15 Best Retirement Party Games For Fun Final Goodbyes

It’s the last time you will spend with your favorite colleague or friend. This final meeting should be memorable.

At the office, co-workers can arrange fun retirement party games. These games can create lasting memories and strengthen bonds.

It doesn’t matter where you host the games. The focus should be on the retiring person.

The goal is to make the retiree happy and recall sweet memories. This is why we plan these games.

So, let’s dive into some great ideas.

Retirement Party Games For Fun Final Goodbyes

Fun Retirement Party Games Ideas

Who Knows The Retiree Best

This is a fun game that helps recall memories of the retiree. It is usually played using printable sheets.

The game includes common questions about the retiree, such as their birth year and favorite holidays.

The person with the highest score knows the most details about the retiree. This game helps leave a good impression on your retiring colleague.


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Pass the Parcel

This is a fun game usually played among co-workers to improve coordination. But for the retiree, we are adding a twist.

All the co-workers will sit in a line. They will pass a parcel to the next person while music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel shares a memory of the retiree.

Feel free to be playful and open. This is the retiree’s last day, so sharing inside secrets can make it more fun.

Retirement Would They Prefer To

This game focuses on the retiree’s preferences. It’s a printable questions game for co-workers who know the retiree well.

Questions might include, “Would they prefer to go on a cruise or go camping?” and so on.

Players try to match the retiree’s answers. The person with the most matches wins a reward.

Ever Or Never

This is a fun and interesting question game for the retiree. Don’t worry if many games seem to involve questions—there will be other types of games too.

The concept is to focus on the retiree and show how well you know them. The better you know the retiree, the more special the game will be.

This game is great for saying goodbye and having fun with the retiree.

Questions can include, “Have you ever broken a bone while playing a sport?” or “Have you ever gone on a trek without shoes?”

Real Lies

Co-workers love to gossip and have fun conversations during breaks. Why not do the same with the retiree one last time, but as a game?

The game is simple. There are white cards and a marker. Players write down extreme lies they can think of.

Among the lies, there will be one true statement. The host will read all the cards out loud, and players need to guess the truth.

The more co-workers (players) in this game, the more fun it will be.

Retirement Bingo

Who hasn’t played bingo with their friends? Probably no one, right?

For this retirement bingo, there are 18 different cards, 18 marker sheets, and caller chips. Players can arrange these as they like.

The host will call out each card, and players will mark their cards as usual. The first player to complete a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – wins the game.

Big Dot of Happiness

This is a very simple and engaging game to play with your colleagues.

Players pull out cards, and each pull creates different fun and interest.

Each card has three options: Ask, Answer, and Advice.

To make it more fun, add a twist. When a player pulls out a card, they must choose one of the three options: Ask, Answer, or Advice.

Rapid Fire Round

Usually, teachers host this game for their students. But on the final day of your teacher at school or college, it’s a great game to play.

Get a group of 3 or 4 students and make the teacher the centerpiece (seated in the hot seat).

Ask any questions – about their subject, their likes, or anything else that might lead to laughs and happy memories.


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Retirement Party Games For Teachers

Students often feel very attached to their teachers, especially if they have been with them since childhood.

These game ideas can be hosted by both students and co-workers.

So, let’s quickly check out some retirement party activities for your special teacher.

Guess That Topic

This game is knowledge-centric but can be a lot of fun with some creativity.

You know the subject your retiring teacher taught, whether it’s Math, History, Biology, Accounting, Science, or any other topic.

Grab a book from that subject and randomly select a page. On a big screen with a projector, display a figure related to certain topics.

Don’t show the exact figure. Hide it halfway, add a cover, or change it so it’s not the original figure or diagram.

Let your teacher guess the topic and enjoy the fun reactions.

Who Is That Student

Teachers know a lot about their students and always want the best for them. They remember many small details and events.

List some characteristics, mischievous things, or activities that students have done. Present these in a list format to your teacher.

Let your retiring teacher guess which student matches each description. This game will bring back nostalgic feelings for your teacher.

Whisper & Pass It On

Include this game in your list for your teacher’s farewell.

Let your teacher take the lead in this game.

The rules are simple. Your teacher whispers a statement to one player, who then passes it on to the next player.

Remember, the statement is whispered only once.

See how well you listen to your teachers and how much you love and respect them.

Guess That Object

Final goodbyes are hard, and no one wants them to end. But this game can bring personal attachment and memories.

This retirement party game is for your teacher, but students can participate too.

Students will bring different objects that the teacher used during lectures.

Objects like biology specimens, a globe, a prism, or any physical instrument related to your teacher’s subject.

Place these items in a box with a big hole on top. Your teacher will try to identify the objects by touch without looking.

Online Retirement Party Games

There might be a chance that some co-workers won’t be able to travel and attend the final party for the retiree.

To avoid this situation, you can host retirement party games online via Zoom or Google Meet.

Inform all co-workers and other guests in advance and send them the meeting link.

Let’s quickly cover some online game ideas.

Make Retiree Laugh

This is a simple but interesting game to play with everyone. It’s a one-on-one game between the players (guests) and the retiree.

Each player will say one pun or one funny statement that they believe will make the retiree laugh.

Using just one line, your goal is to make the retiree laugh. This game is a great way to bring smiles and joy to the retiree’s face.

Word Scramble

This is a popular game among kids, but it’s great for bringing back old memories. There are no age limits for fun games.

The host can prepare word scrambles related to the retiree’s achievements, targets, client names, or brand deals they brought in.

List anything the retiree contributed to the company or group, scrambled up.

Make sure the other guests know these things too, so everyone can participate equally.

See who can unscramble the words first and correctly. This game will be fun and nostalgic for everyone.

Emoji Mood Game

This game sounds simple but is worth including in the final meet-up, especially for the retiree. It’s perfect for office workers.

In this game, the host will display different emojis on the screen. When a player’s name is called, they need to guess which co-worker the emoji represents.

Based on the mood of the emoji (e.g., 🥰, 🤣), the player guesses whose character it resembles in the office.


Retirement is not easy and comes with many different emotional feelings as you say goodbye to everyone.

To make it special, these retirement party games should be hosted in a way that creates wonderful memories for the retiree.

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