13 Wording For Giving Money Instead Of Gifts For a Birthday

Everyone likes to receive something when their birthday is coming. We wish our friends happy birthdays, send them gifts and tell them how much we love them.

We always want our friends to be happy on their birthdays because it’s the day when we share the moment of birth with someone else.

People who have very little budget but want to make their loved ones happy on their birthday will choose this option.

Today, in this article, I am going to tell you about the 13 wording for giving money instead of gifts for a birthday.

There are many ways to give money to your loved ones on their birthday and the best one is to make a fund for it. Keep reading for more best ideas and wordings.

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Wording For Giving Money Instead Of Gifts For a Birthday

Wording For Giving Money Instead Of Gifts For a Birthday

Money is the most precious thing in our lives.

Everyone wants money to buy something, to pay bills, and for other purposes. Money is the first thing that we spend and the most important thing in our life.

If you think that giving gifts will make you closer to your friend then you are wrong, it will not.

Giving money is the best thing that you can do for a birthday friend. However, it’s also important to know what to say when giving money as a gift.

Here is some best polite wording for giving money instead of gifts:

1. “Hey, happy birthday. It will be my pleasure to share my profits with you.”

Sharing your profits is the best thing that you can do for a friend who is celebrating his/her birthday.

This will make them feel special and they will remember this moment forever.

Also, when you share your profits, they know you respect them.

When you give money as a gift, you are showing that you care about them and you want them to be happy.

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2. “Happy Birthday! May the joys of life always be yours? I hope my little investment will help you grow.”

Your tiny investment will surely help them grow. If you have already made profits, you can also mention that in the note.

For example, “I have made a little profit today. Let me invest it for you. You will surely get much more in the future.”

Also, if you invest in a good company that does good things, they will definitely be proud of themselves and will want to show off their wealth to their friends.

3. “Happy birthday dear. I know that you will do something great with this gift.”

What To Say When Giving Money Instead Of Gifts For a Birthday

Who doesn’t want money? 

You should definitely tell them that you are giving them money as a gift.

They will surely enjoy it. You may even mention what you expect from them.

For example, “I hope that you will do great things with this money.” or “I hope that you will make people happier with this money.”

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4. “I want to let you know that this is not a gift but a contribution towards your future. Many many happy returns of the day.”

If you are giving them money as a gift to grow their future, they will definitely be proud of themselves and appreciate it.

You can make them feel that they are doing something meaningful.

If you want to encourage them, try saying something like “You can now do many more great things with this money”.

5. “This is a small contribution that I made in your favor. Have a great year ahead.”

A small contribution is a gift that is not big.

It is something that makes them happy. And it shows that you care about them and their success.

You can add more thoughts such as “This is a small contribution in your favor. We need to help one another succeed in life”.

6. “This is an investment that will surely give you a return. Happy birthday my friend.”

An investment that gives smiles, joy, and fun in return is a great gift.

Try to explain the benefits of investing in them.

Tell them how this money will be used for something very important for them.

A return on investment means a return of happiness, smiles, and fun.

7. “I hope that you will enjoy the fruits of this investment. Enjoy your day!”

Giving Money Instead Of Gifts For a Birthday

A monetary gift helps in various ways.

It gives you the chance to share your love for them. A great gift is a thought that is given behind it.

“I love you so much. I want you to have all the things that you want in life”.

These are some of the best ways of showing love.

8. “You may use this to get new clothes, go on a vacation, or do anything else you desire. It’s your birthday, you are the best.”

You can fulfill their needs and desires by gifting them a sum of money.

You can buy them a gift certificate that can be used for any purchase they desire.

Since gift certificates have become an integral part of modern shopping.

A gift that is given to your partner is always special. It shows that you are thinking of them.

9. “Have a wonderful time at your party! Have fun! Make lots of friends! These bucks will help you. Happy Birthday!”

Money can help you to have a wonderful time. Giving money as a gift can be considered a nice gesture.

You don’t need to make sure that your friend has the same age or even in the same state.

You can give any gift in any state or country.

However, it is important to think about what your friend like and how much money they need to live.

10. “Ohh come on take this, you are not a kid anymore! Happy Birthday.”

If you are an elder and giving money gifts then, you can offer some advice to him or her, like “I had such a hard time when I was your age. You need to enjoy life, and you need to make mistakes”.

Let them know how money can help them to live.

It will make them happy and it will also make you feel good too.

11. “I know I am not a cool dad for a gift. But you have to accept this.”

Phrases To Say When Giving Money Instead Of Gifts For a Birthday

Being a dad who is not so cool is okay. 

This means that you are also a father who has a lot of responsibility.

So, the most important thing is to treat your daughter well. A gift is one way to show that you love her.

You can say to your son or daughter “I know I am not a cool dad for a gift. But you have to accept this”.

12. “I know that you don’t want toys and Barbie dolls anymore. Here’s what you need. Enjoy your day!!”

Money can impress anyone. Especially for a child, if you give him something that he wants, he will appreciate it more.

So, give your kid money to help them buy their favorite toy, or go shopping with their friends.

Also, they might have different plans now.

You could also say that you are helping them out and you want to have them do good.

13. “I checked your Amazon cart before giving this gift. You deserve this, my boy! Happy Birthday”

This one is funny. 

If the boy already has what he wanted, tell him that you checked his Amazon shopping cart.

This means you were stalking him. Now, he knows that you are paying attention to him.

He will be happy because he knows that you love him and you are giving him some surprises.

So, next time if you think of what to write when giving money as a birthday gift? These 13 phrases will surely help you.

How Do You Politely Ask For Money As a Birthday Gift?

How Do You Politely Ask For Money As a Birthday Gift

People are known to be rude to each other, but they are also very friendly to strangers.

This is because strangers are those who can make them feel good.

It is a very good feeling if you are approached by someone who is giving you money for your birthday.

In order to be friendly, you can politely ask for money as a birthday gift.

Here are the following ways to politely ask for money as a birthday gift:

1. Invite your friends

Inviting your friends will make them happy as well as you because you will not have to spend money on gifts.

2. Make a list of what you want

Before you approach people for money, make a list of what you want as a gift. It will help you to choose what you want.

3. Give something in return

Instead of asking for money for your birthday, you can give something as a gift. You can choose between something that you can use or something that you can sell.

4. Do not be afraid

Some people might feel shy and hesitate to ask for money. But if you think of the benefits of receiving money for your birthday, then you will feel good and will be able to easily ask people for money.

Also, we have a complete detailed article on how to ask for money instead of gifts for birthdays. Do read that.


How Do You Write a Monetary Gift On An Invitation?

There are different types of monetary gifts that you can include on the invitation.

Here I am going to share a list of the monetary gifts that you can include on the invitation.

1. Write a monetary gift on a personalized card
2. Use a sticker with the monetary gift
3. Create a QR code

This was the best way to write a monetary gift on an invitation.

Is It Rude To Ask For Money As a Birthday Gift?

People usually feel shy and awkward asking for money from others. But it is never rude to ask for money for someone’s birthday.

This is because we all have bills to pay, rent to pay, and so on. Therefore, everyone needs to pay their bills.

So it is not a big deal to ask for money for your friends’ birthdays.

Also, do not forget that asking for money is just like asking for a gift on a birthday.

Therefore, you need to know the difference between the two things.


Wording For Giving Money Instead Of Gifts For a Birthday - Conclusion

We have shared with you some of the best wording for giving money instead of gifts on your birthday.

We are sure that you will get a lot of compliments by using these ideas.

Make the person feel special by sending gifts.

If you have a friend or a family member who is celebrating his or her birthday then you can try these tips and make their day memorable.

All of you can try these words and you will see the difference.

Also, let us know in the comments what other ways you found to give money instead of gifts.

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