13 Super Engaging Facebook Party Games To Play With Friends

Having fun and playing games is one of the most joyful and amazing experiences.

Have you ever thought about having a party and playing games on a virtual platform?

If not, let’s try an interesting and engaging concept called ‘Facebook Party Games.’ The name gives you an idea of what these party games might be like.

Ready for some fun and excitement? Let’s explore ‘Facebook Party Games’ and see what they store for us!

Engaging Facebook Party Games To Play With Friends

Facebook Party Games

Here is a list of engaging Facebook party games to play with friends. These games will make your online gatherings more fun and interactive.

Try them out and see which ones you and your friends enjoy the most!

Guess That Movie

This is a common game, but it might be your first time playing it online with new people and friends.

The host can divide the guests into two equal teams to make it more fun. Both teams will share their favorite movie names with the host. The host will take each movie name individually and ask the other team to guess it.

For example, if the host chooses a movie name from Team B, they will tell one member of Team A. That member will then act out the movie name for their team to guess.

Remember, going offline or trying to cheat by turning off your mic will lead to disqualification. A low-quality internet connection can make the game even more engaging and hilarious.

Pass & Take It On You

The next game on this Facebook party games list is Pass & Take It On You.

One thing is guaranteed: all these games will be absolutely fun.

To start this game, all the members need to be very active. The game can be played over text in the group.

The host will choose a word, for example, ‘BRAVO.’ The game round begins, and every member in the group will start typing ‘BRAVO’ as many times as they wish.

At any moment, the host can type ‘STOP’ to signal the end of the round. The last person to type ‘BRAVO’ will have to do whatever the majority of the group decides as a punishment or a dare.

Draw It Down

This game will surely bring some hilarious laughs. In our childhood, we all used to draw silly and funny pictures (Disclaimer: Except for good artists/painters).

In this game, all your art and creativity will be exposed in under 1 minute.


The game is simple. The host will choose a character or a word.

For example, if the host says ‘Tiger,’ all the group members will start drawing ‘Tiger’ on their paper within 1 minute.

Each round lasts for 1 minute. In 1 minute, no one can make a perfect picture, but many will end up with crazy sketches.

Once the round is finished, all members will share their sketches by posting them or showing them on camera (if playing via video call).

Whoever has the worst sketch will lose a point, and the best one will get 5 points.

There will be 10 rounds, and at the end, the winner will be decided and rewarded as the host determined before the game.

Guess That Member

This game is really interesting and will show how well your friends know you. The game is simple and should be played on a video call.

Each member will write down 3-5 things about themselves and secretly pass them to the host. Once the lists are received, the host will randomly pick one and talk about it. The others have to guess who the list belongs to.

Whenever someone guesses correctly, they get 5 points. This continues until all lists have been guessed. At the end, the member with the highest points will be rewarded.

It might sound boring, but interesting things, secrets, and fake facts about your friends will make this game fun and engaging.

Pick Any Number

This simple game can be either tasking or rewarding, depending on the player’s luck.

The game is easy. One by one, over a video call, members pick a number from 1 to 20 (or as many numbers as the host chooses).

For example, if a member picks number 5, and it says ‘Drink hot sauce water,’ that member must complete the task.

Not every number will be a task or punishment. Some could be rewards, like sending $50, getting all members to like their profile picture, or a meal from KFC.

Rolling Alphabet

This is a very interesting and engaging game to play with your friends. It can be even more fun when playing in a Facebook group.

The game works like this: one member says the alphabet ‘A’ and connects it to a statement like, “An artist is never off-minded from his creativity.”

Then, the next member continues with the alphabet ‘B’ and makes a new statement.

Truth or Dare Game Questions

It’s an old-fashioned, schoolyard game, but it will be really fun.

Here are some quick Truth or Dare questions:

  • What is your weirdest nickname?
  • What was your most embarrassing moment in life?
  • Have you ever been dumped by a girl?

And so on!

If any member fails to answer, they must perform a dare to continue the round.

Asking friends deep, dark secret questions will make the game more enjoyable.


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Never Have I Ever

This is an alternative questions game that can get tricky at times!

The host can spice up this game by collecting some inside facts and stories about the guests. When hosting the game, things can get beyond fun.

Here are some interesting Never Have I Ever questions:

  • Never have I ever been involved in a fistfight.
  • Never have I ever lied to my girlfriend.
  • Never have I ever been caught cheating in an exam.

Yes or No Questions Game

All players can play at once, making this game innovative and engaging.

As the host, you can ask all members to make their own YES or NO hand signal boards.

The host can ask fake, spicy, and entertaining Yes or No questions to keep the game interesting and engaging.

Copy My Story

Hop on a video call or engage in a group conversation to discuss the basic rules of this game.

One by one, members will decide on different story themes.

For example, if Rick chooses the theme ‘Rain Forest,’ then all members except Rick need to post a story related to ‘Rain Forest.’

Wait for 30 minutes!

After the period, each member must share a screenshot of their story views in the group. The member with the most story views will win this round and be rewarded.

Delete That Post

This game is about caring for your colleagues’ social profiles and their account health.

The game works like a voting system.

Every member of this game needs to share their social media account profile. Let’s say everyone agrees to use Instagram.

One by one, each member’s account will be reviewed.

For example, if Rick’s account is being reviewed, all other members will decide which post to delete. Only those images or videos with less engagement than usual should be considered.

After deciding, Rick has to delete that post. If he doesn’t, he will be eliminated.

Poll Out That Activity

This is a simple but fun Facebook party game idea.

The rules are simple. The host will set out 8-10 “horrible” activities.

Here are some example activities:

  • Make a fake call
  • Comment one controversial thought on a friend’s post
  • Record a fake sad story

And so on.

One by one, each member will take their turn.

For example, if it is Jim’s turn, and all the activities are set up in the poll section, then all other members (except Jim) will vote for one activity. The activity that gets the highest votes is the one Jim has to perform.


These Facebook party games are perfect for bringing friends together, no matter where they are.

They add excitement and laughter to any online gathering, making your virtual parties memorable.

From guessing games to creative challenges, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Try out these games at your next online hangout and see how much fun you can have. Remember, the goal is to have a great time and strengthen your friendships.

So, gather your friends, start a video call, and dive into these super engaging Facebook party games!

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