60 Fun Makeup Games Ideas For Girls and Women’s [2024]

Get ready to dive into the world of makeup games, where beauty challenges and creative makeup activities come to life!

Whether you’re planning a party or just having fun at home, these games are perfect for anyone who loves fashion and cosmetics.

From DIY makeup fun to interactive beauty games, there’s something for everyone.

So grab your brushes and let’s get started on a journey filled with color, creativity, and lots of laughter!


Fun and Creative Makeup Games For Your Next Girls Party

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 60 fun and engaging makeup games.

These activities range from virtual makeup artist games to hands-on beauty makeover games, ensuring your party will be an unforgettable hit.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and enjoy these fabulous makeup games with your friends!

For Girls and Women’s Parties

Dive into a world of beauty challenges and makeup party ideas with games designed specifically for girl’s and women’s gatherings.

Whether it’s racing to apply lipstick without a mirror or crafting custom face masks, these interactive beauty games add a splash of fun and creativity to any get-together.

Enjoy the camaraderie and showcase your cosmetic skills in a friendly competition!

Lipstick Relay: Teams race to apply lipstick without a mirror, then pass it on.

Lipstick Relay

Imagine you and your friends racing to put on lipstick, but with a twist—you can’t use a mirror!

You’ll line up in teams, and the first person races to apply the lipstick as best as they can.

Once they think they’ve got it on right, they pass the lipstick to the next person in line.

The first team to finish wins. It’s all about quick hands and lots of giggles!

Makeup Artist Showdown: Compete in pairs to create a specific look on each other within a time limit.

Grab a buddy because it’s time to see who can be the best makeup artist.

You’ll work in pairs and pick a makeup look to create on each other.

Maybe it’s a glamorous evening look or a bright and bold style.

You’ll have a set time, like 15 minutes, to complete the makeover.

When the time’s up, everyone can admire each other’s work and even take some glamorous photos!

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge: Apply makeup on a friend while blindfolded.

This game is sure to be filled with laughter.

You’ll put a blindfold on and try to apply makeup on your friend without being able to see!

It’s not about being perfect—it’s about having fun and enjoying the silly looks you’ll create.

Your friends will take turns, and everyone will end up with some truly unique makeup looks.

Guess the Product: Blindfolded players guess makeup items by touch or smell.

In this game, you’ll be blindfolded and have to guess different makeup items just by touching or smelling them.

It could be anything from a fluffy brush to a smooth lipstick.

Each correct guess scores a point.

It’s a great way to test your makeup senses and have some fun with the mystery of what you’ll pick up next!

Beauty Scavenger Hunt: Find listed makeup items hidden around the party area.

Beauty Scavenger Hunt

Before your party starts, hide different makeup items around your party area.

They could be under cushions, behind curtains, or in unexpected spots.

Then, give your friends a list of the hidden items and set them off on a hunt!

Whoever finds the most items wins.

It’s like treasure hunting, but with makeup!

DIY Face Masks: Mix your face masks with natural ingredients.

This is a relaxing game where you and your friends can mix up your own face masks using natural ingredients like honey, yogurt, or avocado.

You can each make a mask that suits your skin type, apply them to each other’s faces, and enjoy a spa-like experience right at home.

It’s both fun and pampering!

Makeup Spin the Bottle: Spin to pick a makeup product to apply.

Put various makeup products in a circle, and use a bottle to spin and decide which one you’ll apply.

Whatever the bottle points to, you have to use it—whether it’s a bright blush or a wild eyeshadow color.

It’s a fun and random way to try new looks and products you might not usually pick.

Celebrity Copycat: Mimic a celebrity’s makeup look.

Choose a celebrity and try to recreate their iconic makeup look.

You could pick photos of famous looks and have each person choose one.

Spend some time transforming into your selected star, and then reveal your looks to each other.

It’s like stepping into the shoes of your favorite celeb for a day!

Makeup Bingo: Win by completing a row of applied makeup items.

Create bingo cards but instead of numbers, use pictures of makeup products or makeup application steps.

As you complete each task or use a product, you get to mark it off on your card.

The first one to complete a row wins!

This game combines the fun of bingo with the creativity of makeup.

Makeover Time Lapse: Teams create a look and document the transformation with photos.

This is all about teamwork and creativity.

Your group will split into teams, and each team will pick one person to get a makeover.

You’ll document the transformation by taking photos at each stage.

In the end, you can share the time-lapse of photos to show how the look evolved.

It’s a great way to see how different ideas come together to create a stunning final look!

For Kids

Kids will love the blend of face painting games and DIY makeup fun tailored for their imaginative minds.

From creating sparkling designs with body glitter to mixing up their own lip gloss with safe ingredients, these activities not only entertain but also spark creativity in young ones.

These games are perfect for involving children in makeup application games in a playful and safe environment.

Face Painting Contest: Kids paint faces based on themes.

Face Painting Contest

Get ready for a face painting adventure where each kid can paint someone else’s face based on a fun theme like superheroes, flowers, or animals.

Set up a station with colorful face paints and brushes, and let their creativity shine.

Once everyone is painted, you can have a little contest to see whose design is the most creative, funniest, or most beautiful!

Glitter Galore: Create designs using body glitter.

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?

In this game, kids can create dazzling designs on their arms or faces using body glitter.

Provide different colors of glitter and some safe, skin-friendly glue or gel.

They can make patterns like stars, and hearts, or even write their names in glitter.

It’s a sparkly way to add some shine to your party!

DIY Lip Gloss: Make lip gloss with safe, edible ingredients.

Mix up some fun by making your own lip gloss.

Use safe, edible ingredients like coconut oil, honey, and edible glitter or food coloring.

Each kid can choose their flavor and color, mix their ingredients, and take home their personalized lip gloss.

It’s a creative activity and a lovely party favor!

Makeup Matching Game: Match makeup products to pictures.

Set up a game where kids match makeup products to pictures.

Display images of different makeup looks, and have a table with various makeup products.

Kids need to choose which products were used to create each look.

It’s a fun way to learn about makeup and challenge their matching skills!

Coloring Faces: Print face outlines to “apply” paper makeup.

Print out face outlines on paper and let the kids “apply makeup” using crayons, markers, or paint.

They can design the face’s makeup as wildly or as subtly as they wish.

This game is great for younger kids who aren’t ready for real makeup but still want to join in the fun.

Princess Party Makeup: Apply fairy tale-inspired makeup.

Turn your party into a fairy tale by having a princess makeup session.

Kids can choose to look like their favorite princesses with a little bit of makeup magic.

Provide tiaras, sparkly eyeshadow, and some pink blush to complete their enchanting looks.

Animal Face Challenge: Turn each other into animals with makeup.

Animal Face Challenge

In this lively game, kids transform each other into different animals using makeup.

Provide examples like tigers, bears, or butterflies, and let them paint each other’s faces to resemble those animals.

It’s a roaring good time and a great photo opportunity!

Makeup Musical Chairs: When the music stops, you apply the item you hold.

Play a twist on traditional musical chairs by incorporating makeup.

Set up chairs in a circle, and place different makeup items on each chair.

When the music stops, each kid picks up the makeup item nearest to them and applies it.

The game continues until everyone has a funny mix of makeup on!

Temporary Tattoo Parlor: Apply and decorate with temporary tattoos.

Set up a temporary tattoo station where kids can choose from different designs and have them applied.

They can pick their favorite characters, animals, or cool designs.

It’s an easy and pain-free way to enjoy getting “tattooed”!

Storybook Makeup Session: Create looks that correspond to storybook characters.

Let the kids bring storybook characters to life with makeup.

Choose a few popular storybooks and create makeup looks based on their characters.

Whether it’s a brave knight, a cunning fox, or a magical fairy, kids will love turning into their favorite storybook heroes and heroines.

For Instagram

Elevate your social media game with Instagram-centric makeup challenges.

Engage in online makeup contests, mimic your favorite filters, or tackle beauty makeover games inspired by emojis and hashtags.

This segment offers a host of makeup tutorial games and tips, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their virtual presence and connect creatively with followers.

Filter Vs. Reality: Create looks that mimic popular IG filters.

Challenge yourself and your friends to recreate your favorite Instagram filters using only makeup.

Choose a popular filter like the butterfly crown or the classic sepia tone and try to mimic the effects on your face.

Post side-by-side comparison photos showing the filter and your makeup version.

It’s a fun way to see how close you can get to those digital effects!

Emoji Makeup Challenge: Create a look inspired by random emojis.

Get creative with emojis for this makeup game.

Use a random emoji generator and whichever emoji pops up—be it a pumpkin, a dancing girl, or even just a color—create a makeup look inspired by it.

It’s a quirky way to use colors and themes you might not think of otherwise.

Share your looks with your followers and see what they think!

1-Minute Makeover: Post before-and-after makeovers in one-minute videos.

This fast-paced challenge is perfect for showing dramatic transformations.

Record a video of a quick makeup session, speeding it up so the whole makeover fits into one minute.

Start with a bare face and transform into a fully made-up look.

Post the before-and-after as a one-minute clip to really showcase your skills.

Hashtag Hunt: Create looks inspired by trending hashtags.

Hashtag Hunt

Dive into current trends with this hashtag-inspired game.

Pick a trending makeup hashtag on Instagram, like #glowup or #cutcrease, and create a look that fits the theme.

It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with beauty trends and show off your versatility in makeup artistry.

Mix-n-Match Challenge: Combine unexpected colors and styles, and post results.

Push the boundaries of conventional makeup styles by mixing unexpected colors and styles.

Combine things like a gothic lip with a pastel eyeshadow, or a neon liner with a natural face.

Post the results and challenge your followers to mix and match their own unique combinations.

Beauty Product Roulette: Use a random generator to pick products to use.

Let chance dictate your makeup routine.

Use a random generator to select products from your makeup collection.

Whatever it lands on—whether it’s that bright blue eyeshadow you hardly use or a bold lipstick—incorporate it into your look.

It’s a fun way to rediscover forgotten products.

Palette Swap: Swap makeup palettes with friends and post the outcomes.

Swap makeup palettes with a friend and challenge yourself to create looks using only the products from the swapped palette.

This game can lead to new discoveries and fun collaborations.

Post the final looks side-by-side to show how each of you used the palette differently.

Tutorial Tag: Recreate a look from a tutorial and then challenge others.

Pick a makeup tutorial from a favorite influencer and try to recreate the look as closely as possible.

Once you’ve mastered the look, post it and tag friends to try the same tutorial.

It’s a fun way to learn new techniques and see how different people interpret the same instructions.

Vogue Cover Challenge: Create a makeup look worthy of a Vogue cover.

Vogue Cover Challenge

Channel your inner cover star and create a makeup look that’s worthy of being on the cover of Vogue.

Think bold, beautiful, and professional.

Capture a glamorous photo of your creation and post it with the hashtag #VogueCoverChallenge.

It’s a glamorous way to practice high-fashion makeup looks.

Doppelgänger Challenge: Recreate celebrity looks and compare.

Choose a celebrity and do your best to recreate their most iconic makeup look.

Post a side-by-side photo of your creation alongside the celebrity’s look.

Encourage your followers to guess who you’re emulating or to take on the challenge themselves.

For Teens

Teens can connect through virtual makeup artist games and trending TikTok beauty hacks, making it a go-to section for fashion and makeup games.

Whether it’s trying out bold new looks in a truth-or-dare setting or transforming into a celebrity look-alike.

These games are all about self-expression and innovation in makeup, offering plenty of opportunities for social media sharing and fun.

TikTok Trends Try-Out: Try out and rate popular TikTok makeup trends.

Jump into the world of TikTok and try out some of the most popular makeup trends you see on the app.

Whether it’s the latest contouring technique or a viral lipstick hack, give it a go and rate each trend.

Film your attempts and share them to see who gets the most likes or who did it best!

Truth or Dare Makeup Edition: Choose between truth or applying a bold makeup item.

Spice up the classic game of truth or dare by adding a makeup twist.

Choose between sharing a truth or daring to apply a bold makeup item like a bright blue eyeshadow or a neon lipstick.

It’s a fun way to challenge your makeup skills and learn new things about each other.

DIY Beauty Hacks: Test different TikTok beauty hacks.

Explore various beauty hacks that you find on TikTok or Instagram and test them out with your friends.

From homemade face masks to quick-fix makeup tips, see which hacks actually work and which are just for fun.

You might even discover some useful beauty secrets!

Celebrity Look-Alike: Everyone tries to mimic their chosen celebrity’s makeup.

Celebrity Look-Alike

Pick a celebrity and try to recreate their signature makeup look.

Whether it’s Taylor Swift’s classic red lip or Billie Eilish’s bold graphic liners, see how close you can get to mimicking these iconic styles.

Share your results online or with friends for a fun comparison!

Glow-in-the-Dark Makeup Party: Use glow-in-the-dark makeup for a fun twist.

Turn off the lights and turn up the fun with glow-in-the-dark makeup.

Use special luminescent products to create designs that will glow under black light.

It’s a cool way to throw a memorable party that lights up the night!

Under 5 Products Challenge: Create the best look using less than 5 products.

Put your creativity to the test by trying to create the best possible makeup look using less than 5 products.

This challenge forces you to think strategically about how to use each product in multiple ways.

It’s a great exercise in minimalism and creativity!

Festival Face Gems: Apply face gems and create festival-ready looks.

Get ready for the festival season any time of the year by practicing your face gem application.

Use adhesive gems and glitters to create shimmering, eye-catching designs that stand out.

It’s a festive way to enhance any makeup look.

Skincare Routine Swap: Share and try each other’s skincare routines.

Swap skincare routines with a friend and see how new products and practices affect your skin.

It’s a helpful way to learn about different products and find out what might work best for you in the long term.

Just make sure to use products that are safe and suitable for your skin type!

Makeup Charades: Act out makeup products or techniques for others to guess.

Play charades where you have to act out different makeup products or makeup application techniques.

It could be miming how to apply mascara, pretending to put on blush, or acting out the name of a famous makeup brand.

It’s a hilarious game that mixes makeup knowledge with dramatic flair.

Makeup Transformation Race: Race to transform from day to night looks.

Challenge your friends to a race where you transform your look from day to night.

Start with a simple, light makeup application and then quickly switch it up to something more dramatic and suitable for an evening out.

Time each other to see who can complete their transformation the fastest.

For Facebook

Explore the exciting world of Facebook-friendly makeup games.

Where you can engage in virtual makeup parties, participate in makeup history challenges, or swap beauty tips online.

This section is ideal for those who enjoy makeup simulation games and creative makeup activities that can be shared in a digital community, enhancing both your skills and your social network.

Makeup History Challenge: Create looks from different historical eras.

Dive into the past with the Makeup History Challenge!

Choose different historical eras like the Victorian age, the roaring ’20s, or the colorful ’80s, and create makeup looks that capture the essence of those times.

Post your transformations and educate your friends about makeup history.

Friend’s Choice: Let friends vote on elements of your makeup look.

Let your friends take the lead on your makeup look!

Post different makeup options, like lip colors, eyeshadow styles, or contouring techniques, and let your friends vote on what you should wear.

Apply the makeup according to the most votes and show off the result.

It’s a fun way to interact and try new styles!

Makeup Swap: Swap bags of makeup with a friend and use whatever you get.

Swap makeup bags with a friend and challenge each other to create a look using only the items you received.

It’s a surprise what you’ll get, and you’ll have to be creative with the products at hand.

Share both your process and the final look online to see who managed the best transformation.

Product Review Roulette: Try a random product and give a live review.

Randomly select a beauty product from your collection and give a live review on Facebook.

Describe how it applies, its effectiveness, and whether you’d recommend it.

This can help others discover new products and see them in action.

No Mirror Makeup: Apply makeup without using a mirror and share the results.

No Mirror Makeup

Challenge yourself to apply your makeup without using a mirror, and then share the results with your friends.

It’s a hilarious way to test your makeup skills and see how well you know your own face.

The outcomes are sure to get plenty of reactions!

Beauty Quiz Night: Host a live quiz on makeup knowledge and tips.

Host a live makeup knowledge quiz on Facebook. Prepare questions about makeup techniques, history, and famous trends.

Invite your friends to join live and see who can answer the most questions correctly.

It’s a great way to have fun and learn something new about beauty.

Virtual Makeup Party: Host a live session where everyone applies makeup together.

Set up a virtual party where everyone applies their makeup together while chatting online.

Choose a theme like “movie star glam” or “summer vibes” and have everyone create a look that fits.

It’s like getting ready together for a night out, even if you’re apart!

Product Drop Bingo: When a product is mentioned, mark it on your bingo card.

Create bingo cards with makeup products listed on each square.

During a live session, mention products as you use them, and viewers can mark them off on their bingo cards.

The first to complete a line wins a small prize, like a shoutout or a makeup tip.

Makeup Memory Game: Post a sequence of makeup applications, others repeat it.

Post a sequence of makeup applications (like first applying foundation, then eyeliner, then lipstick) and challenge your friends to replicate the order.

It’s a test of memory and skill in following makeup routines.

Reverse Makeup Tutorial: Post a makeup application in reverse order.

Create a unique and engaging post by showing your makeup application in reverse order.

Start with the full makeup look, then gradually remove each element, explaining what product you used and why.

It’s an intriguing twist on the typical tutorial and offers a fresh perspective on the makeup process.

With Friends

Gather your friends for a session of makeup and beauty apps come to life with fun and interactive games like Makeup Pictionary or Top Model Makeover.

These games provide a perfect blend of DIY beauty product tutorials and creative makeup activities.

Ensuring everyone learns something new while having a blast styling each other.

Makeup Swap Party: Everyone brings makeup they no longer use and swaps.

Organize a makeup swap where everyone brings beauty products they no longer use.

Lay out all the items, and let everyone pick something new to them.

It’s a great way to declutter, try new products, and refresh your makeup collection without spending money.

DIY Beauty Products: Make homemade beauty products together.

DIY Beauty Products

Gather natural ingredients like coconut oil, sugar, and essential oils, and have fun making your own beauty products.

You can create lip balms, body scrubs, or face masks.

It’s a hands-on activity that lets you customize your beauty regimen with safe, natural products.

Makeup Pictionary: Draw makeup-related items for others to guess.

Play Pictionary with a twist—only draw makeup-related items like mascara, blush, or a beauty blender.

It’s a creative and funny way to test your drawing skills and makeup knowledge.

See who can guess the most items correctly!

Top Model Makeover: Give each other makeovers to create high fashion magazine-worthy looks. 

Pretend you’re backstage at a fashion show and give each other dramatic, high-fashion makeovers.

Think bold eyeshadows, sculpted cheekbones, and striking lip colors.

Then, have a photo shoot to capture your magazine-worthy looks.

Dare or Makeup: Choose a dare or apply an outlandish makeup style.

Combine the thrill of dares with the creativity of makeup.

Choose between completing a dare or applying a wild makeup style, like a neon lip or glitter cheeks.

It’s a playful way to challenge each other and try out bold new looks.

Makeup Karaoke: Apply makeup while singing along to favorite songs.

Set up a karaoke machine and sing your favorite songs while applying makeup.

The catch? You have to keep singing while doing your makeup, which can lead to some hilarious results.

It’s a perfect blend of beauty and entertainment.

Rate My Look: Style each other and rate the looks on a fun scale.

After styling each other, have a fun fashion show where you rate each look.

You can score based on creativity, execution, or just how much it makes you smile.

It’s a lighthearted way to give feedback and enjoy each other’s artistic expressions.

Makeup Time Capsule: Create looks from different decades.

Create makeup looks from different decades, like the ’60s mod style, ’80s glam, or ’90s grunge.

Research the trends from each era and recreate them, then discuss how beauty standards have changed over time.

YouTube Challenge Recreation: Try to recreate viral makeup challenges from YouTube.

YouTube Challenge Recreation

Choose popular makeup challenges from YouTube, such as the “No Mirror Makeup Challenge” or “Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks,” and try to recreate them.

Film your attempts and share them with each other or even online to join in on the YouTube fun.

Beauty Tip Exchange: Share your best makeup tips and tricks with each other.

End your gathering by sharing your favorite makeup tips and tricks.

Each friend can present their best beauty advice, from how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner to the best way to keep skin hydrated.

It’s a valuable way to learn from each other and improve your beauty routines.


As we wrap up our list of 60 fun makeup games, it’s clear that there are endless possibilities to explore creativity and share unforgettable moments with friends.

Whether you’re hosting a lively party or enjoying an online contest, these games provide both fun and a chance to sharpen your makeup skills.

So, gather your makeup kits, choose your favorite games from our list, and get ready to transform ordinary get-togethers into extraordinary makeup adventures.

Remember, every swipe of the brush brings a splash of joy and a touch of glam to your day!

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