21 Bets & Funny Punishment Ideas For Boyfriend (2024)

You definitely love your boyfriend and do like every little thing about him. But sometimes he is acting like he is the boss and shows some kinda friendly attitude.

You need a better idea to up your game. Then these bets to make with your boyfriend will definitely you give plenty of fun ideas on how to have healthy competition.

So without any further ado let’s dive in

Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Loser gets a special baby day treatment

Throughout your relationship, as a girl, you do like to behave like a small baby in front of your boyfriend but sometime it might be very annoying for him.

But you do like to behave in such a manner. Then make a bet to get this kinda treatment and thus, your boyfriend won’t get annoyed and angry over you.

Loser will say ‘YES’ to everything

One of the coolest and most fun bets you can probably make with your boyfriend and you can’t imagine thoughts and ideas in this situation where you actually win a bet.

Your boyfriend will literally say YES to everything that you ask for like – ‘Make my hair’, ‘Drive me downtown’ and etc.,


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Loser will not kiss me for 24 hours

This one can be difficult for you as well. Especially if in your relationship either one of you has an addictive habit of loving and giving kisses very frequently.

And if you have a boyfriend who loves you so much and has such habit then it will be very difficult for him to control and in a friendly way you can literally enjoy the moment.

Loser will do dishes for the entire day

This can be real punishment as if the dishes are done only by one of you every time. Besides having a hectic work schedule and needing to take care of your partner and then managing daily home tasks like dishes can be very stressful.

Make a bet for doing dishes and do your best at a competition, so that you don’t have to follow the bet.

Loser will wear my clothes

Any challenge or competition doesn’t matter at this point. But the end result would really do. As a girl, if you lose, you won’t have much problem wearing your boyfriend’s clothes.

But just imagine, how your guy will look when he will wear your dress, something like a crop top or skirt. It will surely give you a fun memory and probably will remain with you for a long time.

Loser will keep on saying good things about the winner

If you are meeting your old friends and especially when you have common friends then, this bet can be exciting and might sound very strange to others.

The loser will keep on saying good things, any praises but on a repeating note. Being in a group of friends and your partner praising you continuously might look very weird to other people. And probably might be a horrible experience for the doer.


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Loser will get Queen/ King treatment

Anything that you ask, whether it is small or big the loser has to fulfill it at any cost. Apart from asking by self, it won’t limit the situation till there but without leaving a place for asking the loser has to treat the winner like a royal.

Loser will give $1000

Simple as that. Completely fun and worth a chance to win $1000 just by beating your partner in a competition. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your partner bank empty.

Remember, to take reward money in cash and not in any other terms (like barter system). Give a tough competition and earn your money.

Loser will book a first-class ticket

Doesn’t really matter where you are going on a vacation but enjoying something that you had won in a bet or challenge gives you a completely different experience.

For instance, if the chosen destination is not according to your wish and list but you still can make a chance to at least win from one side.

Be a supreme competitor and grab your amazing first-class ticket.

How cool and worth it to experience the moment will be to have a first-class ticket.

Get yourself complete private room, bathroom, and special meal, and on top of it, get the amazing royal treatment from your favorite airline.

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I bet you to make me laugh

This can be really fun and can be kept very simple.

Easy to catch and follow, just have the attention of your boyfriend and set up a bet or challenge where you ask him to make you laugh by doing just anything.

Literally anything. Trust me, it could be a hilarious entertaining experience that you can enjoy.

Watch out for the different ideas and things that can come up in your boyfriend’s mind.

Can I talk to you for a bit?

Sometimes stupid and silly things can put you in trouble and same this bet might do.

And this bet will be more interesting and enjoyable if you both are living in the same space or whenever you are with him, then it would be perfect to set up this.

Rules are simple, ask your boyfriend to call the cops and ask him to say to the officer – ‘Can I talk to you for a bit’…….

Keep on saying this…. multiple times and in between add some sad story and don’t let the officer hang up the phone.

Disclaimer: No intentions to disturb the cops but playing a friendly prank on them.

At the end of the call, ask your boyfriend to tell the truth (so that you won’t fall into any sort of trouble) if he is able to do it successfully and has that much guts.

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Physical Activity Based Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Physical activity based bets to make with your boyfriend

Who can do most burpees in a minute

It will be one by one challenge, where you and your partner need to do burpees (a popular HIIT exercise).

If you and your partner are gym freaks and do love to perform exercise a lot and are mostly included in your everyday routine, then this bet would be very competitive.

All you have is 1 minute and by toss factor, the first doer will be decided and count down the actual number your partner had performed the form of exercise and it will be your turn in the second round to beat him or her in this friendly challenge.

Who can do more pull-ups?

The second physical activity-based and more exercise-related bet to make with your boyfriend is doing pull-ups.

Now, it can be an added advantage to your boyfriend as this form of exercise requires a bit more strength (not commenting over girls’ power or considering them as weak).
But nothing is decided until it is done, so tie up your shoelace and your intentions and be a dominant competitor to your partner.

Who can make perfect balance on hand-stand

Now, this activity might be very new to both of you initially unless you are a gymnast lover.

Trying to do a handstand and falling by the side can be a fun activity and bet that you can set with your boyfriend.

Count down to a number of seconds your partner can make perfect balance on a hand-stand and beat him by holding it for seconds.

Who can climb up the last stairs

This is only applicable to those couples who live in a building that has more floors.

One of the great ways to burn your calories in a short period but apart from just burning calories,

Make a race with your partner from the base or ground floor to the last floor or to the rooftop of your building.

Now, don’t do that stupid move if your building has 20+ floors, then you can certainly choose to make a race from a certain floor to certain endpoints.

Equal stairs but different strategic moves can be a deciding factor for the winner in this bet.

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Who can do one leg squat

Doing squat is quite easy in its normal way but raising the difficulty a bit by bit- “doing it just on one leg and one leg in the air”.

Trust me, it won’t be easy for anyone unless someone is doing it on a regular basis.

Balancing your complete body on a single-leg squat is a tough skill and body act.

Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Bets to make with your boyfriend over text

You have a distant boyfriend and meeting him in person is not very easy for you, considering your daily routine.

But texting and romantic chats never stop in a relationship. If you both do chat a lot all the time, then sometimes having fun challenges and bets to set amongst each other is also a good option.

This can probably bring more togetherness depending upon the bets and how you take it.

So, let’s quickly cover some of the ideas

Post Your Ex Photo And Mention

This can be a very interesting and daring bet to set up against your boyfriend and could be only applied if you personally know that your guy had a relationship in the past.

But place a challenge in front of your boyfriend over text to post his Ex photo and mention that ‘he doesn’t want to see her face again’.

This might sound very rude but a game is game. By this, you can really check whether your boyfriend listens to you every single time.

Send Me 10 Love Paragraph Of Your Own

Ask your boyfriend to send you some short but romantic love paragraphs that are completely written by him.

He can take some time and decide the timeline for him to increase the excitement for this bet.

No copy and paste are allowed, as there are many plagiarism tools where you can check whether the text is copied or not.

But either you, just by reading you can actually make a sense whether it is written by your boyfriend or not.

Check out how much your boyfriend loves you and check on how intense and with deep meaning he can end up writing a message for you.

Loser Will Block All Of His Contacts

Very challenging bet and this can go wild crazy if either one of you is working in a company.

Making all the contacts in a block list and avoiding all the important messages from your boss, colleagues and etc.,

The next will be really horrible and either you or your partner had to be prepared for the upcoming situation.

Just think about not getting any messages or calls from anyone throughout the day.

Tell Your Parents We Are Pregnant

Having a relationship is quite acceptable for most of the parents in the West. As we are growing in this modern world, every new thing that a couple does won’t be that strange for others.

But pregnancy is a big deal. Especially if you know your partner has old thinking and comes from traditional cultural background,

Then such news might be very shocking for them.

The situation might get really very bad and that’s the whole point of making this bet.

Place My Order

Make a bet with your boyfriend where the loser will place the order as the winner wishes too.

It is up to your demand and the quantity will not be limited in this bet.

Make an order like
3x Burgers
5x cheese burritos
2x Full platter
2x Cold drinks

It just could be anything and in any amount.

Final Words

Remember, to set up only those bets with your boyfriend which will not bring in any additional problem and will not add a sort of hatred amongst you both.

Keep all these bets as friendly as possible and enjoy the time-being and some hilarious moments with your partner.

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Bets to make with your boyfriend

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