What are Some Fun Things To Send Your Ex In The Mail?

Have you ever wondered what post-breakup gestures could tickle the funny bone or send a message to your ex?

From mailing pranks to surprise packages, here’s a cheeky guide to the funny, crazy, and outright annoying things to send your ex in the mail.

Buckle up for a wild postal ride!


35 Things To Send Your Ex In The Mail

Navigating the waters of post-relationship communication can be tricky.

Whether you’re aiming for a laugh or a light-hearted jab, our list of 35 things to send your ex in the mail offers a mix of humorous items, novelty surprises, and yes, even a few revenge-inspired tokens.

If you’re seeking closure gifts or just a chance to have the last laugh, follow this list for some unforgettable mail surprises:

Funny Surprise Packages For Ex

When you think about sending something to your ex, why not make it a funny surprise package?

Imagine their face when they open a box and find a silly toy or a joke book.

These are funny gifts that say, “Hey, we can still laugh!” It’s like sending a smile in the mail.

So, if you want to share a giggle or just do something nice, think about these funny surprises.

They’re perfect for making both of you laugh and remember the good times.

1. A Glitter Bomb

Send a sparkling surprise with a glitter bomb.

When your ex opens it, a burst of shiny glitter will scatter everywhere.

It’s a way to add a little sparkle to their day, even if cleaning up is a bit of a hassle.

It’s all in good fun and sure to leave a lasting impression.

How it works:

The glitter bomb is a sealed envelope or package.

When opened, compressed air sends glitter flying out.

2. A Rubber Chicken

A classic gag gift, the rubber chicken is sure to bring a laugh.

It’s silly, it’s floppy, and it’s unexpected.

This goofy gift can remind your ex of the lighter side of life.

How it works:

Just mail the rubber chicken as is.

When your ex opens the box, they’ll be greeted by its goofy face and comical appearance.

3. A Whoopee Cushion

For a blast from the past, send a whoopee cushion.

It’s a nostalgic and harmless prank that might bring back memories of shared jokes and laughs.

How it works:

Place the whoopee cushion in an envelope.

When your ex sits on it or squeezes it, it’ll make the classic funny noise.

4. A Joke Book

Lighten the mood with a joke book.

It’s a way to share a smile and a chuckle, showing that there are no hard feelings and that laughter is still on the menu.

How it works:

Choose a joke book with a good mix of humor.

When your ex flips through the pages, they’ll find a collection of jokes to brighten their day.

5. A Fake Lottery Ticket

Give a moment of thrilling excitement with a fake lottery ticket. For a second, they’ll think they’ve hit the jackpot!

How it works:

The ticket looks real, but when your ex scratches it off, they’ll see it’s a joke.

It’s a harmless way to give them a rush of excitement.

6. A Potato With a Funny Face Drawn On It

A potato with a funny face is a quirky and unexpected gift.

It’s a humorous and earthy way to send a smile.

How it works:

Draw a silly face on a potato and mail it.

It’s sure to be a surprising and amusing find among the usual mail.

7. A Talking Greeting Card With a Silly Message

A “talking” greeting card can deliver a personalized and silly message in your voice or someone else’s.

It’s a fun way to say hello and share a laugh.

How it works:

Record a funny message on the card.

When your ex opens it, they’ll hear your message play out loud.

8. A Jigsaw Puzzle With One Piece Missing

Send a jigsaw puzzle with one piece purposely missing.

It’s a playful nod to the idea that something’s not quite complete – just like your past relationship.

How it works:

Package up a jigsaw puzzle but keep one piece out.

After all the effort of putting it together, your ex will realize the final piece is missing, prompting a chuckle.

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Crazy Post-relationship Pranks

After a breakup, sometimes you want to do something a little wild. That’s where crazy post-relationship pranks come in.

These are not mean tricks, but funny things to mail that make you both say, “Wow, that’s so crazy!” It’s like a playful joke between old friends.

You could send a whoopee cushion or a box that pops out a fake spider.

These mailing pranks are just for a laugh and to show there are no hard feelings.

It’s a way to have a little fun and maybe even make your ex smile.

9. A Single Sock – Where Did The Other One Go?

Mail a single sock and let your ex ponder the mystery of its missing partner.

It’s a playful reminder of those little, mysteries every couple shares.

How it works:

Choose a lone sock, preferably one with a quirky pattern or color.

Send it in a small package or envelope with a note that playfully asks, “Found the other one yet?”

10. A Miniature Inflatable Unicorn

This tiny mythical creature can add a touch of whimsy to your ex’s day.

It’s a light-hearted gift that says life can still be magical, even after a breakup.

How it works:

The unicorn comes deflated in a small package.

Once inflated, it becomes a miniature companion that invokes a smile.

11. A Can Of Unicorn Meat

Surprise your ex with a can of unicorn meat, the stuff of legends!

Of course, it’s not real meat, but the novelty is in the laughter it brings.

How it works:

The can, labeled as unicorn meat, is filled with a stuffed toy or nothing.

It’s a humorous nudge to the fantasy of finding something that doesn’t exist – like the perfect relationship.

12. A Jar Of “Nothing”

Sometimes, the best message is a jar of “nothing” – a light-hearted way to say that you’ve moved on and so should they.

How it works:

Send an empty jar with a label that reads “Here’s the amount of [something] you deserve,” filling in the blank with a playful jab.

13. A “Grow Your Own Boyfriend/Girlfriend” Toy

This gag gift is a humorous way to suggest that it’s time for your ex to find someone new, in the most fantastical way possible.

How it works:

The toy is a small figure that expands when placed in water.

It’s a silly representation of the idea that finding a new partner could be as easy as adding water.

14. A Plastic Bug In a Jewelry Box

Give your ex a startle with a realistic-looking plastic bug nestled inside an elegant jewelry box.

It’s a harmless prank that will create a moment of surprise.

How it works:

Place the plastic bug inside a jewelry box.

When your ex opens it expecting something precious, they’ll jump at the sight of the bug instead.

15. A CD of bizarre sounds

This unusual gift is a collection of odd and unexpected sounds that will leave your ex both confused and amused.

How it works:

Burn a CD with a selection of strange noises, from animal sounds to sci-fi effects.

It’s an auditory adventure that’s as random as it is entertaining.

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Annoying Mailing Pranks To Do With Ex

Sometimes, after you’ve said goodbye, you might want to play a harmless trick on your ex.

That’s where annoying mailing pranks come into play.

These are little jokes you send through the post, like a box full of glitter or a card that sings non-stop.

They’re just for a little laugh and to say, “Gotcha!” in a friendly way.

These surprise packages aren’t mean, but they sure are funny.

They remind you both that even though you’re not together, you can still share a silly moment or two.

16. A Box Of Uncooked Popcorn Kernels – Without Any Explanation

Imagine your ex’s confusion when they open a box to find it brimming with uncooked popcorn kernels.

It’s a harmless but puzzling gift that leaves a lot of questions hanging in the air.

How it works:

Fill a small box with uncooked popcorn kernels.

When your ex opens it, they’ll be met with a sea of kernels and no clue as to why.

17. A Musical Card That Doesn’t Stop Playing

Send a musical card that plays a catchy tune non-stop.

It’s a funny way to stick a song in their head, just like old times.

How it works:

These cards are designed to play music when opened and continue playing until the battery dies, which can take hours!

18. A Bag Of Confetti That Spills Out When Opened

A confetti explosion is a colorful way to remind your ex of the party times you had.

It’s a surprise that’s sure to make a mess but also bring a smile.

How it works:

A bag filled with confetti is rigged so that when opened, it bursts, scattering confetti everywhere.

19. A Box Filled With Packing Peanuts

A box of packing peanuts can be a playful nod to the emptiness of receiving a big box of… well, nothing much at all.

How it works:

Send a large box filled to the brim with packing peanuts.

It’s a light-hearted prank that’s all about the anticipation of digging through to find there’s nothing else inside.

20. An Alarm Clock Set To Go Off At a Random Time

An alarm clock set for an unexpected time can be a humorous wake-up call, literally, to the single life.

How it works:

Hide an alarm clock in a box and set it to go off after it’s likely to have been delivered.

It’s a funny way to remind your ex of the times you may have woken them up.

21. A “Never-ending” Birthday Candle

The “never-ending” birthday candle is a playful metaphor for the relationship that just keeps going, even when you think it’s over.

How it works:

These candles re-light themselves after being blown out, much to the frustration and amusement of whoever is trying to extinguish them.

22. A Box Of Melted Chocolate.

A box of melted chocolate can be a sweet yet messy reminder of how some things just don’t stay perfect.

How it works: Send a box of chocolates to your ex, but choose a delivery method that ensures the chocolates will melt by the time they’re received.

It’s a sticky surprise that’s bittersweet.


How People React to Breakups: A Survey Among Friends

I was curious about how people react after a breakup, so I asked 25 of my friends what they did to deal with their feelings.

Here’s what I found out:

Understanding Breakups Insights from a Friendly Survey

From our survey, we learned that people have different ways of dealing with breakups.

Some try to get revenge, while others just want to forget and move on.

It’s interesting to see how different people choose different ways to handle their feelings.

What We Learned

This survey taught us that breakups can make people react in many ways.

It’s okay to feel sad or angry, but it’s important to find healthy ways to deal with those feelings.

Talking to friends, family, or a counselor can help.


Embarrassing Gifts For Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

If you’re thinking of a way to make your ex chuckle or blush, embarrassing gifts could be just the thing.

These are funny surprises you send to make them giggle about old inside jokes or blush a little.

Maybe it’s a silly old photo of you two or a goofy hat they used to wear. It’s all in good fun.

These gifts are like a playful nudge that says, “Remember this?”

It’s a way to look back at the fun times and share a smile, even if you’re not together anymore.

23. A “Congratulations On Your (Non-existent) Baby” Card

Send a card congratulating your ex on a baby that doesn’t exist.

It’s a humorous way to catch them off guard and share a laugh over the absurdity of the situation.

How it works:

The card will look just like a genuine congratulations card for new parents.

When your ex reads it, they’ll be in for a moment of bewildered amusement.

24. An “Over The Hill” Birthday Card, Regardless Of Their Age

An “over the hill” card is a playful jab that pokes fun at aging, even if your ex is far from old.

It’s a way to tease them about getting older together, even if you’re not.

How it works:

Choose a card that’s typically given to someone much older as a joke about aging.

It’s a light-hearted way to reminisce about the times you might have teased each other.

25. A Fake Magazine Cover Featuring Them

Create a fake magazine cover that highlights a funny or embarrassing moment your ex had.

It’s a personalized gag that can bring back a shared laugh.

How it works:

Design a magazine cover with a photo and headlines that recall an embarrassing but funny memory.

It’s a creative way to revisit an inside joke.

26. A “Baldness Cure” Shampoo

Whether they have a full head of hair or not, a “baldness cure” shampoo is a silly gift that’s sure to raise an eyebrow and draw a chuckle.

How it works:

Send a bottle of regular shampoo relabeled as a miracle hair growth formula.

It’s a nudge and a wink to the vanity we all share.

27. A “How To Handle Breakups” Self-help Book

A self-help book on handling breakups can be a tongue-in-cheek way to acknowledge the end of your relationship while offering a bit of humor.

How it works:

Pick a book with a funny title or one that’s overly dramatic about breakups.

It’s a way to show that you can both take the breakup in stride.

28. A “Sorry For Your Loss” Sympathy Card

Send a sympathy card typically reserved for more solemn occasions as a way to humorously acknowledge the ‘loss’ of your relationship.

How it works:

The card will express condolences as if for a serious loss, but in this context, it’s a light-hearted nod to the end of your romantic ties.

Revenge Stuff To Mail Your Ex

When you’re feeling a bit naughty and want to give your ex a harmless little shock, revenge stuff to mail can be your go-to.

This isn’t about being mean, but about sending a playful message like, “You’re in for a surprise!” Think of a box that jumps when opened or a fake spider.

These are pranks that make you laugh and say, “You got me!” They’re just for fun and to show that you can still play a joke or two.

It’s a way to have a little laugh and maybe get a tiny bit of post-breakup revenge.

29. A Bag Of Gummy Worms Labeled “Real Worms.”

Imagine your ex’s face when they open a bag labeled “real worms” only to find it’s full of gummy worms.

It’s a harmless trick that might give them a momentary scare followed by a sweet treat.

How it works:

Take a bag of gummy worms and replace the label with one that reads “real worms.”

It’s a playful mix-up that’s sure to get a reaction.

30. A Fake Parking Ticket

A fake parking ticket is a classic prank that can give your ex a brief moment of panic before they realize it’s all in good fun.

How it works:

Place a realistic-looking parking ticket on their windshield or mail it.

They’ll think they’ve received a fine, but upon closer inspection, they’ll see it’s just a joke.

31. A Letter From a “Secret Admirer” That Leads To a Prank Website

Send a mysterious letter from a ‘secret admirer’ that directs your ex to a harmless prank website.

It’s a modern twist on the age-old secret admirer note.

How it works:

The letter will pique their curiosity, but when they visit the website, they’ll be greeted with a funny message or a light-hearted prank.

32. A “Return To Sender” Stamped On One Of Their Old Letters

Mail back one of their old letters to you with a “return to sender” stamp.

It’s a symbolic way to say you’re moving on from the past.

How it works:

Take an old letter they wrote to you, stamp it “return to sender,” and mail it back to them.

It’s a clear sign you’re sending the past back where it came from.

33. A “bill” for all the time and effort you spent in the relationship

Create a fake “bill” itemizing all the time and effort you put into the relationship. It’s a humorous way to reflect on all the ups and downs you shared.

How it works:

Draft a detailed invoice with funny and exaggerated line items, such as “hours spent listening to stories” or “number of dinners cooked.”

34. A Voodoo Doll With a Note, “Just Kidding… Or Am I?”

A voodoo doll with a playful note can be a cheeky way to poke fun at the idea of holding grudges post-breakup.

How it works:

Send a harmless voodoo doll along with a note that adds a touch of mystery and humor, leaving them to wonder about your intentions.

35. A “Coupon” For One Free Heartbreak

This mock “coupon” is a playful reminder of the emotional rollercoaster of relationships and the resilience needed to get through them.

How it works:

Create a fake coupon that offers a “free heartbreak,” implying that heartaches are a part of life, but like coupons, they can be left unused.

Ensuring Your Gift Is Accepted

When considering gifting something to an ex without facing rejection, it’s essential to navigate the process with sensitivity and understanding.

Here are steps to increase the likelihood of your gift being accepted:

Reflect on the Relationship’s Current State

Consider the current dynamics of your relationship.

Is there open communication? Have you both moved past any negativity?

A gift is more likely to be accepted if it comes from a place of genuine goodwill and if there’s a level of comfort and acceptance between both parties.

Maintaining Friendship After a Breakup: What Alena Fellowes Teaches Us?

Choose the Gift Thoughtfully

Select something that has meaning or relevance to your shared experiences but is not overly intimate or suggestive of rekindling the relationship, unless you’re both open to that idea.

Opt for something that acknowledges your past while respecting the present, such as a book on a topic he enjoys or an item related to a shared interest.

Consider the Delivery Method

The way you give the gift can significantly affect its reception.

A direct approach might be uncomfortable for both parties, so consider using a delivery service or mailing it with a note.

This method offers him the space to process the gesture on his terms.

Include a Simple, Honest Note

If you decide to include a note, keep it straightforward and sincere.

Express your intentions without imposing expectations.

A message like, “Saw this and thought of you.

Hope it brings a smile to your face, just as our memories do for me,” can convey your sentiments without pressure.

Respect His Response

Prepare for various outcomes.

If he accepts the gift, take it as a positive sign of your evolving relationship.

If he chooses not to accept it, respect his decision and boundaries.

The act of offering a gift should be about extending kindness and goodwill, regardless of the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some romantic things to send your ex in the mail to rekindle the spark?

Sending a handwritten letter sharing fond memories, a playlist of songs that mean something to both of you or a book you both talked about but never read together can be very romantic. It shows you remember and cherish the moments you shared.

What gifts can you mail to your ex-boyfriend to show you still care?

Consider sending something that connects to an inside joke between you two, a book on a topic he loves, or a care package with his favorite snacks. These gifts show thoughtfulness and that you understand him well.

Are there any funny things to send your ex in the mail to lighten the mood?

Funny greeting cards, a comic book they love, or a novelty gift related to a private joke you shared can lighten the mood. It’s a way to share a laugh and show you’re thinking of them in a positive light.

How can I craft a message to my ex-boyfriend that will make him cry and reconsider?

Write from the heart. Share how you feel without placing blame. Mention specific, beautiful moments you shared, how you’ve grown, and subtly express how you miss what was good between you. Authenticity can evoke strong emotions.

What are effective texts to send to your ex after no contact to re-initiate communication?

Start with something simple and open-ended, like asking how they have been or mentioning something that reminded you of them. It shows you’re thinking of them and opens the door for them to respond if they’re ready.

What are some savage texts to send your ex to show you’ve moved on?

It’s best to stay respectful, but if you want to showcase your growth, you might share an achievement or personal growth story. Phrase it in a way that shows you’re better off, without directly belittling your past together.

How to write a letter to my ex-boyfriend that will make him cry and understand my feelings?

Express your feelings honestly, focusing on the love and positive experiences you shared. Avoid accusations. Mention specific moments that were meaningful, how you feel now, and what you hope for him in the future. The sincerity in your words can touch his heart.

Conclusion and Things You Need To Focus On

Sending items to your ex in the mail can be a light-hearted way to have some fun, but it’s important to keep it light and not take things too far.

Before sending anything, consider the potential consequences and whether it’s worth it.

Always keep it legal and safe for everyone involved. Ultimately, it’s about having fun and moving on from the past in a humorous way.

Loved our list of cheeky items to mail your ex? The fun doesn’t end here!

Dive into an epic prank and see how playful revenge unfolds in real life.

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