Should I Give My Ex His Clothes Back? [The Pros and Cons]

If you have broken up with your ex and want to provide closure, it is advisable to return their clothes. Returning their belongings, including clothes, shows respect and allows both parties to move on. Communicate with your ex, arrange a meeting to return the clothes, and handle the exchange respectfully. Afterward, focus on your own healing and personal growth.

Deciding whether or not to give your ex their clothes back can be a personal and emotional decision.

While I can provide you with some pros and cons to consider, ultimately, the choice is up to you and what feels right in your specific situation.

Here are some factors to consider:

Pros Of Giving Your Ex His Clothes Back

Pros Of Giving Your Ex His Clothes Back

You need to understand that giving your ex back their clothes does not necessarily mean you are giving up your own.

The idea of returning your ex’s belongings is not about who owns what, but who takes the initiative to do it.

When you return your ex’s belongings, you are doing so out of respect for yourself, and because it will allow them to move on and heal from your relationship.

Not only these but you do have more pros for returning your ex’s belongings, let’s check them out:


Returning their clothes can help provide closure and signify the end of your relationship.

It allows you to tie up loose ends and move forward without any lingering reminders of the past.

A closure mindset is important for moving on with your life, and returning their clothes will allow your ex to have some semblance of control over how they will deal with the memories of your past together.

This also makes sure that you are not bringing your past relationship into your new one.


Returning their belongings demonstrates respect and maturity.

It shows that you value their property and are willing to handle the breakup respectfully.

You both don’t need to be friends but you must respect one another.

Respect is an essential part of being mature, and it’s the first thing that your ex will notice in you when you decide to return their belongings.

You might even have had a positive influence on them because your behavior might have changed them into becoming better person.


By giving their clothes back, you may foster goodwill and maintain a cordial relationship, which can be important if you share mutual friends or have to interact with each other in the future.

Maintaining your goodwill can also help you overcome any bitterness from the breakup.

Never make your ex realize that you’re angry at them by returning their stuff as revenge. Make sure to return their items in good condition. Be courteous.

Emotional Closure

Keeping their clothes might keep you emotionally attached to the past.

Returning them can help you let go and start healing.

If you don’t feel like you’re ready to return their belongings, try to make up for it later on by doing something nice for them.

Give them a call, send them an email, or even drop by their place to say hello and wish them well.

Don’t take their stuff just because you feel like it.

There are many things that they want you to keep. They might need those things to help them with their new life.

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Cons Of Giving Your Ex His Clothes Back

Cons Of Giving Your Ex His Clothes Back

Now that we know the pros let’s now know the cons. Giving them their clothes back isn’t always a good idea.

Sometimes the only way to get rid of a person is to throw them out and never look back.

Remember that you have to be ready if they decide to come back into your life.

You must have changed for them to come back.

If you aren’t ready for a relationship again, then returning their belongings will only hurt you both.

Below are the cons that you should consider before you give your ex-partner their stuff back:

Emotional Attachment

Returning their clothes may bring up memories and emotions that you may not be ready to face.

If you’re not emotionally prepared, it might be better to wait until you feel more stable before returning the items.

Emotional attachment leads to a lot of problems in a relationship.

It’s not recommended to get attached to things that were once yours.

If you do choose to return their belongings, make sure that you do so with a clear mind.

Also if you aren’t ready for a new partner, it’s best to let go of the past instead of giving your ex-partner their stuff back.


If returning their clothes requires significant effort or expense, such as shipping costs or traveling long distances, you might consider whether it’s worth the logistical inconvenience.

You need to know that when you return their items, you’ll have to pay for the cost of returning them.

Additionally, if you’re going to travel across the country, you’ll need to pack up your items.

To do this, you’ll need to be physically present at the place where you’re returning the items.

Closure For Yourself

Keeping their clothes might give you a sense of control or comfort during the post-breakup period.

It allows you to hold onto something tangible that reminds you of the relationship, which can be helpful for some individuals.

However, the truth is that if you keep the clothes, you’ll be holding onto someone else’s memories.

This can lead to feelings of sadness or anger towards them and it can make you feel guilty.

If you return the clothes, you’ll avoid having to deal with these emotions.


Returning their clothes may prolong the interaction and communication with your ex, which might not be desirable if you’re trying to create distance or move on.

Communication with your ex won’t be as open because you won’t be able to directly talk about how you’re feeling or how things are going in your life.

It can make it difficult to form new friendships or maintain existing relationships.

As an alternative, you can go on dates or spend time with friends and family.

These will help you to get back into the swing of things and build a support network while also keeping you occupied so you don’t have time to dwell on your ex.

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When should I give my ex his clothes back?

The best time to give your ex his clothes back is after you’ve both moved on. Give them back after you’ve been separated from them for a certain amount of time.

Should I give my ex back the stuff he bought me?

If you decide that you want to give back to your ex the stuff that he gave you, this will depend on what kind of relationship you had with him.

What to do with exes clothes?

If you have your ex’s clothes with you you should get rid of them. The best way to get rid of your ex’s clothes is to donate them to charity. When you do, they won’t get damaged.

Why doesn’t my ex want his clothes back?

You don’t need to worry about whether your ex wants his clothes back. He doesn’t have to have anything to do with you unless he wants to. If he doesn’t want his clothes back, don’t ask him to give them back.

Do you still wear clothes your ex gave you?

You can wear your ex’s clothes if you want to. It is not a big deal if your ex’s clothes aren’t clean. Most women like to wear dresses that belonged to their husbands.


Ultimately, the decision depends on your feelings and circumstances.

Consider your emotional well-being, the significance of the clothing items, and the dynamics of your relationship with your ex.

You could also discuss the matter with trusted friends or family members for additional perspective.

Lastly, keep in mind that clothing does not necessarily define a woman’s value.

You shouldn’t spend your life in a dress that someone else gave you.

It can be very difficult to walk away from something that once meant something to you. If you still have the clothes, don’t let them hold you back.

Now, let me know if should you give your ex his clothes back. What will he think of you if you do? Comment below!

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