9 Ways To Try Loyalty Test On Boyfriend [Pranks, Quiz & More]

Wondering if your boyfriend is as true-blue as he seems?

Testing the loyalty of your partner doesn’t have to be serious or scary.

With creative ideas like loyalty pranks, quizzes, and honest conversations, you can discover more about trustworthiness in relationships.

Explore these playful and insightful tests to see the signs of a loyal partner in your boyfriend!

9 Ways To Try Loyalty Test On Boyfriend

Ready to get a little sneaky with your love?

Below is a list of nine fun and clever ways to check how faithful your boyfriend is.

From lighthearted pranks and tricky questions to insightful quizzes, these methods will help you spot any signs of cheating and build a stronger, more honest relationship.

Let’s dive in and explore these loyalty tests on your boyfriend!

Question Ideas

Question Ideas

Explore how to test your partner’s loyalty with thoughtful questions that delve into trustworthiness in relationships. These questions cover everything from honesty to dealing with attention from others, helping you understand your boyfriend’s fidelity and commitment.

What are your thoughts on honesty in a relationship?

Ask your boyfriend what he thinks about telling the truth to each other.

Does he believe it’s always best to be honest? Honesty is important because it helps people trust each other.

See what he says about why being truthful matters in your relationship.

How would you handle attention from someone else if I wasn’t around?

Find out what your boyfriend would do if another person liked him and you were not there.

Would he ignore them, tell them he has a girlfriend, or enjoy the attention?

This question helps you understand how he acts when you’re not together.

Have you ever kept a secret from me? Why?

Ask him if he has ever hidden something from you and why he chose to do that.

Secrets can sometimes hurt, so it’s good to know why he felt he needed to keep one.

This can tell you a lot about how open and honest he is with you.

How do you define cheating?

Everyone has an idea of what cheating means.

Ask your boyfriend what cheating means to him.

Does he think it’s only about kissing someone else, or could it be talking and flirting too?

Understanding what he thinks is cheating can show how he views your relationship.

Do you believe in emotional fidelity as well as physical?

This question is about whether he thinks it’s important to stay faithful in his heart and mind, not just with actions.

Emotional fidelity means not having romantic feelings for someone else.

It’s good to know if he thinks loving feelings for others is okay or not while he’s with you.

What would you do if an ex contacted you?

Ask your boyfriend what he would do if a person he used to date started talking to him again.

Would he chat with them like a friend, ignore the message, or tell you about it?

This question helps you see how he handles past relationships and respects your current ones.

Question To Ask Boyfriend To Test His Loyalty

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How important is transparency in our relationship with you?

Find out how much your boyfriend values being open and clear with you.

Does he think it’s very important to share everything, or are there some things he prefers to keep to himself?

Transparency means both of you know what’s going on with each other, which builds trust.

Would you ever lie to protect my feelings?

This question checks if your boyfriend thinks it’s okay to tell a lie if it means not hurting your feelings.

Some people think small lies are okay if they keep others happy, while others believe honesty is always the best.

See what he thinks about this.

How do you feel about sharing your phone or social media passwords with me?

Ask him if he is comfortable letting you know his passwords.

Some people are open about these things because they have nothing to hide, while others want more privacy.

This can tell you how much personal space he needs in your relationship.

Are there things you feel uncomfortable talking about with me?

Everyone has topics they find hard to talk about.

Ask your boyfriend if there are subjects he doesn’t feel easy discussing with you.

Knowing this can help you understand his boundaries and respect his comfort levels.

What’s your stance on flirting while in a relationship?

Find out what he thinks about flirting with other people when he’s already in a relationship with you.

Does he see it as harmless fun, or does he think it’s wrong to flirt when he’s with someone?

His answer will show you how he views loyalty and respect between you two.

How would you handle a situation where someone was flirting with you?

Ask your boyfriend what he would do if someone tried to flirt with him.

Would he flirt back, stop them politely, or just ignore it?

This question helps you understand how he reacts to attention from others when he’s in a relationship.

Is there anything in our relationship that you think we should improve on?

Find out if your boyfriend thinks there are areas in your relationship that could be better.

This could be spending more time together, communicating better, or understanding each other’s feelings more.

It’s a way to see how he views your relationship’s health.

How do you deal with conflicts in a relationship?

Ask him how he handles disagreements or arguments.

Does he prefer to talk things out immediately, take some time to think, or avoid conflict altogether?

Knowing this can help you manage tough times together more effectively.

Do you think it’s okay to keep friendships with people who are attracted to you?

This question explores how your boyfriend feels about maintaining friendships with people who might have feelings for him.

Is he okay with it, or does he think it’s better to keep some distance?

It shows his boundaries and respect for your feelings.

How do you express your commitment to our relationship?

Ask him what he does to show that he’s committed to being with you.

Does he make plans for the future with you, introduce you to his family, or make sure to spend quality time together?

This helps you see how seriously he takes your relationship.

What actions do you think constitute a betrayal of trust?

Find out what he considers to be breaking trust.

Is it lying, keeping secrets, or something else?

Understanding what he views as a betrayal can help you both maintain trust.

How do you handle jealousy?

This question checks how your boyfriend deals with feeling jealous.

Does he talk about his feelings, keep them to himself, or act out?

It’s important to know this to handle emotions that can affect your relationship.

Have you ever thought about breaking up? What were the reasons?

Ask if he’s ever considered ending the relationship and why.

This can be a sensitive topic, but it helps understand his commitment level and what issues might need addressing to keep the relationship strong.

What does loyalty mean to you in a relationship?

Finally, find out what loyalty looks like to him.

Does it mean being faithful, supportive, or something else?

His definition of loyalty will tell you what he values most in being together.

Prank Ideas

Prank Ideas

Engage in light-hearted loyalty pranks for your boyfriend to creatively assess his reactions in different scenarios. These pranks are fun ways to explore his responses to tempting situations, giving you insights into his fidelity without serious confrontation.

Change your name in your friend’s phone and send your boyfriend flirty texts to see his reaction.

Imagine if your boyfriend got flirty texts but they looked like they were from someone else!

You could change your name on a friend’s phone and send him some cute messages.

Watch carefully how he responds.

Does he tell you about the texts? Does he seem confused?

This is a playful way to see if he stays honest and open with you.

Create a fake social media profile and try to flirt with him online to see how he responds.

You can make a new account on social media and pretend to be someone else.

Try sending him a friend request and start a light, flirty conversation.

It’s interesting to see if he flirts back or if he mentions he has a girlfriend.

Remember, this should be just for fun and not go too far!

Have a friend he doesn’t know flirt with him in public to monitor his response.

Get one of your friends whom he hasn’t met yet to casually flirt with him when they are at the same place, maybe at a party or a park.

Watch how he acts.

Does he stay loyal to you by not flirting back, or does he enjoy the attention a bit too much?

It’s a sneaky way to check how he behaves when you’re not around.

Pretend to go through his phone ‘accidentally’ and see his reaction.

While you’re both chilling, you could pretend to pick up his phone by mistake, thinking it was yours.

Watch closely how he reacts.

Is he calm or suddenly nervous?

This can show you if he feels like he has things to hide or if he’s open with you about everything.

Set up a fake scenario where someone tells him you might be cheating, and see how he handles it.

Create a Fake Scenario

This one is a bit dramatic!

Have a friend tell him that they heard a rumor about you (that’s not true, of course).

See how he reacts to hearing something upsetting.

Does he come to you to talk about it directly, or does he get upset or angry?

His actions will show how he handles tough situations and if he trusts you.

Tell him you won a couple’s trip and watch his reaction when he thinks both of you might be on TV.

Surprise him by saying you entered a contest and won a romantic trip for two, and it might be on TV.

Watch how he reacts to the news of being in the spotlight with you.

Is he excited, or does he seem worried?

His reaction might tell you how comfortable he is with showing off your relationship with others.

Pretend you’re upset about something you found in his belongings (like a piece of fake jewelry).

You could pretend you found something like a piece of jewelry in his stuff that isn’t yours.

Act a bit upset and see how he explains it.

This prank tests how he reacts when he needs to reassure you about something.

Does he try to calm you down and explain it gently, or does he get defensive?

Quiz Questions For You

Quiz Questions

Take our relationship loyalty quiz to see how well your boyfriend scores on loyalty and honesty. These questions help you identify signs of a loyal partner and understand where your relationship stands on trust issues.

Does your boyfriend make time for you regularly?

Is he comfortable discussing future plans with you?

Does he maintain transparency about his whereabouts?

How does he react to discussions about commitment?

Does he introduce you to his friends and family?

How does he act when other people show interest in you?

Does he prioritize your feelings and concerns?

Is he consistent in his affection and attention to you?

Do his stories and explanations add up over time?

How does he handle conflicts or disagreements with you?

Does he share his personal and emotional thoughts with you?

Has he ever broken your trust?

How does he support you in difficult times?

Does he respect your boundaries?

How does he express jealousy or insecurity?

Over Text

Test Over Text

Send texts to subtly challenge your boyfriend’s loyalty, making it a part of your daily communication. These texts are designed to probe his thoughts on fidelity and trust, offering a quick glimpse into how he handles relationship honesty tests.

“What would you do if I told you someone was hitting on me right now?”

Send this text to see how your boyfriend reacts if someone else was showing interest in you.

It’s a way to find out if he gets jealous easily or if he trusts you to handle the situation.

“How do you feel about me having a guys’/girls’ night out?”

This text checks how your boyfriend feels about you hanging out with your friends without him.

It helps you understand if he’s cool with you having your own space and fun times, or if he’s a bit uneasy about it.

“What are your thoughts on sharing passwords with your partner?”

Asking him about sharing passwords can show you how much he values privacy or openness in a relationship.

His answer will tell you if he’s open to being really transparent with you or if he prefers some boundaries.

“Can you send me a pic of what you’re doing right now?”

This is a fun way to see what he’s up to at the moment.

It’s also a little check to see if he’s where he says he is, showing if you can trust his words about simple things.

“If you could go anywhere right now, would it be with me?”

Send this text to find out if he thinks of you as part of his adventures.

It’s a cute way to see if he enjoys your company enough to imagine traveling or doing fun things together.

“How do you feel when I talk to my ex?”

This question helps you learn how he feels about you being in contact with an ex-partner.

It can show if he’s secure and trusts you, or if it’s something that bothers him.

“What are you up to this weekend? (ask when you know his plans)”

This text is a sneaky way to check if your boyfriend is honest about his plans.

Ask him casually about his weekend, especially when you already know what he’s planning to do.

It’s a simple test to see if he tells you the truth or says something different.

“Do you trust me? Why or why not?”

Sending this text can start a deep conversation about trust.

It’s important in relationships to understand why you trust each other.

His answer can show what he values in you and if there’s anything you both might need to work on to build stronger trust.

“Have you ever lied to make someone feel better?”

This question helps you understand his views on honesty versus protecting someone’s feelings.

Knowing if he believes sometimes it’s okay to lie if it means not hurting someone can tell you a lot about how he handles delicate situations.

“What’s something you think I should never find out about?”

This is a tricky text that might make him think about secrets.

It’s a way to see if there are things he keeps to himself because he thinks they might upset you.

His response can lead to discussions about openness and honesty in your relationship.

Online/Social Media

When Online Or Social Media

Use social media as a tool to observe your boyfriend’s public reactions to various relationship scenarios. Whether it’s tagging him in posts or observing his online interactions, you can gather clues about his trustworthiness and loyalty.

Post a status about ‘trust’ and tag him, and see his reaction or response.

Write a thoughtful statement about what trust means in relationships and tag your boyfriend.

This could be something like, “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

Watch how he reacts.

Does he like it, comment on it, or share his thoughts on trust?

This can show you how he values trust and if he’s comfortable talking about it publicly.

Share a meme about fidelity and tag him asking for his thoughts.

Find a funny or serious meme about being faithful and tag your boyfriend when you share it.

Ask him what he thinks about the meme.

This is a light way to bring up the topic of fidelity and see how he feels about it, it’s a chance to see if he takes it seriously or just laughs it off.

Comment on an old picture with someone else and see if he reacts jealously.

Go back and comment on an old photo where he’s with someone else, maybe an ex or a friend, and write something simple like “Looks like fun!”

Watch to see how he responds.

Does he reply calmly, or does he seem upset or jealous?

This helps you gauge how he handles reminders of past relationships.

Create a “trap” story where only he can see it and see if he mentions it to you.

Use your social media to post a story that only your boyfriend can see.

Maybe tell something surprising or show a picture of a gift.

See if he brings it up in conversation later.

If he talks about it, it means he’s paying attention and cares to discuss things he sees about you online.

Post a picture with a friend and create a slightly ambiguous caption to see his reaction.

Share a photo with one of your friends and add a caption that could be seen in different ways, like “Always a wild time with this one!”

See how your boyfriend reacts to this.

Does he ask you about it or does he seem unsure what you meant?

This can show you how he handles ambiguity and if he’s quick to feel unsure.

Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships face unique challenges, and these ideas are tailored to testing your boyfriend’s fidelity from afar. Whether through gifts, calls, or shared activities, find out how strong the trust is between you.

Send him a gift and see if he mentions receiving it without prompting.

Surprise your boyfriend by sending him a small gift through the mail.

Choose something you know he’ll like or find funny.

Then, wait to see if he tells you about it on his own.

This is a sweet way to check if he acknowledges your gestures and appreciates the effort you’re putting into the relationship.

It also shows how communicative and grateful he is.

Share a scenario about someone flirting with you and gauge his trust and reaction.

Tell him about a made-up situation where someone was flirting with you.

You could say it happened at a cafe or while you were out shopping.

Watch how he reacts.

Does he get overly jealous, or does he trust you to handle the situation?

His response will give you insight into his level of trust and security in your relationship.

Surprise him with a video call at an unexpected time.

Give him a spontaneous video call when he’s least expecting it.

This can be a fun way to catch up and see his reaction.

Is he happy to see you, or does he seem distracted?

A surprise call can show you how he feels about seeing you spontaneously, which is important in long-distance relationships.

Play an online game together where honesty is key, like ‘Two Truths and a Lie.’

Invite him to play ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ over a video chat.

Each person takes turns saying two true things about themselves and one lie, and the other person has to guess the lie.

This game is not only fun but also a clever way to learn new things about each other and see how honest you both are during the game.

Ask for his opinion on a hypothetical situation involving trust.

Create a scenario that involves trust, like what he would do if he found a lost wallet with money inside.

Ask him what his actions would be and why.

Discussing hypothetical situations can help you understand his values and how he views trustworthiness, which is crucial in a long-distance relationship.

Over a Phone Call

Test Over a Phone Call

Phone calls provide a direct way to engage with and test your boyfriend’s sincerity. Use these calls to ask pointed questions and listen to his responses, helping you tackle any underlying relationship trust issues effectively.

Call him pretending to be someone else and see how he describes your relationship.

Make a phone call to your boyfriend but pretend you are someone else, like a survey taker or a marketer, and ask about his relationship status.

Listen to how he describes you and your relationship.

Does he mention he has a girlfriend? Is he proud and happy to talk about you?

This can show you how seriously he takes the relationship and if he’s open about being with you.

During a casual conversation, subtly bring up a topic about fidelity and note his opinions.

While you’re talking about your day or just chatting, gently shift the conversation to a topic related to fidelity.

You could mention a movie you watched or a story you heard about someone cheating.

See what he says about it.

His thoughts on the matter can give you a clue about how he values loyalty.

Tell him a fake secret and see if he keeps it.

Share a made-up secret with him and ask him to keep it between just the two of you.

Later, you can check if the secret has spread or if he’s kept his word.

This test will help you see how trustworthy he is when it comes to keeping private things just between you two.

Ask hypothetical questions about trust and loyalty.

During your phone call, ask him some “what if” questions.

For example, ask what he would do if he found a lost wallet or if someone offered him a reward to keep a secret from a friend.

His answers can help you understand his views on trust and loyalty, which are important in any relationship.

Pretend you heard a rumor about him and gauge his reaction.

Tell him you heard a rumor about him that isn’t true.

Watch how he reacts.

Is he calm and does he explain things clearly, or does he get upset or defensive?

This will show you how he handles misunderstandings and if he can communicate well under pressure.

When In School

When In School

When you’re both in a school environment, use these tactics to see how your boyfriend acts in social settings without your immediate presence. It’s a practical approach to understanding his loyalty and how he represents your relationship publicly.

Ask friends to casually bring up your relationship in conversations and see what he says.

Have some of your friends mentioned your relationship when they talk to your boyfriend?

They could ask how things are going between you two or what plans he has with you.

This helps you find out what he says about you when you’re not there.

It’s a great way to see if he speaks positively and openly about being with you.

Have someone flirt with him during a school event to see his reaction.

Arrange for a friend he doesn’t know well to flirt with him a bit during a school event.

Watch how he handles the attention.

Does he flirt back, or does he make it clear that he’s in a relationship?

His reaction will show you how committed he is to you, even when you’re not watching.

Spread a harmless rumor and see if it comes back to you through him.

Start a small, harmless rumor, like you won a contest or are planning a surprise party.

See if the rumor comes back to you through him, which shows whether he talks to others about what’s happening in your life.

It also tests how communication flows between you and him.

Leave your diary open on a page about trust and see if he reads it.

Leave your diary open to a page where you’ve written about trust or a related topic.

Place it somewhere semi-private, like a shared desk.

If he mentions anything from it later, you’ll know he read it.

This can lead to discussions about privacy and trustworthiness.

Organize a group project and see if he acts differently when you’re not directly interacting.

Work on a group project together but make it so you’re not always directly working with him.

Observe how he interacts with others and manages the project without your input.

This gives you insights into his teamwork and respect for you in a professional or school setting.

Play a truth or dare game with mutual friends and see his responses to certain questions.

During a game of truth or dare with friends, pay attention to how he answers certain “truth” questions or what dares he accepts.

This casual setting can reveal his true feelings and honesty in a fun and engaging way, especially around topics that relate to your relationship.

Leave something personal with him and see how he handles the responsibility.

Give him something important to you, like a favorite book or a piece of jewelry, and ask him to take care of it for a while.

How he handles this responsibility will tell you a lot about his respect and care for you and your belongings.

When You Both Are Dating

While You are Dating

While dating, set up playful scenarios and games that test your boyfriend’s loyalty and honesty. These activities not only bring fun into your relationship but also give you deeper insights into how he views commitment and fidelity.

Suggest playing “Never Have I Ever” and include questions about fidelity.

Propose a game of “Never Have I Ever” during a casual evening together.

Add questions like, “Never have I ever flirted with someone while being in a relationship,” or “Never have I ever kept a secret from a partner.”

This game can help you see how open and honest he is about past relationships and his views on loyalty, all in a light-hearted setting.

Play “Truth or Dare” and dare him to do something that tests his loyalty subtly.

During a game of “Truth or Dare,” think of dares that are fun but also gently test his loyalty.

For example, dare him to post a photo of the two of you on his social media, declaring how happy he is.

This can be a playful way to see how comfortable he is showing his commitment to you publicly.

Propose a game of “Would You Rather” involving scenarios about trust.

Play a game of “Would You Rather” with questions that deal with trust issues.

Ask questions like, “Would you rather lose your phone for a day or let your partner go through it?”

This can lead to discussions about privacy and trust, helping you understand how much he values transparency in your relationship.

Set up a “mystery scavenger hunt” where clues relate to aspects of your relationship.

Organize a scavenger hunt with clues that relate to important moments or inside jokes in your relationship.

Each clue could lead to a place that means something special to both of you.

This activity not only makes for a fun date but also shows how well he remembers and values the moments you’ve shared.

Create a role-play scenario where you both act out different fidelity scenarios.

Suggest role-playing different scenarios that might challenge fidelity, like one of you being hit on by someone else.

Discuss how each of you would handle the situation.

This can be an engaging way to discuss serious matters like fidelity and reactions to temptation in a controlled, safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prove my loyalty to my boyfriend?

To prove your loyalty to your boyfriend, be transparent with your feelings and actions. Show consistency in what you say and do, and make sure to communicate openly and honestly. Support him in his goals and be trustworthy in all aspects of your relationship.

Do guys test you by ignoring you?

Not all guys test you by ignoring you, but some might use distancing as a way to see how you’ll react. However, frequent ignoring can also be a sign of disinterest or relationship issues rather than a deliberate test.

How to test if a guy is serious about you?

To test if a guy is serious about you, observe his actions more than his words. See if he makes plans for the future with you, introduces you to his friends and family, and how he prioritizes you in his daily life. Serious commitment is often shown through consistent, reliable behavior.

How to test a guy that he likes you?

To test if a guy likes you, note how often he reaches out, his eagerness to spend time with you, and his interest in learning about your life. See if he remembers small details you tell him and if he goes out of his way to make you feel special and valued.


In conclusion, testing loyalty in a relationship can be tricky but important.

Whether through playful pranks, serious discussions, or observing everyday actions, understanding your partner’s commitment helps build a stronger, more trusting relationship.

Remember, the best approach is always open and honest communication.

When both partners are committed to transparency and fidelity, the relationship flourishes.

So, keep these tips in mind to foster a loving and loyal partnership with your boyfriend.

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