55 Funny Rules For Boyfriend Every Girlfriend Should Make

Have you ever thought about creating some funny rules for your boyfriend that could make your relationship more joyful and less stressful?

Well, you’re not alone! Many girlfriends believe that a sprinkle of humor can turn everyday challenges into fun moments.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of 55 hilarious relationship tips that every girlfriend should consider.

These aren’t just any rules; they’re crafted to bring laughter and light-heartedness into your relationship, ensuring that both you and your boyfriend have lots of fun together!


55 Funny Rules For Boyfriend

As you dive into this list of 55 comedic guidelines for your boyfriend, remember that the aim is to foster fun and laughter between you two.

These rules are designed to put a humorous spin on common relationship scenarios, ensuring that every moment shared is filled with smiles.

55 Funny Rules For Boyfriend

So, let’s get started and add a dash of comedy to your dating life!

Official Spider-Handler: You are on all bug and spider removal duties.

Every girlfriend needs a hero when it comes to bugs, especially spiders!

So, the rule is that your boyfriend automatically becomes the Official Spider-Handler.

That means anytime there’s a creepy crawler in sight, it’s his job to bravely remove it.

He should be ready to swoop in with a glass and a piece of paper to catch and release any uninvited guests, making sure you feel safe and bug-free!

Chief Temperature Adjuster: Always make sure the temperature suits the queen.

As the Chief Temperature Adjuster, your boyfriend’s job is to make sure that the room is always cozy for you.

Whether it’s turning up the heat on a chilly day or making it cooler when it’s too warm, he should always check in to see if you’re comfortable.

It’s like he’s the guardian of the thermostat, always ensuring the queen (that’s you!) is happy with the temperature.

Memory Bank: Remember all anniversaries and important dates.

Remembering special dates is super important in a relationship!

As the Memory Bank, your boyfriend should keep track of all key dates like anniversaries, your birthday, and any other important events.

Maybe he could set reminders on his phone so he never forgets.

This rule helps keep those special days highlight-worthy, showing how much he cares.

Chief Compliment Officer: Compliments are mandatory daily.

Chief Compliment Officer

Who doesn’t love hearing nice things about themselves?

As the Chief Compliment Officer, your boyfriend should give you compliments every day.

From how great your hair looks, to how smart and funny you are, a daily compliment can really make your day brighter.

It’s his job to remind you just how awesome you are!

Social Media Manager: Always like and comment on my posts first.

In the digital age, liking and commenting on social media posts is a big deal.

As your Social Media Manager, your boyfriend should always be the first one to like and comment on your posts.

Whether it’s a simple heart emoji or a comment saying how amazing you look, his prompt response to your posts shows everyone just how supportive he is.

When Watching TV/Movies

Dive into the hilarious relationship dos and don’ts of TV and movie watching.

These boyfriend guidelines cover everything from remote control ownership to snack duties.

Ensuring every series binge or movie night is filled with humor and shared joys, making your watching experience a cornerstone for relationship humor.

Remote Control Deputy: The remote is mine unless otherwise specified.

When it comes to watching TV, the remote control should be in your hands most of the time.

He can be the Remote Control Deputy, meaning the remote is yours unless you decide to delegate it to him.

This way, you get to call the shots on what you watch together, and he’s there to support your choice—or gently suggest something else when you’re undecided.

Streaming Executive: Always let me choose the Netflix show after 8 PM.

Streaming Executive

As the Streaming Executive, he should let you choose what to watch on Netflix after 8 PM.

This rule ensures that during your prime relaxation time, you get to pick the shows or movies that suit your mood.

It’s all about making those evening hours special and tailored to what you enjoy the most.

Silence Enforcer: No talking during Grey’s Anatomy (or insert show).

There’s always that one show that demands complete attention—like Grey’s Anatomy or any other favorite.

He takes on the role of Silence Enforcer, which means no talking during the show.

This ensures you can hear every dramatic twist and turn without interruption.

It’s his job to help make this time distraction-free.

Snack Provider: Always provide snacks when we’re binge-watching.

Whether it’s a movie marathon or a binge-watching session, having snacks is essential.

As the Snack Provider, he should always bring tasty treats to the couch.

It could be anything from popcorn to your favorite candy.

His mission is to keep the snack supply coming, making sure you both have something yummy to munch on while enjoying the screen.

Cuddle Chief: Must provide cuddles upon request during movies.

During movie nights, everyone loves a good cuddle.

He becomes the Cuddle Chief, responsible for providing cuddles upon request during movies.

This makes watching anything on TV cozier and more enjoyable, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening together.

When Eating Out

Enjoy eating out with a twist of comedy in relationships with these funny dating advice rules.

Whether it’s about who handles the bill or the freedom to steal food from each other’s plates.

These light-hearted boyfriend behavior jokes add a delicious flavor of laughter to your dining experience.

Menu Consultant: Let me steal food from your plate without judgment.

Everyone knows that food tastes better from someone else’s plate!

As your Menu Consultant, your boyfriend’s role is to let you sneak bites from his plate without making a fuss.

This rule is all about sharing and enjoying your meals together, even if it means his dish becomes a little less his own.

Chief Bill Analyst: You pretend to check the bill, but I choose when we split.

When it comes to paying the bill, he becomes the Chief Bill Analyst.

This means he might pretend to scrutinize the bill closely, but ultimately, you get the final say on whether you split it, you treat it, or he does.

It’s a playful way to handle the sometimes awkward moment of paying, making it more about cooperation and less about the cost.

Dessert Enabler: Always encourage dessert, even if it’s just for me.

Dessert Enabler

Desserts are often the best part of a meal, and as the Dessert Enabler, it’s his job to always encourage ordering dessert, especially if it’s just for you.

Whether you’re craving a slice of cheesecake or a scoop of ice cream, he should be your biggest cheerleader in indulging your sweet tooth.

Takeout Coordinator: Remember my favorite takeout orders.

For those nights when you just want to stay in and order takeout, he should remember your favorite orders.

As the Takeout Coordinator, keeping track of your go-to dishes from various restaurants shows that he pays attention to your preferences, making those lazy evenings smooth and enjoyable.

Drive-Thru Speaker: Always handle the drive-thru speaker confusion.

Navigating a drive-thru can sometimes be confusing, but not to worry!

He takes on the role of Drive-Thru Speaker, handling orders and any mix-ups that come with the territory.

This means he deals with the speaker, ensuring your order is perfect so you can both look forward to a meal just the way you like it.

Phone Etiquette Terms and Conditions

Phone etiquette becomes a source of jokes about boyfriends with these quirky rules.

From rapid text replies to understanding emojis.

These guidelines make sure your digital communications are as fun and caring as your face-to-face interactions, embedding humor in every ping and buzz.

Text Reply Leader: Texts should be replied to within 10 minutes.

Text Reply Leader

Staying connected throughout the day can make your relationship even stronger.

As the Text Reply Leader, your boyfriend should make sure to reply to your texts within 10 minutes.

This rule helps keep the communication flowing and ensures that you both feel valued and responsive to each other’s needs.

Emoji Decoder: Understand all my emojis without explanation.

Emojis can say a lot without words, but sometimes they can be a bit cryptic!

As the Emoji Decoder, it’s his job to understand all your emojis without needing an explanation.

This means he should get the hint whether you’re sending a heart for love, a pizza for dinner plans, or a facepalm for those “oops” moments!

Charger Organizer: Always give me the better charger.

In today’s world, having a charged phone is crucial.

As the Charger Organizer, your boyfriend should always make sure you have access to the better charger.

Whether it’s the faster one, the newer one, or simply the one that works best, he ensures your phone is always juiced up and ready to go.

Background Idol: My picture must be your phone background.

Personalizing phones is a fun way to express ourselves.

Make your picture his phone background as the Background Idol shows off his affection and keeps you close at all times.

It’s a sweet gesture that says you’re always on his mind, even through the simple background on his phone.

Call Announcer: Warn me before you put me on speakerphone.

Nobody likes to be caught off guard, especially when on speakerphone.

As the Call Announcer, he must always warn you before putting you on speakerphone.

This way, you know who might be listening in and can adjust your conversation accordingly.

It’s a respectful practice that protects your privacy and ensures open communication.

Social Events

Navigate social gatherings with these humorous relationship tips that promise to keep your partner by your side.

This section delivers funny dating advice on how to handle social scenarios with a laugh, ensuring every event is an opportunity for fun and supportive companionship.

Party Sidekick: Always be by my side at social events.

Attending social gatherings can sometimes be daunting, so having your boyfriend as your Party Sidekick can make all the difference.

He should stick by your side at events, making sure you feel comfortable and included.

This role helps both of you enjoy the event together, ensuring a united front in any social setting.

Dance Captain: Dance with me, even if you think you can’t dance.

Dance Captain

Even if dancing isn’t his forte, as your Dance Captain, he should be ready to hit the dance floor with you.

It’s all about having fun and making memories, not about perfect moves.

Encouraging him to dance with you, even if it’s just swaying to the music, adds a playful and bonding element to any party.

Gift Reminder: Remind me of others’ birthdays and help pick gifts.

Remembering others’ special occasions is important.

As the Gift Reminder, it’s his job to help keep track of others’ birthdays and assist in picking out gifts.

This teamwork not only helps in maintaining good relationships with friends and family but also reduces the stress of doing it all alone.

Designated Driver: Sober driver duties rotate, but mostly it’s your turn.

Safety is key when it comes to enjoying yourselves and getting home safely.

As the mostly Designated Driver, he should take on the sober driver duties, especially when it’s his turn.

This role is crucial and shows his care and responsibility towards both of your well-being.

Complaint Partner: Agree with me when I rant about someone at the party.

We all need to vent sometimes, especially about social interactions that might not go as planned.

As your Complaint Partner, he should be ready to lend an ear and agree with you when you need to rant about someone at the party.

This shows solidarity and provides emotional support, making you feel heard and understood.

Boyfriend Travel Guidelines

Travel with ease and humor with these boyfriend guidelines that transform trip planning, navigating, and photo-taking into a series of hilarious relationship dos and don’ts.

Whether he’s your itinerary planner or snack scout, these rules ensure your journeys are filled with adventure and comedy.

Packing Supervisor: Make sure I don’t forget anything while packing.

Everyone has that moment of panic where they think they’ve forgotten something important.

As the Packing Supervisor, your boyfriend’s role is to double-check your packing list and make sure nothing important is left behind.

He doesn’t have to pack your bags, but a quick review to ensure you’ve got everything from your phone charger to your favorite pair of shoes can be a big help.

Itinerary Planner: Let me plan the itinerary, but feel free to suggest.

Itinerary Planner

Planning a trip can be half the fun, but it’s nice to have input to make it perfect.

You take the lead in planning out the trip’s activities, but he should feel free to offer suggestions and ideas.

This way, the itinerary has something you both love, and he feels involved in the process.

Photo Director: Take Instagram-worthy photos without being asked.

In the age of social media, capturing the perfect holiday snap can be crucial.

As your Photo Director, his task is to take Instagram-worthy photos of you and the scenery without you having to ask.

Whether it’s candid shots or posed perfection, he’s got the camera and knows how to use it to highlight the best moments of your travels.

Navigation Officer: Handle Google Maps; I’ll just complain about traffic.

Navigating can be stressful, especially in new places.

He should take the lead as the Navigation Officer, handling apps like Google Maps to get you both where you need to be.

Meanwhile, you can provide commentary on traffic and directions, ensuring a team effort in getting to each destination smoothly.

Snack Scout: Always have snacks ready for long trips.

Long trips require good snacks, and having them ready can make the journey much more pleasant.

As the Snack Scout, his job is to stock up on and pack a variety of tasty treats that you both enjoy.

Whether it’s a road trip or a flight, he makes sure hunger never puts a damper on your travel excitement.

Fashion and Shopping Rules

Turn shopping trips into a showcase of relationship humor with these humorous relationship tips.

From carrying all your shopping bags to offering the kindest yet honest opinions on outfits, these funny dating advice guidelines ensure that shopping becomes another delightful arena for laughter and bonding.

Style Advisor: Always say I look good, especially when I try on new outfits.

When trying on new outfits, it’s wonderful to have a cheering section.

As your Style Advisor, he should always be ready to say you look great, boosting your confidence and making the shopping trip a joyful experience.

It’s about support and positivity, especially when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone with new styles.

Honest Opinion Giver: Give honest opinions but in the kindest way possible.

Honest Opinion Giver

While compliments are fantastic, sometimes you need a second, genuine opinion.

As the Honest Opinion Giver, he should provide his true thoughts on how outfits look on you—but always in the kindest way possible.

This ensures you feel supported and valued, and that you make purchases you’ll truly love and feel fabulous in.

Bag Carrier: Carry all shopping bags, no matter the number.

Carrying multiple shopping bags can be a hassle, especially after a long day at the mall.

As the designated Bag Carrier, he takes on the responsibility of handling all your shopping bags, no matter how many.

This allows you to shop comfortably without being weighed down by heavy bags.

Patience Holder: Never rush me when I’m shopping.

Shopping can be a detailed and lengthy process.

As the Patience Holder, he commits to never rushing you while you’re shopping.

Whether you’re browsing, trying on items, or pondering purchases, having him by your side without feeling pressured makes the experience much more enjoyable and relaxed.

Budget Reminder: Gently remind me of the budget (but not too often).

Sticking to a budget is important, but constant reminders can dampen the fun of shopping.

As the Budget Reminder, he gently keeps financial goals in check—offering reminders about your budget but not too often.

This role is crucial for keeping finances in line while also allowing you the freedom to indulge a little.

Home Life Do’s and Dont’s

Infuse your daily home life with comedy in relationships through these playful and practical rules.

From cooking attempts to laundry sorting, these humorous relationship tips create a home environment that’s filled with warmth, laughter, and mutual cooperation.

Chef de Cuisine: Cook or at least attempt to every now and then.

Even if he’s not a master in the kitchen, encouraging him to cook or at least try every now and then adds variety and fun to mealtime.

As the Chef de Cuisine, he doesn’t have to whip up gourmet meals.

But sharing the responsibility of cooking can turn an ordinary dinner into a special one, and it’s a great way for both of you to learn and experiment with new recipes together.

Laundry Sorter: Always separate whites and colors.

Laundry Sorter

Laundry day can be less of a chore with a little teamwork.

As the Laundry Sorter, his job is to always separate whites and colors.

This helps prevent any mishaps like turning the white shirts pink and ensures that the laundry is done properly, making this task quicker and more efficient for both of you.

Decor Consultant: Nod and smile when I redecorate the apartment.

Redecorating your space can be exciting, and having his support makes it even better.

As the Decor Consultant, his role is to nod and smile when you redecorate the apartment.

His positive reinforcement, whether you’re moving furniture or hanging new art, makes the process enjoyable and affirming, turning your shared space into a place that reflects both of your styles.

Grocery Partner: Always help carry in the groceries.

Carrying in groceries can sometimes feel like a workout session.

As your Grocery Partner, he’s there to help carry bags from the car to the kitchen.

Sharing the load not only makes it easier but also speeds up the process, so you can both relax and enjoy your home without the dread of multiple trips back and forth to the car.

DIY Assistant: Be ready to handle or assist in any DIY project.

Whether it’s assembling furniture or tackling a home improvement project, having him as your DIY Assistant can be a huge help.

Ready to handle or assist with any task, his involvement ensures that projects get completed more smoothly and can turn a potentially frustrating experience into an opportunity for teamwork and fun.

Emotional Support

Strengthen your emotional connection with these hilarious relationship dos and don’ts that ensure your partner is always your biggest cheerleader and most understanding confidant.

From mood detection to secret keeping, these boyfriend guidelines enrich your relationship with trust and laughter.

Secret Keeper: Keep all my secrets safe.

Trust is the foundation of intimacy, and being a reliable Secret Keeper is crucial.

He should keep all your secrets safe, showing that he is trustworthy and respectful of your privacy.

This reassures you that your innermost thoughts and feelings are secure with him, strengthening your bond.

Mood Detector: Know exactly when to give me space.

Mood Detector

Sometimes, the best support comes in the form of space.

As a Mood Detector, his job is to recognize when you need time alone and provide that space without you having to ask.

Understanding and respecting your need for solitude at times demonstrates his sensitivity to your feelings and contributes to a healthier, more supportive relationship.

Cheerleader: Always be my biggest fan and supporter.

Everyone needs encouragement, especially from their partner.

As your Cheerleader, he should always be your biggest fan and supporter, cheering you on in your endeavors and celebrating your successes.

This role is about constant positive reinforcement, boosting your confidence and showing that he believes in you unconditionally.

Peace Maker: Be the first to apologize after an argument (even if not at fault).

Conflicts are inevitable, but resolving them is key to a lasting relationship.

As the peacemaker, he should strive to be the first to apologize after an argument, even if he’s not at fault.

This isn’t about taking blame but about valuing peace over pride, showing a commitment to harmony and mutual respect.

Complaint Receiver: Listen to all complaints without solving them unless asked.

It’s important to feel heard when things are bothering you.

As the Complaint Receiver, he needs to listen to all your complaints without immediately jumping to solutions unless you ask for them.

This ensures that you feel understood and validated, which can be more comforting than any quick fix.

Pet Peeves Or Common Annoyances

Address common pet peeves with a humorous twist through these funny dating advice rules.

Whether it’s managing the toilet seat or the toothpaste tube, these satirical partner rules help navigate the small but significant habits that can define the comfort and humor in your shared living spaces.

Toilet Seat Manager: Always leave the toilet seat down.

One of the classic household debates is the position of the toilet seat.

As the Toilet Seat Manager, his responsibility is to always remember to leave the toilet seat down after use.

This simple act shows consideration and helps prevent any middle-of-the-night surprises, making bathroom etiquette a breeze.

Toothpaste Squeezer: Squeeze from the bottom of the toothpaste tube.

Toothpaste Squeezer

It might seem small, but how you squeeze the toothpaste can be a point of contention.

He should take on the role of Toothpaste Squeezer, always making sure to squeeze from the bottom of the tube.

This helps keep the bathroom tidy and the toothpaste easy to use, ensuring morning and night routines are hassle-free.

Bed Maker: Make the bed the way I like it.

There’s nothing like the feel of a well-made bed.

As the bedmaker, his job is to make the bed the way you like it after waking up.

This not only keeps the bedroom neat but also sets a positive tone for the day, showing that little efforts in maintaining order are appreciated.

Cupboard Closer: Always close cupboards after opening them.

Leaving cupboards open can be a minor annoyance that leads to a cluttered look.

As the Cupboard Closer, he needs to ensure that all cupboards are shut after getting what he needs.

This role is key in maintaining a tidy and safe home environment, reducing clutter and the risk of bumps or spills.

Light Monitor: Turn off lights in rooms we’re not using.

Conserving energy is important both for the environment and the utility bill.

The role of Light Monitor involves turning off lights in rooms that aren’t being used.

This task not only saves energy but also instills good habits, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Technology and Gadgets

Incorporate humor in dating with these tech-related boyfriend behavior jokes that cover everything from playlist control to privacy protection.

These guidelines ensure that your digital life is as smoothly managed as your real-life interactions, filled with understanding and chuckles over inevitable tech frustrations.

Tech Support: Always ready to fix any tech issues.

Technology can be tricky, and having a go-to person for issues is invaluable.

As the Tech Support, he should be ready to troubleshoot any tech problems you encounter, whether it’s a frozen computer screen, a stubborn app, or syncing devices.

His expertise not only saves time but also eases any frustrations that come with tech glitches.

Playlist DJ: Let me control the music on road trips.

Playlist DJ

Music sets the mood for any road trip.

While he can certainly suggest songs, as the Playlist DJ, you have control over the music.

This ensures that the soundtrack to your journey is exactly what you want, making the miles fly by with your favorite tunes.

Game Share: Share your video games and teach me if I’m interested.

Sharing hobbies can strengthen a relationship, and video games are no exception.

As part of Game Share, he should be open to sharing his video games with you and ready to teach you the ropes if you show interest.

This can be a fun, engaging way to spend time together and learn new skills.

Privacy Protector: Never peek at my phone without permission.

Respecting each other’s privacy is fundamental in any relationship.

As the Privacy Protector, he should never peek at your phone without permission.

This role emphasizes trust and respect for personal boundaries, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy partnership.

Streaming Partner: Agree on which series to binge together and stick to it.

Deciding on a series to binge-watch together can be a serious commitment.

As your Streaming Partner, once you both agree on a show, he should stick to watching it with you.

This role helps prevent “stream cheating” and ensures that you both get to experience every twist and turn together, making it more enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest rule in a relationship?

The biggest rule in a relationship is communication. Open, honest, and respectful dialogue helps both partners understand each other’s needs, resolve conflicts, and build a strong foundation of trust.

How can I do well with my boyfriend?

To do well with your boyfriend, show appreciation for him, maintain open lines of communication, and ensure you both have time for shared interests and activities. Also, be supportive during his challenges and celebrate his successes.

How can I improve my relationship with my boyfriend?

Improving your relationship can be achieved by spending quality time together, expressing gratitude and affection, and actively listening to each other’s concerns and desires. Regularly discussing your relationship goals and expectations can also strengthen your bond.

How can I be a better girlfriend?

Being a better girlfriend involves understanding and supporting your boyfriend’s needs and aspirations, communicating effectively, and being kind and considerate. Additionally, encourage a healthy balance of together time and individual activities to foster a supportive and loving relationship.


As you bring these 55 funny rules into your relationship, you’re not just setting guidelines; you’re weaving in laughter, warmth, and a shared sense of fun into your daily lives.

Each humorous rule for boyfriend, from handling spiders to managing tech glitches, adds a layer of comedy and connection, making every ordinary moment something to look forward to.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to follow these rules but to enjoy the process of laughter and love they bring into your partnership.

So embrace these hilarious dos and don’ts, and watch as they transform your relationship into a delightful blend of love and laughter.

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