Fun Things To Do With a Broken Arm [45 Activities]

Sometimes kids fall or break their arms and they feel very sad.

They don’t understand what happened and what to do next.

Well, it is not an easy task to cheer up a child who is experiencing this pain and sadness.

But there are certain activities for a child with a broken arm that will make a child happy.

They will forget about their pain and sadness and will start enjoying the activity.

And, the best part is that there are a lot of these activities that can be done by a parent.

Here are some activities that will make a child happy and also keep them away from feeling bad and sad.


45 Activities For a Child With a Broken Arm

I was talking to my friend, and he told me that his child has a broken arm.

He said that his kid didn’t play any sport, he just played on the computer all day.

As an elder, I felt sorry for him, because kids play a lot of sports and they are very energetic.

So, when I asked him, how is his kid handling it? He said, “Well, the kid is fine, he is playing on the computer all day.”

I was surprised to hear that, and I told him, “Okay, let’s check the activities for a child with a broken arm.”

Check these 45 best activities that can help a child with a broken arm:

1. Watch Cartoons/Movies

Fun Activities To Do With a Broken Arm

Cartoons/movies are one of the most favorite activities for children.

They make a kid feel happy.

When a kid watches cartoons, they get entertained and they don’t want to think about anything.

When a kid with a broken arm watches cartoons, he will feel happy and he will not have a dull mind.

2. Read Stories/Magazines

Stories are the most amazing ways to entertain a kid.

If you read a story to your kid, he will feel happy and calm.

When your kid listens to stories, he will not have a boring day.

And also, he will understand what is going on around him better.

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3. Play Games

This is the best way to keep a kid busy and active.

If a kid plays games, he gets fit and he will enjoy it a lot.

Playing games will help a kid to learn new things and it will make his life better.

When a kid has an injured hand or leg, playing a game helps him to heal faster.

There are lots of educational games in the market today. You can choose any of them according to your child’s level.

4. Draw a Picture/Arts and Crafts

Drawing and painting are two of the best ways to keep a kid busy.

Kids are always fascinated by colors, patterns, and other drawings.

They will be happy when they get a chance to draw something.

They will also get fit while doing so. It’s easy to find art and craft activities at your local store.

All you need to do is just pick any activity that you think your kids would like.

5. Play With a Toy

Activities For Teenager With Broken Arm

Children like playing with toys.

They love to play with toy cars, trucks, planes, and many more things.

You can buy any of them online or offline.

Kids have many interests, and they are constantly looking for new ways to explore them.

Playing with toys and games that they like will be a great way to keep their attention.

6. Play Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek game is one of the oldest games that children play.

If you are planning to have a fun-filled time with your kid, then play hide and seek with him.

Make it interesting by hiding in different places in the house or outside.

It will make him interested in finding you. You can even try playing the game when you have some free time.

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7. Dance and Sing

A child with a cast on his arm can enjoy dancing and singing to his heart’s content.

When he is sitting, you can place his legs on your shoulders and dance together.

The casted arm can then swing back and forth.

Or ask him to sing along or simply clap as he goes around.

The best thing about this activity is that it develops coordination and balance skills.

8. Play With Smooth Or Sponge Balls

Cracked arms can easily get hurt.

So, you need to protect your child from rough objects that might break his arm.

A smooth ball like a sponge ball can be a safe choice.

Just put a few balls on the floor for your child to play with.

9. Take The Child For a Ride

One Handed Activities for a Child with a Broken Arm

Getting in a car and going for a drive is a wonderful way to exercise the arms of your child.

Make sure to bring a suitable seatbelt with you.

This will keep him safe and secure as he takes a ride.

If your child has a hard time with simple tasks like tying his shoes, just take him out for a ride.

This can be a good way to strengthen his arms and legs, which will help him in his daily tasks later.

10. Do Crossword Puzzles Or Sudoku

You should give your child some puzzles to work on while sitting on the couch together.

Crossword puzzles or sudoku are both great choices for this purpose.

He can use them to stay occupied for some time and help him exercise his mind.

These activities will also help you bond with him because they require you to think and talk to each other while working.

11. Play Online Games Together

Online games are another good way to pass the time and have fun with your child.

Not only are online games fun, but they also offer educational benefits for children.

Your child can play games that teach him valuable skills such as problem-solving.

Try these games out together on the internet. You can even try playing them offline to see how he likes them.

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12. Target Practice Together

Arm Cast Activities

Your child can benefit from target practice, especially if you target practice indoors.

This is a great way to entertain your child and keep him busy at the same time.

You can use different shooting targets to make this activity more fun.

If you don’t have any target practice equipment, then you can always visit your local gun range and rent the equipment that you need.

13. Kick The Ball

Without using the broken arms, your child can also learn how to kick the ball around.

You can play this game with him indoors and outdoors.

You can even buy kickball or soccer balls for your child.

Your child will love kicking this ball around and will get used to moving with it.

14. Try Baking

If you have an oven, then you can bake some cookies together with your child.

If your child is a little older, then you can give him a baking dish and let him do the mixing and baking on his own.

If you don’t have an oven, then you can try other cooking methods like grilling or steaming.

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Fun Places To Go With a Broken Arm

Safe Activities for a Child with a Broken Arm

You must always be sure to check with your child’s doctor first before starting any new activity.

Some of the activities are not only safe but can actually benefit your child’s health as well.

In order for you to know what activities are safe for your child with a broken arm, follow these tips:

15. Scavenger Hunt

This game can be played at home or outside.

The goal is to find all of the objects listed in the scavenger hunt.

You can start with some easy items like a stick, a balloon, or a piece of paper.

Then, you can move up to harder items like a shoe, a hat, or a teddy bear.

16. Walking

If your child has a broken arm, it will be best to walk him or her around the block to get some exercise and increase his or her blood flow.

Walk your child around the yard or down the street until he feels comfortable.

This will give him some time to recover from his injury.

17. Gardening

Things To Do With a Child Who Has a Broken Arm

While this may seem like a lot of work, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your child.

Not only does this activity improve your child’s health, but it also helps them learn valuable life skills and helps with their emotional growth.

Gardening is a great way to keep your kids active and to give them a break from the video games and TV they may be playing.

Children can grow plants and even cook their food while doing this exercise.

18. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is an excellent exercise that is both healthy and safe for children.

It will improve their flexibility, strength, coordination, and focus.

If you think your child would benefit from yoga, there are many different types of classes designed especially for kids.

It’s a great way for kids to relieve stress and stay in shape.

19. Upper Body Exercise/Games

To make the broken arms heal soon and fast, upper body exercises can help.

Upper body exercises include doing pushups, pullups, chin-ups, handstands, etc.

These exercises should be done in small increments until the child feels ready to return to normal activities.

They can also help strengthen the muscles around the shoulder joint.

Kids like to play sports, but these exercises can help prevent injuries to their arms and shoulders.

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Challenging Things To Do With a Broken Arm

It is obvious that with broken arms there also comes pain and challenges.

As you may already know, this is not something that can be easily overcome by simply waiting.

The best thing to do is to act as soon as possible and start treating it right away.

Here are some challenging tasks you can give yourself:

20. Learn To Write With One Hand

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of doing something, one hand, is writing.

And while writing requires both hands, it doesn’t need to be difficult. So how about just practicing how to write with one hand?

You might want to use an old pen or pencil for this exercise.

21. Do Your Daily Hygiene Routine With One Hand

Activity Ideas For Children With Broken Arms

We all have routines in the morning when we get out of bed.

We brush our teeth, wash our faces, put on deodorant, and apply makeup.

Some of us also use a hair dryer to help straighten our hair.

But what if you only had one hand? Would you still be able to follow the same routine?

If so, then you should practice with your left hand!

22. Prepare All Your Meal With One Hand

If you’re left-handed, you probably never had any trouble preparing food with your right hand.

However, it may take a little longer when you do it with your left hand.

After all, the left hand is used to prepare the food on your right side.

Try preparing your meal with just one hand to see how difficult it can be!

23. Try To Lift Some Weight

If you find it easy to prepare food with one hand, try lifting some weights with it.

It will help you build up strength in that hand.

Plus, it will improve your balance. So why not try it?

24. Chat With One Single Hand On a Mobile

You can even use this trick on your mobile phone!

Just hold one of the buttons with your thumb and the other button with your index finger.

As soon as you make a call, you’ll notice how easily you can operate the buttons.

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Fun Things To Do at Home With a Broken Arm

Day becomes boring when you are injured and can’t do anything.

But if you have a broken arm, you can still spend quality time with your family.

You can even try out different activities you can do while being injured.

Some of these activities are listed below:

25. One Armed Bean Bag Toss

Activities For Kids With Arm Casts

The one-armed bean bag toss is a classic for any kid’s party.

Place a bean bag in the middle of the room and let them throw it as far as they can.

You’ll be surprised to see how many bean bags you’ll collect.

This game will get everyone involved and laughing.

26. Punching Bag

You can just split out the anger with this punching bag.

All you have to do is punch it until your hand is sore.

Just make sure that the punching bag is not too big or too heavy because that might hurt your hand.

27. Train Tracks

This idea for a child with a broken arm is perfect.

All you have to do is string up some train tracks across the room, then place a toy car on each track.

After that, give them a roll of tape and ask them to roll down the tracks as fast as they can.

You’ll see how fast the cars go when they hit the bumps in the tracks.

28. Type On The Keyboard With One Hand

This is one of the fun arm cast activities for kids, and it’s also a great way to get the kid to learn to type.

All you need is an old keyboard (preferably with the space bar removed), some masking tape, and a dry-erase marker.

Tape the keyboard in the middle of a table, and then ask the kid to use their left hand to type on the keyboard while their right arm is injured.

Summer Activities For a Child With a Broken Arm

Activities To Do With a Fractured Arm

Summer without fun can be torture, but don’t worry; here are some ideas for kids with broken arms to keep them entertained.

These activities will take up your time, but that’s part of the reason they are so great.

Your kid will be having fun and you will feel good that you did something fun with them.

29. Pick Strawberries

This is another fun arm cast activity for kids, and it’s also a great way to teach kids about patience.

Take the end of a wooden spoon and put it on a plate of strawberries.

Then tell the child to touch the strawberries one at a time with their finger and to pick them off one by one.

You’ll see how slow they go at first, but after a few minutes, they’ll figure out how to pick them off without getting hurt.

30. Picnic In a Park

If your kid has to spend some time at the hospital this summer, a great way to pass the time is to head to a park for a picnic.

Pack some food, a blanket, and maybe even some games or books.

If your child needs something more, make sure to pack a bottle of water, and if there is anything else they need, bring it along too.

31. Visit The Lighthouse

A lighthouse is a very cool attraction you can take your children to if they’re going to be spending a lot of time in the hospital this summer.

Many of these attractions are free, so it doesn’t matter whether your child has a lot of money or not.

32. Mini Golf

You can also play mini golf if your child is feeling like doing something active, and they won’t have to spend much time in the hospital to do it.

If you don’t have any mini golf balls around, you could always make a trip to the store to get some.

Mini golf is a very popular attraction, and many parks have mini golf courses that kids love.

33. Eat Ice-Creams

If your child is recovering from an illness, eating ice-creams will help with their overall health.

This is something that you should consider doing with them because it will help them to feel better faster.

It will make the day much more enjoyable for everyone, and it will keep your child happy for longer.

34. Go To The Beach

Summer Activities For Child With Broken Arm

The beach is a great place to visit when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Not only is the weather nice and comfortable but there are plenty of attractions and things to do at the beach, which is why many people like to visit during the summer.

When you are by the water, it is good for your child’s immune system because they will be able to breathe fresh air.

It is also good for their mental health.

They will be able to clear their mind of all the negative thoughts and feelings that they may have been experiencing.

Fun Places To Go With a Broken Arm

There are many fun places to go with a broken arm and a cast. 

These places will allow your child to spend some time away from their home environment, which is important if you want them to recover quickly.

It will give them something to look forward to and a reason to smile, which will help them feel better sooner.

There are also many benefits to visiting these places. Check out:

35. Family Visit/Get Together

Family is one of the most important things in life.

However, when you are separated due to an injury, it is very hard to have a family get-together.

This can cause depression in a person who has no other family members.

The best way to have a family get-together when you are in a cast is to do it at a fun place such as a theme park.

36. Take Him/Her To The School Of Disabled Kid

Let your child know how it is likely to be with him/her if he/she is disabled.

Tell them how their life will be and how you are going to help them.

They will then be less frustrated with your injury and you can help them deal with it more easily.

They may need more time to learn and they will want to be around people who are not injured or who are not injured in the same way as them.

37. Go To Museum

Fun Places To Go With a Broken Arm

When you are injured, you lose your mobility.

You can help your child by taking them to places where they can move about and explore.

You can also take them to museums which will help them learn about their disabilities and what people with disabilities go through.

Museums are great places for your child to explore.

38. Watch Aquariums

Your child will love to see the fish and other animals up close and personal.

This helps your child understand how to care for living things and live in a different world that is very different from yours.

Aquariums can be a very exciting place for your child to be, especially if you show them a new animal every time you go.

39. Read at Library

This can be the perfect activity for kids with arm casts.

It is one of the best ways to stimulate your child’s brain. Reading at home is a great way to encourage reading.

Books on topics that are interesting for your child will help.

When you go to the library, you can check out books, magazines, and even newspapers for your child to read.

Things To Avoid When Your Child Has a Broken Arm

It is important to avoid getting too stressed when your child has a broken arm.

The idea is that you should “just let it heal” or that you should not try to do anything.

Because your child is injured can actually cause more harm than good.

Some things to keep in mind when your child has a broken arm:

40. Riding a Bike Or Scooter

As with any injury, if your child has a broken arm, you may have to stay away from them until it heals completely.

Riding a bicycle or scooter during this time could be dangerous. Even walking can be difficult.

The risk of further injury to your child’s arm is higher than if he or she was to ride a bike without a cast on their arm.

This is because the weight of the bike is supported by both arms and legs and not just one.

41. Swimming Or Anything Where Physical Activity Matters

Activities For a Child With a Broken Bone

You should make sure that your child does not swim or dive when they have a broken arm.

Water can put a lot of pressure on a broken bone and even an injury that is less severe can result in a broken arm if the child dives into the water when they are wearing a cast.

Even worse, a cast in a swimming pool or other water can come loose during a fall or a collision with another object.

This will likely lead to the child getting seriously hurt.

42. Avoid Playing In The Ground With Hard Ball

When you play with your child on the ground, you need to keep them away from any objects that could cause harm to them.

An object like a golf ball could hurt them if they are hit in the head or if they run into it.

Similarly, a hockey puck can cause serious injuries when it hit the head.

43. Any Sort Of Climbing

Children should never climb up any type of pole because it can lead to serious injuries if they fall off.

Similarly, climbing on a roof can lead to fatal falls.

If you know that your child likes to climb, you will need to keep this out of their reach.

44. Running and Jumping

If your child likes to play football, they will need to be careful not to fall down and injure themselves.

When they jump over a fence or even fall while running, they can injure their arms.

You need to make sure that they don’t do any of these activities.

45. Fighting With Anyone

You may think that fighting is a way for children to settle their differences with each other.

However, fighting can also lead to serious injuries.

As such, it is important for parents to teach their children that fighting is not something that they should be doing.


How To Entertain a Child With a Broken Arm

How long does a broken arm take to heal in a child?

A broken arm in children usually requires only three to five weeks for healing. As soon as the doctor removes the cast, he/she will give instructions about how to exercise the arm so that it should get stronger. Also, you need to take extra care to wash the area daily as well as prevent the child from catching a cold.

How can I do daily activities with a broken arm?

As soon as the child is out of the cast, he/she can easily go through the activities of daily living. However, you need to be careful while doing certain activities. For instance, while using a computer mouse or the keyboard, the child needs to be extra cautious because the hand might fall off due to a sudden jerk.

Can my child go to school with a broken arm?

Yes, your child can go to school without any problem. Just inform the teacher about the injury and the type of splint used. You also need to inform the school authorities so that they can make all arrangements accordingly.

Can you play sports with a cast?

You can easily play any kind of sport like swimming or golf while wearing a cast. However, before participating in any sporting activity, you should consult the doctor first. He will recommend whether it is safe for you to play any sport. In this way, you can easily get rid of all your doubts.


Activities For a Child With a Broken Arm - Conclusion

All the activities that I have mentioned are practical. They will help your child to cheer up and have fun.

These tips will help your child to get back to their normal activities without any problem.

If you have a child with a broken arm, then you must include the activities mentioned above in your daily routine.

They will make a child forget about the broken arm and also will keep them away from feeling sad and depressed.

You can just follow these activities for a child with a broken arm and see the difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Start doing the activities for your kid and make them feel happy and contented.

Also, if you have any other tips then please share them in the comment section.

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