85 How Well Do You Know Birthday Boy Questions For Fun

If you are celebrating your favorite person’s or buddy’s birthday then probably having a fun game session is very common to have and if you are not already doing then probably this session can be of utmost fun.

This is not a big fancy game but a very connective which will let know the birthday boy exactly who knows him the best.

Yeah, you got it right we will cover some of the best how well do you know the birthday boy questions in this article.

So, without any further a do let’s dive in.

How Well Do You Know Birthday Boy Questions

how well do you know birthday boy printable

What’s the birthday boy’s favorite thing?

Which color the birthday boy is obsessed with?

What is the current age of him?

Who is closest to the birthday boy?

Which is the major accident he fell into?

Has the birthday boy ever gone into a fistfight?

Who is his best friend?

What’s his last name?

What are the last 3 digits of his phone number?

Which was his first gift?

Does he like to watch sports?

Which one is his favorite actor?

How many pairs of sneakers does he have?

What’s his favorite t-shirt color?

Which was his first and most liked toy?

Does he like to go outside and hang out?

Which phone does he use?

When was the last time he cried?

What’s the craziest thing that he ever did solo?

Which was his favorite meal?

What’s his favorite destination?

What is the birth year of the birthday boy?

What does he often like to wear?

Which one is his most-liked brand of all time?

What’s the best birthday game that he liked the most?

What is the highest grade that he got in college?

What is his favorite activity to do alone?

Which was the best gift he received on his 16th birthday?

What kind of books does he like to read?

Which one is his favorite WWE superstar?

How good is he in mathematics?

Does he like gifts on his birthday?

How often does he get upset?

Which is his annoying habit of him?

Who is his favorite family member?

Does he pass some good jokes?

How well does he in framing some of the riddles?

Which is the worst quote that you got from him?

Which is the favorite cake he likes to have on his birthday?

What is the biggest dream of the birthday boy?

How good is he in sports?

Which one is his favorite PS game?

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How Well Do You Know Birthday Boy – School Time

happy birthday boy

In this section, I will cover some of the questions related to the birthday boy and especially for those people who are engaged with him during his school period.

And they can be his classmate, his teacher, or again his family member but the only person who is closely related to him who had actually spent some time with him in school.

This can be a perfect idea especially when the guest is his school and childhood friend.

Which subject he doesn’t like much?

Who is his favorite schoolteacher?

Which teacher had scolded him the most?

With whom he often used to sit at school?

Was he the first bencher or backbencher?

Did he ever get into a fight at school?

What’s the craziest punishment he ever got in school?

How many times did he forget to do his homework?

Which subject did he score the highest in?

How many times did he come late to school?

Was he a Studies boy or a notorious boy?

What’s the best part that he liked about school?

Did he ever get involved in extracurricular activities?

What’s the best award he ever got in school and for what purpose?

Who was his school-time best friend?

What was his nickname at school?

What was his most liked food to carry for lunch?

Which subject did he face the most difficulty in?

What’s the one thing that annoys him about the school?

Did he ever cheat at exams?

Did he ever catch cheating at exams?

What’s the best prize he got in school?

Did he ever become the head boy of the school?

Was he a part of a community group at school?

Which field trip he liked the most during school time?

What was the dress code after 8th Grade at school?

What was the color combination of his school dress?

What’s the craziest thing he ever did in the school library?

Which games did he liked to play during the games period at school?

Mention one craziest thing he ever did in school.

What’s the funniest answer he ever gave to his teacher?

What was his roll number?

What is the color of his school bag?

What teacher usually used to call him?

What’s the funniest way he ever introduced himself to anyone at school?

How good he was in English grammar?

Did he ever get punishment in the Arts and Crafts period?

How many times did he forget to bring his own stationary supplies?

how well do you know birthday boy printable

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Types Of Birthday Boy Questions To Ask

There are many ways through which you can conduct this game session that can be total fun for all the other guests as well as for the birthday boy.

Now it totally depends upon the type of guest that is been invited because the question is supposed to pass by them and depending on the segment of guests, each of the sessions can be held differently and I’ll cover some of these types.

Personal Questions

Now definitely the entire concept of how well you know the birthday boy totally depends upon asking question-related to him in person but more specifically when we

dive to a deeper sense, then the entire session can be created into personal based and this segment can be most favored to the people who are closer to the birthday boy and this can be obviously his family members and his close friend.

Asking personal questions related to him such as about his liveliness, his favorite things, his choices, and all the stuff can be a perfectly fit category and a type of question that can consider in this personal questions type.

Some of the examples are given below:

What is his favorite color?

What is his phone passcode?

Which gift does he receive from his father on his 1st birthday?

Opinion Based Questions

This particular segment can totally create the most fun out of it because in this there is no perfect or right answer but it can totally create a healthy or fun conversation in total.

In this particular segment, the questions are framed in such a manner that the guest can predict or can lay out there on opinion for the birthday boy, and then later the actual answer can be compared and confirmed and if there is any difference between the both.

Then definitely it can create a good humor and open fun environment to live with it.

Scenario Based Questions

One of the best parts about this questions game session apart from the fun aspect is that each of the individuals can know how much they know the other person well.

Thus, it will help in building closer and strong bonding between each other.

Scenario-based questions are where all the questions are framed hypothetically and more probably ‘What If’ types of questions.

Where all the other guest participating in this session, has to guess the exact after doing of the birthday boy when falling into such a situation.

Again, there is no right answer for the guest to predict, but different answers can definitely bring the best fun.

Some of the examples in this question set would be:

What if he woke up in the middle of the Island?

What if his mobile media is revealed to everyone?

Important Things To Remember

As the number and type of guests would be different in this birthday party which probably summarizes into different age groups, different friend circles and etc.,

It is important for the organizer to keep notice of certain things so that not only such question game sessions would go well

but also, the entire birthday party comes out to be a pretty decent one.

By keeping a check and taking care of guests, it is equally important to note down and give extra importance to the birthday boy.

So, let’s check out some quick things to look after:

Event Timing

The most important thing that you need to look after on this special birthday occasion is the event timing.

In this, the event obviously would be the game session and apart from it depending upon the organizer or the mood overall the event can be of different types but let’s just consider this game session to be one of our prior events.

It is good when you held this event after the birthday celebration which is the actual cake cutting and where the majority of the guest have enjoyed their part of sweets and other things that are included in the menu for snacks.

Only after that, a particular gathering can be organized where the focus is cleared and where all the guests are prepared to take an active part in this game session, only then a good enjoyment can be generated.

Questions Format

One of the necessary elements that you need to look at in this entire how well do you know birthday boy questions game session is the framing of the question.

The question itself shouldn’t be so hard, so confusing for the rest of the guests that it becomes difficult for them to answer it properly.

The question should be set in such a manner that it becomes easy for them to answer that particular segment and it just relates to the memory fact of the guests to recall that answer.

Birthday Boy Care

The entire event and the whole party is been purely set and one of the key people here is obviously the birthday boy, therefore, everything that is been set, that is framed that is been organized should take care of the birthday boy’s feelings.

The entire purpose of organizing such an event is just to make a happy moment for him so that it becomes a memorable day for him in the end.

It is also equally important to take care of the question that is been asked in this game session.

Any questions or anything should not reflect certain things that would disrespect the birthday boy and make him go unsatisfied with the entire event.


That totally covered our topic today and I hope by those, you have now got enough ideas and better questions to ask on this event related to birthday boy and some important tips that can help in better planning.

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