41 Crazy and Funny Bucket List Ideas To Pull Out Utmost Insanity

There are almost endless things that you can do to make a fun and good time. Crazy things do require a crazy mindset. The intention is not to hurt anyone but to make a short, fun moment to enjoy and bring a smile onto’s another’s face.

In this funny bucket list, I have listed some hilarious activities and tasks for an individual to try out with friends, family, or even strangers.

So with further ado, let’s dive in

Funny Bucket List

top 10 funny bucket list ideas

1. Brush & Spit It Out

The very first thing that you can do is to play around with your friends, or you can do it along with your family.

All you have to do is brush your teeth and let the paste remain as it is in your mouth, and come out of the washroom.

And sit next to your family member and just behave as normal and let them start a conversation, and suddenly in the middle, just look at them and spit out to them.

No doubt, after this, everyone can go very crazy and mad at you, but overall for 3 or 5 seconds, it will create absolutely hilarious moment for everyone sitting in the room.

2. Sing Out Hilariously In Public

If you are in public and if you want to create some absolutely ridiculous moment so that the other person can remember throughout their life is just simply wear a headphone and play any track of your choice or music that you like and sing out badly and very loudly as a professional singer.

But remember you are not a professional singer and therefore your voice will just sound like trash and for others it will give them a decent laugh.

3. Come To Next School

Go to any of your town schools and just before the school session ends and everybody comes out of it or probably you can start it very early.

All you have to do is just stand in front of the gate of the school with no intention to publicly bring down the image of that school but in a very fun manner and be very responsible in picking out the words.

All you have to do is just say –  “Come to the next School” out loud so that everyone who is related to the schools can hear you properly and they can relate.

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4. Call Out To Friend As Celeb

The best fun moments to create with anyone, then no doubt it should be with your friend and especially if you have a very close relationship with your friends so that your friend can really understand your humor, your pranks, and your made-up stories anytime and anywhere doesn’t matter what is the time and location.

All you have to do with a random number is just call out to your friend and this activity requires a bit of work for you to do you need to find an impersonator who can make out the exact voice of any celebs.

Now, you have to make a call to your friend and talk to them that you are with a famous celebrity and they would like to talk to you and let the fun conversation begin.

5. Change The Wallpaper

Go to any random store or if you are out in public then click anyone’s photo but remember we are not doing it for a purpose to use it in any other way or for a wrong purpose but you have to click one picture of any stranger.

You have to go to them and start a conversation like you just brought a new phone and a new system update came and you really don’t understand how the thing works further in your phone.

All you have to do is ask them that you require to change the wallpaper to this picture and now “THIS” picture will be of them and surely this will create good and small laughable moments.

6. Slipped Around Crowd In A Mall

Weird things and moments do daily excite and sometimes leave others in a very awkward situation and make them think about –  what just really happened? and if it is women then surely they can’t control their laugh.

Go out in any shopping mall take a bag of milk or any items that you can normally hold on to very ease, next go to a section where there is a slightly crowded audience, and with a very random sentence speaking out loud just a run for a three or four seconds in a lobby and fall down as crazy as no one could imagine.

7. Wear A Pant At Backwards

Doing things normally generally won’t create any attraction or kind of thing that others could remember for a long and generally, they could have a good topic to talk about with their friends and other members.

Simply wear a pant but be sure it is been put on from backward.

Go out normally, act like a normal and walk out in the street and make your appearance in a crowded place, so that much more people can see your craziness and enjoy the laughs of people around you.

8. Take Ownership Of The Store

Visit any local store nearby to you where you normally take your groceries or your eatery items very frequently and you had a very good rapport with them.

Just go to that store and ask the owner or the receptionist to bring you so and so stuff from that place and as they leave out from their position, go sit back to their chair and act like you are the owner and be in an employee category condition where you actually can take in the money and bill out for the other customers.

As every customer comes to you and you probably take in their stuff to punch in a machine and form a bill, speak out to them that you are the new owner of this shop and repeat it every single time for a new customer.

9. Scream Out Of Your Room

If you are living in an apartment or multiple-storey building then this activity could be perfect for you to try out and create a fun moment for yourself and for you to enjoy a bit and relax your mood off.

Spy on others out from your window where you can see a particular person doing certain things and in a very hiding manner out very loudly and at the top of your lungs say a very random word or call out to them in a very funny way that can give you a very tight and non stop hilarious laugh and let that strange person get confused on to who is calling out to him or her.

10. Play Naughty Voice In Classroom

If you are in a teenage group then you can probably think to consider the but giving away a very strong disclaimer upfront that it can create negative consequences to you depending upon the extreme level that you put in and you decided to go on with this idea.

If you believe that you have strong balls then go ahead with this one.

All you have to do is play a naughty track whether is the voice of a girl or a man talking in a very romantic way to someone in a video clip or on an audio note and put that track connected to a speaker so that everyone in a classroom can clearly listen out to it and let the crowd go crazy and insanely mad out of fun.

In this, one thing to watch out is for the expression and sudden shock to the professor or class teacher during that time.

11. Talk To The Walls In Public

Head out over to the streets nearby in your town and where you know that you can have a decent number of strange people working out and carrying their life in a normal way as it would happen on any other day.

Now when you see any stranger coming to you or going away from you all you have to do is turn your face to any random wall and talk to the wall.

Speak out anything and try to make sure that it is a long conversation so that the other strange person who is passing nearby you can feel a very awkward situation that is happening and let them be so confused that it can make them think that you are not normal and something strange and very crazy scene is happening.

12. Walk Behind A Stranger

If this thing is done at night then probably it would create a more intense and more situation of worry but as an individual, if you are doing this prank then for you and sometimes for the other person it can create a fun moment for the other person as well.

All you have to do on an empty and full silenced road and you witness a person walking all alone and there is a long road enough to cover then probably you can consider or for this idea to make it happen you have to just walk exactly their behind step by step don’t create any noise put your phone on silent and let the steps follow the steps.

13. Go To Pizzahut & Ask For Domino’s

Oh my God! I don’t know how much fun or tons of awkwardness you can put on a table.

But sometimes, if the manager or employee working there sometime are too ethical then it might create a problem for you as well.

The task is simple. Go to pizza hut and create a made-up scene that you love big cheese pizza, with extra toppings but you need to order it from Dominos.


Trust me on this, you have to be super self-controllable on your laugh and smiles to not make others feel that you are actually doing a prank or a crap.

But you are damn serious. Then discover how things go and check out whether they actually help you out or not.

14. Walk Like A Celeb With Guards

A very famous saying – “If you can’t beat the game, Be the Game”.

In this one Idea all you have to do exactly follow the same philosophy or the same mindset from the above saying.

Just call out to your friend and dress them as your bodyguard and you as an individual dress well like you are a famous celebrity or a youtube star.

Now go to a public area along with your 6 to 5 bodyguard friends and you being in the center, will definitely create a situation for others in public like a famous personality is walking by.

Some of them might bring out their phone camera to capture this moment but they really don’t know who the heck you are in real.

Crazy idea and by playing this for sure you will enjoy the time being.

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Funny Bucket List Ideas For Kids

For kids, it will be more than a normal routine task and if something extraordinary thing has been asked of them, then probably they do get really excited and powered up to do that in execution.

To make a scene and to be as notorious, there could be no enough and better individuals or characters but kids.

If you somehow, fall into that category or as an adult if you want pass out on some funny bucket list ideas for your kids then below are a good collection of them, and let’s quickly check out each one by one:

1. Scream I Did My Homework

Student sitting in a classroom

For every kid and child who are in their school and colleges one thing is very common and real is that they do get lots of homework and assignment to follow along the day.

As a kid, it might get frustrating and very irritating at some time due to other pressure considering in someone’s life.

Let’s go with the idea-

As the teacher or your professor enters scream out loud – “I did my Homework… I did my homework”.

Remember the motive is not to hurt your teacher by any means but just to create a fun scene in your classroom, it is a perfect and damn hilarious idea.

2. Act Like You Are Sleeping In A Class

Now I don’t know who you are, whether a backbencher or frontbencher.

But for this idea to work perfectly well, I would recommend this will work as good as honey for the front benchers.

Sit on a front bench and once the professor starts teaching a topic, then act like you are sleeping.

This idea will go crazy and will put your teachers in shock especially if your session starts in a morning time period.

3. Spiderman Actions In Front Of Relatives

Whenever there is a family gathering and the majority there are enough of your close family members sitting in one place.

Then all of a sudden with no planning intention at such and integrating this idea came out of nowhere.

Do some crazy and mind-boggling spider man actions in front of your family members in the most fun and hilarious manner as you can.

4. Leave A Note Next Door

Throwing up a prank on some absolute stranger can turn out to be a very bad idea for you to try out and especially if you are a kid.

But if you have very friendly relations with your neighbor then no doubt as a kid and with a heart of pure intentions, you can for sure execute this idea.

All you have to do –

Ring a bell and just simply leave a Note, let the note be anything, and just out of any random stuff that you can write off.

When you realize that your neighbor had received or checked the note that you just left,

Then after some time do leave a note and ring the bell and hide.

Do it multiple times, until your neighbor feels restless and annoyed.

As a kid, trust on this it is a good idea to try it out.

5. Need A Credit Card

Go out to a bank, in a very well dressed and just like as you are a businessman or woman.

Now, wait! I do know this is for kids but it’s just a made-up story that will surely create a fun memory for any kid at an early age.

Head over to any bank and ask out loud in a  very confident tone that – ‘You need a credit card”.

Now the answer will be NO obviously. Once your ask is rejected, then walk out of a bank in a very disappointing manner and approach.

Walk out with a sentence – ‘Oh crazy world, I need to handle my money all in cash’.

Believe it or not, it will leave out everyone to laugh out loud.

6. Talk Nasty With A Bodybuilder

As a kid, they do have one habit in very common is talking and behaving like they are adults or very grown up.

If you are one of that kinda kid, then this idea would be a perfectly well fit for you.

Find a bodybuilder and pass on some fun but nasty comments like – Hey big guy, do you want to see my muscle, do you want to fight?

And stuff like that.

As a kid and assuming a very general and common situation you are skinny as compared to a full-packed and bolded bodybuilder.

No doubt it will give a good reason for that bodybuilder to enjoy that smile and small moment with you.

7. Need A Diaper

If you somehow fall into a teenage group, then please try it out.

And especially making this into a real one in front of your close people or with your school friends would be a memorable and hilarious one.

Taking an example of a school scenario,

When your teacher is teaching an important lesson or a topic and all of sudden just go on and disturb him or her by asking out loud that you need a diaper.

If implemented properly, then for sure there will be a moment of continuous laughs and some crazy and wild audience voices all over for a short moment at least.

But what a crazy idea to bring in some fun and enjoyable moments.

Crazy & Funny Bucket List Ideas For Couples

1. Can we adopt your baby

As a couple and if you are very serious in your relationship then probably next thing you would do is go for marriage and therefore planning for the future is always good.

But we have to do this as for prank,

Babies are damn cute and really adorable and almost everyone in the world will like their cute faces and their doings.

Similarly, you have to do the same thing.

When you along with your partner, goes out in public then you can try this out to make a fun scene along with a random public in general.

Find a parent who is just hanging out over the streets with their little baby and carrying in a baby stroller.

Head over to them and ask- “can you as a couple adopt their baby and so on?”

Talk good things about the beautiful expressions of their baby and just try out a fun conversation with them sounding pretty much like you are convincing them to have their baby along with you.

Such crazy and sweet demands can leave a strange parent out surprised and bewildered.

2. Shampoo Prank

Being in a relationship there will be many moments and romantic too, where you have really crazy and intense moments.

But apart from this, if you have a common bathroom and out of no shyness in between you two then you can definitely try out this concept with your partner.

Sneak in the bathroom when your partner is having a bath and once you notice that your partner is pouring water over their head or doing shampoo.

Once the procedure is done, and your partner is cleaning their head with just water to wash out their shampoo face from all over,

Then very secretly just put two or three drops of shampoo on top.

But do remember, implement such actions in a secret way such that your partner doesn’t have any clue of what is happening.

3. Be The Mannequin At A Store

Try not to violate any policy or safety standards of any store in your location and do respect the laws.

But as such your intentions should be completely for simple fun prank or joy.

Find a place in a store where they have showcased their favorite clothing or new arrivals to mannequin and just went straight next to it,

Take a similar position as related to the mannequin and stand still.

Be in that position for a long period and just don’t move.

If the other customer at the store visit that place and passes near you then definitely they would be shocked and surprised to look at you.

4. Stare Down To A Stranger Couple

All out of random and nothing very tedious work for you to try out as a couple to head over for crazy stuff to do that potentially creates the best memory for you to remember in a fun aspect and terms.

Take a situation, you and your partner are out for dinner in a restaurant or you both are enjoying your meal at a fast food corner.

Then probably in a place like a mall, there are many people out there and all you have to do is out of random stare down to a stranger and probably a couple.

A fun and intense stare-down will surely bring in a very true and serious moment.

5. We need Sugar…. Salt

As a couple managing stuff at once might be very difficult and especially if you are newly into a relationship.

Knock down your neighbor’s door and ask for the simple thing which is sugar. Asking for such small basic essential items is very common stuff in India.

Then, what’s the catch in it here?

Wait for 30 min or 20 min, then again knock on their door and now ask for Salt.

And go on with the basic item stuff repeatedly after 20 minutes so.

6. Exchange Each Other’s Clothes

Now for a girl to try out their boyfriend’s clothes would be very comfortable and they won’t have a much major problem in dressing up.

But for the boys, not valid and possible in this world that a guy could and would like to wear their girlfriend’s dress.

Imagine a guy wearing a crop top and skirt in public.

But do remember, this is a fun challenge and there is nothing bad to try out just for fun.

Wear each other’s clothes and just head out in public in a street and let the fun begin.

Obviously, the center piece and attention-grabbing moment will be the boyfriend for others to watch out for.

7. Face Cream Shoot Challenge

You set a very fun and exciting game challenge along with your partner.

Being in a relationship and playing one such game would bring extreme good and a moment for you both to be together and enjoy a couple of time.

Set up any game challenge, for example, take Rock, Paper, and Choose.

And whoever wins, will get to throw a plate of cream at the other’s face.

But wait, this isn’t the normal game, and punishment is being passed.

But make a decent distance between so that the winner had to make perfect aim at shooting you a perfect cream at your face.

8. Visit Your Friends As Guest Invited

So random but probably it will create a nice and initially sweet laugh for all in general.

Make a note of your common friends and with whom you and your partner used to hang out as a group.

Head over to their house and when they have you, for sure obviously they would be surprised.

But play a prank that you had received a call from their house as a guest to attend a party.

9. Make Fun Of A Stranger Order At Starbucks

This can turn out to be a very crazy idea to probably do along with your partner.

It’s very simple and you don’t have to prepare a script or preparation stuff as such.

If you tend to visit a coffee shop or let’s say for example Starbucks.

Now be at second in a line of ordering and let’s say the person in front of you orders something like – ‘Cheese sandwich with a cappuccino’

Standing at their behind, just simply laugh out loud and go crazy and pretend like what that person had simply just ordered.

If you can integrate this idea on a large scale and make it more success then, try to bring all the other members of the store to participate in this idea.

Watch out how hit this concept will go.

10. Make Horrible Voices In Mid-Night

All just random and simply in the middle of the night, you and your partner sneak out of your house and if you have a long lobby if you are living in a apartment then this could work as perfect.

Probably at 2 Or 3 AM when you know everybody else on your floor is sleeping.

Make some crazy and actually horror kinda voice out loud.

Do this multiple times and create an intense moment.

Funny Bucket List Ideas For Friends- Fun and Crazy Things To Do With Your BFF

If you are thinking of creating a funny bucket list then you have to make one with your best friend.

Because the memories you will create with them will be priceless.

And the joy of doing something fun together you can’t explain with words.

Below are the ideas that I try with my best friends you can take a look

And if you find it interesting then note it down in your list.

1 Give A Scare 

This is one of the things you can easily pull off but it comes with its own risk.

So pay attention when doing it.

You have to go to the public toilet and after some time you just have to scream and run out and your friend will do the same.

So what’s the catch?

Remember you are not alone in the toilet there will be people who are doing their business.

Once you and your friends run out screaming they will think something is going on and will run with you.

But you have to keep running because if you get caught then nobody can save you.

2. Go to The Streets And Start Singing 

It is simple if you know how to play a musical instrument then go to the streets and start singing.

Sing with strangers, play their favorite music, and have fun.

You can also ask why they chose this song. Is there a story behind it?

I’m sure you will enjoy it.

3. Go On A Long Long Drive 

It means you are not stopping when you get in the car.

Go to the places that you don’t know and explore with your friends.

And make sure you document it all because, in the end, memories matter.

You can also roll dice if certain numbers come you will take right or left.

Leave everything to fate.

Make sure your preparation is enough and plan how many days you can go out.

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4. Do The Thing That You Both Fear

In the end, you have to conquer your fear someday, so why not do it together with your friend?

A little help is all you need.

List down things you both fear the most and do it one by one.

It can be as simple as giving a speech to people or not being confident in front of the camera.

Take on the challenge and do it together.

For example- open a YouTube channel and face the camera.

5. Be A superhero 

Dress up like your favorite superhero and go walk around your town.

Spread smiles and enjoy the time.

This is one of the things that looks simple but it takes courage to do.

Go to the kids and make their day brighter.

You will have a sense of satisfaction.

I’m sure this experience will be worth it.

6. Recreate Your Favorite Movie Scene In Real Life

Call your friends and plan it together and choose the scene that all of you agree upon.

It can be anything like a gang war, dress like the mafia, go in public, and make the scene come true with your acting.

And you will have a free audience for your shows.

7. Make A Photo Album Of Your Journey 

Click photos on your journey that you do together, now and then.

And make an album and store your photos in it.

Keep storing and once you’re old I’m sure you will appreciate it.

Brag to your grandchildren how awesome you were back in the day.

8. Throw A Big Party 

Throw a party and invite your close friends.

I’m sure someone is always busy, so make sure everyone comes together.

And have fun, share your stories, and have a good talk.

Plan a trip together and enjoy it.

It only takes one message to invite someone.

9. Act As A Reporter 

Dress up like a reporter and make your friend a cameraman.

Both of you can take turns and play the role.

Makeup something on the spot and question strangers, and find one and tell them that you are the culprit.

Or you can prepare a case beforehand and follow the script.

Call more friends and give them cameras to make it more authentic.

People will gather if they see the crowd.

Final Words

Most fun and hilarious things are included for everyone out there and you can mismatch and play along with the categories whichever list that you liked the most.

Complete fun and the best way to enjoy your day out in a most playful manner.

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