65 Silly Things To Try Once In a Life [Fun and Crazy Ideas]

Life is a gift that we receive and we should use it as much as possible. But sometimes, we feel bored with our lives and don’t know how to make it more interesting.

It is very difficult to stay motivated and happy throughout your life if you don’t have a good idea about how to live.

In the present time, the world has become a busy place, with so many responsibilities and so many distractions.

It is hard to manage everything in your life, so you need to find a balance between work and life.

I have prepared a list of 65 silly things to try once in a lifetime amazing ideas that will help you to make your life more interesting and fun.


65 Silly Things To Try Once In a Life Time

I am sure many can’t believe that the world is full of amazing and fun things to try.

We get bored with the same old boring things.

We become lazy and stop doing things that used to be fun and exciting.

If you are one of those people who don’t know what they should try once in their life then here are some of the most silly ideas to try.

Wear mismatched socks for a day.

This is a very simple idea that is very funny to try once.

You can go out with a group of friends and take selfies while you are wearing mismatched socks.

One thing that we can do to enjoy our daily life is to try something different, like wearing different pairs of shoes or wearing mismatched socks.

A lot of people say that they hate mismatched socks. But we all love to see someone wearing mismatched socks on TV.

Why? Because it shows the person is different and unique.

There is no reason why you should not wear mismatched socks.

Just try this once in your life and you will feel amazing.

Dance like no one’s watching in a public place.

This is one of the silliest as well as fun things to do in a public place.

You will have lots of fun doing it and will surely enjoy yourself.

Dance in public to your favorite song with the music at a high volume!

When you dance in public, you’ll see some people that are interested in what you’re doing, but you won’t get any dirty looks.

So you can just continue dancing to your favorite song!

Have a pillow fight with friends.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you should still be able to have pillow fights with friends.

The best part about a pillow fight is you don’t need to worry about hurting each other because they’re soft.

If you are interested in starting your pillow fight group, we recommend starting small.

In this way, you’ll be able to control who will join and will allow you to learn the rules of a pillow fight so you can have safe pillow fights. 

Try talking in a different accent all day.

Do you know how weird it is to talk in a different accent every day?

Well, if you have a bad enough accent, then it’s going to come across as funny.

That’s when you’ll have people laughing at you.

It might be hard at first, but if you stick with it, you’ll be fine. Start with something easy.

Try saying something like “I love you” in a British accent.

You can even use a fake British accent and make a video for YouTube!

Build a blanket fort and spend the night in it.

Make it a night where you can sleep in your underwear.

You can also go outside and sleep in a tent or something.

Find a really quiet place and lie there for a while and think about all the things you don’t like.

Then, think about all the things you like.

Write them down. Do this for a few days until you’ve reviewed your list.

Then, write down how you feel when you think about those things.

Sing karaoke in front of a crowd.

It might be awkward at first, but if you do it often enough, you’ll eventually get used to it.

If you don’t know any songs, find someone online who wants to help you learn how to sing. Or learn some songs online.

If you like a band or artist, listen to their music and try to sing along.

Have a food fight.

The more the merrier.

This will show you that no matter how crazy or silly something is, you can still have fun with it.

And the best part about a food fight? Everyone’s clothes get dirty.

It’s so much fun! Make a bet with your friend or family member to see who can clean up the mess faster.

Jump into a pool fully clothed.

This can be the best summer activity ever.

Jumping into the pool fully clothed is an amazing thing to do and something to look forward to.

Have a family game night that includes this activity.

Firstly, it may seem like a little bit of a risk.

But if you are in a public swimming pool, you should be fine, as long as there is enough space for everyone.

Go on a spontaneous road trip with no destination in mind.

There are many things that you could do on a road trip.

You could go to a park, watch a movie, or go hiking.

But, why not add a new element? Get into a car and make your way to a different place each day.

Start slowly.

You may find that you get bored before you know it.

But if you decide to keep doing it, you will have plenty of fun along the way.

Participate in a silly costume contest.

This is something that I would enjoy doing. It would be fun to dress up as a famous person.

You could even dress up as your favorite singer or musician.

If I were going to this event, I would do that. Have an open bar with snacks and drinks.

You can also include a dessert buffet and/or ice cream. This is something that I would enjoy seeing.

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Fun and Goofy Endeavors

Fun and Goofy Endeavors

Play a prank on a friend (harmless and fun).

Take a picture of them saying something silly and then post it online for everyone to see.

I know this sounds like something that you should not do but it will make them laugh.

Everyone needs a little levity in their life.

Make funny faces at strangers and see their reactions.

If they have a good laugh, then they will appreciate your humor!

It’s amazing how people change when you are making them laugh.

Take some silly pictures and add them to your Facebook profile or your blog. Try to get them to laugh too.

It is always funny when someone else has a reaction that you never knew was possible.

Take a goofy photo booth session with friends.

Goofy photo booth sessions can make for a fun and hilarious time.

This will not only give you enjoyment but will also give memories for you to look back on for years to come.

Learn a magic trick and perform it for friends.

It’s time to make your friends say WOW!

Magic tricks are something everyone loves and enjoy.

If you find a good magic trick, then you’ll be able to entertain people.

Organize a water balloon fight.

Now, this is fun for everyone.

A water balloon fight is something easy to prepare and something fun for all ages.

To get started, buy some water balloons.

You’ll also need a bucket or trash can where the balloons can be thrown into.

If you have an open area, set up a bunch of chairs in a circle so that everyone can take a turn throwing the balloons at each other.

Have a “backward” day where you do everything in reverse.

Doing everything in reverse is the perfect silly thing you will ever think of.

Wake up late at night, brush off, create your breakfast at night, dinner on your breakfast, and whatnot.

How silly these all sound right? And that’s how it’s going to go down.

Dress up as a superhero and walk around the city.

How about wearing a mask and cape with a sash, or a blue suit?

Get creative! You could even carry around a little sign that says “I am Superman” or “I am Spiderman”.

Batman costume while you’re riding your bike through the city? Or a Superman costume while you’re skateboarding down the street?

The possibilities are endless, just be creative!

This is also a great time for a flash mob, where everyone gets dressed up and takes a spontaneous trip through the city.

There’s no better way to express yourself than by simply dressing up and going out!

Send a message in a bottle and see if anyone responds.

Throw a message of a bottle on the island waters and see if it gets caught by another ship.

Well, it’s a matter of luck but what if luck is with you and it gets found by someone who sends you a message in return?

Create a silly handshake with a friend and use it in public.

In my school times, I used to create a silly handshake with my friends in the street when we got late to class or had to run away from bullies.

People would laugh and give us thumbs up as we walked off into the distance.

What a great way to make your statement and leave an impression!

Write and perform a silly song about a random object.

You saw an object. Start singing some sort of silly lyrics on that random object.

Then, sing the same thing in reverse as well. You will find out people’s reactions when they hear the same word reversed.

You could start singing it for a long time just to see how people react.

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Silly Explorations

Silly Explorations

Have a bubble wrap popping contest.

The bubble wrap popping contest is one of the silly plays that you can do with your family or friends.

You can also invite more people to participate in the game.

You have to pop as many bubbles as possible within the given amount of time. You can compete against others as well.

Everyone has their own time to pop their bubbles.

Once everyone finishes popping their bubbles, you have to start popping them again.

This game is very entertaining since it brings everyone together.

Put on a puppet show for family and friends.

Who doesn’t love puppets? From kids to family members, everyone will be entertained!

Have a puppet dance show that entertains your audience with the help of a puppet.

Kids will love this, but adults might enjoy this as well.

Try eating a meal blindfolded.

You don’t know what food you are eating so you have to eat it using only your sense of smell.

The first person to recognize the food wins the challenge.

A great way to end the night.

This will also give your guests something to talk about when they leave.

Attempt to break a Guinness World Record for something unusual.

We see many videos regarding breaking records.

There are many records you can pick up from them and try to break them.

For example, people attempting to break a record for eating large amounts of pizza in one sitting, but there’s no record for the most ice cream consumed in a single serving.

If you do attempt this record, make sure you do it at home with your kids and record it so you can upload it to YouTube.

Take a silly fitness class like laughter yoga.

When we talk about yoga, laughter yoga is the best silliest form of yoga.

It involves participants doing asanas (poses) and breathing techniques while laughing hysterically.

Taking a silly fitness class will boost your mood and help you bond with other people.

You will also be laughing at yourself and that is always a great thing.

Dress up in a costume and go grocery shopping.

Have a funny costume worn at the mall and try to get others to laugh and have fun with you.

This is a great way to meet new people and share some laughter.

Go to the grocery store dressed as your favorite cartoon character and see what happens.

Organize a silly talent show with friends.

Everyone has a talent hidden somewhere inside them, even if they don’t think so.

Put on some goofy music and invite people over to sing along.

Then you can find out who has the best voices in your group.

Try out different dance moves and have fun with the rest of your group.

Have a “bad joke” competition with friends.

Jokes do make us laugh, right?

But here you need to be careful because a bad joke is not that funny when someone else tells it.

You’ll need a sense of humor to see what’s funny about your jokes.

So, try to get a few laughs first and then pick the winner.

Attempt to do a handstand or cartwheel in a public place.

People get amazed at your abilities, and it will certainly impress them.

It will make them feel like they can’t even attempt anything that good.

Handstand or cartwheel can be done anywhere, but if you’re doing it in a public place, you can get some pretty good attention from people.

Play a game of Twister outdoors.

Take your Twister game to a park or a spacious outdoor area with a group of friends.

Set up the colorful Twister mat on the grass and take turns spinning the spinner to determine which body part and color you need to place on the mat.

As the game progresses, the laughter and contorted positions are bound to bring out the silliness in everyone.

Playing Twister outdoors adds an extra element of fun as you enjoy the fresh air and the freedom to twist and turn without worrying about bumping into furniture.

Go to a trampoline park and bounce around like a kid.

Visit a trampoline park with your friends or family and unleash your inner child.

Trampoline parks are filled with interconnected trampolines, foam pits, and various other fun features.

Jump, bounce, flip, and dive into the foam pits with a carefree attitude.

The feeling of weightlessness and the sheer joy of defying gravity will leave you giggling and feeling like a kid again.

Plus, bouncing around on trampolines is an excellent way to get some exercise and release endorphins.

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Laugh-Inducing Activities

Laugh-Inducing Activities

Draw silly faces on fruits and vegetables and leave them in the produce section of a grocery store.

Grab some washable markers and let your creativity flow as you transform ordinary fruits and vegetables into comical characters.

Draw goofy expressions, add mustaches, or give them wacky hairstyles.

Once you’ve finished creating your masterpieces, discreetly place them among the products in the grocery store.

Imagine the surprise and amusement of unsuspecting shoppers when they stumble upon these whimsical creations.

Just be sure to use washable markers to avoid any permanent damage!

Make up a secret language with a friend and communicate in public.

Developing a secret language with a friend can be an entertaining and mischievous activity.

Create unique words, phrases, or even gestures that have special meanings only the two of you understand.

Take your secret language out into public spaces and have conversations without others realizing what you’re saying.

This can lead to hilarious situations as you try to keep a straight face while exchanging coded messages in front of strangers.

Just be mindful not to disrupt or offend anyone around you.

Create a funny dance routine and perform it for friends.

Gather a group of friends and collaborate on creating a funny and outrageous dance routine.

Let your imaginations run wild as you come up with ridiculous moves, quirky gestures, and unexpected choreography.

Practice your routine together and then put on a performance for other friends or even in a public space if you’re feeling bold.

The joy and laughter that come from embracing your inner dancer and showcasing your unique moves are guaranteed to create lasting memories and lots of laughs.

Have a “no-tech” day and engage in old-fashioned activities.

Declare a day without technology and explore activities from a bygone era.

Play classic board games, have a picnic in the park, go for a bike ride, fly a kite, or engage in other simple pleasures that don’t require screens.

Unplugging from technology allows you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Rediscovering the joy of analog activities can be a refreshing and humorous experience, especially if you’re used to being constantly connected.

Put googly eyes on inanimate objects and see people’s reactions.

Get a pack of googly eyes from a craft store and have some lighthearted fun by sticking them onto various inanimate objects.

Find objects like a lamp, a mailbox, or even a random rock and affix googly eyes to them.

Then, step back and observe people’s reactions as they encounter these unexpectedly “alive” objects.

The sight of everyday items suddenly appearing to have personalities is sure to bring smiles, laughter, and a sense of whimsy to those who come across them.

Host a silly Olympics with absurd events.

Organize your version of the Olympics with a humorous twist.

Designate a location for the event and create a series of absurd and amusing competitions.

For example, you could have a “wacky walk” race, a “spoon and egg” relay, or a “balloon pop” archery contest.

Encourage participants to dress up in silly costumes and award lighthearted prizes for winners.

The combination of friendly competition and hilarious challenges will result in an event filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

Try to balance a spoon on your nose for as long as possible.

Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can balance a spoon on their nose for the longest time.

It may sound simple, but maintaining a spoon’s precarious balance on your nose is surprisingly difficult and amusing.

Prepare a set of spoons and gather everyone together.

Count down and start the timer as each person attempts to balance the spoon on their nose.

The sight of people contorting their faces and making funny expressions in their quest for balance is guaranteed to generate laughter and friendly competition.

Start a spontaneous dance party in a public place.

Inject some spontaneity and joy into the lives of strangers by starting an impromptu dance party in a public place.

Gather a group of friends, put on some lively music, and break into a synchronized dance routine.

Encourage passersby to join in or simply enjoy the spectacle.

Dancing in a public space is bound to catch people’s attention and create an atmosphere of fun and positivity.

Remember to choose a location where dancing is appropriate and respectful of others’ space.

Organize a scavenger hunt with ridiculous items to find.

Plan a scavenger hunt with a humorous twist by creating a list of absurd and amusing items to find.

Instead of typical items like a pen or a coin, make the list include peculiar things such as a rubber chicken, a fake mustache, or a pair of mismatched socks.

Divide into teams or participate individually and set a time limit to add an element of excitement.

As participants scramble to find the most absurd items, laughter and camaraderie will fill the air, making the scavenger hunt a hilarious adventure for all involved.

Try eating something unusual or exotic.

Expand your culinary horizons by trying something unusual or exotic that you’ve never eaten before.

Visit an ethnic food market or restaurant and choose a dish or ingredient that piques your curiosity.

It could be an exotic fruit, a peculiarly spiced snack, or a unique delicacy.

The unfamiliar tastes and textures will likely elicit amusing reactions from you and your companions.

Exploring new flavors can be an enjoyable and educational experience, and you might discover a new favorite food along the way.

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Unconventional Ventures

Unconventional Ventures

Have a backward fashion show where you wear clothes inside out.

Organize a fashion show with a hilarious twist by having everyone wear their clothes inside out.

Encourage creativity by mixing and matching garments in unconventional ways.

Strut down a makeshift runway or simply showcase your unique fashion sense to friends and family.

The sight of clothes worn inside out, mismatched outfits, and upside-down hats will evoke laughter and amusement.

Embrace the silliness and celebrate individual style, regardless of traditional fashion norms.

Make funny faces at strangers and try to get them to laugh.

Challenge yourself to make strangers laugh by pulling funny faces at them.

As you go about your day, catch the eye of a passerby and spontaneously contort your face into a comical expression.

Exaggerate your facial features, scrunch up your nose, or stick out your tongue.

The goal is to bring a moment of joy and laughter to someone’s day.

Some people may be caught off guard, while others may join in the fun by making funny faces in return.

Be respectful and sensitive to others’ reactions, and spread laughter wherever you go.

Write and perform a short comedy skit with friends.

Gather a group of friends and collaborate on writing and performing a short comedy skit.

Brainstorm funny scenarios, quirky characters, and humorous dialogues.

Allocate roles and rehearse your skit, focusing on timing, delivery, and physical comedy.

Find an audience, whether it’s friends, family, or even recording your skit to share online.

The process of creating and performing a comedy skit together fosters camaraderie and laughter, and the satisfaction of making others laugh is truly rewarding.

Create a silly handshake with strangers and see their reactions.

Bring a smile to strangers’ faces by inventing a silly handshake and initiating it with random people you meet.

Craft a unique sequence of hand gestures, high-fives, finger snaps, and fist bumps.

Approach individuals with a friendly demeanor and offer your silly handshake as a form of greeting.

The unexpected nature of your playful interaction is likely to surprise and amuse them.

Who knows, you might even inspire them to create their silly handshake and spread the joy further.

Have a “bad hair day” and go out in public without fixing it.

Being free and being you is what I mean here in this silliest thing.

Have a “bad hair day” and spend the day outside without fixing it.

Go on a wild adventure where you explore a new city and don’t have a clue where you are going.

Be bold, be fearless, be silly, and have fun.

Attempt to juggle random objects.

Challenge yourself to learn the art of juggling with a comedic twist.

Find a variety of random objects around your home, such as socks, stuffed animals, or plastic cups, and practice juggling them.

The sight of unconventional juggling items randomly flying through the air is sure to result in laughter and entertainment.

Embrace the inevitable dropped objects and occasional mishaps, as they add to the hilarity of your juggling journey.

Take a funny self-portrait with a famous statue or landmark.

Visit a well-known statue or landmark in your area and capture a funny self-portrait with it.

Interact with the statue or landmark in amusing ways, such as striking a comical pose, pretending to be shocked, or giving it a playful hug.

Use your creativity and sense of humor to create a memorable and laughter-inducing photo.

Not only will you have a humorous keepsake, but you’ll also enjoy the laughter and reactions of others when you share your unique photo.

Play a prank on a family member (again, harmless and fun).

Engage in some harmless family fun by playing a lighthearted prank on a family member.

Choose a prank that will bring laughter and not cause any harm or distress.

For example, you could hide a whoopee cushion on their favorite chair or place a fake spider in their cereal box.

The element of surprise and the ensuing laughter will create a joyful atmosphere and strengthen the bond between family members.

Just be sure to consider individual sensitivities and avoid pranks that may cause discomfort or anxiety.

Wear a hat or accessory made entirely of balloons for a day.

Embrace your inner clown by fashioning a hat or accessory entirely out of balloons and wearing it for a day.

Learn some basic balloon twisting techniques and create a unique headpiece or a wearable sculpture.

Balloon hats, crowns, or even a full balloon suit are sure to draw smiles, laughter, and curious glances from passersby.

Embrace the whimsy and light-heartedness of balloon fashion, and enjoy the attention and joy you bring to those around you.

Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.

Gather a group of friends or family members for a hilarious watermelon seed-spitting contest.

Select juicy watermelons and gather them in an open outdoor space.

Take turns placing watermelon seeds in your mouth and seeing who can spit them the farthest.

The combination of funny faces, exaggerated spitting motions, and the unexpected trajectories of the seeds will create a delightful spectacle.

Remember to laugh and cheer each other on, as the goal is to have fun rather than break distance records.

Create a funny and unusual sandwich combination and try it.

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen by concocting a funny and unusual sandwich combination.

Choose a variety of ingredients, both savory and sweet, and combine them in unexpected ways.

For instance, you could try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich or a combination of bacon, banana, and marshmallow fluff.

Embrace the culinary adventure and share your creation with friends or family.

The reactions and discussions sparked by your peculiar sandwich creation are bound to provide plenty of laughter and memorable moments.

Playful Experiments

Playful Experiments

Try to do a handstand or cartwheel underwater in a pool.

Have you ever tried handstand walking or tumbling? If so, how did it go?

Now it’s your time to do the same thing underwater in a pool. 

This seems difficult to do but it is very easy with practice.

A simple handstand can be done on land or while swimming.

For a handstand on land, put your hands on your hips and slowly bend your knees until you’re in a handstand

Write a silly poem and perform it for friends or family.

Okay, this is just for fun!

You need to create some funny poems and stories that you can narrate to your family.

This will surely give them a perfect roller coaster of laughs.

Try to make up some nonsense words and try to make a sentence out of them.

Write down what you think they could mean and see if others agree.

Attempt to hula hoop for an extended period.

Challenge yourself to a hula hoop marathon and see how long you can keep the hoop spinning around your waist.

Grab a hula hoop and find an open space where you have enough room to move freely.

Start spinning the hoop and try to maintain its momentum for as long as possible.

The wiggling, hip-swirling, and occasional hoop mishaps are sure to generate laughter and a sense of playful determination.

Invite friends to join in, and turn it into a friendly competition to see who can hula hoop the longest.

Go to a park and blow bubbles for an hour.

In this playful experiment, you need to go to a park and find the best place to blow bubbles to create as many different types of bubbles as possible.

Try to make the bubbles get longer, smaller, or faster by blowing from different areas of your mouth.

Be sure to have lots of fun during this experiment.

Take some time to play around with the bubbles in the air before blowing them into the water.

Get creative and have fun with the bubbles.

Wear a funny T-shirt with a humorous message in public.

Wearing a funny t-shirt with humorous messages like “I’m here to be laughed at” or “What, me worried?” will be a good way to have people laugh at you.

This experiment will encourage you to wear funny clothes that express your personality and the message you are trying to get across.

Take pictures of yourself in the new outfit and upload them to the web to share with friends and family.

Play a game of “The floor is lava” in your house or apartment.

This is a game you can play with your kids and family at home where all the floors and carpets are lava and they have to keep running away from the danger of slipping and falling.

You can create a safe environment for children to learn and play while giving them the confidence to do their things.

The more they can do it on their own the more independent they become.

Make a prank phone call to a friend (make sure they’re okay with it).

A prank call to make your friends think you’ve been kidnapped, a kidnapping joke, or a hoax phone call that you think is a big threat.

Make sure to keep everything lite and safe when you do these activities.

Do not use any weapons, do not get violent, be careful not to hurt anyone, and never go into dangerous situations when you do these activities.

Have a “crazy hat” day and wear the most ridiculous hat you can find.

No doubt a hat changes anybody’s personality instantly.

It could be anything from a funny-looking plastic cap to a baseball hat, the more outlandish the better.

You can do this also with a group of friends, your partner, and family members.

Attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded.

Solving a Rubik’s cube that too with blindfolded is a good challenge.

You can do this challenge with your friends, family, and children.

I know this is one of the silliest things to think of as solving a cube is not a kid’s game. 

But, believe me, this will be wholesome of laughter and who knows you can solve that cube blindfolded.

Create a silly dance routine to your favorite song and record it.

Being silly is a good way to make you smile and laugh.

Just make sure you keep in mind that you are being silly for your good.

Make some silly faces, sing out loud, or play any instrument like a drum.

It’s not that difficult to make silly faces.

If you find yourself unable to do so, then try watching funny videos online or even watching movies.

Draw funny cartoons on sticky notes and leave them in public places.

Why not make funny cartoons and stick them to trees, the floor, walls, and any other place you can think of?

You might be surprised to find that people will love your creations as well.

People will surely find it cute when they see these humorous pictures.

Have a “talking in rhyme” day and try to communicate in poetic form.

This one is my favorite. Talking with people in a rhyming manner is very unique and entertaining.

Here is a small example for you to get started:

“The sun was shining,

I got some ice cream,

My dog went crazy,

We had a great time.”

It can be very amusing when you can talk about things that other people cannot.

Take advantage of this ability by telling jokes, playing tricks on others, or teaching people a lesson.

Write a funny and absurd story using random prompts.

Using prompts that are not found in the usual book will make it more interesting. Here are a few examples:

“How old are you?”

“What do you think of me?”

“What are your thoughts?”

“How would you describe your life?”

“What do you want in life?”

“Do you have a dream?”

These questions can lead to a fascinating story if answered in an absurd way.

Using the same prompts above, make a list of absurd answers to these questions. You could then use a prompt as a basis for a story.


These 65 lists were my ideas for the silliest thing you should try once in your life.

Remember, the key to enjoying these silly activities is to embrace the lightheartedness, let go of self-consciousness, and enjoy the laughter and joy they bring.

Be respectful of others and always consider the appropriateness of the activity.

Have fun and create unforgettable memories filled with laughter and silliness!

I hope this list has inspired you to find something even sillier.

Have fun and enjoy this list!

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