33 Creative Anything But A Cup Party Ideas [Hilarious Items]

Parties are always fun and a great way to have an awesome time with friends. “Anything but a cup” party ideas will make your day and leave memories for life.

This theme is simple, crazy, and innovative. It’s mainly popular among young adults and college students because it adds a unique twist to the usual party.

Guests bring hilarious items such as drinking vessels, which make everyone laugh and create a fun and memorable atmosphere.

Creative Anything But a Cup Party Ideas

In this article, we will list hilarious items that can be used. We’ve tried these ourselves and had a great laugh. Let’s get on the list.

33 Creative Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

College students mainly organize the “Anything but cups” party, but anyone can enjoy it.

In this theme, guests bring their own drinking vessels, which can be anything except a cup. This can include items like a vase, a shoe, or even a toy.

Drinks can be non-alcoholic like tropical juice, homemade drinks, and sodas. This adds to the fun as people try unexpected drink options.

Now, let’s get started with the list of crazy ideas for your next party!

Flower Vase

Though it might sound heavy to carry, that’s the fun of this theme party. Bringing a vase to the party will definitely get you a lot of attention.

Holding that big, heavy vase will give you a royal feeling. Drinking from a big vase will be so much fun.

The vase might not have a proper sipping edge, and when you try to drink, it might spill, making it a funny moment.

Frying Pan

Normally, these utensils are mainly used for cooking purposes, like frying sausages, chicken breast, fish, etc. But nobody would think to use it as a drinking vessel.

It’s a simple but hilarious choice for this fun event.

The circular shape of the frying pan creates a large surface for your drink. Drinking from it will lead to uneven and crazy moments.

Utensil Wooden Holder

In different homes, you will find various shapes of utensil holders, each with a different holding capacity.

The idea here is simple!

You can bring this to the party, and the amount of drink you take will depend on the shape of the holder.

Remember, different shapes will provide different drinking experiences.


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Muskmelon Shell

The muskmelon shell is a fruity and hard outer covering, similar to the first option listed.

Before using this for the event, you need to do some cleaning work.

Cut a small portion from the top of the muskmelon. Use a big spoon to scoop out the inside. Wash it with water 4 to 5 times and let it dry completely.

Once it’s empty and thoroughly cleaned, it is ready for use.

Measuring Flask

Commonly used in chemistry labs for experiments, but our party is about experimenting with different ideas.

A measuring flask could be fun. Its transparent look lets you see your favorite drink from both inside and out.

Santa Socks Flask

One of the most unique items you can bring to an “Anything but a Cup” party is a Santa socks flask.

Bringing this amazing sock-shaped flask will create many fun and crazy conversations.

It’s a brilliant idea to store your favorite drink and enjoy the party. This Santa sock flask is leak-proof and can hold up to 2.5 liters.


It might seem odd to use a trophy this way, but crazy parties demand crazy ideas.

The upper, U-shaped part of a trophy can be used to hold your drink.

It’s a fun option that gives you a feeling of victory.

Funny Teapot

The most common and not-so-weird item you can include is a teapot.

An old-fashioned teapot with a curved spout is the best to consider.

Pour your favorite drink from the top and enjoy every sip from the spout, which provides a slow and smooth flow of drink every time.

Burst Football Or Any Ball Cups

I know it might upset some football lovers, but this will add excitement and fun to the party.

Simply burst the football. Cut to create a bowl shape. Before using it, clean it thoroughly (maybe 3-4 times) to avoid any rough smell.

Now, enjoy drinking from the uneven and unbalanced surface of the bowl-shaped football.

Mobile Covers

This idea is for those who don’t want to spend much time searching for unique items.

Almost everyone has a mobile cover nowadays.

It’s a unique idea and fun because your mobile cover will hold very little drink. The gaps in battery slots and cameras can cause the drink to spill if not held properly.

Bathing Mug

It might look very awkward, but it could be a perfect option for this event.

Depending on the size of the mug, the amount of drink may vary. It also gives you a good external holding option.

Super Soaker Zipfire

What a perfect way to target your favorite drinks directly into someone’s mouth.

This Super Soaker will surely bring you back to childhood when kids used to play with water sprayers.

Fill this with your favorite drink and enjoy firing shots to uplift the party mood.

Kitchen Funnels

Kitchen funnels are mostly used by moms or anyone who cooks often, mainly for pouring things into small containers.

But kitchen funnels are also worth considering for an “Anything but a Cup” party.

The funnel shape provides a perfect drinking option with a smooth flow.

Chips Packet

A chips packet is something we often throw away after eating all the chips. But who would have thought you could use it differently?

The fun part is, that since the packet is already torn, the liquid inside will not stay still and will likely create unbalanced moments when you carry it.

Fill the packet with your favorite drink up to any level and enjoy the unique carrying experience.

Backpack Sprayer (Field King)

The heaviest and most impressive idea you can bring to the party is a backpack sprayer.

It is mostly used for spraying in farm fields and has a large capacity.

This “Anything but a Cup” party encourages unique and hilarious concepts.

With this backpack sprayer, you can fill up drinks for the entire crowd as it can hold up to 4 gallons.

To create a memorable experience at the party, this could be the best way to do it.


Many of us don’t like seeing syringes, but they can be used for fun purposes too.

Just fill the syringe with your drink. The markings on the syringe can add to the fun.

Safety Helmet

Safety is important, but helmets are not usually used for party events. However, we all love innovative ideas.

A safety helmet is a unique and hilarious idea to bring to the party.

It serves as both a party cap and fits perfectly with our party theme.

Graduated Pipet

Another basic piece of equipment you can find in a chemistry lab is the graduated pipet. It is mostly used for titration and dispensing purposes.

This long pipet can hold a good volume of liquid.

If you are a studious person or someone who loves chemistry, this will perfectly match your interests.

You can control the flow of your favorite tropical juice or other drink, starting and stopping as you like.

Baby Bottle

It may seem childish, but it will get you sweet and adorable applause and appreciation from the other guests.

Using a baby bottle is not meant to disrespect anyone. It can be brought in various sizes.

The plastic nipple will make you feel like a small baby, adding fun to your drink and giving you full satisfaction.

Ice Tray

What could be better than having ice and drinks at the same time?

An ice tray can be a very creative idea for this party. If you have some extra time, you can fill some compartments with ice in advance and let others pour their drinks.

The flow of the drink from one compartment to another can be a fun way to entertain yourself and the crowd.

Cleaning Spray

This simple item can be found in almost every household.

If you want to enjoy the “Anything but a Cup” party slowly and have a great experience throughout, a cleaning spray bottle is perfect.

It can hold your drink for a long time and keep it with you.

It’s a cheap but effective idea to consider.


Balloons are very common items used in almost every party for decorations and games.

But can you use it as a drinking glass?

Definitely yes!

There is no need to shape it like a glass or turn it into any form.

Just pour your drink into it and let the liquid form its shape.

Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are mostly used for road maintenance or as diversion signals. But we can use them for a different purpose.

They have a good holding capacity, which perfectly matches our needs.

Traffic cones will be a good idea to bring to this party.

Some traffic cones have an open space at the top, which you can use for drinking. If not, just make a small cut at the top and have fun.

Quick Idea List For Anything But A Cup Party

Funny & Crazy Anything But a Cup Party Ideas

• Ketchup Bottles
• Salt sprinkler
• Water Pipes
• Tissue box (with a straw)
• Keeper Gloves
• Pen, Pencil Holder Box
• Blender
• Pringles Container
• Pressure cooker
• Small drawers

Anything But A Cup Party Rules To Follow

Lastly, to conclude this party idea, you need to ensure that all your guests follow the rules.

In this “Anything but a Cup” party, all guests are asked to bring anything but cups. Anything that is easily identifiable as a cup is not allowed.

No guests will be welcomed empty-handed. Everyone should bring something creative to make the party fun.

  • Bring Your Own Vessel: All guests must bring their own drinking vessel. Cups are not allowed.
  • No Cups Allowed: Anything easily identifiable as a cup is not permitted.
  • Be Creative: The more creative and unique your vessel, the better.
  • Functionality: Ensure your vessel can hold liquid without leaking.
  • No Empty Hands: All guests must bring a vessel; no one will be admitted empty-handed.
  • Respectful Fun: Choose vessels that are fun and appropriate without offending anyone.
  • Cleanliness: Ensure your vessel is clean and safe to drink from.
  • Safety First: Avoid using vessels with sharp edges or harmful materials.
  • Stay in Theme: Vessels should be in line with the party’s theme for maximum fun.
  • Participate: Engage in the fun and appreciate others’ creative vessels.

These rules will help ensure a fun and successful “Anything but a Cup” party.


An ABC party is a unique and fun way to bring friends together and create unforgettable memories.

By following the simple rules and embracing creativity, you can ensure everyone has a great time.

Remember, the goal is to enjoy each other’s company and have fun with the quirky and imaginative vessels people bring.

So, think outside the box, bring something unexpected, and get ready to laugh and enjoy the night. With everyone’s participation and creativity, this party will be a hit and a memorable event for all.

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