60 Fun Dares Over Facetime [Spice Up Your Video Calls]

Looking for a fun way to liven up your video calls?

Try some dares over Facetime! Whether you’re chatting with friends, hanging out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or having a family get-together, these virtual dare games are sure to bring lots of laughs.

From silly challenges to sweet surprises, our list of interactive games over Facetime is perfect for anyone wanting to make their digital parties more exciting.

Get ready to play and see who can complete the most daring tasks!

60 Fun Dares Over Facetime

Below is a list of 60 fun dares over Facetime that include challenges for boyfriends, girlfriends, and couples.

These online truth-or-dare games are perfect for adding a playful twist to your conversations.

Whether you’re looking for remote fun activities or interactive video call activities, there’s something here to make every Facetime call an adventure.

Let’s dive in and start the fun!

Dares For Teenagers

Dares Over Facetime For Teenagers

Challenge your teens with a set of daring and hilarious virtual dare games that are perfect for Facetime. From dancing without music to imitating celebrities, these activities are designed to unlock their creativity and ensure a barrel of laughs, making every video call an adventure.

Show us your best dance moves without any music.

Imagine dancing without any music playing – sounds tricky, right?

Well, that’s what makes it so fun!

This dare asks you to get up and dance your heart out, even though there’s no beat to follow.

Just move your body however you feel like and try to impress your friends with your coolest moves.

It’s a great way to show off your creativity and maybe even make everyone laugh with your awesome dance skills!

Imitate your favorite celebrity for one minute.

Have you ever wanted to be a famous celebrity?

Now’s your chance!

Pick a celebrity you really like and try to act just like them for a whole minute.

You can talk like them, walk like them, or even copy their famous expressions.

It’s like being an actor for a short time, and it helps you see how well you can pretend to be someone else.

Plus, it’s super fun to see if your friends can guess who you are!

Try to lick your elbow while keeping a serious face.

This dare sounds silly, but it’s harder than you think!

The challenge is to try and lick your elbow, but you must keep a straight face while doing it.

Most people can’t reach their elbow with their tongue, which makes this dare not only difficult but also really funny.

It’s a great way to get a few giggles and see everyone’s funny attempts.

Speak in an accent different from your own until your next turn.

Here’s a chance to sound different for a little while!

Choose an accent that is not your own, like British, Australian, or even a funny cartoon voice, and talk like that until it’s your turn again.

This dare tests your ability to keep up the accent and makes conversations extra interesting.

Plus, it’s hilarious to hear what kinds of accents your friends come up with!

Wear socks on your hands for the next three rounds.

Wear Socks On Your Hands

Imagine trying to do things with socks on your hands instead of gloves!

This dare is exactly that – slip a pair of socks over your hands and keep them there for three rounds of the game.

It’s funny to see how tricky simple tasks become, like holding your phone or giving a thumbs up.

It adds a silly twist to the game and makes every task a laughter-filled challenge.

Hold a plank for one minute while reciting your favorite song lyrics.

This challenge combines a physical workout with some musical fun!

Get into the plank position, which is like the starting position for a push-up, and hold it steady.

While keeping your body straight and strong, start reciting the lyrics from your favorite song.

This dare tests your strength and your ability to concentrate on the lyrics while maintaining the plank.

Make your best impression of a famous cartoon character.

Think of a cartoon character that you love and try to act just like them.

You can use their voice, say some of their famous catchphrases, and mimic their mannerisms.

This dare is not only super fun but also lets you step into the shoes of your favorite animated character for a moment.

It’s enjoyable to see how accurately you can impersonate the character and how your friends react to your performance.

Draw a mustache on your face with a washable marker.

Draw a Mustache On Your Face

Grab a washable marker and carefully draw a mustache on your own face.

You can choose any style of mustache you like, whether it’s curly, straight, or something completely unique.

This dare is a hilarious way to change your look temporarily and give everyone a good laugh.

Plus, it’s fun to see what kinds of creative mustaches your friends come up with on their faces.

Show the last photo you took on your phone.

Open your phone and share the last photo you captured with your friends on the call.

This could be anything from a selfie, a funny moment, or a beautiful scene you wanted to remember.

This dare is a great way to share a bit of your life and the stories behind the photos with your friends.

It often leads to interesting conversations and shared memories.

Create a rap about the person on your left or right.

Look at the person sitting to your left and think of a fun rap about them.

Use simple rhymes and try to include funny or interesting things about them.

This dare not only tests your creativity and rap skills but also adds a personal touch, making it a special moment for the person you rap about.

It’s a fun way to express how you feel about your friends playfully and musically.

Facetime Dares To Do With Friends

Facetime Dares To Do With Friends

Spice up your group calls with friends using these interactive video call activities. Whether you’re sharing embarrassing stories or showing off peculiar items from your home, these dares add a playful twist to your digital gatherings, ensuring everyone has a blast.

Swap your profile picture to a selfie right now for 24 hours.

This dare is simple but fun!

Take a selfie right at this moment, no matter how you look, and set it as your profile picture on any social media or messaging platform for a whole day.

It’s a spontaneous way to show how you are right now, without any filters or preparations.

This can lead to some funny exchanges and comments from other friends who notice the change.

It’s a great way to see how everyone looks in their natural, everyday life!

Make your best impression of someone else in the group.

Choose a person in the group and do your best to imitate them.

This could include mimicking their voice, their typical phrases, or even their gestures.

It’s a playful way to show how well you know each other and often leads to lots of laughs.

Be sure to keep it friendly and fun, as the goal is to entertain, not to offend.

Share an embarrassing story from your childhood.

Dive into your memory bank and pull out a funny or embarrassing story from when you were a kid.

Maybe it was a silly mistake at school or a goofy accident at home.

Sharing such stories can make everyone feel more connected and give your friends a glimpse into what you were like as a child.

It’s a great way to bond over common experiences like youthful mishaps and adventures.

Show the contents of your refrigerator.

Show The Contents of Your Refrigerator

Take your friends on a virtual tour inside your refrigerator.

Show them what you’ve got stored inside – whether it’s neatly organized, overstuffed with leftovers, or maybe even a bit messy.

This dare is surprisingly fun and can spark conversations about cooking habits, favorite foods, or even recipe ideas.

It’s also a light-hearted way to compare eating habits and see who might need to go grocery shopping soon!

Imitate one friend here and let others guess who it is.

This is similar to making an impression but with a twist.

You imitate one of your friends without telling anyone who it is, and the rest of the group has to guess.

Use recognizable habits, phrases, or hobbies as clues.

This game can be incredibly amusing and showcases how much you observe and appreciate the quirks that make each friend unique.

Hold your breath for as long as you can while the timer runs.

Challenge yourself to see how long you can hold your breath.

Start the timer and take a deep breath in.

Try to keep your breath held while everyone watches the seconds tick by.

This is a test of your lung capacity and endurance.

It’s interesting to see who can hold their breath the longest, and it often leads to suspenseful moments as the timer goes up.

Just make sure to do it safely and stop if you feel uncomfortable!

Eat a spoonful of any condiment straight from the jar.

Open up your fridge or pantry, grab any condiment – like ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise – and dare to take a big spoonful of it to eat straight up.

This dare is not only funny but can also be a bit of a taste challenge, especially with stronger flavors.

It’s a quick and easy way to add some laughs (and maybe some grimaces) to your call.

Do 20 push-ups in one minute.

Do 20 Push-ups In One Minute

Get ready for a mini-workout with this dare.

Drop to the floor and see if you can complete 20 push-ups within one minute.

This challenge is great for testing your fitness and strength.

It can be competitive and motivating, pushing everyone to see how many they can do, and maybe even inspire a mini fitness session among friends.

Try to juggle 3 items from your room.

Grab any three small items that won’t break easily – like softballs, stuffed animals, or rolled-up socks – and give juggling a try.

Most people aren’t expert jugglers, so this can lead to a lot of dropping and laughter.

It’s a fun way to show off your coordination skills or your willingness to laugh at yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Show us your best outfit in a 30-second fashion show.

This is your moment to shine on the virtual runway.

Dive into your wardrobe, pick out your favorite outfit, and put it on.

Then, walk or pose in front of the camera as if you were in a fashion show.

You have 30 seconds to strut your stuff and show why you chose that outfit.

This dare is a delightful way to express your style and personality, and everyone gets to play fashion critic for a bit!


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Dares Over Facetime For Boyfriend

Dares Over Facetime For Boyfriend

Make your Facetime dates unforgettable with romantic and playful challenges for your boyfriend. From serenading love songs to sharing secrets, each dare is crafted to deepen your bond and add a spark of excitement to your long-distance relationship.

Serenade me with a love song.

Invite your boyfriend to pick a love song that reminds him of you or one that he feels expresses his feelings, and then have him sing it to you over the call.

This dare is not only romantic but also a heartfelt way to share emotions through music.

It can be a touching moment to see him put his heart into singing, whether he’s a great singer or just doing it for fun.

Describe your first impression of me using only gestures.

For this creative challenge, ask your boyfriend to describe his first impression of you without using words, only gestures.

This could include miming, facial expressions, or even using props that are nearby.

It’s a fun and often humorous way to see how he viewed you when you first met, and it might reveal some sweet and surprising details about your early relationship moments.

Write a short love poem within 2 minutes and read it aloud.

Put his poetic skills to the test by asking him to write a short love poem for you in just two minutes, and then read it aloud.

This quick-thinking dare is a wonderful way to encourage him to express his feelings creatively and spontaneously.

The poem doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s the effort and thought that count, making this a special exchange between the two of you.

Share a secret you haven’t told me before.

Deepen your connection by daring him to share a secret with you that he hasn’t revealed before.

This could be something silly, a hidden talent, or even a more personal confession.

Sharing secrets can enhance trust and intimacy in your relationship, making this dare a meaningful opportunity to learn more about each other.

Show the oldest item you own and tell its story.

Show The Oldest Item You Own

Encourage him to dig out the oldest item he owns and share its story with you.

This could be an old photograph, a keepsake from his childhood, or a family heirloom.

Listening to the history and significance of this item offers a unique glimpse into his past and the things that are important to him.

It’s a great way to discover more about his background and the memories he cherishes.

Do a magic trick.

Challenge your boyfriend to perform a magic trick.

It can be as simple or as complex as he can manage.

Whether he pulls a coin from behind your ear through the screen, makes a card disappear, or performs a sleight of hand, this dare is all about adding a touch of mystery and fun.

Magic tricks are great for a laugh and can lead to lots of ‘How did you do that?’ moments, making your call more engaging.

Mimic how I act when I get angry.

Ask your boyfriend to do his best impression of you when you’re angry, using only his observations of your expressions and gestures.

This playful imitation can be a light-hearted way to see yourself through his eyes, and it might even make you both laugh at the quirks that make up your personality.

Just make sure to keep the mood fun and not take things too seriously!

Dance with no music for one minute.

Dance With No Music For One Minute

Dare him to dance for one full minute without any music playing.

This tests his creativity and spontaneity as he has to come up with dance moves in silence.

Watching him dance without the beat can be hilariously entertaining and show off his fun-loving side, especially if he really gets into the performance.

Do your sexiest voice.

Invite your boyfriend to speak in what he considers his sexiest voice.

He can say anything he likes – maybe something sweet, a funny joke, or a flirty line.

This dare is not only playful but can also be quite endearing.

It’s a chance to flirt a bit and enjoy some intimate, giggly moments together over the call.

Show me something you think I’ve never seen before.

Challenge him to find something around his place that he thinks you’ve never seen before and show it to you on camera.

This could be a rare book, an unusual souvenir, or a homemade gadget.

It’s a great way to share interests and stories, and you might learn something new and unexpected about each other.

This dare adds a layer of discovery to your conversation, keeping things fresh and exciting.


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60 Romantic & Flirty Dares For Your Boyfriend Over Text

Dares Over Facetime For Girlfriend

Dares Over Facetime For Girlfriend

Engage in delightful and affectionate activities with your girlfriend over Facetime. These dares range from doing makeup without a mirror to acting out how you met, providing a mix of fun and intimacy that’s perfect for nurturing your connection from afar.

Do your makeup without a mirror.

Challenge your girlfriend to apply her makeup without using a mirror.

This test of her makeup skills and memory can lead to some fun and unexpected results.

Whether she ends up with perfectly applied makeup or something a bit more abstract, it’s sure to be a moment filled with laughter.

This dare is not only entertaining but also shows her adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace imperfection.

Use your lip gloss on your cheeks and show your best-blushing face.

Ask your girlfriend to take her lip gloss and apply it to her cheeks as if it were blush.

This can create a shiny, exaggerated blushing effect that’s both cute and humorous.

It’s a playful way to see her creative side and enjoy her ability to go along with fun, spontaneous ideas.

Plus, it gives her a chance to show off her best-blushing face, adding a touch of sweetness to your call.

Show me the dress you think I like the most on you.

Invite your girlfriend to pick out a dress from her wardrobe that she thinks you like the most and show it to you on the call.

This dare is a delightful way to discuss fashion preferences and memories associated with particular outfits.

It’s also a romantic gesture, as it involves her thinking about what you appreciate and showcasing it just for you.

Talk in a baby voice until your next turn.

Dare your girlfriend to speak in a baby voice until it’s her turn again.

This light-hearted challenge is sure to bring some giggles and make the conversation even more endearing.

It can be amusing to hear her try to maintain her voice while talking about different topics, adding a playful and adorable twist to your interaction.

Act out how we met without speaking.

Act Out How We Met Without Speaking

Challenge her to silently reenact the moment you both first met.

Using only gestures and expressions, this dare not only tests her acting skills but also revisits a special moment in your relationship.

It’s a creative and heartfelt way to recall and celebrate the beginning of your journey together, allowing you both to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Draw a portrait of us together using your non-dominant hand.

Ask your girlfriend to draw a portrait of the two of you together, but with a twist – she has to use her non-dominant hand.

This challenge is bound to produce some funny and charming results, as drawing with the non-dominant hand is not easy.

It’s a lighthearted way to see how she visualizes both of you together and will likely end in laughter and some unique artwork that you can both cherish.

Do an impression of me when I’m sleepy.

Dare your girlfriend to do her best impression of how you act when you’re sleepy.

This can include mimicking your sleepy voice, how you yawn, or the funny things you might say when tired.

It’s a humorous way to see how well she knows your sleepy habits and can bring a lot of laughter to your conversation, especially if she nails your sleepy persona.


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Find something you think represents our relationship and explain why.

This thoughtful dare involves your girlfriend picking an item that she feels symbolizes your relationship.

It could be a book, a piece of jewelry, a photograph, or even a simple household item.

She then explains why she chose that particular object and what it means to her.

This dare is a beautiful way to gain insight into her feelings and the symbols she associates with your bond, deepening your emotional connection.

Read the last text message you sent me in a dramatic voice.

Have your girlfriend look up the last text message she sent you and read it out loud in a dramatic, theatrical voice.

The contrast between the ordinary content of the text and the dramatic delivery can make even the most mundane message hilarious and entertaining.

It’s a fun way to add some drama and excitement to your usual text conversations.

Pose a silly selfie and send it to me.

Encourage your girlfriend to take a silly selfie and send it to you right during the call.

She can make a funny face, use props available around her, or strike a humorous pose.

This dare is all about being goofy and not taking yourself too seriously.

It’s a playful way to keep the mood light and enjoyable, and you get a fun photo to remember the moment by.

Virtual Dares For Guys

Virtual Dares For Guys

Rally the boys for some robust Facetime fun with challenges tailored just for them. From muscle poses to sharing hilarious dating mishaps, these digital party games are great for guys to show their humorous and adventurous sides during a video call.

Show off your best muscle pose.

Challenge one of your friends to strike their best muscle pose, showing off their strength and fitness.

Whether they’re a gym enthusiast or not, this dare is all about having fun and maybe even a little bit of showing off.

It’s a great way for everyone to laugh and appreciate each other’s efforts in staying fit or just being confident in their own skin.

Reveal your most embarrassing nickname and the story behind it.

Everyone has a nickname they’re not particularly proud of, and this dare gets to the heart of it.

Ask your friend to share their most embarrassing nickname along with the story of how they got it.

This could lead to hilarious revelations and give insight into funny past experiences or family inside jokes.

It’s a bonding experience, as sharing personal stories can bring friends closer together.

Show the last video you watched on your phone.

This dare is straightforward but can reveal a lot about what interests your friend.

They must show the last video they watched on their phone, no matter what it was.

This could be anything from a viral internet meme to a DIY tutorial.

It’s a great way to discover new content and share a laugh or even find common interests in video content.

Attempt to do a yoga pose and hold it for 30 seconds.

Dare your friend to try out a yoga pose and hold it for 30 seconds.

They can choose something simple or something challenging, depending on their flexibility and balance.

This not only adds a bit of physical activity to your interaction but also leads to plenty of laughs as everyone tries to maintain balance and form.

It’s a lighthearted way to promote health and well-being among friends.

Describe the funniest date you’ve ever been on.

Invite your friend to recount the funniest date they’ve ever had.

This dare encourages sharing personal anecdotes about romantic mishaps or unexpected events that turned a regular date into a memorable, humorous story.

It’s a way to lighten the mood, enjoy some storytelling, and perhaps even learn from each other’s dating experiences.


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Video Call Games For Your Girl Gang

Video Call Games For Your Girl Gang

Get your girl gang together for a series of engaging and hilarious group call dares. Whether you’re swapping fashion disasters or mimicking each other, these remote fun activities are designed to enhance your friendship and fill your calls with laughter and joy.

Share a screenshot of the last conversation you had with your crush.

This dare is all about spilling some romantic secrets!

Ask one of your friends to share a screenshot of the last conversation they had with someone they’re interested in.

It’s a chance to get some friendly advice or just enjoy some giggly support from the group.

This can lead to supportive conversations and maybe even a bit of matchmaking advice from the gang.

Let the group choose an item for you to wear as a hat for the next 10 minutes.

Add a twist of humor by letting everyone in the group pick an item that one person has to wear as a hat.

It could be anything from a cushion, a shoe, or even a pot!

This dare is great for a laugh and seeing how creative your friends can get.

It’s also a delightful way to see everyone’s silly side as they model their unusual headgear.

Record a video of you pretending to be on a soap opera.

Challenge your friends to record a short video of themselves acting as if they were in a dramatic soap opera scene.

They can use exaggerated expressions, dramatic pauses, and intense dialogue to make it funny and theatrical.

This dare is not just entertaining but also a wonderful way to showcase some acting skills or just be melodramatically humorous.

Share the funniest photo you have on your phone.

Everyone must dig through their phone galleries and find the funniest photo to share with the group.

It could be a funny selfie, a hilarious mishap, or a comical pet picture.

This dare is perfect for sharing laughs and stories behind those snapshots, making everyone feel more connected through humor and shared memories.

Tell us about your worst fashion disaster.

Invite your friends to recount their most embarrassing or disastrous fashion choices.

Whether it was an outfit mismatch, a trend gone wrong, or a wardrobe malfunction, this dare encourages sharing those cringe-worthy yet hilarious moments.

It’s a fun way to reminisce about past experiences and perhaps even see how everyone’s style has evolved.


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Truth Or Dare Over Facetime

Truth Or Dare Over Facetime

Dive into classic online truth or dare with a modern twist suitable for Facetime. This interactive game brings friends and loved ones together, challenging them to reveal truths or perform dares that are as entertaining as they are revealing.

Confess the last lie you told someone in this call.

Start with a moment of honesty by confessing the last lie you told to anyone currently in the call.

This truth can reveal misunderstandings or small fibs meant to protect feelings or surprise someone.

It’s a great way to clear the air and promote honesty within the group, potentially leading to deeper discussions or just a good laugh over innocent little lies.

Dare someone else in the group and choose their dare too.

This turns the tables and adds an extra layer of fun: not only do you get to choose who to dare, but you also decide what they have to do.

It could be anything from the dares previously listed or something new you come up with.

This is a chance to be creative and perhaps a bit mischievous, making sure the chosen dare is fun and appropriate for the group.

Show an item you have that has a funny or weird story.

Each person must find an item in their immediate surroundings that has an interesting, funny, or bizarre backstory.

Sharing these items and their stories adds personal anecdotes to the call, fostering laughter and curiosity about each other’s lives and experiences.

It’s a wonderful way to learn more about your friends in a lighthearted setting.

Share your biggest fear theatrically.

In a dramatic flair, confess your biggest fear.

This dare challenges participants to not only share a personal fear but to do it in an exaggerated, theatrical manner, perhaps even acting out how this fear affects them.

It’s a fun way to address fears while keeping the mood light and playful, and it can also foster empathy and understanding among friends.

Pick a dare from earlier and do it twice.

Double down on any of the dares that have already been performed during the call.

This could mean singing a song twice, redoing a funny pose, or anything else that’s been entertaining.

Repeating a dare can heighten the fun, especially if it was a hit the first time, and it gives everyone another chance to enjoy the moment or improve on their previous attempt.

Dirty Dares For Couples Over Facetime

Dirty Dares For Couples Over Facetime

Turn up the heat with risqué and flirty dares for couples on Facetime. From seductive dances to whispering naughty secrets, these dirty dares are perfect for couples looking to explore their boundaries and have some adventurous fun together.

Send a flirty text to someone in your contacts and show us the reply.

Dare your partner to send a cheeky or flirty message to someone from their contact list – it could be a close friend who’ll find it funny, or maybe even a playful note to each other if you want to keep it private.

The fun part is seeing the response it garners, adding an element of anticipation and humor to your call.

This game can lead to some laughable moments and blush-worthy exchanges.

Whisper the naughtiest thing you can think of into the camera.

Turn up the heat by daring your partner to lean close to the camera and whisper something boldly flirtatious or downright naughty.

This dare is about being daring and intimate, creating a moment that’s both exciting and a bit risqué.

Enhancing the connection between the two of you in a playful and private setting.

Do a seductive dance on your chair.

Challenge your partner to perform a seductive dance while sitting in a chair.

They can sway, pose, and move in ways that are enticing and fun.

This performance not only stirs the imagination but also adds a playful and sexy element to your video call, making it memorable and thrilling.

Describe your most risqué dream.

Invite your partner to share details about the most daring or risqué dream they’ve ever had.

This dare encourages openness and can lead to intriguing conversations about desires and fantasies.

It’s a way to explore each other’s subconscious mind in a safe and fun environment, potentially discovering new aspects of each other’s personality and preferences.

Choose someone to act out a romantic scene from a movie with you.

Pick a famous romantic scene from a movie and act it out together over Facetime.

Whether it’s a dramatic declaration of love, a passionate argument, or a tender reconciliation, this dare brings out your acting skills and allows you to experience iconic cinematic moments in a personal way.

It’s entertaining, and romantic, and strengthens your bond through shared creativity and performance.


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And there you have it – a list of 60 thrilling dares over Facetime to inject fun and excitement into your video calls!

Whether you’re connecting with friends, or spending time with your significant other.

These dares are guaranteed to bring laughter and create memorable moments.

From playful challenges to revealing truths, each dare is designed to enhance your digital gatherings.

So next time you log onto a Facetime call, remember to try out these virtual dare games and watch how they transform your usual conversations into interactive, joyful experiences!

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