23 Fun and Creative Punishments For Games With Family

23 Fun and Creative Punishments For Games With Family

If you are looking for unique punishments for games with family then you are at the right place.

Here I have shared a list of family-friendly punishments hope you will like the list.

Remember the goal of punishments is to bring out happiness and strengthen family bonds.

Enjoy the list.

Creative Punishments For Games With Family

Fun Punishments For Games With Family

1. Share A Moment

Everyone has some special moment in their life that they can share.

Kids and everyone will appreciate it because nobody says no to an interesting story.

It is the best punishment in my opinion to increase family bonding.

Moments can be your learning experience from the past that you can share.

It can be anything funny, sad, or happy.

The family will learn more about you and you can teach something to kids with your experience.

2. Order A Meal For The Family 

The loser has to order a meal for the family.

Simple punishment that will bring a smile to every family member’s face.

Because nobody says no to the tasty food.

3. Sing A Song But There Is A Twist 

The loser has to sing a song but they have to dedicate it to someone.

You can add another thing is that they can sing a song they like.

Because when a person sings a song they like and dedicate to someone it becomes special.

4. Order Each Person’s Favorite Food

This punishment will surely put a hole in your pocket.

The loser has to order each person’s favorite food.

Every family member can voice out what they want to eat and the loser has to buy it.

It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap if they want it then the loser of the game has to get it.

5. Make A Plan For The Next Family Gathering 

The loser of the game has to make a plan for the next family gathering.

It means they will arrange the party next time.

You can also set a time limit like you want the party next week.

So don’t lose in the game if you don’t want to become a host.

6. Give A Hug To Everyone 

It is simple, you just have to hug everyone present at the family gathering.

If you don’t want to do this then don’t lose the game.

Just spread love and laugh with this punishment.

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7. Give A Shoulder Massage

For some, it may be punishment but for some, it will be a relaxing massage.

Imagine losing to your parents in games and giving them a massage. 

It will be a fun and relaxing moment.

8. Truth or Dare 

It is your classic punishment.

Truth and dare always bring fun, be ready with the right questions if you want to make it interesting.

Make sure it is a family-friendly question otherwise, it will be super awkward.

9. Dance

It is a punishment that will bring joy to other people’s faces.

Just play the song and let the body move.

You can also add that the loser of the game has to dance with his or her partner.

This will light up the mood of the party even more.

10. Wear A Getup 

You can decide beforehand on the outfit. 

When someone loses in the game then you can bring out the outfit as a punishment.

You can also set a time limit on how long he/she has to wear the outfit.

Like he/she has to wear the outfit for the entire party or gathering.

You can go crazy with the outfits, take your time in selecting the one.

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11. Share Something Funny You Have Seen/Witnessed And Never Forget Till Today

I ask this Question as a punishment a lot of times when the family is gathering at home.

You get to hear a new funny story and the whole family’s mood lights up after the story.

So it is a win-win situation.

Remember the punishment is not here to embarrass someone but it is there to bring out happiness.

12. Present A Comedy Show

It is a terrible punishment because it is hard to make people laugh.

If you lose the game then you have to be a standup comedian for the night.

You have to create a comedy script and try to make family members laugh.

You can also add this-

Others have to give the topic and the loser of the game has to come up with something using that topic on the spot.

This will make the thing more interesting.

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Family Friendly Punishments For Games

Family Friendly Punishments For Games

13. Special Coupons 

Kids will like this creative punishment.

The loser of the game has to give special coupons to the winner.

There will be limited coupons you can decide how much you want to give (1 or 10).

Whenever the coupon is taken out the loser has to do what the winner says, no matter the time and location.

It is just like a massage coupon, you have to massage if the coupon is taken out.

You can make the coupons at home.

The simple paper will do the trick.

Don’t lose if you don’t want to do something embarrassing in the future.

14. Spending The Weekends According To The Winner 

Kids will love this because if they win they will get to spend weekends the way they like.

You can also add conditions like we can only do this type of activity and if it goes overboard we will not do this.

No matter who wins or loses the game, the weekends will be fun.

15. Playing Games That Your Kids Wants 

If you are kids are into gaming then they will love this punishment.

It is a great way to spend more time with kids, just relaxing.

The loser of the game has to play games that the winner likes.

16. Crafting DIY Projects 

The loser of the game has to craft a DIY project with the winner at home.

The winner can give ideas on what type of project they will make.

It is another way to learn and spend time together with your family.

Select the project, free up some time, and do it.

17. Learn A New Skill Together 

The loser of the game has to learn a new skill together with the winner.

But the condition is the skill will be chosen by the winner.

It is a great way to learn new skills with your kids. 

It can be anything from dancing to karate.

So don’t lose the game and if you win make sure you are ready with the skills you are interested in.

18. House Chores 

The loser of the game has to do household chores for the week.

It is a great way to teach and show how much effort goes into chores.

If you don’t want to do it then don’t lose the game.

19. Morning Runs 

The loser of the game has to do morning runs for a week or month.

It is a great way to start healthy habits.

This punishment will be the kickstart to your healthy journey.

20. Start New Habit 

The loser of the game has to start a new habit.

You can also add that the winner can decide what habit to include.

Only use good habits and that way you can change one bad habit of the person.

Set a time limit on how long they have to do it.

And also set punishment on like if they missed a day they have to pay.

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21. Show Off Your Talents 

The loser of the game has to show off his/her talents.

It can be anything like dancing, singing, or doing comedy.

You have to show off your hidden talents as punishment.

If you read lots of books you can also share what you have learned from them.

You will learn more about each other through this punishment.

22. Winner Get To Decide Where We Will Spend Next Vacation 

This is not punishment but this is more like a reward to the winner.

But it can also be considered as punishment to the loser of the game.

Because you don’t have any say in where you will spend your next vacation.

The winner gets to decide where the family will spend their next vacation.

So if you want to spend the holiday in your favorite places then win the game.

23. House Captain 

This will be an incredible reward for the winner

But it will be a terrible punishment for the loser of the game.

The House captain decides the rules of the house for the day.

It means he/she will be in charge of the house for the day and everyone has to follow his/her rules.

You can add conditions that if anything or any rule is overboard then it will not be done.

If you want to set rules then win the game.


If you enjoyed this list then share this with your friends and family.

When there is a family gathering or games then you can use punishment as a way to learn something about the person or to just lighten the mood.

This will make the person comfortable and make the family bond stronger.

That’s it from me and I hope you enjoyed the article. 

You can share your experience below and what punishment have you used in your family games. 

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