Top 8 Best Gifts for Organised People That Will Make Their Day

Gift-giving can be such a nuisance sometimes – especially when you don’t know the person well enough to find that perfect present concept for them.

On the other hand, however, knowing your gift recipient too well can also result in you giving them the same gift (or the same types of gifts) every time. And the last thing anybody wants is to be so predictable to their loved ones that you end up getting three of the same gifts on the one birthday.

This is why the best way to give a gift is to think about someone’s qualities rather than their likes and dislikes. For example, for someone who likes to be organised in their day-to-day lives, a more practical gift idea is likely to make them smile more than a grandiose sentiment.

So what are the best gifts to give that person who seems to be on top of everything? Well, follow me as we delve into the seer’s stationery store and the planner’s palace to discover some of the best gifts for the organised mind – from pens for the avid writer to calendars for passionate planners, and so much more in between.

1. Designer Diaries

When choosing a gift for the most organised person, whether it’s in your family or that of a co-worker, there is something that can be said for buying a 2024 diary. After all, a designer diary is a gift that your intended recipient can be guaranteed to use for a full year, making it one of the most intimate gifts that you can feasibly give.

While there is no denying that so many of us use our calendar apps on our phones and our computers these days, there is still a means for the use of a pocket diary.

And if you know someone who’s keen to hit the ground running in the new year, giving them their next annual diary can be a truly heartfelt gift experience.

And annual diaries are honestly just better than phones or wall calendars anyway. For one, they don’t glitch or run out of power due to a dead battery.

You also don’t need to be at a desk to access them, allowing you to stay on top of your scheduling needs without the need for a WiFi connection or with minimal fears of being hacked and having your whole schedule laid out bare for third-party onlookers.

And best of all, unlike a wall calendar, they can fit in your pocket or bag to be with you everywhere you go. 

2. Highlighters

When it comes to keeping organised and on schedule with tasks, appointments and all the other hubbub that comes with life, there is much to be said for the handy highlighter, or perhaps some highlighter sets.

This bright and bold study staple can be perfect for any planner’s profile – be they a hardworking student, a headstrong professional, or just a lover of books and literature.

Highlighters make it easier to find important information when referencing written text by making it bold to the eye. And speaking of boldness, they also add beautiful colour to all your projects.

Simply put, you don’t have to be an organised person to appreciate a good quality highlighter, but you can basically guarantee that these will make a great gift for someone who takes pride in their planning.

Thankfully, buying highlighters as a gift is as easy as heading to your local office stationery store and scanning the shelves for a highlighter set that’s sure to pique the fancy of your intended gift recipient.

If you’re in doubt, however, then we strongly recommend that you look for colours or highlighter designs that could definitely appeal to your intended gift recipient or aligns with the style of their existing stationery. 

3. A Label Maker

If you like to keep things neat, tidy and accessible, what can be more satisfying than knowing everything is marked right in front of you? That’s the magic of adding a label marker to your organisation artillery. 

A label maker is something no home office or even just no avid planner should be without. From marking a drawers and drawer dividers to pen cups, calculators, books, binders, and more, there’s just so many practical applications that you can take on with a good quality label maker.

In fact, this particular gift idea is highly likely to already be on the top of a wishlist for many organised people. Just be sure to ask ahead of time if there’s any particular label markers your intended gift recipient had their eye on.

That way, you can buy the exact one they’re looking for! Talk about thoughtfulness meeting practicality in the wonderful world of gift-giving.

4. A Desk Calendar 

Like annual diaries, a quality desk calendar can be the perfect gift for organised people, as it’ll be something they can enjoy for a year to come – just like a designer diary.

Unlike a designer diary, however, a desk calendar is designed to act as a desk accessory. Because of this, it’s important to source a desk calendar that’s definitely going to complement the existing desk accessories that you can expect to see on your gift recipient’s home office desk or in their workspace.

We recommend getting a desk calendar that’s filled with art, photography, or other images that appeal to your intended gift recipient.

Are they a fan of impressionist artists or landscape photographers? Do they love animals? Answering these questions can help you find a desk calendar that perfectly complements your organised gift recipient.

5. Drawer Dividers and Compartments

We mentioned gifting label makers to personalise drawer dividers. But if your organised friend doesn’t have these or may be in need of upgraded dividers, then why not make this a gift all on its own?

Of all the different types of organisational gifts that you could feasibly give, drawer dividers are certainly amongst the most versatile. This is because they allow your gift recipient to make their desk space entirely their own, by ensuring that they can maintain total creative and organisational control over the layout of their drawers.

And like desk calendars, highlighter sets, and other stationery sets and accessories, your drawer dividers can be bought in a particular style.

For example, if you know that your gift recipient has plenty of pink desk accessories (i.e. a pink BlueTooth keyboard, desk mat, pen cups, and other nifty essentials), then you could grab them some equally fuchsia drawer dividers and compartments.

Contrastingly, if your gift recipient takes great pride in maintaining a desk set-up that boasts natural wood elements and other natural textures and materials, then they’re sure to find plenty to love in some bamboo or light pine drawer dividers.

Be sure to think critically about the kinds of drawer dividers that your intended gift recipient will be sure to appreciate the most. That way, you can ensure that they’ll be able to make plenty of use from your gifted drawer dividers for years to come!

6. Erasable To-Do-Lists

When thinking of a gift that can help keep our productive and organised friends on track, so many of us may think of a to-do list pad. Of course, to-do list pads are available in a wide variety of configurations nowadays.

For instance, you could get to-do list pads that are just your standard pen and paper set, or you could get some that are erasable, like little whiteboards.

You may even find to-do lists that are cork boards, allowing you to pin up your own loose leaf paper or printed sheets and alter your weekly schedule just like this.

Personally, we prefer the erasable white board-style to-do list though – and we don’t doubt your organised friend could prefer this one too! Not only are they more eco-friendly, but there’s something seriously satisfying about writing out all your errands (and then crossing them off!) on a whiteboard.

But there’s more to consider when buying a to-do list gift than just the medium they’ll be writing out their chores on. To-do lists are also available in a wide range of different aesthetic styles (i.e. little clipboards, tiny notebooks, or even just novelty notepads or dot pads).

So be sure to do a little digging to figure out what your organised friend likes in terms of aesthetics. That way, you can find an erasable to-do list that fits the wider decor of her home office, study, or bedroom space.

7. A Movie Storage Tower

While it seems so much of this age is going digital and streaming movies has become mainstream over keeping physical copies of films and TV shows, there can still be something said for keeping physical DVDs and CDs at home.

And the best way to look after these discs in an organised way is to use a movie storage tower – just so each has its own special compartment to keep in order.

This can be a great and understated gift idea for all the personal movie buffs in your life who just value purchasing physical or even special edition copies of their favourite films and TV shows. And you may even opt to throw in a couple of special edition DVDs to make this particular gift idea just that much more special.

8. A Charging Station

In our time of modern tech, what’s the most practical gift idea that you could get for that organised techie friend? Their own charging station of course! This all-rounder gift can help them charge all their tech, from their phone to an electronic watch all in one place, without the pain of tangling charger cables.

If you have friends who are interested in techie or nerdy hobbies (i.e. gaming, coding, or playing around with music mixing software and other software), then a good charging station or even a USB docking station is guaranteed to be a well-received gift.

But rest assured, that even casual device users can find plenty of value in a good charging station. After all, so much of our daily workloads are completed with the use of devices, whether they be a computer, tablet, phone, or even other types of digital technologies.

And with so many devices that require charging everyday, it just helps to have a streamlined and centralised charging hub where you can ensure that all your tech gets the juice they need to help you stay productive day-in and day-out.

Whether you’re looking to buy for your tech-savvy businessman friend, a colleague who likes to keep a productive workspace, or a loved one who just likes to keep a neat and tidy house, there is guaranteed to be a gift idea on this list that appeals to your intended gift recipient.

So get to brainstorming now so that you can find that perfect gift for all the impressively organised people in your life.

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