10 Drinking Game Punishments For Non-Drinkers

Drinking games are a popular way to have fun and bond with friends at parties.

But what about those who don’t drink alcohol? How can they join in the fun too?

Don’t worry; we’ve got a solution for that!

We’ve come up with 10 super fun drinking game punishments for non-drinkers.

So whether you drink or not, everyone can enjoy the party and have a great time.

Curious to know what these games are? Keep reading!

You won’t want to miss out on these entertaining alternatives. They’re sure to make your next gathering a blast for everyone!

1. Sour Shot

Lemon and lime, notorious for their zest and tang, make a lively non-alcoholic punishment.

Participants must gulp down a shot of pure, freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, wriggling through the sharp, tangy taste as it tickles their taste buds into a zesty dance.

The real challenge here is maintaining a straight face amidst the tangy tumult!

2. Spicy Challenge

Transforming the heat from the alcohol to your palate, participants are to either swallow a shot of robust hot sauce or munch on a spicy pepper.

This punishment ensures that, even without alcohol, your cheeks are flushed and your spirit is fiery, contributing to the spirited atmosphere of the game.

3. Chug Challenge

Fast-paced and thrilling, the chug challenge requires participants to down a large glass of water or their favorite non-alcoholic beverage as quickly as possible.

Not only is it an amusing spectacle for onlookers, but it also guarantees abundant laughter and perhaps, a tiny bit of a bloated belly!

4. Soda Slam

An explosive surprise awaits in the soda slam!

Participants energetically slam a freshly opened can of soda onto the table and hurriedly take a sip, grappling with the ensuing fizz and perhaps, dealing with a minor soda shower, much to the amusement of fellow players.

5. Brain Freeze

Dive into a chilly adventure with the brain freeze challenge.

Participants must rapidly consume a frosty dessert or a frigid slushie, leading to an inevitable, shivery brain freeze, all while trying to maintain a semblance of cool – pun intended.

6. Condiment Cocktail

A blend of bizarre and intense flavors, this punishment involves crafting a cocktail using various condiments.

Think ketchup, mustard, and mayo – and bravely take a sip or a spoonful.

The real penalty lies in navigating through the whirlwind of unexpected and contrasting flavors.

7. Bitter Brew

Navigate through the strong, pungent landscape of an extraordinarily bitter herbal tea, gulping down an entire cup.

This punishment tantalizes your palate with an intense, lingering bitterness, simulating the harshness often experienced in traditional alcoholic shots.

8. Sour Candy Challenge

With the sour candy challenge, participants endeavor to consume notoriously bad candies.

Attempting to keep their expressions unflinching and neutral, even as their taste buds are assaulted by a sour onslaught, providing priceless reactions for onlookers.

9. Vinegar Shot

Tantalize your taste buds with a sharp, acidic vinegar shot.

This punishment entices participants to gulp down a shot of vinegar, usually, apple cider, struggling with the potent, pungent kick that follows, making for an amusing spectacle.

10. Fruit Smoothie Surprise

Embark on a fruity journey with a twist! Participants blend together a motley of fruits

Including unconventional choices, into a smoothie, taking a brave sip of the mysterious concoction.

The true challenge lies in the unpredictability of flavors, each sip is a unique experience.

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How to play a drinking game without alcohol?

Replace alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic options like soda, juice, or water, and maintain the same rules otherwise. Ensure the punishments or challenges are inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, whether they involve sipping a drink or performing a fun task. Always prioritize participant comfort and enjoyment.

What activities can you do that don’t involve drinking?

Consider hosting a game night, engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or a picnic, organizing a movie marathon, conducting a cooking or baking session, exploring arts and crafts, or diving into a fun karaoke session. Choose activities that cater to the interests of your group and ensure enjoyment for everyone involved.

How to make drinking games for sober?

To make drinking games sober-friendly, replace alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic alternatives and adjust the challenges to be inclusive and enjoyable for non-drinkers. Consider using mocktails, juices, or other fun beverages, and create a variety of engaging challenges and punishments that are comfortable and entertaining for everyone, ensuring the spirit of the game is preserved without the need for alcohol.

What not to say to a non-drinker?

When interacting with a non-drinker, avoid making assumptions or passing judgments about their decision. Steer clear of phrases like “Come on, just one drink won’t hurt,” “Is something wrong?” or “You’re so boring for not drinking.” Be supportive and respectful of their choice without prying into their reasons unless they willingly share them.

How do you respond to “I don’t drink”?

Responding to “I don’t drink” should be respectful and considerate. A simple “That’s completely fine!” or “I respect that” is sufficient. Avoid prying for reasons or attempting to persuade them otherwise. Ensure you offer non-alcoholic alternatives and make them feel included and comfortable in the social setting.

What can I say instead of “I don’t drink”?

If you prefer not to say “I don’t drink,” you may opt for alternatives like “I’m not drinking tonight,” “I’ll pass, thanks,” or “I’m good with my soda for now.” Choose a response that you’re comfortable with, and remember that it’s always okay to decline a drink without providing further explanation if you prefer not to.


In a world where our social activities are diversifying, ensuring everyone feels included, especially in lively games at gatherings, is paramount.

This guide to non-alcoholic drinking game punishments is curated not only to respect the choices of non-drinkers but also to bring zest, thrill, and boundless laughter to your celebrations.

Embracing these alternative challenges promises an entertaining, inclusive, and equally enthusiastic gathering, where everyone shares every cheer and chuckle, irrespective of their beverage of choice.

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