ensures you start your day right.

It’s comforting to have your own drink in the morning. This little touch makes your mornings more enjoyable and helps you feel more at home.

Portable Speaker – For music you both enjoy.

A portable speaker is perfect for playing music you both enjoy.

It’s great for setting the mood, whether you’re having a relaxing evening or a fun day.

Keeping a speaker means you can share your favorite tunes.

It’s a small but powerful way to enhance your time together with music you love.

Board Games or Cards – For fun game nights.

Board games or cards are great for fun game nights.

They provide entertainment and a way to bond with your boyfriend.

Keeping some games at his house means you always have a fun activity ready.

Whether it’s a competitive game of cards or a strategy board game, it’s a great way to spend time together.

Workout Gear – If you exercise together.

If you exercise together, having workout gear at your boyfriend’s house is very useful.

This could include clothes, shoes, or equipment like dumbbells.

Being prepared with your own gear makes it easy to stay active.

Having your workout items ready means you can keep up with your fitness routine without any hassle.

Yoga Mat – For fitness or meditation.

Whether you practice yoga, do home workouts, or meditate, a mat provides comfort and support.

Leaving a yoga mat at his house ensures you can always do your routines.

A yoga mat is a simple item that can make your fitness and relaxation sessions more enjoyable.

Water Bottle – To stay hydrated.

Whether you’re working out, spending time outside, or just hanging out, it’s important to drink water.

Keeping a water bottle at your boyfriend’s house ensures you always have a way to stay hydrated.

It’s a small but important item for your health and well-being.

Sunglasses – For sunny days.

They protect your eyes from the sun and make outdoor activities more comfortable.

Leaving a pair at your boyfriend’s house means you’re always ready for a sunny day.

Whether you’re going for a walk, heading to the beach, or just enjoying the outdoors, sunglasses are a must-have.

They help you see better and look stylish.

Jewelry – A few basic pieces.

Having a few basic jewelry pieces at his house can be very handy.

These could be items like earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet that goes with many outfits.

Keeping some jewelry there means you can always accessorize and complete your look.

It’s nice to have your favorite pieces available for any occasion, whether it’s a casual day or a special event.

Watch – To keep track of time.

Whether you’re planning your day or making sure you’re on schedule, a watch helps you stay organized.

Leaving one at your boyfriend’s house means you don’t have to rely on your phone.

It’s a simple and stylish way to always know the time.

A watch can also be a nice accessory to your outfits.

Diary or Journal – To jot down thoughts or notes.

A diary or journal is perfect for jotting down thoughts or notes.

It’s a great way to express yourself and keep track of your experiences.

Having or keeping one at his house means you can write whenever you feel inspired.

It’s a personal space to record your feelings, ideas, and memories. Journaling can be very relaxing and helpful for your mind.

Pens and Notebooks – For quick doodles or lists.

Whether you need to jot down a reminder, draw, or write a note, having these supplies ready is very useful.

Keeping them ensures you can always write things down.

It’s great for staying organized and creative. Pens and notebooks are small but very practical items to have around.

Seasonal Clothing – Such as a jacket or scarf.

Seasonal clothing, like a jacket or scarf, is important for staying comfortable.

The weather can change, and having the right clothes keeps you prepared.

A warm jacket for winter or a light scarf for cool evenings ensures you’re always dressed appropriately.

It’s nice to have these items on hand so you can enjoy your time together, no matter the weather.

Hat – For style or sun protection.

Whether it’s a sunny day or you just want to add a fashionable touch to your outfit, a hat can be a great accessory.

Leaving one means you’re always ready to step out in style or shield yourself from the sun.

It’s a small item that can make a big difference.

Laptop – If you work from his place sometimes.

If you work from your boyfriend’s place sometimes, having your laptop there is essential.

It allows you to get work done or stay connected online.

Keeping your laptop at his house means you don’t have to carry it back and forth.

It’s convenient for both work and leisure, making it easier to balance your time together and your responsibilities.

Personal Documents – That you might need.

Having personal documents that you might need is very practical.

These could include IDs, important papers, or anything you might require.

Keeping them safe ensures you have access to important information when needed.

It’s a smart way to stay organized and prepared for any situation.

Art Supplies – If you like to be creative.

If you like to be creative, having art supplies at your boyfriend’s house is a great idea.

Whether you enjoy drawing, painting, or crafting, keeping some supplies there means you can create whenever inspiration strikes.

It’s a fun and relaxing activity you can enjoy together or on your own.

Art supplies help you express your creativity and make beautiful things.

Camera – To capture moments together.

Whether it’s a special event or just everyday fun, having a camera there means you can always take pictures.

Photos are a great way to remember your time together and keep those memories alive.

It’s a wonderful way to document your experiences and enjoy looking back on them.

Backpack or Bag – For your belongings.

Whether you’re staying over for a night or spending the day together, having a bag ensures you can bring everything you need.

It’s great for packing clothes, snacks, or any personal items.

Leaving a backpack means you’re always ready for any outing or overnight stay.

It’s a practical and convenient item to have.

Travel-sized First Aid Kit – Just in case of minor injuries.

It’s always good to be prepared in case of small accidents.

Keeping a first aid kit means you have bandages, antiseptic wipes, and other essentials on hand.

It’s a small kit that provides peace of mind and helps you take care of minor cuts or scrapes quickly.

Pillow – If you prefer yours for a good night’s sleep.

Having your own pillow can make a big difference in getting a good night’s sleep.

If you prefer your own pillow for comfort and support, leaving it ensures you sleep well.

A familiar pillow can help you feel more at home and improve your rest.

It’s a simple item that adds a lot of comfort to your stay.

Blanket – For extra warmth or comfort.

Whether you’re watching a movie, reading a book, or going to sleep, having a cozy blanket can make you feel snug and relaxed.

Leaving one at his house means you can always wrap up and stay warm.

It’s a comforting item that makes any space feel more inviting.

Photos of You Two – To personalize the space.

Photos of you two can help personalize the space.

Displaying pictures of your favorite moments together adds a personal touch to your boyfriend’s house.

It’s a sweet way to remind both of you of the good times you’ve shared.

Photos make the space feel more like a shared home and strengthen your connection.

It’s a small gesture that brings a lot of warmth and happiness.


Having these things at your boyfriend’s house makes your visits more comfortable and stress-free.

By leaving these essentials and personal belongings, you’ll always feel prepared and at home.

From toiletries and clothes to comfort items and fun activities, this checklist ensures you have everything you need for a great time.

Keep this list in mind and enjoy your time together, knowing you have all your must-haves ready and waiting.

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