Is Watching Films A Hobby? [ And 4 Reasons It Is Good For You]

Is watching films a hobby? Yes, watching movies can be a hobby. You can consider it a hobby.

For some people, it might be a hobby but for others, it might not be. 

Many people have different opinions, for some watching a movie is simply passing time and for some, they want to learn something from the movie or want to analyse the movie. 

There is a great difference between someone who wants to pass time watching a movie and who wants to learn something from the movie. 

So here I have shared my opinion on if watching movies is a hobby or not and if it is why it is a hobby.

Here’s a quick answer for you:

Yes, watching movies can be a hobby for many people. Some people enjoy watching movies as a form of entertainment, while others may be more interested in the artistic or technical aspects of the film. For some, watching movies is a social activity, while for others it may be a solitary activity. Some people may watch a wide variety of movies, while others may have a specific genre or type of film that they prefer. Overall, the enjoyment of watching movies can be a hobby for many people.

I hope you find your answers at the end of the post. 

What Is A Hobby And What Activities Considered A Hobby?

A hobby is an activity you pursue, for fun or relaxation. You spend your free time doing things that you like or enjoy. 

In simple terms, it is an activity you enjoy. 

There are tons of activities that can be considered a hobby, for instance, Writing, Painting, Stamp Collection, sports and many more. You can simply search online and you will find a list of hobbies.

Can Watching Movies Be A Hobby?

Is watching films a hobby

Yes, watching movies can be considered a hobby. 

Some people watch movies to learn something from the movies or do an in-depth analysis of the movies. For them watching a movie is a hobby. 

In different hobbies that you pursue you learn something new that keeps you entertained or you love that thing. It is the same for people who watch movies. 

Movies show you beautiful cinematic shots, human emotions and most importantly amazing stories.  When you combine all these it becomes something amazing. 

Some people get inspired by these things and they want to learn how to make movies, and how to capture beautiful cinematic shots. 

It becomes their hobby to watch great shows that amazing directors produce. Learn from them and watch their work so they can improve. 

With movies, you can entertain people or capture their hearts, so if you want to learn this art you have to watch movies to increase your understanding of movies and filmmaking. 

If you are diving deep into movies, for instance, if the story is good, character development, cinematic shots, understanding why the director had used this shot. Then you can say watching a movie is a hobby for you. 

If you are pursuing filmmaking or video editing then watching movies will help you in your journey. So for filmmakers or video editors watching movies can be considered a hobby. 

If you are interested in learning how movies are made then you will dive deep into movies to learn more about them.

You will learn about how actors make movies great and how great stories can make you cry. You will notice all these things and also want to learn about them. 

If you are interested in movies that much then watching movies is a hobby for you.

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Can You Write Watching Movies As Hobby In Resume?

If you are wondering if you should write “watching movies” as a hobby in your resume. Then I will say it will depend on which job you are applying for. 

For instance, if you are applying for a video editor or filmmaker then you can write “watching movies” as a hobby because it will help you. 

Without watching movies how can you learn more about filmmaking or techniques that are used in video editing.  

If you are applying for a normal job then I should say if it is not helping you in any way then you should not write watching movies as a hobby in your resume. 

If it is relevant then you should write and if it is not then you should not. 

4 Reasons Why Watching Movies Is Good For You

Is watching movies a hobby

Here I have shared some reasons that will help you understand why watching movies is good. 

Motivate You or Inspire You

Movies show some great inspiring scenes through a video that will motivate you in life. 

For instance, if you’re watching a karate movie you might get inspired and want to try out karate.

Sometimes we just pick things that we want to learn because we saw them in movies. 

There are many great biographies as well that will tell how much effort it takes to reach the top. So yes watching movies will get you motivated. 

It Can Help You To Broaden Your Horizon

Movies can increase your knowledge of certain things. For instance, there are some great movies about business and if you want to learn more you can watch some business movies to learn more about it.

There are some biographies of the CEOs of big companies. You can watch and learn how they handle pressure and what it means to run a company. 

So yes watching movies can be entertaining and also at the same time you can learn many things. 

Source of Joy

Is Watching movies a Hobby

Well if you just want to relax then watching movies can be a great way to pass time while watching movies. 

There are some comedy movies which will make you laugh if you love adventure. There are some movies which will make you excited. 

Of course, there are some horror movies which will scare you so yes choose the topic that interests you and enjoy the show. 

Improve Imagination And Creativity 

Well, sometimes movies can show you things that you have never imagined. For instance, a superhero, an alien race and many more things.

This will push you to think and will improve your imagination. The same goes for creativity. 

Sometimes you never thought things could be done like that but after watching movies you learn it is possible, you will also begin to think of creative ways to do things. 

So watch some great movies to improve your imagination and creativity. 


Why is watching movies a good hobby?

One of the reasons why it is good is because you get to learn lessons. It will also help to broaden your horizon. These will help you in your life. 

Sometimes movies can give you the answers that you are searching for so yes it is a great experience that you should not miss. 

Can watching Netflix movies be a hobby?

Well, if you’re enjoying your time and learning something from it then it can be considered a hobby. If you are just watching because you are bored or want to pass your time then it is not a hobby for you. 

Filmmakers or video creators watch movies to learn or improve themselves so for them watching a movie can be a hobby.

Can I write watching movies as hobby in resume?

Well, you can write watching movies as a hobby in your resume but only if it is relevant. For instance, if you are applying for a filmmaking job you can write it and if you’re applying for a normal job then you should not write it.

It is all about where you’re applying and if you write it in your resume is it relevant to a job you’re applying for and will it help me to get selected. These things you should check if you want to write “watching movies” as a hobby.

Final Thoughts

I hope you get the answer to your questions. if you like the opinion that I have shared then it means a lot to me.

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