55 Flirty Dares Over Text [Spice Things Up With These Dares]

Are you looking for flirty dares? Then you are in the right place. 

If you want to spice up your conversation or want to do something fun then you might find this flirty dares over text exciting.

Sometimes we don’t find anything to keep the conversation going, so playing some games is a fun way to spend more time together.

Let’s start without wasting any time and I hope you like some dares that I shared. 

Hope you have a good time with your partner.

Extremely Flirty Dares Over Text

Flirty Dares Over Text

Want To spice up things? Well, how about some dares that will make your time with your partner more enjoyable?

If you can not meet each other face to face or your partner is out of town. 

Then you can ask these flirty dares over text and have the best time of your life.

Challenge each other with these dares and get to know each other better with these simple dare games.

Hope you get some good dares from this list that I have shared.

1. Shout my name five times and say I love you.

2. Write “I’m Sexy” on your Instagram bio and keep it for 24 hours.

3. Sing a song that I choose in a female voice and send it to me.

4. Do pole dance in your home and record a video of yourself while doing that.

5. Dance on top of the table and sing a romantic song while dancing.

6. Give a pillow next to you a passionate kiss.

7. Share your internet history with me. 

8. Get me to say “I love You” if you can do that then I will do one thing you ask.

9. Sing a song in the most seductive voice and send it to me.

10. Ask your best friend to give you tips on how to flirt with girls.

11. Share your internet history with me.

12. Explain what position you like the most and why.

13. If you get a chance to ask me out again, what changes you will do, record a video of yourself doing that and send it to me.

14. Write the most seductive letter and send it to me.

15. Publish a post on your Instagram saying “I Love My Girlfriend The Most”.

16. Tell me what naughty thoughts you have through a voice message.

17. Tell me things you wanted to share with me but couldn’t share. 

18. Write a poem for me. Tell me how much you love me through the poem.

19. Tell me what you like about me the most in the most seductive tone.

20. Eat fruit as seductively as you can when I video call you.

21. How many times did you get rejected? share that story with me. 

22. Share with me one of your naughty dreams and of course, tell me in detail.

23. Make a funny and weird face and take a picture of yourself and send it to me.

24. Tell your best friend that you love me the most and can’t live without me.

25. Give a massage to yourself and moan every time you massage yourself.

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Spicy And Flirty Dares Over Text

Spicy And Flirty Dares Over Text

Feeling bored? Then you must try this spicy dare over text with your partner.

Giving dares to each other and seeing each other doing funny stuff and some embarrassing things.

Those will be moments that you will never forget.

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Just remember to have fun.

26. Wear the dress that I will send you and take a photo of yourself and send it to me.

27. Eat a cake without using your hand ( you can make it more fun by setting a time limit)

28. Tell all of your ex’s names and tell me which one you hate the most and why.

29. Ask your best friend “do you think I’m hot” and record their reactions.

30. Would you rather write my name on your chest or eat spicy chili?

31. Ask your best friend to give you some tips on how to last longer in bed.

32. Scream “I’m Having The Time Of My Life” when you are with your friends and record their reactions.

33. Drink without using your hand( it will be best if you do a video call and see for yourself)

34. Draw whiskers and a cat nose on your face and send a picture to me.

35. Say “Meow” 5 times ( you can make him/her say “meow I love you” 5 times)

36. Share your most embarrassing story that you never shared with anyone or sing a song you hate the most.

37. Write a rap song for me and sing that song for me.

38. Act like a celebrity and try to flirt with me ( you can see your partner’s acting skills with this dare)

39. Show me your charming smile ( make the mood more romantic with this simple dare)

40. Just open your door and shout “I’m having The Time Of My Life”.

41. Put a ” Do Not Disturb Because I’m With A Girlfriend/Boyfriend” sign on your door.

42. Flirt with a pillow next to you, pretend that pillow is a girl/boy and try to ask her/him out.

43. Flirt with me in different languages( See how many languages your partner knows)

44. Try to flirt with me only using emojis ( you get to see the creative side of your partner)

45. Do you like to read an erotic novel or do you prefer to watch videos? If you like any of them, show me what you watch or read.

46. Take off your shirt and swing it around and show some dance using shirts.

47. Send You Ex text to ask for some tips on how to flirt with girls. 

48. Share with me what you do with me in your dream ( well spice things up with these dares to get to know your partner’s thoughts).

49. What makes you excited ( Well knowing what makes them excited will help you in the future)

50. Show me how you will flirt with a celebrity that you like on a video call and also show me what pick-up line you will use.

51. Shout out “I’m Lucky To Have You As A Girlfriend/Boyfriend” 5 times. ( Hope you will get to see some funny moments).

52. Post a status on social media saying “I’m lonely tonight” ( get to see who will text you first).

53. Start to drink the drinks that you hate the most ( be ready to capture the moment when your partner is ready to drink because people make funny faces when they eat or drink things that they hate)

54. Do a stand-up comedy on a video call and try to make laugh with your jokes ( get to hear your partner’s jokes).

55. Do some chair dance ( hope you will get to see some amazing moves from your partner).

Final Thoughts

Woman Waving Hand

Hope you find the dares you are looking for. Create the list of your dares.

Because you don’t want to challenge your partner unprepared.

Embarrassing each other and making fun of each other well I hope you capture those moments.

These moments will remain with you forever, when you look back you will never forget this flirty dare that you asked your partner.

Just remember to have fun because, in the end, that’s all matter.

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