26 Bets To Make With Your Friends Over Text [Long Distance]

Making funny bets with friends never gets old. 

And sometimes friends go over to another country or the next town and you can’t see your friends.

But you still want to relive that moment when you used to bet with your friends.

Well, what is stopping you, just make bets over text, right?

I researched on the internet to find some funny bets and also came up with my unique fun bets.

So that I can make bets with my friend and make a fool of him and laugh at his face and say you can’t beat me loser. 

Just for fun, so if you want bets that are unique, fun, and interesting and can be made over text then you are at the right place. 

Good Bets To Make With Your Friends Over Text

1. Who can make another laugh with a few texts?

It all takes a few texts to see the winner and loser.

Simple and fun bet that you can make with your friend.

How to play- 

Just tell your friend whoever makes another laugh with their text or jokes they can win.

To make it fair you can video call each other and then text each other and you can see with your own eyes if your text makes each other laugh.

And whoever laughs first loses the bet and you can decide any punishment you want.

It’s fun and simple, right?

2. Guess the Feelings of Other 

You have to be honest in this one.

What to do in this one-

Just guess what your friend is feeling at the moment and if you guess right then you won.

You can even make it more fun by telling how your day went first, and then the person has to guess after listening to your story.

It is like you are a detective who is about to crack a case.

3. Who can make Other Cringe With their Texts 

This is an amazing way to make funny moments.

Show your magic in writing.

You have to just make your friend cringe with your text.

This is the rule you have to follow and be honest with each other.

4. Describe What You’re Feeling Through Emoji.

You can get to know what the other person is feeling but there is a twist: you have to read emojis to find out what they are feeling.

Those who can express what they are feeling with emojis will win.

Set up a time limit to make it more fun.

5. Word Games

Bets To Make With Your Friends Over Text

If you don’t know what to start with then you can try the word game.

Just simply start with the word for example you can say A and your friend has to say a word that starts with A like Australia.

You can also divide this further and narrow it down, like location, name, and foods. 

For example- You can only say words that have food names and then start your word game from there.

6. Who Can Motivate Better With Text

It is a simple and amazing way to see if you and your friend can motivate each other with a few texts.

You can write each other a quote or a motivational line, and whoever wrote the best will win.

Just make sure you write what you believe in that will have more impact.

You can also share why you found this line motivating. This will make your day worth it.

7. Take A Selfie With The Person Next To You 

This bet will be more fun for you and your friend if you are in public.

It means you have to take a selfie with the person that is next to you and share it with your friends.

Who does it first will win the bet.

You can later share with your friend how difficult it was to take a selfie and how you managed to convince the person.

You can also hear your friend’s story, it will make your day worth it.

8. Who Looks Good 

It is a simple bet where the result will be out in a few minutes.

You just have to take a photo of yourself and share it with friends. 

And whoever looks good will win the bet.

Add a time limit and put a condition that nobody can change clothes; they have to take photos as it is.

You can also share the photos with your different friends and ask for their opinion and they will tell you which one looks good.

That will be a more fair result. 

9. GIF Battle 

It means you can send each other funny and unique gifs.

Whoever manages to make others laugh wins the Gif Battle.

For example- you can say my situation right now and send Gif related to that to make it more interesting and funny.

Make sure it is funny.

10. Riddles 

You can send riddles to test the smarts of your friends.

Bet on this and whoever answers the most riddles will win.

It is the best way to make a bet more fun and test who is the smartest one in your group of friends.

11. Who Can Make Funny Face

Make a funny face, click a photo, and send it to your friends.

And if you can make them laugh then you win.

Whoever Can make others laugh with their funny face photo will win the bet.

12. Guess The Items In The Fridge 

It is a simple bet that will test how well you know your friends.

You just have to guess one item that is in your friend’s fridge.

If your guess is right then you win. 

You can raise the difficulty by raising the number of items you have to guess.

13. Copy The Style Of Your Favorite Actor 

You can video call each other for this to make the bet more fun.

Play the role of your favorite actor in the same style that he does and if you copy him well then you win.

You can also give the random actor’s name to your friend and tell him to mimic them.

It will make the bet awesome.

14. Share The Meme Collection

It is a simple bet that will make you laugh and you will have a good time with your friends.

Share the funny meme with your friend and if he/she laughs then you win.

Whoever memes can make others laugh will win.

You can decide whose meme was best and can also give additional rewards for xt Aremaking the day.

15. Food Challenge 

You can video call each other for this to make the bet fair.

Order food and set up a challenge, whoever finishes the food first will win.

You can also add whoever eats the most will win.

Find out who is the food lover with this bet.

16. You Miss Something 

You can bet on if your friend will miss something important or not.

For example- forgetting to take his mobile phone.

You have to be honest here.

Guess what your friend forgot today. And if you guess the right answer then you win.

Or you can also guess the person he is missing the most.

Either way, it is a fun way to start the talk with your friends.

Funny Bets To Make With Your Friends Over Text

Bet Punishment And Rewards 

There is always a loser in the bets, below I have shared some funny and awesome punishments for the loser of the bet.

That you can check it out if you find it interesting then share it.

1. Loser Has To Laugh Loud In Public Place 

This will be fun to watch when your friend does this.

You will get to see how the public reacts to that and your friends need to handle strange looks that will be thrown his/her way.

So make sure you don’t lose the bet when you put this punishment for the loser of the bet.

Record the video of your friend when they perform the punishment. It will be a great memory.

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2. Loser Has To Eat Something That the Winner Says

You can video call this to see the reactions of your friend.

Tell him/her to eat something that they hate that will surely do the magic.

Don’t go too far because someday you will also lose the bet then you also have to do the same thing.

3. Tell Your Parents That You Are Getting Married Tomorrow 

Loser has to tell her/his parents that he/she will get married tomorrow.

It will surely be an amazing thing to watch and get the reactions of parents.

You will surely have an amazing laugh after this.

But make sure you win this otherwise, you know what you will face.

4. Loser Has To Dance In a Public Place 

This will be an amazing thing to watch.

You need the courage to do this thing, the loser only has to dance but the difficulty will be raised by dancing in front of the public.

That will be embarrassing. Make sure you don’t lose, otherwise your dance video will go viral.

5. Loser Has To Stick To A Habit 

The loser has to start any one habit that the winner says.

For example- Reading a book daily.

It is a simple and productive hobby that will help your friend.

If they don’t follow it then they have to pay.

Think of a habit that will help your friend in the long run. 

6. Loser Has To Sing A Song In Public 

One of the best ways to test your singing skills is by singing in the public.

Record the video of your friend while they sing, it will become an amazing memory.

This will be the test of courage.

7. Loser Has To Pay For Tonight Dinner

Even if you are out of town and only betting through text. This punishment will always work.

You can order your favorite food online and tell your friend to pay for it.

Don’t miss this chance to eat the things that you want.

8. Loser Has To Pay For a Massage 

You can certainly get a professional massage at your nearest spa for free.

It is the best chance you will get something for free. Use this to get a massage and relax.

9. Loser Has To Text His/Her Crush

It will test your courage so be ready to face it if you lose.

It will go either way you can get a reply or you can also get blocked.

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10. Loser Has To Help One Person 

It is the best thing you can do. You will help someone who is in need.

It sure is worth it, even if you lose the bet, you will be the winner in the end.


If you enjoy these bets then share them with your friends.

Make the time you spend with your friends more enjoyable by using these bets.

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