How To Get Your Boyfriend To Kiss You? [9 Tips For Girls]

Are you wondering how to get your boyfriend to kiss you? Sometimes, you might feel a bit shy or unsure about making the first move.

That’s completely normal!

We have some sweet and simple tips that can help make this moment happen.

These ideas are easy to try and can make both of you feel more connected and happy.

Whether you’re at a park, watching a movie, or just hanging out, these tips could lead to that special kiss you’ve been hoping for.

9 Tips To Get Your Boyfriend To Kiss You

Find out how to get closer to your boyfriend and maybe get a sweet kiss.

Below, we’ve listed nine easy tips.

Each one can help create the perfect moment for you and your boyfriend.

Let’s dive into these fun and gentle ways to encourage a kiss from him!

Set the Scene: Choose a setting that can put both of you in the right mood.

Set The Scene For a Kiss

Imagine you want to create a special moment with your boyfriend.

First, find a place that feels cozy or romantic.

This could be a quiet corner at home with soft pillows and dim lights. Or, choose a pretty park where flowers smell sweet and the air feels fresh.

Plan this for a time when both of you are relaxed.

Maybe after you’ve watched a funny movie or had a nice walk.

Make sure it’s just the two of you, so it feels private and special.

Set up the spot with little things he likes.

Maybe have his favorite snack ready, or play a song that both of you love.

This shows you care and makes the moment even better.

Now, everything feels perfect for a sweet, quiet kiss.

Get Close: Physical proximity can naturally lead to a kiss.

Imagine you and your boyfriend are sitting together, maybe watching a movie or just chatting.

To get a bit closer, scoot near him until your sides are gently touching.

This small move makes the space between you smaller and more intimate.

Now, lightly rest your hand on his arm or shoulder.

This simple touch can show him you’re comfortable and happy being close.

It doesn’t have to be a big gesture; a small, kind touch can say a lot.

As you sit close, you might notice him leaning in towards you, too.

This is a good sign that he feels connected and might be thinking about a kiss just like you are.

Make Eye Contact: Locking eyes can be a powerful way to communicate your feelings non-verbally.

When you’re close to your boyfriend, try looking into his eyes.

Eye contact can say a lot without words. It’s like a secret way to share how you feel.

When your eyes meet, it feels romantic and can make both of your hearts beat a little faster.

Hold his gaze for a few seconds. It shows you’re really seeing him and you care a lot about this moment.

It’s also a sign you might want to get even closer. Smiling softly while you look at him can make the moment feel even sweeter.

If he smiles back, it’s a good sign he’s feeling the same way. This can be the perfect lead-up to a kiss.

Smile and Be Playful: A light-hearted and joyful attitude can make the mood more relaxed and inviting.

Smile and Be Playful

While you’re spending time with your boyfriend, keep things light and fun.

Laugh together and maybe tease each other a bit.

A smile can make the whole atmosphere relaxed and happy.

Being playful shows him you’re enjoying the time together and you feel good.

This mood can make both of you more comfortable and open to a sweet kiss.

If you’re looking for fun ideas, check out this article.

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It has lots of games that can lead to more laughs and maybe a kiss or two!

Touch His Face or Hair: Gentle touches can increase intimacy and signal your affection.

When you’re close and feeling comfortable, reach out gently and touch his face or run your fingers through his hair.

These soft touches are very special. They show you care a lot and feel close to him.

Touching his face can make the moment feel more intimate. It’s a sweet way to show your affection without saying anything.

This kind of touch might also encourage him to lean in for a kiss.

As you touch him, watch his reaction. If he seems happy and stays close, it’s a good sign he likes this moment as much as you do.

Create a Buildup: Building anticipation can make the moment even more special.

Building up to a kiss can make it feel even more exciting.

Start by flirting a little. You can tease him gently or give him a playful look.

This can make both of you smile and feel happy.

Throughout your time together, gradually get closer. Maybe start by sitting near him, then slowly move closer until you’re almost touching.

This slow increase in closeness builds anticipation.

Each little step adds to the excitement.

It makes the moment you finally kiss feel like a wonderful surprise that you both have been waiting for.

Use Subtle Hints: Sometimes, a direct approach might be too forward.

Use Subtle Hints

When you want to hint at a kiss without saying it outright, you can use small, subtle signals.

One way is to look at his lips for a brief moment, then move your gaze back up to his eyes.

This little move can send a clear message that you might like a kiss.

These quick glances at his lips can let him know you’re thinking about kissing without being too direct.

It’s like a secret code just between the two of you.

By doing this, you create a little moment of mystery and invite him to think about kissing too.

If he catches on, he might just lean in for that kiss.

Be Confident: Because confidence is attractive.

Showing confidence can really catch his attention.

When you feel good about yourself and comfortable around him, it shows.

This can make him feel more relaxed and happy to be with you.

Stand or sit up straight and smile. Let him see that you enjoy being together.

This shows you’re sure of yourself and like where things are going.

When you’re confident, it’s easier for him to feel comfortable too.

This might encourage him to lean in and kiss you, feeling good about the moment just like you do.

Just Ask: Simply tell him you’d like him to kiss you.

If you feel bold, you can simply ask him for a kiss.

Directly saying what you want can be refreshing and clear. It shows you’re honest and open about your feelings.

Just lean in, look him in the eyes, and say something like, “I’d really like it if you kissed me now.”

This straightforward approach can be really attractive.

Asking directly takes the guesswork out for him.

He’ll know exactly what you want, making it easy for him to respond.

This can lead to a special moment shared just between the two of you.


Trying these tips can make the moment of your first kiss with your boyfriend feel special and memorable.

Whether you create the perfect romantic setting, use gentle touches, or even just ask outright, each approach helps build a connection and shows your feelings.

Remember, the most important part is that you both feel comfortable and happy.

Every relationship is unique, so go at a pace that feels right for both of you.

Enjoy the fun and excitement of getting closer, and let the kiss be a natural, wonderful part of your time together.

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