21 Most Embarrassing Punishments For Losing A Bet

How to make a bet interesting? 

By adding embarrassing punishments.

Here I have shared some embarrassing and funny punishments that will raise the stake of your bet.

If you are confident in your luck to win the bet then you should add this punishment.

Otherwise, you will have the most embarrassing day of your life.

So be prepared.

Let’s start and if you like it then don’t forget to share it.

Embarrassing Punishments For Losing A Bet

1. Laugh Like Madman

Laughing Man

There is a catch and that is you should laugh like a madman in public places.

Only then you will have the most embarrassing day, be prepared because if you lose you need to laugh out loud.

You can also add your favorite type of laugh, like a villain laugh.

Imagine in the middle of the road you see a laughing person. What do you think?

2. Say I Love You ( There Is A Twist )

It is an embarrassing punishment for the loser of the bet.

It is simple if you lose the bet you have to say I love you in public places.

But if you are male you have to say I love you to the male and if you are female you have to say it to the female.

That is the twist, anyone passing by you will be stunned by your actions.

You can also hold flowers while saying I love you that will take it to the next level.

You can decide on the location before making the bet where you will perform your I love you act.

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3. Give Flowers Like Your Proposing To A Girl/Boy 

It is simple, the loser of the bet has to take a bouquet of flowers and propose to a stranger.

But there is a twist and that is you don’t have to say anything you just have to propose without saying anything.

Simply give flowers without saying anything.

That will make it super awkward and embarrassing. 

Imagine it yourself, don’t lose a bet if you don’t want to give flowers to strangers.

4. Become A Romeo or Juliet

Become Romeo or Juliet what it means?

It means you have to say lines of Romeo or Juliet in public.

Just write down the most embarrassing line of the play and give it to the loser of the bet.

Then they have to speak the same line in public.

But they have to be loud to catch the attention of strangers.

Decide before what role you will perform it will be Romeo or Juliet.

5. Shave Your Head 

It is one of the simple and classic punishments.

If you lose the bet you have to shave your head.

It is super embarrassing but it is what it is.

You can raise the stake even higher by adding- you have to click a selfie and share it with your friends.

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6. You have to wear the clothes of the winner’s favorite character

The loser of the bet has to wear the clothes of the winner’s favorite character.

For example – It means the loser of the bet has to wear a spiderman uniform for a certain period. Like 2 days.

You can decide which character dress the loser has to wear.

But make sure you win otherwise you have to go around wearing weird costumes.

7. Loser Has To Give Winner Vip Services

It means you have to give amazing customer service to the winner.

Like doing anything the winner asks you to do.

It can be anything from running errands to doing the tasks that the winner asks.

It will be embarrassing to obey every order.

You can add conditions like how much time you will do this service.

Don’t lose, otherwise, you know what is waiting for you. 

8. Tell Your Parents That You Have a Child 

Loser has to tell his/her parents that they have a child.

It will be super embarrassing and the reaction will be priceless.

You need to prepare the script beforehand to make it more fun. 

You need to be a director to get the best outcome. 

But don’t lose the bet otherwise you will be the actor and in an awkward situation.

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9. Color Dress 

It means the loser has to wear the dress of the winner’s favorite color.

You have to decide on color beforehand so you will know what color is best for your opponent.

Imagine walking wearing clothes full of pink or red.

10. I’m The Best 

Losers of the bet have to say I’m the best loudly in public places.

Or have to say to every stranger they meet.

This will surely be super embarrassing.

There will be some amazing reactions from people don’t miss that.

11. Loser Has To Keep The Hairstyle That the Winner Chose

You need to make sure you don’t lose, otherwise, you have to walk around with an embarrassing hairstyle.

The winner will choose which hairstyle the loser will have.

You can also add time conditions like how many days they will keep this hairstyle.

Make sure you collect funny-looking hairstyles.

12. Write A Love Letter To Your Crush 

Loser has to write a love letter to his/her crush.

You need to write on paper and send it to her/him.

It is a classic way but it is embarrassing and exciting.

Make sure you don’t lose, otherwise you will have to confess your feelings.

If you don’t want to take that step then avoid this punishment.

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13. Ask The Stranger To Sing With You 

It means the loser has to ask a stranger to sing with them.

You will have to sing a song in public and ask the stranger to sing along.

If you are not a good singer then this will test your courage and confidence.

It will be super fun to watch.

14. Hold A Sign That Says I’m The Best Man/Woman In The World.

If you have the confidence to do something like this then you can add this punishment otherwise you should avoid it.

It is challenging but it will be fun 

Imagine holding a sign that says you are the best and watching how people will react will be embarrassing.

15. Lose Have To Eat The Foods That Winner Decides.

Loser has to eat the foods that the winner comes up with.

You can add time like a loser has to eat the same food for a week or month.

You can come up with an amazing menu and the loser has to follow that.

Decide before making a bet.

16. Loser Has To Thank Everyone He/She Meets 

The loser of the bet has to thank everyone he/she meets.

It means when you walk on the road and any stranger you see you have to thank them.

It will be super fun to watch this, if you don’t want to go around thanking everyone then you should win the bet.

17. Showoff

Losers have to show off in front of people or friends for a limited time.

It means the loser has to brag about themselves to his/her friends or people whenever they meet.

You can add a time limit to this like for 1 day or week.

It will be fun to watch how many good things they can say about themselves.

18. Keep Smiling 

Smiling Woman

The loser of the bet has to keep smiling no matter what happens.

You need to keep smiling and decide on the time beforehand on how long this will last.

It is very hard to keep a smiling face, but that is where fun is.

Imagine seeing someone who is always smiling at you.

Don’t lose, otherwise, you will become popular.

19. Become Standup Comedian 

The loser of the bet has to perform standup comedy.

You can decide location and place beforehand. 

Or you can even hold it in a public place.

It will be super embarrassing to perform.

Make sure you win, otherwise, you will be the one performing comedy.

You can also decide on a topic beforehand or the winner can give the topic to the loser.

20. Laugh At Anyone You See

This will be super funny but dangerous because if you laugh at anyone you see then you know sometimes people will not take it casually.

So if you are confident in winning then you should add this punishment.

Loser has to just laugh at anyone they see that’s all there is to it but you have to take those weird looks 

21. You Can’t Say Anything 

The loser of the bet can’t talk, and can only express what he wants to say with his actions.

It means if anyone asks you a question you can not open your mouth and can only talk to them with your actions.

It will be a super frustrating and funny scene to watch.

Both parties have to decide beforehand how much time one has to be quiet.


Hope you like the punishments if you like them then share them with your friends.

Punishments will make your bets more fun but make sure both parties agree before you proceed with a bet.

And always remember this is for fun. 

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