45 Thank You For Inviting Us Messages, Quotes & Phrases

The best way to say thank you for inviting us is by expressing your gratitude with a heartfelt message, such as “Thank you so much for inviting us, we had a wonderful time” or “We truly appreciate your kind invitation and hospitality.” You could also send a handwritten note or a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

If you have just been invited by someone to a party and you went to their home.

Then it means that they have given their heart to you and have accepted the responsibility of being an excellent host to you.

In such cases, it is very important that you should thank the person for inviting you to the party.

The best way to thank the person who has invited you to a party is by sending him or her a thank you message and telling them how much you liked the party and you will invite them again.

Here are some thank you for inviting us messages, quotes, and words that you can use in thanking the person who has asked you to a party.

Thank You For Inviting Us [Messages, Quotes, and Wordings]

Thank You For Inviting Us

Thank you is the most beautiful word that we use to express our gratitude to others.

Whether you are sending thanks through text, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other platform, it will definitely be an unforgettable moment for the receiver.

Here is the list of 45 thank you for inviting us wordings, messages, and quotes that you must share with your friends and relatives:

1. “You have been a great host. Thank you for everything.”

2. “It was a pleasure to meet you. I enjoyed meeting you.”

3. “Thank you for making my day.”

4. “I will look forward to meeting you again.”

5. I am grateful for the honor of being your guest.

Thank You For Inviting Us To Your Wedding

Thank You For Inviting Us To Your Wedding

A formal greeting is used when you are going to a wedding ceremony. You should express your gratitude to the hosts before you leave the house.

It is good etiquette to say thanks and to express your appreciation. You will be happy when you can make new friends after the wedding.

Your gratitude will make the couple feel good about the party and will help them to remember a wonderful wedding day.

6. “Congratulations on your wedding. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for inviting me to the party and making me a part of your happiness.”

7. “Firstly, congratulations on the wedding. Hope you guys have a prosperous and cheerful life ahead. Second, we are very thankful that you invited us.”

8. “Congratulations on your engagement. May you both be blessed in your future together.”

9. “Good luck with your marriage. Let’s meet again, and remember the wedding day.”

10. “We thank you for organizing such a beautiful wedding celebration. We hope that our marriage brings you as much joy as yours has brought us.”

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Thank You For Inviting Us To Your Birthday Party

Thank You For Inviting Us To Your Birthday Party

When you are inviting someone to a party the first thing that will come into your mind is the phrase “Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.”

It is important to thank the person who has invited you to the party, it will make the whole experience more memorable.

But don’t just use the standard phrases like “Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party”, it is better to use unique phrases that can add value to the event.

Here are some unique phrases that you can use for the invite.

11. “Thanks so much for inviting us to your birthday party. It was a pleasure meeting all your friends. We hope that you have a lot more parties like this one.”

12. “We would like to thank you for the invitation to your birthday party. We would like to wish you a happy and prosperous life ahead.”

13. “Please accept my sincere gratitude for having me over for your birthday party. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure your friends did, too. May your life always be filled with happiness.”

14. “Thank you very much for your kind invitation. We are most honored by your friendship and we look forward to seeing you at our next party.”

15. “Your invitation to your birthday party is truly appreciated. We’re delighted to be included in your festivities. May God bless you with all good things in the coming year.”

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Thank You For Inviting Us For Dinner

Thank You For Inviting Us For Dinner

We are living in an age where no one wants to stand by the table without sharing the experience of food.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to make a person hungry as you can invite him for any kind of food he wants.

So, if you want to impress someone on the next occasion, then you must start thinking about the phrases to use to thank you for inviting us to dinner.

Here are some of the phrases or wording you can use:

16. “Thank you so much for having us over for dinner. Your cooking is amazing! It’s always such a treat to eat your food.”

17. “Thank you for having us over for dinner. The meal was delicious. Thank you for the wonderful company, too.”

18. “Thank you for inviting us over. We had a great time and had a wonderful meal. Your place is great; we hope to return for another visit.”

19. “Thanks for the great meal and your hospitality. We enjoyed the dinner very much. Thank you for including us in your celebration.”

20. “It was delightful to dine with you on your special day and to celebrate the birth of your dear daughter. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and had a wonderful time. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Thank You For Inviting Us To Your Home

Thank You For Inviting Us To Your Home

The hospitality will always remain in our hearts.

So, it is the best time to say thank you for inviting us to their home.

We will also use these phrases while giving thanks.

But, before saying thank you for inviting us to your home you need to choose the best phrase.

Here is a list of the best phrases to use for thanking someone for inviting us to their home.

21. “Thank you for the lovely evening, and for sharing your home with us.”

22. “Thank you for hosting our event at your beautiful home.”

23. “We had a wonderful time. Thank you for your kindness in inviting us to your home.”

24. “Thank you for having us as your guests. We enjoyed the food, service, and the company.”

25. “Thank you so much for the terrific meal and for your company. It was delightful to see you all again.”

Thank You For Inviting Us For Housewarming

Thank You For Inviting Us For Housewarming

Housewarming is a good opportunity to thank the host for inviting you into his/her house.

So, you should use some great housewarming messages that will make the host feel special and appreciated.

If you are the one who has invited your friends to this party then you should also thank them for visiting you on this special occasion.

So, make the housewarming party memorable by sending some unique messages.

These messages will be remembered for a lifetime and will be cherished forever.

So, you should write some unique messages on the invitation card.

26. “Thank you for inviting me to your housewarming party. I really appreciate your hospitality and would like to enjoy this moment with you. I am looking forward to seeing you in my new home.”

27. “Dear Host, It is a great pleasure to meet you in this new house. I am so happy to be living here with you. It is a good idea to have a housewarming party. So, it is a good time for us to have a good time together.”

28.  “Thanks for this amazing housewarming party. You have done a great job. I am looking forward to spending time with you.”

29. “This is a very special occasion for me and I would like to thank you for inviting us. I am so excited to celebrate this moment with you.”

30. “Thank you for inviting us to your housewarming party and giving us the opportunity to spend a lovely time with you and your family. We are happy to be a part of your new life.”

Thank You For Inviting Us Quotes

Thank You For Inviting Us Quotes

We have been blessed with an amazing life, but we sometimes forget that we are lucky enough to have a life.

We need to thank our parents, friends, family, and others who helped us to live a better life.

Here are some best quotes that will help you to express your gratitude towards others.

31. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” –Maya Angelou

32. “A man is not complete until he has learned to give thanks.” – Abraham Lincoln

33. “When someone says thank you, don’t ask for what. Just answer you’re welcome.” – Unknown

34. “I don’t want a friend who is always right, I just want a friend who is willing to tell me the truth.” – Mandy Hale

35. “When I thank you, it is because I am grateful. When you thank me, it is because you are glad.” – Unknown

Thank You For Inviting Us Messages

Thank You For Inviting Us Messages

Thank you is one of the most important things that every person says at the end of a meeting or in a conversation.

It is the best way to express gratitude for the person who has been kind enough to invite you to the meeting, or who has helped you to accomplish some task.

But sometimes, we fail to use the thank you messages for various reasons.

Either we are not aware of the significance of the gesture or we don’t know how to use the messages to give.

Here are the best ways to say thanks and give a message to someone who has helped you.

36. “Thanks for inviting me to attend”

37. “Thank you for arranging such a great meeting”

38. “Thank you for thinking of me”

39. “It gives me great pleasure to know that you are pleased to see us in your function.”

40. “I would like to thank you for inviting us to celebrate this happy occasion with you.”

Best Wordings For ‘Thank You For Inviting Us’

Best Wordings For Thank You For Inviting Us

Do you ever feel that you are invited to an event but you don’t have good wording to thank the host for inviting you?

If yes then here I am going to share with you some best wordings for ‘Thank you for inviting us.

41. “We are grateful for the opportunity to be invited to attend this function. Thank you for inviting us.”

42. “It was an honor to be invited by you”

43. “I’d like to express my gratitude for your kindness. Thanks for hosting us tonight”

44. “I really appreciate your kindness in inviting us”

45. “Your kindness to include us in this occasion is truly a gesture of true friendship. Thank you so much for your love and care.”


Thank You For Inviting Us - Conclusion

In conclusion, these 45 phrases can help you say thank you to someone with a nice tone and style. Try them out with your friends and family.

They are easy to learn and use and will make you sound more polite, sophisticated, and professional.

Also, these sentences are not an exhaustive list of all the ways you can say thank you for inviting us to your party or dinner.

I have just provided a few examples here to help you get started.

Please feel free to add more if you have any other examples. Let us know in the comment section.

I would love to add your phrase to this list.

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