15 Popular TikTok Party Games & Challenges For Friends

TikTok is a fun app that quickly became a huge trend worldwide.

Just like the app, TikTok party games are also entertaining. Some games are simple and childish, while others are amusing.

TikTok is known for setting trends. So, I’ll include games that follow these popular trends.

Let’s get started with some TikTok party games!

15 Popular TikTok Party Games & Challenges

TikTok Party Games

Here is a list of popular TikTok party games and challenges.

These group TikTok challenges are perfect for having fun with friends.

Try these games at your next party and see who can complete the challenges!

Drink & Hold

This game is simple and funny for both the audience and the creator.

In this game, the creator goes live with the audience. The audience decides a funny sentence, like “I went to the supermarket and got kicked out.”

Here’s the catch:

The creator drinks water and keeps it in their mouth. Then, they try to say a funny sentence.

This will make everyone laugh a lot!

Lip Sync Challenge

If you use TikTok and haven’t done a lip sync challenge, you are missing out on the fun.

It might be your first time, but you should try it! Find a unique and funny movie scene, and do a crazy lip sync.

Make the best video you can!

Battle Game Challenge

This is a new feature on TikTok that many users from the US, UK, and Middle Eastern countries are using.

It’s a short one-on-one battle game, and you don’t have to do much.

Your audience, meaning your followers, will battle for you. They will give you points and gifts. They decide who wins.

The loser has to do a punishment chosen by the winner.

Guess It In 3 Seconds

This is an old trend on TikTok, but still fun!

The player picks a category. A pop-up message shows a figure or question.

You have to guess the correct answer quickly.

For example, it can be an emoji movie guessing game.


You need to guess it in under 3 seconds. (The answer is Spider-Man: Homecoming.)

Copy Your Old School Teacher

This game is very entertaining, especially for the audience watching the creator’s live session.

Two things will happen: entertainment and lots of laughs.

The rules are simple. It’s like a daring challenge.

The creator tries to impersonate their old school or college teacher.

This can include the teacher’s teaching style, funny moments, voice, and more.

Complete the Lyrics or…

This is a popular game played by many friend groups on TikTok. It’s perfect for a theme party.

As the name suggests, the player has to complete the lyrics of a song.

A song will play and then stop in the middle. The player must continue singing from where it stopped.

If they guess correctly, they pass the stage.

If they guess wrong, the group gives them a punishment.

Remember the Bottle Orders

This is an interesting memory game. It can be played by two or more players.

There will be 6-8 bottles of different soft drink brands arranged randomly on a table.

One player looks at the bottle arrangement for 5 seconds, then turns around.

While the player is turned around, the bottles are rearranged.

The player then has to arrange the bottles back in the original order.

If they arrange them correctly, they get a reward. If not, they get spanked with slippers.

Famous Song Duet Challenge

This is a simple but very popular TikTok party game.

First, check what’s trending on TikTok and see which song most creators are using for videos or duet challenges.

Then, do the same duet challenge but add your unique twist.

Rent Free Video Challenge

This is one of the most famous and popular video challenges on TikTok. It went viral all over the internet.

Jess Marciante first introduced this video trend.

The challenge is simple. Use the hashtag #rentfree in your video and make something like, “What lives in your head rent-free?”

Show short clips of anything or a memory that always stays with you.

Fake Announcement

This game is not related to trends but can be fun and a bit controversial.

If you have a good number of followers, you can try this prank (but be careful).

Make a fake announcement like, “I’m leaving TikTok…”

Tell a sad story to go with it.

After an hour or so, come back and reveal that you were just pranking them.

Follow That Number

This game is unique and fun to play with your best friends.

Let’s say there are 5-6 friends in a group who want to play this TikTok party game.

Each player takes a book and randomly opens a page.

For example, if the page number is 25, that player has to follow the 25th person on their follower’s list.

Don’t use a book with more than 500 pages because counting too many pages can be a lot of work.

It might sound boring, but it’s fun. Your audience will also be happy if you follow them back, especially if you are popular.

Blow That Balloon

This game became very popular and was a huge trend in the US and UK.

You will need 5-6 players and a big balloon.

Each player takes turns using an air blower to blow up the balloon.

There will be many rounds. The rule is you must not burst the balloon but keep filling it with air.

Whoever pops the balloon loses and ends the game.

The loser gets a funny punishment, like a cream pie to the face.

Without Telling Me Challenge

This challenge is a hot trend that has become very popular.

All you have to do is make a fun video and post it on your TikTok account.

For example, you could say, “Tell me I’m rich without telling me.”

This is just one idea. You can cover almost endless topics and make short, funny videos.

What I Mean When I Say I’m From

This popular TikTok game lets people talk about their country and its famous things.

All you have to do is make a video listing your country’s top favorite things.

For example, you can say, “What I mean when I say I’m from Australia…”

Then, show memorable places, famous food, special events, common traditions, and more.

Play That Sound Again

This is a very interesting game that tests your hearing ability.

It might be hard at first, but it’s a lot of fun to play with friends.

You will need 7-8 glass cups, each filled with different levels of water.

To start, one person is blindfolded and another person hits the edges of the glass cups in a random order.

The glasses produce different tunes because of the water levels, creating echoes and vibrations.

The blindfolded person listens carefully and tries to remember the exact order of the tunes.

After removing the blindfold, they try to play the exact tune they heard.

If they play the right tune, they win. If they miss even one note, they lose and face a punishment.


These TikTok party games and challenges are perfect for having fun with friends.

Whether you enjoy lip sync challenges, guessing games, or interactive TikTok games, there is something for everyone.

ry these games at your next party to keep everyone entertained and laughing. These group challenges will bring joy to your gatherings.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories with these amazing party games!

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