27 Fun Bets To Make With a Guy You Like [Know His Thoughts]

In this post, we’re going to cover 27 fun bets that you can make with a guy you like to get to know him better and understand his thoughts.

These bets are a great way to have some lighthearted fun while also learning more about his likes, dislikes, and what makes him tick.

So if you’re looking to spice up your interactions with that special someone, these bets are a great way to do just that.

Let’s dive in and get to know his thoughts!


27 Fun Bets To Make With a Guy You Like

Are you looking to spice up your interactions with a guy you like?

Dive into our list of fun bets, perfect for flirting and betting games for two.

These playful challenges and light-hearted dares are sure to bring laughter and deepen your connection.

Who can make the better breakfast? The loser has to share a secret.

Who Can Make The Better Breakfast

Challenge the guy you like to a breakfast cook-off.

Both of you can try making your best breakfast dishes.

Pancakes, eggs, or whatever you like!

After you both finish cooking, taste each other’s dishes to decide who’s the better chef.

The one who loses has to share a secret.

Maybe it’s something funny or something they’ve never told anyone before.

It’s a great way to start the day and learn something new about each other.

Guess the song/movie quote. Wrong guess? Share an embarrassing story.

This game is all about testing how well you know songs or movies.

One of you says a line from a song or a movie, and the other has to guess where it’s from.

If you guess wrong, you have to tell an embarrassing story.

It could be about a silly mistake or a funny moment from when you were younger.

This game is a fun way to share laughs and see who has the same taste in music or movies as you.

Sports challenge (basketball shots, soccer goals, etc.). Loser has to reveal their biggest fear.

Pick a sport you both like, such as shooting basketball hoops or kicking soccer goals.

Set up a little competition to see who can score the most.

The loser has to reveal their biggest fear.

It might be something like spiders, heights, or even something deeper like being afraid of failure.

Sharing fears can bring you closer because it shows trust and honesty in each other.

Cook-off challenge. The one with the less tasty dish confesses their first impression of the other person.

Cook Off Challenge

Have a cooking battle to see who can make the tastier dish.

You could choose a specific type of food, like pasta or a dessert.

After cooking, try each other’s creations and decide whose is best.

The person with the less delicious dish has to confess their first impression of the other person.

This could be really funny or sweet and can open up a conversation about how feelings can change over time.

Board or video game battle. Loser shares a dream they’ve never told anyone.

Play a favorite board game or video game together.

It could be something classic like chess or something fun like a racing game.

Whoever loses the game has to share a dream they’ve never told anyone.

This might be a silly dream about the future or a big goal they hope to achieve someday.

Sharing dreams can inspire both of you to talk about hopes and plans for the future.


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Trivia night about each other’s favorite things. For every wrong answer, share something you like about the other person.

Set up a trivia night where you ask questions about each other’s favorite things like movies, foods, or hobbies.

It’s like a quiz about how well you know each other.

Every time someone gets a question wrong, they must say something they like about the other person.

It could be a compliment about how they always make you laugh or how kind they are.

This game is a great way to learn more about each other’s interests and to share some positivity and smiles.

Who can draw a better portrait of the other? The “model” gets to ask a personal question.

Grab some paper and pencils and challenge each other to draw the best portrait you can of one another.

Sit across from each other and try your best to capture what you see.

It doesn’t matter if the drawings are perfect; it’s all about having fun and being creative.

When you’re both done, the person who was drawn—the “model”—gets to ask a personal question.

This could be about dreams, fears, or fun memories, helping you to get to know each other even deeper.

Dance-off on a silly song. Loser reveals a deal-breaker in a relationship.

Choose a really silly song that makes both of you laugh and have a dance-off.

You could pick a funny children’s song or something with a goofy dance.

Dance with all your heart and don’t worry about looking silly—it’s all about enjoying the moment.

Whoever is deemed the “loser” of the dance-off has to reveal a deal-breaker in a relationship.

This could be a serious or funny thing that they just can’t tolerate in a relationship, giving insights into their personal values and preferences.

Karaoke challenge with a twist. Choose songs for each other—loser talks about their last crush.

In this karaoke game, you pick songs for each other to sing—try choosing something challenging or hilarious.

Stand up and perform with as much flair as you can.

The loser, decided either by applause or just for laughs, talks about their last crush.

This can lead to funny or heartfelt stories about past romances and what they learned from them, adding a touch of personal history to your fun night.

Staring contest. First one to laugh has to talk about what makes them happiest.

Eye Staring Contest

Have a simple staring contest, but with a twist—first one to laugh has to talk about what makes them happiest.

This could be a discussion about a favorite hobby, a loved family member, or even a cherished memory.

Sharing what makes you happy not only adds joy to the moment but also helps you understand more about what truly matters to each other.

Best impersonation of a celebrity. Loser admits to something they’re really bad at.

Challenge each other to do the best impersonation of a favorite celebrity.

You could mimic their voice, their famous lines, or even their signature moves.

It’s all about who can be the most convincing or the funniest.

The loser, the one whose impersonation isn’t as strong, has to admit to something they’re really bad at.

Guess the “two truths and a lie”. Wrong guesser divulges a guilty pleasure.

Each person comes up with two true statements and one false statement about themselves.

The other person has to guess which one is the lie.

If they guess wrong, they must reveal a guilty pleasure, like a love for cheesy movies or eating ice cream at midnight.

This game is a great way to learn surprising and funny things about each other while sharing some laughs over quirky habits.

Who can stay off their phone the longest? Loser shares what they admire most in a person.

Agree to put your phones down and see who can resist the urge to check their messages or social media the longest.

This challenge is not only fun but also encourages you to focus more on each other.

The person who gives in and checks their phone first has to share what they admire most in a person, like honesty, humor, or kindness.

This reveals what each of you values in relationships and friendships.

Photo competition (best sunset, pet, etc.). Loser has to answer a “Would you rather” question.

Decide on a theme, like the best sunset photo or the cutest pet picture, and each take a photo fitting that theme.

Compare the results and decide whose photo is the best.

The loser then has to answer a “Would you rather” question, which could range from silly scenarios to tough choices, like “Would you rather never use social media again or never watch another movie?”

Fitness challenge (most push-ups, etc.). Loser talks about their most significant achievement.

Fitness Challenge

Set up a fitness challenge, like who can do the most push-ups in a minute or who can hold a plank the longest.

This not only adds a bit of healthy competition but also gets you moving.

The loser has to talk about their most significant achievement, whether it’s something personal, academic, or professional.

Sharing achievements can boost respect and admiration between you, showcasing each other’s strengths and proud moments.


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Cooking something new without a recipe. The one with the less appetizing dish shares an unpopular opinion they have.

Challenge each other to cook a dish without following any recipe.

Pick ingredients you both have and get creative in the kitchen.

Whether it’s a dessert, a main dish, or a snack, see what you can come up with using just your imagination and culinary instincts.

After cooking, taste each other’s dishes to decide whose looks and tastes less appetizing.

The one with the less appealing dish must share an unpopular opinion they have—maybe they dislike a popular movie or prefer rainy days over sunny ones.

Blind taste test. If you guess wrong, reveal a food you absolutely hate.

One person prepares several different foods, and the other person has to taste them blindfolded and guess what they are eating.

Each wrong guess requires the guesser to reveal a food they absolutely hate, like broccoli, sushi, or licorice.

This game is a fun way to discover each other’s food preferences and aversions, which can be handy for planning meals together in the future.

Silly fashion show with clothes from each other’s wardrobes. Loser explains their fashion sense.

Silly Fashion Show

Dive into each other’s wardrobes and pick out outfits for each other to wear, but make it fun and a bit silly.

Think of outrageous combinations or styles that are completely different from what you usually wear.

Put on a fashion show in your living room and strut your stuff.

The person whose outfit gets the biggest laugh or seems the most out of character has to explain their actual fashion sense.

Handwriting analysis. Write a sentence and analyze each other’s handwriting. Loser reveals a childhood memory.

Each person writes a sentence on a piece of paper.

Then, swap papers and try to analyze the other person’s handwriting.

You might comment on how loopy their letters are or how slanted their writing is.

The one whose handwriting analysis is less accurate or less detailed has to share a childhood memory.

It could be a funny story, a memorable vacation, or a lesson they learned as a kid.

Memory game with a deck of cards. Loser talks about a movie or book that changed their life.

Use a deck of cards to play a classic memory game where you match pairs.

Lay the cards face down and take turns flipping two at a time to find pairs.

The person who finds fewer pairs talks about a movie or book that changed their life.

This could be a story that inspired them, taught them something important, or just left a big impression.

Discussing favorite books or movies can reveal a lot about a person’s interests and values.

Who can make the other laugh first using only facial expressions. Loser shares their most treasured possession.

Face each other and make the silliest, funniest facial expressions you can think of.

No sounds or words, just faces!

The first one to laugh loses and has to share about their most treasured possession.

This could be something sentimental like a gift from a loved one, something valuable, or just something that holds a lot of personal meaning.

Sharing about treasured possessions can give insight into what each person holds dear and why.

Guess the ending of a movie neither has seen. Loser talks about a place they wish to visit and why.

Pick a movie that neither of you has watched before.

Watch the first half together, then pause it and each guess how you think it will end.

Will the hero save the day? Will the lost dog find its way home? After finishing the movie, see whose guess was closer to the actual ending.

Who can make the best cocktail or mocktail? Loser reveals something they’re looking forward to.

Who Can Make The Best Cocktail

Get creative in the kitchen and see who can mix up the best cocktail or mocktail.

Use whatever ingredients you have – juices, sodas, fruits, and maybe some fancy garnishes.

Once you’ve both made your drinks, taste them and decide which one is the best.

The loser reveals something they’re looking forward to, like an upcoming event, a personal goal, or something as simple as a new movie release.

This can lead to shared excitement and future plans.

Impromptu poetry or rap battle about a random topic. Loser discloses their most embarrassing moment in school.

Choose a random topic—maybe something as ordinary as socks, or as broad as the concept of time—and have an impromptu poetry or rap battle about it.

Take turns throwing down your best lines.

The one who stumbles or gets the most laughs for their silly verses reveals their most embarrassing moment in school.

This could be a funny mishap or a cringe-worthy memory, offering a glimpse into each other’s youthful experiences.

Guessing game with baby photos. Losers talk about what they were like as a child.

Each of you brings a few baby photos that the other hasn’t seen before.

Try to guess what’s happening in each photo or which one is the other person as a baby.

The person who guesses the least correctly talks about what they were like as a child.

Were they shy or outgoing? A mischief-maker or a bookworm? This game is a heartwarming way to share childhood stories and see how much each of you has changed.

Jigsaw puzzle race. First to finish ask the other a deep question.

Set up two puzzles of similar difficulty and have a race to see who can complete theirs first.

Puzzles can be calming and intensely focused, making this a quiet but competitive activity.

The winner gets to ask the loser a deep, thought-provoking question.

This could be about beliefs, fears, or life goals.

It’s a chance to discuss things that matter deeply to each of you, strengthening your connection.

Bucket list sharing. Take turns guessing what’s on each other’s list.

Bucket List Sharing

Take turns guessing what might be on each other’s bucket list.

For every wrong guess, the list owner shares a story or reason behind one of the actual items on their list.

This could be a childhood dream, a passion, or a life goal inspired by a personal experience.

This activity is a wonderful way to learn about each other’s deepest desires and life experiences.


Whether you’re just starting to get to know him better or looking to add a spark to your budding relationship, these bets are designed to impress and entertain.

From creative challenges to know him better to simple betting games, you can enjoy together.

Each bet is an opportunity to create memorable moments and strengthen your bond.

So, take a chance, make a bet, and enjoy the fun and excitement it brings to your relationship!

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