15+ Funny Punishments For Kids That Teach And Amuse

I always believe the punishment should teach some lesson otherwise there is no point.

Anything I did wrong when I was a kid my mom would give me punishment that would teach me something because of that, I learned to take responsibility and know the consequences of my actions.

There is no need to be harsh because that way they won’t learn anything, what you have to do is understand and guide them.

You need to have patience.

Here I have shared Hilarious and creative ways that you can use or get the idea. if you like it then share it with your friends and family.

Funny And Creative Punishments For Kids

List of Funny Punishments For Kids

1 Give Challenges 

Be creative with the challenges, like extra study sessions are also a challenge for kids or doing some sports.

They will not make the same mistake again because they know they will have to learn extra hours.

2. Let Them Fix The Mistakes 

If they make a mistake let the kids fix it.

This is From my childhood, my mom cleaned the house and I came running in, and messed up the whole house.

Then the punishment was “Clean the house” and I did it but after that, I didn’t dirty the house. 

And I also realized how much hard work it took to clean the house.

3. Reflect On Mistake By writing 

Make them write what they did wrong and why they should apologize.

Let them reflect on their mistake and they will conclude on their own 

You can then further debate if they have a different answer.

Have patience and just guide them.

4. Give Fine 

Instead of paying with the money, they have to pay a fine in the form of helping you with one task.

You can charge more fines (which means more tasks ) depending on the mistake.

Like if they slammed the door hard then they have to serve dinner or lunch. ( It is just how creative you can get ). 

They will make fewer mistakes next time and even if they do you will have a helping hand.

5. Smile And Hug Every Morning 

This will work best on siblings if they make a mistake then they have to give a smile and a hug to each other every morning.

You can also add that they have to say good morning.

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6. I Love You Mom

This works best for slightly older kids but what matters is that it works.

You will give them a punishment that they have to say “I love You, Mom” Every morning.

Some kids are just too shy and embarrassed to say this and that’s why this punishment works like a charm.

Want to make more mistakes? then say I love you.

You can also step it up by asking for kisses and hugs.

7. Habit Implementation

It is as the name suggests you have them adopt one good habit or change one bad habit.

It can be anything, not eating too many sweets and replacing them with fruits.

Going to bed early, doing light exercises.

But what I want you to do is instead of letting them do this alone, become their partner.

Pick a habit that the both of you can do together. 

This way you will be able to make your bond strong and spend more time together.

8. Act As They Do

You will play their role, you will act like them and show them how they behave.

It’s kinda like role reversals where you switch roles. 

But here you will show them how they behave and nothing is better than a real-life example.

9. Recite The Poem of Your Deeds

Yup, you read it right, they have to write poems on their mistakes.

When they finished writing, make them sing the poem.

It will be fun but it will also allow them to think of ways to make it interesting. 

10. Hold Hands Until You Make Up

This will work best if there are siblings, they have to sit on the couch while holding hands and they have to make up if they want to go.

You can also sit with your child while holding hands for a time limit and I’m sure next time they will avoid making mistakes.

Because they will want to avoid sitting otherwise they will be super bored.

11. Food Nightmare.

It is not what you think, what you will do is you will make two dishes, one is your kid’s favorite dish and another is normal.

But the kid’s favorite dish will go to the father or siblings. 

This works every time, I have gotten the same and it made me realize my mistake pretty fast.

Because if I don’t then I will not get to eat my favorite foods.

The one thing that requires this to pull off is you have to be a good cook.

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12. Take Them Around Town 

Take them around new places, have fun with your kids, and make sure they have their best time.

And when they make a mistake next time just say you will not take them for traveling.

That will be their punishment.

You show them and let them experience what they will get and they also realize what they will give up on if they make a mistake.

It is also a good way to spend more time with your kids and sometimes you can also use it as a cool down period.

13. Give Numbers

Make a chart or table, and give the heading positive and negative.

Add numbers on the positive side if they are on their best behavior and add numbers on the negative side when they keep making mistakes.

You can also keep a minimum threshold like if they reach 100 points on the positive side they will get the best reward.

This will keep them motivated. 

You can also minus negative points if they correct their mistake and learn from it.

14. Change Mistakes To Positive Mission

If they make mistakes, give them a mission that includes helping others or contributing something to their family.

Something like helping your neighbor or friends.

And after they are done, appreciate their efforts. 

This will also show them that helping others is a great thing to do.

15. Create A Wheel of Punishment

Sit down and create the list of punishments that will be on the spinner or you can decide together with your kid.

This will add another touch and make it more fun.

You can also hide the punishment with the white paper and only reveal when the

Wheel stops.

And when he/she makes a mistake they have to spin the wheel and will get a random punishment.

16. Let The Kids Get Bored 

I see some kids today have to be constantly entertained and stimulated by external factors.

Instead, let them experience boredom and figure out how to handle it.

It is also true that in boredom we get more creative ideas, It will also lead them to having more physical activity.

What I used to do was draw cartoons from stickers or go outside to play. That was fun.

17. Toy Jail 

If they didn’t take care of their toys or just abusing them, then you can use this punishment.

You pick up a box or crate and put their toy in that, so it is like a jail and keep it in a place where they can’t reach.

And to get their toy back they have to earn it by helping you or taking care of their toys.

If they don’t earn it back then it goes to charity.

Final Words

Parenting is not an easy task and you will make mistakes in this journey, learn from those, and become better with time.

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